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  1. New Golf Grips

    Don't know where you live, but in summer temps, you might want to try a grip that will hold if you spend time on the range or it's extremely hot. I've played Pure, Lamkin UTx, Golf Pride MCC +4, and others - grip choice depends on your conditions, whether you sweat a lot, and what comfortable for you. It's your own journey and no one else's.
  2. We need to forget about looking at loft on an iron and only care if it fits you - does it offer you sufficient launch, spin, carry, distance. Get fit. The design paradigm has changed - the number on the iron only matters in relation to the next iron in the set.
  3. Gap from 16 degree fairway to 22 degree 4 iron

    Look at 19 Hy or 7 wood, or both. Use the 7 wd in the calm, the 19Hy when windy.
  4. Dilemma with old wedge...keep for prctice or sell

    Close enough - same grind - BUT there is a big difference between the SM5 and SM6/7 in terms of design, so I'd shine it up and trade it in. From my reading, Vokey made a relatively large departure in the SM6 and the 7 is more refinement.
  5. Dilemma with old wedge...keep for prctice or sell

    If it's not the same wedge as your gamer, get rid of it.
  6. Lydia Ko Thread

    Off topic, but gosh, I hope she doesn't get married soon - "Now on the tee, Husband #9!" I've heard her comment that she wants to game to be fun -- I am thinking that if she does not do so, her team should make new candidates take a psychological profile test, go on several lunches and dinners to begin the relationship, and conduct extensive background checks. Change is good but when is it "you" and not the people you are terminating.
  7. GI vs. SGI vs. Forged Cavity

    Congrats! Nice setup. Try the Ping G400 in your DI6 shaft if the M2 does not treat you right.
  8. Why all the underflex?

    It's not the flex - I would look at their ball position and whether they are swinging up on the driver. I use R flex, my speed is 91-95, depending on the season, my launch with a 9 deg driver is 15-16, and spin about 2300-2550. About 5-10 yrs ago, OEM shafts in fairways and hybrids were weak. Shafts are better these days.
  9. Venice Canals Running Dry, Gondolas Stranded

    Gosh, that's concerning. I think when it comes to environmental change, one must look at the big picture. Parts of the world are drying up, Cape Town is about to shut off water to citizens, you have Venice, storms are more violent, CA has been under drought conditions for years, parts of FL may go underwater,melting glaciers -- seems as if varying consequences result from what we label as climate change.
  10. Callaway Rogue Driver Help with Shaft

    Depends on the design of the shaft - you just can't go on its weight. Go back to the GG, at a time when the store is vacant, like in the early afternoon, warm up and spend some time in there looking at numbers. Don't know if you are a high ball player or not, but the 10.5 may be too much loft at that speed depending on your angle of attack and ball position, etc. Look at your launch - 14-16, look at spin of 2000-2100. Get the loft fit first, and then the shaft. My speed is low 90's, but I play a 9 in a Ping G400. My launch is 16 degrees, Spin is about 2500
  11. Agree on the original and second version of AP1s - the new ones might be better, but I haven't purchased Titleist Irons since the 962 (?) - late 90's small cavity.
  12. Michelle Wie's Swing Looks Different

    Agreed that it looks more stressed/tight. As one compares the 2004 swing, the squat at address seems much more pronounced than 2004 and the feet are wider apart. The arms also look tense at address.
  13. Michelle Wie's Swing Looks Different

    Perhaps her body can't do what it once could do ... who knows how she works out, her dedication, etc.
  14. Driving range or a round?

    I go with @David in FL stated. If no time for lessons, play. Instead of practice, I would get a set of golf stretches and do them on a daily basis - takes about 20-30 minutes and keeps you loose to make the most of what you have. Joey D has a book on flexibility - something like Fix your Body, Fix your Swing.
  15. Are Golfers Better on Faster or Slower Greens?

    I am comfortable with faster greens, but since switching putters, my aim and reads are great, but distance control is inconsistent. Thinking about counterbalancing for a heavier all around club. Need Aimpoint Express 2 and Speed Classes. Tough to find.

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