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  1. These seem to be roughly the same - one longer than the other. Anyway anyone tried / used one of these to train to increase swing speed. Link to Shawn Clement demo of the Swing Impact Trainer
  2. I will accept "easier" for many but for me both more realistic & easier! + Why make things more difficult than they need be?
  3. No doubt people are right that I could increase my swing speed & it is not out of my radar. For me my swing is I feel a simple free flowing one that will see my body into the future. But I still think that a more realistic aim for myself (& possibly others) to consistently break 90 could be to aim as a minimum to reach the green in regulation + 1. This does not eliminate reaching some in regulation &/ or having a single putt to achieve a Par. I do play with some people who find it hard to realise that golf is a handicap game and try to bomb every shot because they think their goal is always to achieve the par for each hole that is given on the scorecard of the course rather than what their handicap/level of play would suggest is the par for a particular hole for their current skill level.
  4. I play in the uk here unfortunately we only have 3 tee positions. White for competitions, yellow for normal play and red for ladies (& Sometimes blue for juniors) - I could play off ladies tees I suppose but no body except ladies do over here. Btw Quite happy to aim to reach Green in one over in the main (Sometimes do reach in regulation). I am an olden who took up golf in last few years so I don't have expectations of increasing my distances much if any.
  5. I am not a long hitter therefore my basic strategy is to reach Green in one over regulation. So for par 4 target is 3 to green. A two put would put me on target for 18 over but also still a chance here for a par. For par 5 aim to reach Green in 4. For par 3's well depending on hazards many can be reached in regulation. Practice chipping up and down where miss greens in regulation + 1.
  6. If interested - starts with is no look drills then the walk in drill is at about 17 minute mark.
  7. Ah - ideas based on a chap called Bill Owen here is link to YouTube video of him teaching a group of beginners - a bit long Spanish but Bill speaks in English! Oops link starts at 6 min - please rewind to start
  8. What He teaches is based upon triangulaid/flowmotion +other variation called Zen golf (I think) - got it from I think two teachers one in Nottingham and another teacher called Marcus? So in fact it is based upon a Methodology taught by professional teachers and his slant on not using pros is therefore disingenuous. The idea I think of this methodology is essentially to simply swing the club through the ball with a rythm natural to you & to eliminate the hit impulse. E. G The walk in practice method is to establish a rhythm for the swing - and forget about the ball.
  9. Well depends but if packing all woods (i. E + a 3 and 5 though don't have a driver - use a mini driver sometimes ) then maybe a midish iron for chipping and a pitch iron (use v open if necessary to increase loft)
  10. If people think a 7 wood is good and undiscovered may I dare to suggest you also try higher numbered woods (especially good in soggier conditions) - I hate to admit that I have not only a 9 wood but also an 11,13&15 -( they are metal but would prefer permission!) - sort of equivalent to hybrids I suppose. The 9 is 28* the 11 is 31*, the 13 is 34* & the 15 is 37* - incredibly easy to play!
  11. It was I who resurrected this topic & should be castigated. My theory is the oil will help protect the exposed metal in the tiny indent marks - it is a very light smear that should quickly dissapate from the rest of the face with a wipe with a towel.
  12. I know this is well old - but just got hold of some secondhand MP 32 and the 3 iron had a few rust spots - one a little raised. So FWIW Cleaned it up with very fine steel wool soaked in vinegar (happened to be white wine vinegar but any should do) - lightish scrubbing removed spots and then thoroughly washed in soapy water and dried then applied a very light smear of machine oil. None of other surface seems effected - will have to see how it goes but will possibly reappear as the raised spot was due to v small chip in face.
  13. I have recently taken up golf again after about a 45 year gap. When i first learnt (aged about 15) lifting the left heal was how I learnt. Coming back to golf after all those years I still do it by nature - but apart from assisting in helping turning in the back swing the planting back of the foot is one of the main trigures (at least I think so for me) in initiating the down swing.
  14. I also have a mini driver - taylormade do a 12 & 14 degree version. I got the 12 and can hit off the fairway if a good lie. Calloway do one with an adjustable hosle but a lot more expensive. I have now (mainly) ditched the 3 wood and carry the mini a 5 wood and a 7 wood (love the 7 btw).
  15. This idea may be of use or not - I have a small narrow practice mat which I use in a high ceiling room. Concerned about the divot issue I cut off a section of the front of the mat (about 4 or so inches) and re connected/positioned this to the rest of mat initially using elastic cord*. The practice ball is positioned on the join or just before - the idea is that the cut off portion of the mat will move/fly forward to simulate divot. *the elastic cord broke after a while so don't bother with this and just pick up the loose bit of mat and re-position it after a shot.
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