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  1. I would take the top 30 from the year.. keeping points as they are now.. I would have 5 playoff courses across the USA... Play 54 holes only no cuts everyone starts with zero points winner gets 3k points last place gets 100 the points would be from 3000-100 at the end of the 5 playoff courses add the points and have your winner..
  2. Just count his strokes with penalty after each hole and log it.. when he says he got a four on the hole just talk him through his shots and cheating stroke for stroke.. he will either square his shit away and play right or stop bragging about his awsome index.. If i am just playing for shits and giggles i could careless what anyone does or says they got.. I have a partner that i play with all the time and he will drop balls hit one OB then call it a mulligan, etc etc then he turns his card in showing he was only 15 over for the day.. Come tournament time he bitches because he can never place in his bracket.. Well no shit Mike.. Stop turning in BS cards and play right by the rules and turn in legit cards and your cap will match your abilities.
  3. After 31 years of marriage, its pretty easy..(Me) Early Saturday, just a nudge hey baby, Sex or golf... (Her) Wear a sweater honey its cold outside..
  4. Taylormade Jetspeed Hybrid... Couldn't get rid of that I hit it so well.. I also have a Cobra Fly Z 7 Wood with Tour blue shaft if I need to switch up.
  5. Just ordered new XR iron 6-PW,AW,SW,LW UST Recoil 660 F3 shaft +.5 New Decade Whiteout Blue grips. Pricey but what the hell... I have been playing Taylormade RocketBladez for the past couple of years.. great clubs but needed something new.. I am not getting any younger.. XR's should go nice with my new FLY Z 1,3,5 wood with Tour blue shafts that I bought a few months ago. Anyone here play the XR with UST 660 ? Thoughts / Comments??? T
  6. I dont know about all this Range finder math... I know i look down at my Garmin G6 and say hmm 150 to the flag.. Pickup my 7 iron and pray i get it somewhere on the green..from glance to ball strike is about 20 seconds I have a buddy that uses his range finder on every shot.. he takes forever.. i glance at my G6 and say.. Mike its 140 to the pin... he says yep mine says 141... then 5 minutes later after he puts his range finder away, grabs the right club, takes 10 practice swings then waggles over the ball... then duffs it 30 yards or shanks it left 120-130 yards down.. Rinse Repeat. Needless to say i dont play golf with Mike much anymore.. He just dosnt get it..
  7. I agree.. just shaking the tree to see how many tigers fall out..
  8. Jordan is a good kid, great competitor.. Win or lose he is there when the final group comes in and congratulates the winner.. he was brought up right.. where is tiger?? he loses he hits the Mercedes and is gone in 60 seconds.. I take that last part back that was not fair.. Tiger cant be there to congratulate the winners.. he never makes the cut.. :) ...
  9. Ok as promised.. Just a quick catch up.. I live in Italy with no real golf stores or places to try clubs.. so I go on advice on these forums and what I read.. So I started off buying the Fly Z driver with Project X 52 Tour shaft in Reg flex. before I even received the club I went and bought the 3/4 and 5/7 fly z fairway They all came in and I went to Aviano AFB to play today.. Warmed up on the driving range with my 7 iron.. then decided to hit the 3 wood from the grass. First hit went straight as an arrow.. very low trajectory so I upped the loft to 14.5 then all was good.. hit about 15 balls all were really straight and pretty long. Did the same with the 5 wood then the driver.. Every club was fire and forget.. Played 27 holes today.. Did pretty well with the clubs.. I just have to get use to the lengths.. I hit a 3 wood 20 yards over a par 3 that I normally come up short using my jet speeds. maybe lower trajectory has something to do with it.. Every drive was right down the middle, I did have some leak into the first cut but nothing like when I was using my R1.. most of these came after the first 18.. it was 100 today on the course.. Bottom line these clubs are fantastic.. I would recommend them to anyone that may be a middle to higher capper.. I will have a good chance this coming weekend to try them out for real... The Americans are playing the Italians in a 3 day Ryder cup format.. believe it or not I made the team.. Should be a blast.. Between getting these woods going down the middle and my new Futura X that has yet to see a three put,, My Cap should drop lock a rock..
  10. I guess i am a bad guy as well... I was watching in bed (time dif from US to Italy) when that air cannon went off and i saw his reaction i laughed so hard i woke my wife and dogs up.. Mind you its not cool.. but damn.... Google train horn pranks.. I have tears rolling donw my face with those..
  11. Global Golf or second swing also has great deals.
  12. Sorry No I didn't get a chance.. Had some Medical issues with my Dog and he takes priority over golf.. However my Fly Z 3/4 & 5/7 woods came in today.. so now I can review the whole package this weekend.. I promise to give you a heads up when I hit the range and course this Saturday.. Paul
  13. Dont worry i will give you some feedback next week.. I decided to order the Fly z driver with two shafs, then Saturday i said screw it and bought the 3-4 and 5-7 woods in blue.. both with stock shafts.. Once i get some range time i will let you know..
  14. Sorry for your loss.... I have not been much of a putter ***** during my golf life... I started golfing when I was 5 with my dad back in Coudersport PA... He got me a Tommy Armor T line putter...don't remember the year...but I used that putter until I bought a new set of Taylormade's.. I thought I needed a new putter so I bought the Nubbins putter... the next one was the Ghost putter....My wife bought me a really nice 2002 Holiday putter from scotty last year and I didn't want to use it because it was so nice... but I needed a change from the Ghost... so she got me the new scotty this year... Wow.. I have never felt more confident when I stand over a putt... Its like I see a painted line on the green for the line I need to take and just putt away... I sure hope that never goes away....
  15. Well let me start by saying I normally shoot 91ish on most courses.. I have lots of 3 putts.. chilly dips on chips etc... I was using a Taylormade Ghost putter...3 putts a few times per round.. My wife got me a custom scotty Futura X putter and I haven't 3 putted in over two months.. This putter feels so good and I have been draining putts from everywhere.. if I don't make the putt I am right next to the hole. I love this putter it helped my game so much.. I shot two 86 rounds last week. not bad for a an old broken retired GI..
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