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  1. I received mine yesterday (even got the BOGO!!! thanks wasn't expecting that!). So it took 3 days. Can't wait to try it out.
  2. I ordered one today. Looks great. Lag and flying wedge is definately something I need to work on.
  3. Do you guys ever come out around Chicago? I know Nick did something this summer, but the dates didn't work for me.
  4. Congrats Lee!!! I really have no problem with him not winning a major. It just shows how strong the rest of his resume has been in spite of not winning a major. If he had snuck one of those out in the last two years he probably would have gotten number 1 before now. Next year should be great to watch with the number of players who have a shot at number 1.
  5. Maybe your swing is way too steep and he wants you to get the feeling of a flatter swing?
  6. I use a slightly arcing stroke, but prefer a face balanced putter. Toe weighted putters just don't feel right to me. I currently use an Odessey White Hot XG Rossie
  7. That shot would be a lot better for me if he made the putt. Missing it takes a little away from it.
  8. I was hoping Lili would win but owell. The both played pretty poorly tho.
  9. I had sore fingers when I used an interlock grip. I now use an overlap grip and it feels much better.
  10. When I was pulling chips it was because I was trying to swing too straight on my backswing. Once I figured that it needs to go around the arc even tho it is such a small swing my chips started to straighten out. So I still thought about swinging my hands on a path around my body just like the full swing.
  11. I don't see how your divot is "good" on your fat shots if you know that it is beginning behind the ball....is that just what you want your divot to look like on a good shot? Your normal divot is small because you might be picking the ball of the ground instead of hitting down on it. Perhaps your shaft is vertical at impact and not leaning forward? That would make sense if you are hitting a lot of fat shots because you aren't getting your weight infront of the ball and you are flipping at it.
  12. Those are pretty neat and I have never seen them before. 20 bucks is a little steep for something to mark my ball with. And some of those multi-color markings seem impossible due to the size. It's pretty cool how you can just a custom one with your initials on it. Could be a good gift.
  13. It is for me. Once I get my hands "up" it is alot easier for me to start my downswing with my left shoulder and come over the top.
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