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  1. Has got to be Srixon for me. My putter and wedges are Cleveland and my Irons / Utility Iron are already Srixon. Since both are owned by SRI Sports Limited I'm counting it...<_<. So the only thing I'd have to replace would be my Callaway Driver and my Taylormade 3 wood.
  2. Not really. I tend to place the ball out on the toe on the next shot and make sure I'm swinging full even if it might come up a bit short. If they are really bad there is no stopping them. If they are a minor case more than likely the less you think about it the better. If they are every shot then I typically suffer through it till I finish whichever 9 I'm on and go to the range and swing till I stop shanking. Then leave and hope I come back tomorrow with everything where it should be.
  3. It depends. I've never had them crop up more than a few days, but usually when I hit one it is when I'm trying to baby a shot (such as hitting my PW [125-135] to a 100 yard pin]). I typically end up having very little tension (or at least feel that way) as I'm usually just trying to have the club feel like it simply falls into the ball. You're 100% right though. Immediately after it happens I'm terrified of every iron shot even if I don't shank another one all day.
  4. Right now, other: Utility Iron (2): Srixon ZU85 3 Iron: Srixon Z785 4-PW - Srixon Z765 52* - Cleveland RTX4 Mid Bounce 58* - Cleveland RTX4 Full Bounce Putter - Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 8.5 Though 9 months ago I had Adams irons (XTD Tour), a tour edge hybrid (Exotics EX8), Callaway wedges (Mack Daddy 3s), and still a Cleveland Huntington Beach putter (11). They all sit in my closet waiting for the day the Srixon's fail me.
  5. It's been awhile so why not go over more than one. Weekend was good, 79, 79, and 72 (24 putts - 10 putts on the back 9). Overall this year has been good as my handicap is currently sitting at 5.2 and while it's a year late I finally have hit the goal I set out at the beginning of last year (to get to a 5). I've been much more consistent this year as evidenced by the list of scores attached (it's slightly out of date as I've since lowered my handicap below the trending 5.3 on that). I've shot 72 4 times since April 17th and have been frustratingly close at breaking par for the second ti
  6. I've actually watched several of his videos thanks to youtube suggestions. Mostly what it comes down to is if you are good enough to shoot a score you will. Having a goal in mind is fine, but saying it like it's gospel obviously doesn't work. If it was that easy then the 18 handicap I play with would break 80 tonight. Instead he gets stretches where he may very well be able to follow bits of the "advice" but naturally a hole will pop up where he tops a 3 wood, hooks, an iron, and 3 putts for a triple and all that careful planning goes out the window
  7. I picked the second option but its more trying to slow the tempo down. Usually when the driver fails me my 3 wood is also going to fail me so might as well go down swinging while constantly telling myself to "smooth it."
  8. We have 2 Ryder Cups a year at my course (spring and fall). Both are 27 holes and we've played best ball, alternate shot, and scramble as The team portion. Always end with singles match play. I look forward to those events more than any other event at the course.
  9. Might not be yellow, but Vice offers a lime green color on their balls and they run $25 a dozen for their premium balls and down (though you do need to buy bulk). I'm currently playing lime green Vice Pro Plus balls and don't see myself changing anytime soon. Cut Golf offers a 3 piece matte yellow ball for $20 a dozen. I don't have any experience with their matte balls, but I like their premium balls. Both brands require you to order online. Vice Pro Soft Cut Matte
  10. I simply keep track of how many over or under par I am. I will write the scores down if I'm playing with someone, but honestly I don't need the card. I pretty much always know what my score is, even if I wish I didn't sometimes. For someone else's score I do the same, use how many over par they are to get their final number.
  11. You can also opt to go the Vice route and buy them in bulk (3, 5, 7, or 10 dozen). With that you get free shipping. 5 dozen goes for $94.75 compared to the $125 for Vice (not that Vice are expensive). If they'd release an high visibility version of their Cut Blue I'd probably go back to them. As it stands I still have 5 dozen Cut Grey sitting at the house for if I hit a shortage.
  12. Shot a very up and down 78 today. I've yet to not break 80 in August which is great. I thought the day was going to be a complete wash, started off the day with a double bogey, then rushed what should have been a tap in eagle (walked up to it and just smacked it) and missed it, so while 1 over through 2 isn't bad, it could have been better. Parred the 3rd, hit my 7 iron 200 yards and over the back of the green on 4 (I do that on 4 why too often) and doubled it. Terrible short game and a 3 putt on the par 5 5th lead to my 3rd double of the day and I'm sitting at 5 over. Ho hum par
  13. baller7345


  14. I have a new personal best. After many close calls I finally broke par. Shot a (-2) 70. Had 5 birdies and 3 bogies. Probably shouldn't have had two of those bogies, but at the same time I lucked into a birdie on one of the par 3s. This gets me back on the downward trend for my handicap, now trending to 6.5. Don't really expect to do anything like this often, but hopefully this makes future shots at breaking par a little less nerve wracking. I birdied the last hole to shoot 70, but even though the hole was driver, lob wedge its hard to do that when you are almost shaking due to being
  15. I broke par for the first time today, (-2) 70.
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