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  1. Titleist AVX (New Ball)

    The green grass pro shop near me began sellng the AVX recently at $14.50 per sleeve. I spoke a second with the Pro, and I said, "It's getting some positive review for its soft feel and distance but the price is sticker shock for some. He said, "It's simply a NXT with a ProV1 cover," and shook his head in disgust at the mention of the price.
  2. When Do You Lay Up?

    Depends on the lie - rough, uphill, downhill, ball above or below feet - hazards, and my swing that day. Then I'll add up the probabilities and decide.
  3. New Snell MTB on the way in 2018?

    Until December 12
  4. Brandel Says He Was Wrong About Tiger

    Coincidentally, I had a lesson after playing 2X per week for about 6 weeks - had figured out a laundry list of on-course issues. I had a chipping lesson - you know, the short ones around the green similar to what Tiger was doing - the first time on the course on Saturday, it was an effin' disaster, even after practice. On Sunday, it was better, but I was still grimmacing. And that was for a fun round! I can't imagine under competition right now. I also had him work with me on downhill, uphill, above and below feet, but that's for another thread. I feel for those guys - staying relaxed and chipping to almost perfection while I blade or thin ...
  5. Brandel Says He Was Wrong About Tiger

    I think that's out of concern for Tiger's health. Brandel knows TIger is great for the game and wants him healthy and competing. I wonder if anyone has looked at his Thursday driver swing and compared it to Sunday. As to Tiger's chipping, it was poor on Thursday, but did it not improve over the 4 days? (I did not watch that much - was working although the channel was on) And I think TIger can be excellent around the greens again as he gains confidence. So, yes, Brandel was concerned but it's too early to pass judgment on Tiger.
  6. Dri-Tac Winn wraps.

    I think they will work with a glove. I was in MA and not wearing a glove. Afterwards, I thought about it, and decided they'd be okay with a glove. I went from Dri-Tac to several options - leather, Lamkin UTx, Lamkin Z5, and finally decided to bite the bullet with MCC +4. Cord, no taper. But did order 3 of the the new Lamkin Black Cords with the red line in back - I have a problem.
  7. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    That's a bit aggressive ...lol. Why would you think I get on anyone's case? Sounds like someone has gotten on your case. Not my issue. My playing partners think I'm amusing. I have a game on Sat and Sun, with two younger guys and a guy a bit older than me. We have fun - I ask for a read and give others a read. If there is a bunker in front of the green, admittedly, I will sometimes look at how much I have to clear it, although with my game, I should not even take the chance of being too cute. Just put it over the flag or to the side. Oh, I said "over use it," which means use the laser, but let's not laser the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees... I find the JOLT tech gives some assurance and speed.
  8. Brandel Says He Was Wrong About Tiger

    Brandel confesses "I was wrong ..." Maybe there is hope for mankind.
  9. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    I'm not saying, don't use a rangefinder - I'm saying don't overuse it like an OCD golfer.
  10. Grades for Tiger's Performance

    For exceeding expectations, an "A". For his play, a B+. Tiger would probably say that was his "B" game. No one moves the needle like TIger; it's good for golf if he keeps exceeding expectations.
  11. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    People can overuse it leading to slow play - they start lasering hazards, front of green, flag, back of green, etc. on same shot - the OCD Player. Sometimes, it may be useful for a bunker in front of green, but if you are 120 yards or less out, let's hit it -- most of us arent' that precise in ballstriking - we just want to be on the green.
  12. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    If they have JOLT or are quick, they speed up play. I let my playing partners tell me the laser off the tee. When a partner is near me (within 30 yards) and doesn't have a finder, I give him his approx yardage - that speeds up play. Finders help - hazards, etc. Slope can help - had a 10 yard downhill difference this weekend on one hole. Useful, and speeds up play. People just need to be intelligent in their use.
  13. Dri-Tac Winn wraps.

    Good luck with the DTX - tore up my hands on a demo club.
  14. Dri-Tac Winn wraps.

    Driver is the worst club for a Dri-Tac. Too much torque. The OP wants the soft feel of the Dri-Tac - IMHO, that is GP CP2 Pro or Wrap. Yes, Pure Pro are also soft and are fine on the course with a glove in the heat and last a long time. But if you sweat heavily, like i do in the summer in TX in 100F and humidty, and don't want taper ... well, I chose another grip. We're all different. Find what fits you and your conditions.
  15. Adam Scott Returning to the Long Putter

    Ugh! Had a conversation with a Champions Tour Player two months ago -- let's say the players on that tour are unhappy about Langer's anchor-unanchor routine. Don't think Adam will get away with that on the PGA Tour.

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