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  1. Too bad the law does not revolve around "in your mind." Alcohol may be more distructive, but its legal. That is part of the problem with this country is that people dont follow the rules. Rules/Laws are there for a reason, and regadless of whether or not you accept them, they are cut and dry, black and white. Remember that golf is a game of honor, just like in life you should be honorable, and obey the law.
  2. Here is my take, with an example of where I am coming from: Every year my buddies and I would take a golf trip somewhere south (for about 4 years) in the early spring. These were the guys I played with on the regular. It was like clockwork that when we got to whereever it was we were going that year, out came the weed. And most of those guys didnt stop smoking the whole time we were away. On the course, before the round, after the round, at nighttime, etc. Those weekends were great before I was an adult and had responsibilites beyond myself. I stopped playing with those guys mostly for that reason. It seemed that smoking was their first priority and golf was second. Not to mention the stuff is illegal. Now i am not getting high and mighty heer, as i did my fair share while in college and shortly thereafter, but I just never got the whole getting high thing. It seems to mean that most people now think that pot is legal and you can smoke up anywhere you want, but the truth is the stuff is illegal and will land you a citation at minimum and some jail time and fines max. Comparing alcohol and marijuana is a terrible comparison because legally speaking one is legal, and one is not, period. Bottom line if you smoke, so be it, but do in the privacy of your own space and dont think that its "acceptable" because "its only pot"
  3. Congrats bud. Nothing compares to the feeling of watching your baby enter the world. It is truly an amazing experience. My son will turn 1 y/o in March and it has been such a rewarding year. Life takes a drastic change when you become a father. You def see things through a new perspective. Thankfully my wife is such a great person, and we work great together to still be able to do things we like to do and share all the parental responsibilities. All I can say is strap on your seatbelt and hold on, its going to be an amazing ride.
  4. Brand New Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme Spin Tour Black wedge 54 degree. I won this through an XM golf radio show (Fairways of Life) and its right handed. They are a new manufacturer and dont make left handed. It retails for $129.99 http://www.touredge.com/products/exoticsxtremespin2010.asp Let me know if interested. Can do Paypal transfer.
  5. I think one of the key factors could be your personal situation. Are you married, do you have kids, etc? I am the type of person that gets scared of big change, regardless of how great it "could" be, but thankfully my wife has the complete opposite personality, so we kind of balance each other out. Regardless of your choice, i wish you the best of luck. I know this wasnt great advice, but hopefully it can be of some help.
  6. not trying to be a dick here, but if you had 12 pars, 7 bogeys, and 1 double bogey, does that not equal 20 holes played??? congrats though on the score. im sure its just an error in the totals.
  7. where are you heading?? location plays a role in what to pack.
  8. I will be honest, you all complain too much. Playing golf, regardless of the conditions, is always a good time. I will play in any conditions as long as there is no snow on the ground and the course is open. I hear shuffleboard is a nice sport to play in the heat and in the rain.

    Cart girls?

    My quick story about a cart girl: My buddies and I were on a weekend golf getaway in Virginia. i dont even remember the name of the course, but it had a few gimmick holes (a par 6, a par three where you teed off at homeplate of a makeshift baseball diamond), anyway the cart girl (99.99% sure she was a stripper), was silly. She was a foreign woman, prob late 20's, huge fake cans, weaing next to nothing and pink latex go go boots. Needless to say we found the need to purchase anything and everything from her throughout the round just to get some additional interactions with her. The funniest line of the weekend came from a buddy of mine. We all just bought a few beers and some snacks, and my buddy looks in his hand and has a bag of doritos and says, "Did i just buy doritos???, i dont even like doritos." Maybe you had to be there but that was my cart stripper story.
  10. I have a headcover for my driver that is in the shape of a Dice. I picked it up when i was in Vegas a few years ago and i tell the story every time somebody asks that it was the headcover and a fiance that was the only thing i came home with from Vegas that time. Actually its a reminder of that great trip we had out there, where i proposed to my now wife, playe some golf, and won some cash. Def the best trip to Vegas i have ever had. And it signifies my gambling (addiction) so it entices some wagers on the course.
  11. My wife and I both use craigslist to sell old items (furniture, sports equiptment, etc) and have not really had any problems outside of the minimal spam emails, and the inconsiderate people who say they are going to show up, but never do. I think if you keep a close eye on your postings and request detailed responses, it helps to eliminate the spam. also put down a phone number as serious people would call. you cant beat the free postings, and the local responses that make it easy to pick up, deliver items. we have also bought a few items through craigslist and have not had any problems, and most people will take 25% less than asking price. you can def get some great deals. just my opinion on the subject.
  12. Life is good! -A loving and caring wife who understands who i truly am -A 6 week old son who continues to amaze me each and every day -an amazing job which i stumbled upon after graduating college which allows me to be in and out of the office, a good salary with great benefits and bonuses, and enough time to spend on the golf course -the health of me and my family -a family beach house to spend many a weekends with perfect scenery -the best family (inlaws included) that anyone could ask for -the USA and the premis that this great country was developed on, and those who serve to continue to make this the greatest country in the world. -a positive outlook on life, and continuing to make the best out of every situation -my work ethic (I like to live by the motto, play hard, work harder) -so many amazing places on this earth that i hope to continue to visit
  13. I walk pretty much everytime i play at my club, which is usually 36 holes per week. I figure why not get some cardio activity in while playing golf. My home course is somewhat hilly, so walking can be great exercise. Also my wife just had our first child a few weeks ago, so walking is a great way for her to start getting back into shape without too much vigorous activity. We usually walk at night 3-4 times a week with the baby and dog around our neighborhood. Once she fully recovers and gets the ok from her doc, we will resume hiking which is a form of walking and great exercise with perfect scenery.
  14. ok so since im an old 29 y/o married guy, i will offer some advice regarding women and high school. -First and foremost you need to develop confidence in yourself. if you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will -Put your toe in the water first, don't just jump right in. try to become friends with some girls the first few weeks of school. ask them questions, get to know them and guys for that matter. Everyone is in the same boat the first week or so, trying to make friends and establish their crowd -Always treat girls/women with respect. They are not objects and as much as people try to degrade women, and use them, just always ask yourself would you want someone to treat your sister or mother that way. -get involved in something at schoo. not sure if you play sports, or are involved in any extra curicular clubs, but get involved. Its a great way to meet girls with similar interests. -Be safe and always think about the concequences of your actions. -and lastly, as said before, dont be afraid to get rejected. Every guy out there has been rejected by multiple women, but at least they had the stones to ask for the date. Exchange numbers with some ladies, and do the facebook, texting, etc thing. (something i wish i had when i was in hs) go to the school dances and ask some different girls to dance. just walk right up to them, and be polite, and ask them for a dance. the world is your oyster. Enjoy HS, but dont let it overwelm you. As long as you are happy, then life is good.
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