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  1. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    16.7 Trending 15.8 for the next revision. Started the year at 19.3, which went up to 21.3 by March. I miss far too many < 7ft birdie putts, but seem to make the occasional 20ft par putt, I seem to have a mental block when it comes to scoring birdies. (I average 1 every 4 rounds or so). Teeing the ball up a bit on par 3's has helped me a great deal with consistency... I lose about 20 yards doing this, but get a much higher flight and control the direction a lot better. I have won a CTP in my last three tournaments. (Missed all the birdie putts on those though). Still in reach to be a 12 by the end of the year.
  2. Spectators and cigar smoking

    Well, as a hopelessly addicted smoker some concessions had to be made, I was working the hole from 7AM to 7PM with only one 30min break to grab a sandwich. I asked and that is what I was told to do.
  3. Spectators and cigar smoking

    When I volunteered as a Marshall at this year's Frys.com tournament smoking wasn't allowed anywhere. I kept having to sneak behind the camera tower by the green when players weren't coming through. As a spectator I have no idea what you would do.
  4. Tee box etiquette for walkers

    I'm usually the rider while the rest of my group is walking, and everyone waits at the tee. However, I will hit next regardless of distance (ready golf) as I will be at my ball first. This usually results in sub 4hr rounds which makes everyone happy.
  5. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new set of tags after mine had mostly broken or popped off and were lost. Having not posted a game golf round since September of last year, I can really see how much I've improved since then. Rough day though, it was fairly windy and I could not stop hitting my drives sky high, tried teeing the ball lower, moving the ball back in the stance, nothing worked... Putter was working at least. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/Cupcakus/round/948522
  6. USGA/R&A study on driving distance

    Interesting read, thanks for posting it... It's a shame I can't believe all the Golf Channel commercials about how all these new clubs, balls, and grips are the longest most greatest equipment of all time.
  7. Shamble scoring question

    How a shamble is scored is based on the tournament organizer. Usually it's best ball and everyone plays with their own handicaps. So if someone gets a 1, but doesn't get a stroke on that hole, other members of the team might score a net 0. I've played 4-man 2 best ball, and 2 Man total score. At my club a 4 man best ball shamble would require a 58 net or better to be in contention to win.
  8. Gap between highest and lowest differential?

    13.1 lowest, to 37.9(T) highest. Now that was an embarrassing tournament.
  9. GPS, WHY ?

    There are quite a few courses where I live, I find the gps invaluable for distances to traps and hazards, and good layup spots. It will also give me distances adjusted for elevation which my laser won't (although some lasers will its not tournament legal). For at least the garmin devices I have used I find the gps accuracy to be much better than my phone. All that said I don't think it really improved my scores much, and it's yet another thing you have to remember to charge.
  10. First mens club outing

    I recently joined my local mens club, and I really enjoy it. Everyone is different, most of the golfers are just having fun and trying to do well, others take it a bit too seriously, even walking off the course if they're playing a bad round. For me it's nice to finally play by the rules in a like minded foursome. Have to putt everything, OB counts, no improving lie, it's more fun for me to play the game properly.
  11. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    18.4 to 19.3 I played in my first tournament last Saturday and shot 109 terrible, Which pushed my best round off, I'm still losing too many balls.
  12. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    20.4 to 18.7 I have achieved my goal of breaking 20 by the end of the year. Now I have decided to quit my nasty smoking habit, so while I will still play over the next couple weeks I won't be reporting my scores until the next update even if I shoot a great round due to my lack of golf focus during this time.
  13. Gambling on the golf course is it a necessity?

    I don't (casino) gamble anymore, I just never won more than I lost and failed to see the point. However I'm not certain I would call it gambling if my friends and I put money in on the outcome of our golf match. To me this just feels like any tournament I've ever been in, I've paid my entry fee and I may win money if I win. I guess I'm nitpicking but playing for money and gambling mean different things to me.
  14. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    22.6 to 20.4 almost have reached my goal of getting under 20 by the end of the year, I just can't seem to get everything working together, I get my driver under control and now I'm hitting irons fat, so I fix that, and then all my chips go super long, so I work on that, now My driver is slicing again, work on that, now I can't putt anymore... It never ends.... Someday.