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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Today is about as good as January golf gets in WV. It's reasonable warm and while I wasn't able to go the entire round without shooting myself in the foot I beat the one I needed to beat by 1 stroke in the end. Carded a very boring 40on the front due to some easy missed putts, and some bad chipping. Still, it's January and I'm not going to be that upset at +4 this time of year. Pull out a ridiculous par on the par 3 10th (hooked it way left, almost flew the green, and made the 25 footer off the fringe), nearly chip in for Eagle on the par 5 11th. Proceed to bogey 12, and par 13. Heading into 14 I'm now up by 4 strokes on my friend and feeling like I'm coasting to victory, until I pull hook a 4 iron OB. 3rd shot is fine, 4th shot is in a grass bunker short of the green, 5th is a botched flop, 6th is a flubbed chip, 7 is a missed putt, and tap in for 8...we are tied Now we are tied, and my good round is looking a lot less good. I manage to right the ship and par 15, fall back a little and three putt 16 for a bogey (Now 9 over for the round), and walk to the 17th tee. It's a 280 yard par 4 that is severely downhill, so it's drivable pretty much no matter how cold it is for me. My friend hits a good drive and is in the fairway (about 30 yards out) and I hit a little baby draw that ends up on the back right portion of the green (pin is in the front left). I'm putting for eagle, but it's a about 45 feet and it's a hard breaking downhill putt. My friend hits a wonderful pitch shot to about a foot and I know I need to 2 putt this monster or I'm going to be losing going into the last hole. Line the putt up, hit it, and it looks like it has a decent line and the speed should make for an easy two putt. About 3 feet from the hole it hits a partially repaired ball mark, jumps a little left and roll right into the hole!! EAGLE!! I'm now up 1 stroke going into the last hole and even better I'm only +7 which means breaking 80 (with a quad) in January is possible. 18 is a par 3 and in the past it's been a hole I choke on if i need it. It's not really hard, but my nerves have got to me in the past. However, today I put a 6 iron to about 15 feet and two putt for my 79. My friend pars as well for an 80. I'm really happy with this 79, simply because I managed to survive a blow up hole and still break 80. Usually a hole like that means low 80s is about as good as I can expect.
  2. Why do you want a "Gimme"?

    As long as you aren't playing for anything I see this one as nothing more than a time saver. Of course you should probably hit a provisional if you think there is a chance it went OB or could be lost, but I'm not going to be that upset if we spend 5 minutes looking for a ball, can't find it and then the guy drops a ball and plays it like a hazard. If we drive all the way back to the tee box and do it all over again then we are going to cause a traffic jam on that tee. Now if he's posting the score for handicap purposes or if there is anything on the line, even if it's just for bragging rights, then yeah...go back and hit another one.
  3. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    My goal this year is to get to a 5 or lower handicap (ended the year at an 8.5 so my number on my profile isn't quite right). I plan on doing this by increasing my consistency off the tee, as that is currently my biggest weakness. I have days where I hit pretty much every fairway, but when I'm off I am everywhere and you can only expect to salvage those wayward drives so many times. Probably going to shell out some money to actually take lessons from our pro, I'm pretty sure I've gone as far as I can on my own.
  4. Do They Really Mind???

    Now, I wouldn't classify myself as a better player, but I do play regular with several 16-20 handicap players and it never bothers me. My main group consist of an 8.5, a 16, a 16, and me. The 8.5 and me have our own little competition with each other, but because we enjoy playing with the other two it's never an issue. The only thing that even comes close to being a bother is me constantly pulling for them to make shots that they probably don't make on a regular occasion so that they'll score really well (for their level) that day. Only reason that would be a bother is when they end up messing up several of them I'm probably more disappointed they they are.
  5. Why the hurry?

    Why the hurry to get off the course? No idea, but if it's why do you play so fast in general then I guess I can answer that one. I tend to play quickly and play best when I get get into a rhythm. Constantly stopping to wait for the green or the fairway to clear tends to cause a stilted experience. HIt a shot, chase it, and sit for 10 minutes then hit another shot. I can play well in those conditions, but I'm much more likely to play well if I hit a shot, chase it, and then hit another shot.
  6. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    I'm sitting in between the 275 and 250 driver tiers, and for the most part the distance seem pretty spot on for me. Except my wedges, I hit my 52* about 100-105, my 56* about 90-95, and my 58* in the 80-85 range. This does leave me with a gap about 110-115 that requires I use about a 3/4 pitching wedge.
  7. How often do you play?

    I play just about every day after work weather and daylight permitting. A lot of the time its only 9 holes. Ended up posting 109 rounds in 7 months, so I post a round on my handicap about once every other day. That doesn't count practice rounds, scrambles, etc.
  8. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    19* Hybrid for anything over 100 yards that must stay below 10 feet. I can do it with my 4 or 5 iron, but I can shape the punch with the hybrid fairly easily, where I don't have the same results using my irons. If its inside 100 then I go with anything from a 4-8 iron, depending on how low it needs to be, how hard i need it to roll, etc. 4 iron is really good for staying barely off the ground and allows a lot of roll out. My 6 is probably what I use most of if need to punch something into the side of a hill and try to pop it up on the green. Anything lower than a 6 is usually used to try to simulate a regular shot in terms of roll out, but when I don't think I can use the usual club due to it needing to start lower.
  9. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    Guess I'm not a self respecting man. I'll play from whatever tees my playing partners want to play from whether that is from the tips or from the most forward set of tees (playing from our red tees can be a lot of fun as I can drive 3 par 4s that I normally wouldn't be able too and eagle putts are always fun even on really short par 5s). I never understood the stigma behind what set of tees you play. The only reason I could see getting onto someone for playing a certain tee is if they are clearly pushing themselves too far (slowing down the rest of the course due to playing too far back), otherwise play any set you want. As for the OPs issue, that is definitely a problem especially if there is a large gap between the forward most tees and the other sets. Mixing tees is probably the best bet in the short term, but it also might be worth bringing up to some of the people running the course as a possible change to make in the future.
  10. Not that this makes much sense, but the $993.97 and $339.97 difference is due to difference in prices based on shaft flex. The stiff set says that it once sold for $993.97, while the regular flex states that it was originally $339.97.
  11. Cut Golf Company Golf balls

    I noticed, but that was the only set of numbers they have on their site. The only information I have on their testing is that it was done by a low single digit handicap golfer (no specifics). I am counting down the days till our local simulator opens back up (the club only opens it in the winter) so I can try a few of these small companies balls and see how they really compare to the big boys for my swing (I'll probably just realize how inconsistent I am)
  12. Cut Golf Company Golf balls

    I attached trackman data on their 4 piece ball (Cut Blue).
  13. Just want to get the word out on a relatively new golf ball company, that seemingly makes a great product. Similar to my Cut Golf topic. Sphera Golf is a new company (debuted in March I believe) that currently offers two different types of golf balls. The Pro Threes, and the Pro Fours. The Pro Threes are a 3 piece urethane cover ball that appears to be trying to play the role of ProV1 in their line up. Their ProV1 X is the Pro Fours, it is a 4 piece urethane cover ball. I've been playing the Pro Fours off and on this week and for me they seem to perform every bit as well as any other 4 piece urethane cover golf ball. Prices for the Pro Fours start off at $24.99 a dozen while the Fours go for $30 a dozen. I hope to update this thread with further impressions as I have more time with the ball, but early returns is that it is good ball for the price.
  14. I hope nobody else has made a topic on these yet. For about a 2 months now I've been playing a 4 piece urethane cover ball that sells for $19.95 a dozen. This ball is sold by Cut Golf Company and is known as their Blue model. This month has basically confirmed what they advertise on their website (Cut Golf), and that is a high performance golf ball for cheap. I've found them to be just as spinny around the greens as any other premium ball I've tried and perform similarly to any other urethane cover ball I've played with this year. The company offers 3 different golf balls at the moment along with a trial of an upcoming 4th model. The Cut Blue (4 piece urethane), Cut White (3 piece surlyn), Cut Red (2 piece surlyn), and the Cut Grey (lower compression 3 piece urethane - in trial stages). Their prices range from $20 a dozen for the Blues to $10 a doze for the Reds. I've only played the Blues, but I'd say they are a great option for someone who wants to play a "premium" ball, but doesn't want to break the bank.
  15. Music on the course - When did this become a thing?

    One of the guys I play with quite often likes music while playing. He is really the only one on my course that does that on a consistent basis. Never really bothers me, though that's not saying much as I have never been bothered by noise on a golf course. I grew up playing baseball and basketball and if I can manage to play those two sports with people yelling at you to attempt to distract you (especially in basketball) then golfing with a little noise is really no different. Can't say that the majority of the people I play with are the same though, some of them hate any noise during their swing.

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