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  1. It's been a good golf weekend. Friday Night - 79 - 41 on the front, 38 on the back. Had to par the last 3 holes to get it. Saturday - 79 - 40 on the front 38 on the back. Once again had to par the last 3 holes. Sunday - 78 - 41 on the front 37 on the back. Was forced to par out starting on hole 12 (boogied 10 and 11). Did one, better...literally. 6 pars and a birdie on the last 7 holes. If I could have made more than one of my 5, 8 foot birdie putts it could have been an outstanding day, but I'll settle for a great day . The last 3 months have been somewhat of a breakthrough. At the beginning of May I was an 11 handicap. I'm currently trending to an 8.2. Its kind of nice . It's probably going to suck for next weeks Club Championship.
  2. Sounds like fun, but I already have a charity event to play in at my home course that weekend.
  3. Lets see....74 at 28 so 46. I'm not going to be shooting my age any time soon, unless I pick up after 6 or 7 holes.
  4. I can't help but keep a tally of how many over / under (very very rarely and usually for short amounts of time) I am. I almost never write it down (playing partners take care of that), but I always know my score whether I want to or not.
  5. 254 yard 5 wood on the par 5 15th at Green Hills, put my group within 10 feet of an eagle. Helped heavily by hitting down hill, but it was a beautiful shot. Actually playing my own ball would probably have to be the 120 yard gap wedge (48*...I kind of carry two gap wedges) on the par 5 5th that I stuck to about a foot. Hit a high fade (my stock ball flight) and nearly jarred it.
  6. I've started birdie, eagle off the first two holes, but 2 holes doesn't really cut it. I don't remember the specifics, but I was sitting at 1 under through 13 holes during a round in May. Finished 4 over. Also had one day in May where I was even through 15...finished 2 over. May was a good month. Typically I'm happy with even through 5 or 6 because I know I'm always capable of stringing together a large bogey streak.
  7. Not sure I'd call this heroic, but it definitely counts as the best "climb out of the grave," shot I've hit in awhile. Get to 18 which is a 180 yard par 3 across a pond with a severely sloped green (pin was right in the middle of this slope). I've played pretty well to this point and state that as long as I don't get a 6 on this hole I'll break 80. Hit my tee shot and push it off to the right into the green side bunker, no big deal. Proceed to blade the bunker shot (bounced the wedge off of hard sand) 67 yards over the back left edge of the green and back over the cart path into very heavy rough....hitting 3. Take a full swing with my 58* the ball goes about 40 yards, still in the rough....hitting 4. With the pin placement I was very easily looking what could be a 15-20 foot putt for my 5 even with a decent pitch shot, I was falling apart at a rate I didn't think possible. So I pick a spot on the green that I think will funnel it around to where the hole is, hit the pitch and it's right where I wanted it to be. The ball rolls 3 feet, catches the hill and begins its journey. It takes about 20 seconds to trickle down the hill and fall right in the hole for what could either be described as the best or worst bogey of my life. Shot a 78 that day .
  8. The 15th on my home course. It's not an overly long par 5 due to the hitting off of a very large hill, but there is not a flat lie anywhere on the fairway (the course lives up to hits name [Green Hills]) and it's very easy to hit a ball right down the center only to have it kick off to the left and out of bounds. OB to the left is really the only danger (there is a small pond off to the right of the tee box, but most people can fly it). My problem is that constantly getting hook lies cause me to instinctually play everything too far right which then leads to need to hit a wedge off of an extreme downslope. I've played it better this year than I ever had in the past, but its always the hole that worries me the most when I have a good round going.
  9. My magical May continues (hopefully it is the new me and not just a good month). I started off on the back nine with a birdie, a double bogey, and 7 pars for a 37. Par the first, and then eagled the 2nd. Par, Par, great drive, very good approach into the par 5 fifth. Hit the flop shot a bit to deep so I'm looking a a 15 footer down a steep slope for birdie. Tap it, and it stops halfway there...blegh. Tap it again and it rolls 15 feet past. Miss the bogey and record a double bogey with a 4 putt. Slice my drive on 6, but slice it into #7s fairway. Hit my first truly bad shot of the day and chunk and 8 iron back under the trees. Punch out, chip on, and two putt for a 6. Best round of my life is techinally still in play. Par 7 after an awful drive into some trees. Bogey the par 3 8th (best round is impossible now), par the 9th for a 76. Final tally, 3 double bogies, 1 birdie, 1 eagle, 1 bogey, 12 pars. Never thought I'd say this...I could have gone lower XD. If I can hold on to this I'll have my year long goal done by May. I started the year with the goal to get to a single digit handicap. I'm currently trending to a 9.6. Currently a 10.1 as of today, I have two weeks to keep playing good golf and my goal is fulfilled.
  10. I need to update that number. As of tomorrow I'll be a 10.1. Still minus the 3 putts two very good rounds, even if the first one frustrated me.
  11. 83 and 77. The 83 should have been so much better. Shot myself in the foot with 6 three putts. The good news is that with the 77 my handicap is trending to 10.1. My goal was to be below 10.0 by years end, if I keep this up I'll be there much sooner.
  12. 7 three putts today. Played 36 holes, shot 83 for the first 18 with 6 three putts. Had birdie putts on 10 holes, only managed to make 2 of them. Played frustratingly well, just couldn't get the ball in the hole. Second round only had 1 three putt. Shot a 77. Much better . Today was odd, even during the first round my putting didn't feel off. Normally when I rack up the putts I have no confidence in my stroke. Today the stroke was fine, and I felt I could roll the ball where I wanted too. Only problem was for 18 holes my ability to read greens was broken.
  13. I've been playing really well recently. Couple of 78s and getting to the point that I feel disappointed if I don't at least challenge breaking 40 when playing 9. Today, however, I played the best golf of my life. 5 birdies over the course of the day and as I walked off 18 I had shot a 74. That beats my previous best score by 3 strokes.
  14. As everyone above me has said, yes the variation is quite normal. I shot a 78 Friday after work, went out today and followed that up with an 89. The difference, a few putts and 4 bad holes. 2 triples and 2 doubles killed me, add a couple of missed putts that I made Friday and you have the 11 strokes. It happens.
  15. Slightly late on this, but I could possibly see an initial loss of distance if you lost a large amount of weight, relatively quickly. Going that route there is really no way to avoid losing some muscle mass which would in return lead to slower swing speeds if the atrophy is located in the right areas. With that being said, I can't imagine 20 lbs would cause much in the way of muscle loss.