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  1. Tour Tempo Tracks? Nerves? Lighter grip at address helps me. Tempo Tracks may also help because eventually, I hope the tempo tracks will fill my head, not swing thoughts. The fact that no one cares about your game other than they want you to play fast, also helps the nerves.
  2. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    If your wedge gapping is 4-6 degrees, the 58 is fine. When I bagged a 58, I found it more versatile and used it on most shots around the green. If you're a one wedge guy around the greens, the 58 with some bounce and relief is a good choice (for me).
  3. iPhone Getting too Big

    Yes, I've taken calls on the iPad. I usually stick the iPhone in the back pocket when I'm shopping or walking and not when sitting. But most of the time? It's in front.
  4. iPhone Getting too Big

    I have no issues carrying the iPhone 7 in my front or back pocket. I prefer the larger size.
  5. The Single Most Important Angle(s) in Golf

    Yes, thank you for the clarification, it is part of the point you're making. It's like ball yips -- wonder if they look in front of the ball instead of at the ball, it it would help - so they are not ball focused. If so, perhaps confidence grows. My full swing at the moment is better without a ball... attempting to tell myself don't think about the result, go through the process.
  6. The Single Most Important Angle(s) in Golf

    @iacas Do they flip when you pull the ball and just ask them to chip without it? Wondering if it is ball anxiety.
  7. New Shaft for GBB Epic?

    @UnbreakableBoy I have no issues with the Epic, and it's easier to slightly draw than the Ping G400. But everone is different. If you are pulling, it could be you are forcing something due to a poor fit. What shaft and what speed, tempo of player are U?
  8. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    Why is this thread stuck on 40 putts when we are talking abooooot wedge week? Playing yesterday with 3 other guys and I can't tell you how many shots were lost within 10 yrds of the green due to poor pitches or chips. I even made a boo boo when I had too much forward lean and caught a dig on wet turf. But I holed a flop from the rough off the green, so I had that going for me.... lol.
  9. New Shaft for GBB Epic?

    How does the regular flex play for you? And what shaft is it?
  10. Greenside bunker question

    I will defer to Erik.
  11. Greenside bunker question

    The idea is to use the bounce - put ball in the middle and catch the leading edge. BUT if you put ball forward, weight forward, relax the arms, use a good tempo, feel as if the back of the sole hits the sand first, AND have the clubhead pass the hands, you get a good glide. Typically, the thin results from being tight and poor tempo. I've given you gold with Pete Cowen - view it about a dozen times and relax during the swing and use the tips above.
  12. Greenside bunker question

    Attached is a compilation of Pete Cowan, the top Euro Tour Instructor, on bunker play. See first 6 minutes for basics, then go to 15:40 for troubling lies
  13. Dallas area golfers

    Not far from Keller - We can check out Texas Star sometime.
  14. Not Extending Arms Through Impact

    Look at your right elbow through the downswing.