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  1. I love the Home Course and almost paid for a tee time tomorrow but something came up. Another one would be the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain or even the one I hit with one of the pros that oost on here this summer: Tumble Creek in Cle Elum.
  2. Thanks, that's good to know. I've always suspected that I could putt better on those greens due to them being so damn "true."
  3. Don't pros generally putt on more difficult greens than the average weekend warrior though? I honestly don't know the answer.
  4. I would also guess that he still somewhat blames you for stopping so quickly at the light because he thought he was going to have to gun it through to keep up with you. That's no fun for friends.
  5. Yeah I guess the part I left out is that I used to always follow through just like that for years after meeting this guy. It wasn't the worst but I certainly could have done much better
  6. Thanks a lot for this. I was once paired up with a guy at a local course that tried to explain that the best way to putt is a short backswing, accelerate, then follow through with a huge follow through. Lol.
  7. It could happen but it looks like the competition will be better than in those years.
  8. Thanks guys. It doesn't sound worth it if the actually affects the distance that much.....
  9. Ok thanks dude, that's good to hear.
  10. Thanks for that. I just watched the video Mvmac and Iacas posted of their alternate ball round and I noticed that they don't seem as concerned about wrists and all that and seem to be more about tempo too. I could be completely wrong but that's kind of the impression I got. I mean, obviously we want to strike the putt on line, but I swear I get into my own head too much worrying about the perfect stroke (in theory, it is never actually perfect) and I lose sight of the "you are trying to get a ball to go into a hole" aspect.
  11. The green was somewhat wet from the morning dew and it had been plugged and sanded a few weeks ago if that makes any difference. And the shot was a nice high baby draw.
  12. This is 100% spot on. Instead of worrying about the perfect pendulum and all that other stuff, I'm just all about tempo now. Granted, I did open the blade up once badly today which led to a 3 putt and is entirely due to my new method, but one putt out of an entire day didn't do what I wanted? I'll take it. :)
  13. So today I had a 220 yard par 3 where I hit a gripped down 3 wood beautifully into the center of the green. At first I thought it plugged but when I got up there I realized it was just an optical illusion and that my ball had actually spun back about a foot. So my 3 wood produces backspin but even my wedges don't spin back? Isn't this a little disconcerting? Ever since my swing change I am hitting the ball so much better. Yet doesn't putting enough back spin on a 3 woods that it actually backs up on the green an indication of a swing flaw?
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