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  1. Mr. Desmond

    Titleist AVX (New Ball)

    After going to a weekend with Titleist reps and playing 2 rounds after a ball fitting, their take on the AVX, and the 2 players out of 7 players who were fit to AVX is that it is a ball for high spin, high speed players - they told both guys to try the ProV1 and AVX on the course over the weekend. I played with a 20 something guy with a 115 driver ss, and at first, he did not know if he could deal with the lack of spin around the greens, but he enjoyed the gain in driver distance and his irons - he thought his irons were going too far with AVX - but after 2 days, and now 4.5 months later, he is still playing AVX. He learned how to deal with the spin on the greens. The rest of us mere mortals were fit into ProV1x - we need the spin off the irons, and it was great around the greens - give me fresh wedges and a ProV1x - and put on the brakes. But other urethane balls do the same - like Snell MTB
  2. Mr. Desmond

    TPM - A Great Putting Training Aid

    I paired this up with my Blast Motion sensor; nice combo.
  3. Mr. Desmond

    Swing analysis devices

    I turned in my Zepp Golf Sensor to Blast, they quickly sent me a promo code with a $75 discount, and in two more days, had my Blast Motion Sensor/Recharger.I went to the FAQ and Blast Site to figure out how the sensor recharges. The position of the stick man figure is important for recharging and placement (down grip) is important. Fired up the Blast App, and while not intuitive, you have quick vids explaining the metrics - loft, lie, tempo, face rotation, etc.You can set it up where you only get the time for the backswing, then only for thru swing, then for entire putt. GO up in levels, and you get a BLAST of data -- must have taken 260 putts both inside and then last night on the practice green. Found out I had issues - my face rotation was severe.And I was also using the TPM for the last few days - it's at https://ixiasports.com/products/true-pendulum-motionOK, so I took 3 of my putters to find out which was most consistent - it was the Edel E1 - but face rotation was upward of 5, 6+ and the throu stroke was not closing - so I was .6-1 degree open at impact most of the time in comparison with the closing rotation. Then I tried everything to correct the issue, which included my lie angle moving throughout the swing. I'm still learning.So what does a nut do? I went to my memory banks and Stan Utley and Brad Faxon - they have similar swing the clubhead methods - suddenly face rotation decreased to between 3-4, and it was closing, lie angle was down to .2 in terms of movement. Loft moved less than 1 degree during stroke. And then with the Blast 2:1 tempo, it made me think less and get the putterhead moving to make the ratio - and the more closer to ideal, the better the stats and better the result at the hole on the practice green. And that was with my TP Mills Putter. Will see how Edel does over the weekend. I wonder how it does with full swing? Anyway, Blast gives you a lot to learn, and some of it is beyond me. But feedback - you get it in spades. And this is just the start...It was an OCD kind of late afternoon/evening.
  4. Mr. Desmond

    press before chipping?

    Haven't pressed consciously - but I like to move my feet subtly to remain athletic or tap the clubhead a few times on the ground before taking it back - keep the arms loose.
  5. On second thought, if I could partner with Trump in the same cart, why not? We'd have a good discussion.
  6. I don't want to be an enabler, so no. There are so many golf courses in the world ... I can skip a few.
  7. Mr. Desmond

    A wedge spending decision

    It may be common sense to you, thank goodness, but not for me - I must refresh my memory once in a while because I get away from Stan's approach. Stan has a lot of technique as in putting, which does not work for me. But the chipping and short pitching tech does wonders. It takes practice on the course, too. It's one thing on a practice green with decent grass; it's another in the rough, on tight lies, going uphill and downhill. I see so many guys at the range using arms and pulling, and I must keep my mouth shut. lol.
  8. Mr. Desmond

    A wedge spending decision

    Good luck with it. And please take a look at the Utley videos above - transformed my short game on the course - solid contact - nice rolling chips. When I want a little air time on a chip, I slightly hinge the wrists, and with every shot - soft hands. Have fun.
  9. Mr. Desmond

    TPM - A Great Putting Training Aid

    Bought it - thanks! Works great - like a miracle if you have nervous hands - you don't even think about the arms/hands any longer. It has you starting the stroke from the center of the back below the neck - that was my feel. Without any practice on real greens with it, had a nerves free day with my first round after using it at home. Definitely gives you a different feel on the greens. Canned a long one, and was very close on several others - it's more of a speed issue now - getting accustomed to it will take regular time on the practice green and more rounds.
  10. Mr. Desmond

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    For me, no "6" means playing intelligently. Is my goal to score or pretend I'm Greg Norman (master of the "go for it" shot. Yesterday's Phil) ? Based on my recent scoring, I am not very intelligent for about 4 holes per round.
  11. Mr. Desmond

    Great New Companies That Most Golfers Haven't Heard Of Yet

    I forgot, from above - New Level Golf 902 Irons - a player's CB. good reviews
  12. Mr. Desmond

    Great New Companies That Most Golfers Haven't Heard Of Yet

    Nice thread ... Balls: Snell - great performance and pricing, MTB, Get Sum Fairways: Tour Edge Exotics EX10, or if on budget, Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 (hit them on a monitor and was surprised), HL 3 Irons, too. Wedges: Edel, Artisan, New Level Putter: Edel, TP Mills Custom, Directed Force Reno (it is a good putter but it overstates its claims) Shaft: TPT Golf Grips: Pure, Best Grips (leather), Lamkin (okay, well known but they are not Golf Pride), lots of Japanese Grips but not worth it, imho
  13. Mr. Desmond

    A wedge spending decision

    HIgh handicap ... usually wants some forgiveness. Try the Glide 2.0 Stealth 56 ES Grind - 8 of bounce, but the grind (the sole) makes it rather versatile. If you also want a 60, the SS grind also helps. Cleveland also has a forgiving CB-like wedge. Check those out. But it's tough to beat the ES Grind in the Ping 56 as a sand wedge. If you want an easy method of chipping; I picked it up immediately, try Stan Utley - Ping Ambassador who helps in feedback with their wedges. I like his chipping/pitching technique - less arms, more turn ... he has you using the bounce.
  14. Mr. Desmond

    PING i210 Irons Spotted on Tour

    Is it pick your poison? Towering flight with less spin or Lower flight, more spin? Power lofts will bring down spin a bit
  15. Mr. Desmond

    PING i210 Irons Spotted on Tour

    In full ponder mode on the i210. Hit the i500 on a monitor and they looked good, was getting 165-171 on a 7i on about 4 swings in a row, which I thought was outrageous(ly good), and flight was similar with tight dispersion. But somehow, it's the 210 that intrigues me, probably because of Ping's marketing -- words like precision, soft feel, more ball speed with huge elastomer insert -- and in the Power Lofts, it would work with my wedge setup. Plus, I often play in the wind and all people talk about is the towering trajectory of the i500. (And yes, the PXG's are fine heads, but I need a heavier shaft - 78g uncut seems a bit light as my swing improves. Time for a fitting, and maybe for a smaller head - those big PXG (or any big) heads are tougher in the rough.) Whatever Ping (or Mizuno 919) I seek, it's probably in 6-PW as I really like the PXG Hybrids in the Mitsu Tensei Red 70g shaft. Best hybrid I've hit with the right shaft)

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