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  1. Mr. Desmond

    Your First Car

    '66 Mustang 3 spd stick, in 1971
  2. Mr. Desmond

    TPM - A Great Putting Training Aid

    Thank you. Will check it out.
  3. Mr. Desmond

    PING Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I've hit the ES Grind in previous Pings - fairly versatile. I'm thinking of the ES Grind in 56 and the SS Grind in 60. The SS sole is narrower in comparison to the ES, so I think it will work well on tight lies and for versatility in the 60.
  4. Mr. Desmond

    PING Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I like the 56 ES - has a light feel through the ball and is versatile, the sole width and grind do well out of the bunker given only 8 of bounce - which makes that wedge more versatile. Thinking of selling Vokeys and customizing a few Stealths in terms of a Nippon and GP MCC +4 grips.
  5. Mr. Desmond

    Shaftiodes Beware - Mark Crossfield Video

    The lesson is "Get Fit." No universal standard exists for shafts - no standard as to measuring torque, flex, etc. Every shaft maker is different. Every golfer is different - swing, tempo, speed, rhythm, launch, ball position, etc. You may find a couple of OEMs whose shafts you tend to like, but there are always surprises.
  6. Mr. Desmond

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    To the OP, I would not take newbies to a course on a weekend, when it's usually busy. I would take a newbie to a course about 2 hrs before you can't play due to darkness, and ask the pro if they don't mind if you take a newbie out on a handful of holes to show them etiquetter, fast play, divot replacement, pitch mark repair, etc. See if they'd do it for free or just pay for one golfer for 9 holes. You might also try an executive course that has no trees and is primarily a par 3 course. If not, go on a weekday when it's not busy. My regular weekend group goes out as the 3rd group or so, around 6:30-:45 am. So early I may get to hit about 15 balls I find on a range, if there is a range. We walk the course. We stay a shot or so behind the group ahead of us unless it's two rabbits in a cart. When we see someone getting too close for comfort behind us, we go a little faster, depending on the group in front of us. We don't stop at the turn, we hit and walk, we don't hole out the 1-2 footers, and the guys mark their score and putts at the next teeing area. We might take a minute for a breather on hilly holes. Generally, we finish anywhere from 3:30-3:45 hrs. But sometimes, stuff happens, waiting, go to a different course on the weekend and can't get a tee time until 10 am, and it's a 4:15 round - in a cart.
  7. Mr. Desmond

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    Bought some during the winter - must get them out now to wear
  8. Mr. Desmond

    Titleist AVX (New Ball)

    What iacas said above - the ProV1 v. AVX is the comparison that is valid for most. The V1x has more spin and launch than V1 or AVX. Sure, you see Justin Thomas and others playing the ProV1x v. ProV1 - and Titleist said the ratio is now about 50-50 between the 2 balls whereas before the V1x held the upper hand - but as iacas stated, Titleist changed the ball. If ProV1 goes too high and spinny, try AVX. If ProV1 works, stay with it as it has more control around the greens.
  9. Mr. Desmond

    2018 AT&T Byron Nelson

    Defenses are wind, huge undulating greens and uncertain bump and run results -- wind only blew one day. Lots of 3 putts all 4 days, but yesterday, not so many (at last count) due to wet conditions. First year for course - they'll improve the event.
  10. Mr. Desmond

    Aaron Wise

    No one knows the future, but Wise is impressive. To go low - 65 - on the last round in the last group, is impressive.
  11. Mr. Desmond

    2018 AT&T Byron Nelson

    Wind is up today, as are scores. Tomorrow's forecast is -- great scoring conditions. Hopefully overcome with flag placement. Reading more about the tournament, it seems many players are staying at the Anatole, which is a huge hotel about 25 minutes away from the course. It is very different than staying at the TPC Four Seasons, where players and their wives could leave the children in a kiddie activity center, the wife could follow her husband (with condolences to Lucas Glover), and could walk back to the hotel, have a lunch, spa, and enjoy herself. A player could practice, nap, and then get ready for a round. Four Seasons was more convenient and attractive as a venue even though the course was somewhat lacking - a partial redesign helped, but the budget was limited during the 2007 recession, and not enough was done - then you have all the houses surrounding that course. Dallas just cannot get it right - it will take a few years. I searched for Trinity Forest Development and found nothing - until you make the place more accommodating to players and their families, I think this tourney will be a tough sell. And then there is its scheduling ... right after the Players this year, and next year, right before the PGA when it moves to May - this will be unsettling for several years.
  12. If you want a quality ball that feels good, and not hollow like some of the above suggestions, then get the: Snell GETSUM ball - excellent 2 piece ball and inexpensive. 6 dz/$85 - no taxes or shipping Distance - yes; a good combo of spin and rollout around greens (but more roll). I've played it. https://www.snellgolf.com/products/get-sum-value-pack-6-dozen?variant=27596103432
  13. Mr. Desmond

    2018 AT&T Byron Nelson

    Kooch is still smarting from his Open loss last year on a links course... As to the course, before the tournament, all we (the locals) heard was that the pros who had played it, enjoyed it. But that changes at the tournament ... more players, different conditions. But I think it's great that it changes things up ... just need our typical winds.
  14. Mr. Desmond

    Poor Lucas Glover

    I like the part when she's finally shoved into the police car after arrest and says to the police, "Wait 'till the Tour hears about this ... you will all lose your jobs ... She sounds as if she's suffering from a bipolar disorder (she can't be like this all the time? or maybe she is), chemical imbalance, i.e. mentally ill. Good luck to her in finding assistance if only for the sake of Lucas and the children.

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