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  1. I tried it again, still hate it. I think Im going to be an Adams A4 and rededicate myself to becoming scratch. Im about to the point if I hit another driver I'm just going to buy the cheapest one.
  2. I saw a woman carelessly crash her cart into a lake and her daughter shot thru the window. They both were fine. It was hillarious.
  3. adams insight a4 was amazingfor me. Low spin and great ball flight. I will be getting one soon
  4. I think its funny he hasnt been exposed. For those of us in the cycling community, and I mean on a personal relationship with the insiders, Lance is no Saint guys. He makes A-ROD look innocent.
  5. Im not gonna pass judgement. I've seen some really shitty golfers get multiple holes in one. Factor in ladies tees, easy course, the odds go from impossible to astronomical, put still possible. Just because someone is scratch and doesnt have any holes in one, doesnt that make them an underachiever? Maybe she just really overachives! Shes probably full of shit though.
  6. This guy I was playing with at Poppy Hills was having a hell of a day. He gave me a putting tip and I started going Brad Faxon on the greens. Turns out he was on the nationwide tour.
  7. well damn....google has proven me wrong on phil, but i maintain im right with tiger..........(.5) rounds to 1
  8. correct me if im wrong, but for most of career he was the guy who always hit the draw. When he decided to get serious about the majors he learned to cut it. He even used 2 drivers to prevent the big slice because he wasnt use to that cut. Watney...Ive never seen in real life. Tiger pre Haney days, maybe 1999 said his natural ball fliht "natural draw". Ive seen Tiger and Phil in real life....I did not see a lot of cuts.
  9. so much tension in your shoulders. Free them up. Your swing plane looks great though. You definately have the makings of a GREAT swing man. Keep up the good work.
  10. Mickelson and Watney were drawing the ball. They can work it obviously, but they naturally draw it....and Tiger was quoted as saying his best days were a natural draw. This is circa Butch Harmon days though, not Hank Haney. ++++
  11. I have a sonartec 3 wood im gaming right now and its wonderful. The only problem is i hit it much farther than my TM so I need to change some gaps in my yardages. Hybrid time....
  12. during practice swing, i try to feel a 3/4 swing and balanced finished. When over the ball, the absolute only thing on my mind is target target target....and target My biggest mistake has been not having a specific target. I try to get OCD with my target now.
  13. I've gamed camerons for 10 + years, my current putter is a 95 oil can. I can honestly say there will be no putter like my ping zing 2. BECAUSE its fitted for me just to my liking. This putter wold be lucky to go for 15 dollars on ebay. Im confident my Cameron would go for atleast 100. Holding value is great....sinking 6 footers when it all counts is another thing. I recently tried the RIFE putters. I was surprised how well the got the ball rolling. I might be jumping on the RIFE bandwagon very soon.
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