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  1. How often do you play?

    I play just about every day after work weather and daylight permitting. A lot of the time its only 9 holes. Ended up posting 109 rounds in 7 months, so I post a round on my handicap about once every other day. That doesn't count practice rounds, scrambles, etc.
  2. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    19* Hybrid for anything over 100 yards that must stay below 10 feet. I can do it with my 4 or 5 iron, but I can shape the punch with the hybrid fairly easily, where I don't have the same results using my irons. If its inside 100 then I go with anything from a 4-8 iron, depending on how low it needs to be, how hard i need it to roll, etc. 4 iron is really good for staying barely off the ground and allows a lot of roll out. My 6 is probably what I use most of if need to punch something into the side of a hill and try to pop it up on the green. Anything lower than a 6 is usually used to try to simulate a regular shot in terms of roll out, but when I don't think I can use the usual club due to it needing to start lower.
  3. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    Guess I'm not a self respecting man. I'll play from whatever tees my playing partners want to play from whether that is from the tips or from the most forward set of tees (playing from our red tees can be a lot of fun as I can drive 3 par 4s that I normally wouldn't be able too and eagle putts are always fun even on really short par 5s). I never understood the stigma behind what set of tees you play. The only reason I could see getting onto someone for playing a certain tee is if they are clearly pushing themselves too far (slowing down the rest of the course due to playing too far back), otherwise play any set you want. As for the OPs issue, that is definitely a problem especially if there is a large gap between the forward most tees and the other sets. Mixing tees is probably the best bet in the short term, but it also might be worth bringing up to some of the people running the course as a possible change to make in the future.
  4. Not that this makes much sense, but the $993.97 and $339.97 difference is due to difference in prices based on shaft flex. The stiff set says that it once sold for $993.97, while the regular flex states that it was originally $339.97.
  5. Cut Golf Company Golf balls

    I noticed, but that was the only set of numbers they have on their site. The only information I have on their testing is that it was done by a low single digit handicap golfer (no specifics). I am counting down the days till our local simulator opens back up (the club only opens it in the winter) so I can try a few of these small companies balls and see how they really compare to the big boys for my swing (I'll probably just realize how inconsistent I am)
  6. Cut Golf Company Golf balls

    I attached trackman data on their 4 piece ball (Cut Blue).
  7. Just want to get the word out on a relatively new golf ball company, that seemingly makes a great product. Similar to my Cut Golf topic. Sphera Golf is a new company (debuted in March I believe) that currently offers two different types of golf balls. The Pro Threes, and the Pro Fours. The Pro Threes are a 3 piece urethane cover ball that appears to be trying to play the role of ProV1 in their line up. Their ProV1 X is the Pro Fours, it is a 4 piece urethane cover ball. I've been playing the Pro Fours off and on this week and for me they seem to perform every bit as well as any other 4 piece urethane cover golf ball. Prices for the Pro Fours start off at $24.99 a dozen while the Fours go for $30 a dozen. I hope to update this thread with further impressions as I have more time with the ball, but early returns is that it is good ball for the price.
  8. I hope nobody else has made a topic on these yet. For about a 2 months now I've been playing a 4 piece urethane cover ball that sells for $19.95 a dozen. This ball is sold by Cut Golf Company and is known as their Blue model. This month has basically confirmed what they advertise on their website (Cut Golf), and that is a high performance golf ball for cheap. I've found them to be just as spinny around the greens as any other premium ball I've tried and perform similarly to any other urethane cover ball I've played with this year. The company offers 3 different golf balls at the moment along with a trial of an upcoming 4th model. The Cut Blue (4 piece urethane), Cut White (3 piece surlyn), Cut Red (2 piece surlyn), and the Cut Grey (lower compression 3 piece urethane - in trial stages). Their prices range from $20 a dozen for the Blues to $10 a doze for the Reds. I've only played the Blues, but I'd say they are a great option for someone who wants to play a "premium" ball, but doesn't want to break the bank.
  9. Music on the course - When did this become a thing?

    One of the guys I play with quite often likes music while playing. He is really the only one on my course that does that on a consistent basis. Never really bothers me, though that's not saying much as I have never been bothered by noise on a golf course. I grew up playing baseball and basketball and if I can manage to play those two sports with people yelling at you to attempt to distract you (especially in basketball) then golfing with a little noise is really no different. Can't say that the majority of the people I play with are the same though, some of them hate any noise during their swing.
  10. Warrior Golf Balls

    I play with a guy that has a set of the Warrior woods. He's had them for at least the last two years and does seem to like them, so it is possible that some of those people are simply defending them. Though I do admit it's extremely unlikely since they do seem to only appear for one post. As for the OP, if you can get them free then I see no reason not to try them. I wouldn't expect anything special though, and as other's have stated you might have to repeat yourself a lot to get out of "testing" a club.
  11. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played the back today. 39. 4 pars 4 bogies, and a lone birdie. Two of those bogies were boneheaded decisions all for the slim chance at an eagle putt. Oh well, I knew they were dumb when I stepped up to the ball and tried to pull them off.
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    10 strokes worse than yesterday, honestly after shooting even par yesterday it could have been a bigger letdown. 82. 43 / 39. Struggled with the putter all day, and unfortunately tripled number 10 (push sliced a 4 iron out of bounds) which meant playing the next 8 holes at even par was not good enough to break 80. On the bright side of things, I finally got an eagle on short par 4 17th of my home course (the hole in my avatar pic). Its not really difficult to drive as its only about 280 yards way downhill, but I keep missing the eagle putts. Not today, finally sunk one, 25 footer up the hill with about 6 inches of break. Pretty much the only putt that I made all day though. Played 9 more after that on the front. Shot a 39, 6 pars, 3 bogies. Still didn't make any putts and 3 putted 7 from about 25 feet out for one of the bogies. Outside of the putter the short game was good, nearly holed out a bunker shot on the first hole and nearly holed out a chip for birdie on the last hole. Hit the pin with both shots, just a bit too firm to drop.
  13. What'd You Shoot Today?

    New personal best, and in a way I'm angry at myself about it. Shot a 72. 38 on the front 2 birdies, 4 bogies, 3 pars. Come into the back and catch fire, chip in birdie on 10, eagle 11, chip in birdie on 12, bogey on 13, 10 foot putt for birdie on 14, bogey on 15, par on 16, 12 footer for birdie on 17, and am sitting on the green after one on the par 3 18th. So it looks really good for shooting at worst a 71 and breaking par for the first time ever. First putt hit it up too high and a bit too hard (truly a pretty bad lag putt) 8 foot putt for par. Hit it about 3 feet past on the par putt (greens are drying out from the morning, but still a terrible putt), and finally lip out the bogey putt and mop up for an infuriating 4 putt for double bogey. Extremely happy with the 72, but wanted to snap my putter in half after 4 putting 18. 38 / 34 - 72 6 birdies 1 eagle 4 pars 6 bogies 1 double bogey.
  14. Steph Curry Receives Sponsors Exemption into Web.com Event

    From ESPN's Micheal Collins So much for him not being nervous
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Ugh, what a difference a week can make. Three rounds in the 70s last weekend then this weekend comes up and I decide to play worse than I have all year in the club championship. 93 Saturday, 94 Sunday. More or less the only time I can remember not at least breaking 90 all year. Can't attribute it to nerves, I wasn't nervous. Went out after the tournament to try again and posted a 49 on the front...blegh. Needless to say I've broken something.

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