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  1. With two back to back par 5's I hit a decent drive down the right side and play a cut 4 iron to 10 feet from 195yards. Miss the putt(of course.. AHH!) Make birdie. On the next par 5 I hit a perfect drive down the center and stick another 4 iron with 10 feet from 200yds and make the eagle putt. Back to back birdie eagle.. took me to -2 for that nine. Best two holes I have had back to back for awhile.
  2. Seems like a semi-bad design on camerons part... rather annoying!
  3. That is a wonderful driver.. You will enjoy it!
  4. I agree with the previous post. One thing to consider is, if you are hitting a pitching wedge 140-150.. maybe you are trying to swing too hard. As a beginner, distance really isnt that important, your primary goal is accurance/consistancy. I suggest slowing things down a bit, and taking a lesson or two with the local golf instuctor. I have been playing quite a while now, and although I can hit a pw 150, in order to have consistant distance/accuracy control I must focus on a smooth swing. I think you will find even if you dont hit as far, you are better off slowing things down, keeping it in the fairway.... Good luck!! and welcome to the hardest game you will ever play..
  5. It seems with my studio design 3.5 in certain situations there is a horrible glare from the sun on the top part of the head. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks, John
  6. I am looking to add another cameron putter to my bag, but this time I am in the market for a used putter that I can send to scotty's restoration shop to personalize it. I am not familiar with all the different cameron models, but I am looking for a design similiar to my studio 3.5... and if anyone knows where I can find one, please let me know! Any help is appreciated... THANKS! John
  7. I currently have a Scotty Cameron Studio Design 3.5(the one with the oily finish). I need to know the exact steps to maintain its oily finish for years to come. I love the putter and almost hate using it because it looks so good. If anyone could please post what I should use on the putter to clean it, It would be much appreciated.. THANKS! John
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