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  1. Weight on the toe can also help with toe misses and move the sweetspot towards the middle from the heel. Depends on the design and we don't know much about the club - looks very demanding - definitely not for me.
  2. Nothing wrong with a little weight on the toe for some forgiveness and swingweight adjustment.
  3. I must talk with people all the time in order to discover their point of view. I may not like them, I may disagree, but I may learn something. Saying it's a waste of time seems like an excuse that you might find something you haven't thought about. Just sayin'. As to feel, I did not see a decrease in feel but then I am no expert. I'm just a sucker, as you say. Yes, that is a snark, and I am trusting to an extent. At the same time, other people are developing putter shafts, but yes, not at $200. Truthfully, I like to try new equipment. I know it may not work, but it's my mad money.
  4. @iacas Funny. I don't think any of us are immune to a suspect purchase. Let those who have not been taken in their life, throw the first stone. Barney Adams put out some quality product in his time, and a certain trust factor exists with his name. TXG seems to like it. Me snark? - a little. Anyway, instead of raking BGT over the coals, why not call them at their phone number? It's easy to talk behind people's backs, as we all know and all of us have done, it's better to call them on their claims, see what they see, tell them what you don't see, and share an intelligent discussi
  5. Apparently, quite a few Touring Pros were also "taken". Some people are pioneers and they get the arrows in their back. Appreciate it.
  6. Here is a post I put together six weeks ago as to the BGT Shaft (around Sep 21) - too much rain to give you data, but I do feel more energy imparted to the ball. I can't give you too much about the results or debate it - too much work lately. It's not like the UST frequency filter shaft, which affected feel (I still own one of those in a putter).Breakthrough Golf Technology is located just north of Dallas proper and I called to bring my putter to them. Once I arrived, I met with the crew, who had easy smiles and invited me in as a friend. We talked shop and they explained that the shaft not on
  7. Well, that Skill Code was about working the ball, not the mechanics of the downswing. 90% of my work at the range is sequencing the downswing, getting off the back, bumping the hips, getting onto the front foot, and opening the hips and turning the chest ... so yes ...
  8. If you're referring to my post, I hit the i210, i500 and Mizuno 900F off the outside range at the same time in not the best fitting shafts - both Pings were 80g CFS shafts, while the Mizuno was steel - PX 5.5. Then I hit the JPX919F with a fitted shaft, the i210 and i500 with the Recoil 780 SmacWrap on the sim. But not my first rodeo - I'ma ho' of the first degree.
  9. I would only say - 'Restroom" I guess gender neutral clarifies boys or girls - or maybe those terms are not politically correct. Speaking of which, saw a blurb on Vice News about Gender Neutrals - they are trying to eliminate all reference to "his" "her" "he" "she" Guess I am getting old and older ... or these kids are living in a fantasy world ... or I'm living in the past. As we say in Texas, "It just ain't right."
  10. I think the original MTB may spin better around the greens than MTB Black for me. In 2018, I've played the MTB Red, MTB Black, ProV1X and Chrome Soft - I'm in with the CS as a great all around ball for my game. Distance and greenside spin, and that feel thing. Good luck! I like the Snell Black - just need more greenside spin. It rolls. CS hits, spins, stops. Writing note to Dean 'cause I want to buy them.
  11. Depends on how you hit them - the 5 wood has a bigger profile in the rough, and as a result, a hybrid is usually easier to get up and out from the deeper stuff. The HY also has a shorter shaft - I play a 5 wd at 42 inches and some HY 3 are 40.5. Does that affect consistency? Maybe. Maybe not. The 5 wood at 18 degrees or so will give you more distance (generally) and flight higher. When both are fit, I find more consistency with the 5 wood. Bigger head is more forgiving off tee and fairway and not shabby out of not too deep rough - depends on the footprint. I find lower lofted hybrids ar
  12. OP, Ping makes great irons - I like both the i500 and i210, but I ended up with the Mizuno 919F because the fit - the head and shaft - PX LZ Tour 90 Graphite - seems a good fit. I was getting more distance than the i210 in graphite, although with power specs, I would recapture some yardage if I had sufficient spin. I like the i500s bit thought the 919 would give me consistency, forgiveness, and almost as much distance. The equipment is so good these days - it's just what works for you in getting fit and whether it meets what you need in an iron.
  13. Senior flex - typically, it's tough for those with senior flex to get enough height/carry with a 3 wd unless it's use is as a second driver. I'd look at a 5 wd, forget the 4i, get a high launching 4H. BUT start playing and see how the bag works - if the 4 and 5i are not getting enough height and consistency, consider hybrids or even a 7 or 9 wd. As to the LW, depends on your short game, wedge fitting and technique. Most ams play too little bounce in their wedges - get fit after more work on the swing. Good luck!
  14. No accuracy problems with the SC200 - mph is a little higher than Trackman by a couple of mph. It sometimes will miss a ball, I'll reposiiton and it will take the reading. Sometimes, I must thurn the unit off, then on. But otherwise, it's fine for its purpose. It's a useful tool for feedback. I understand they are developing something to compete with Mevo.
  15. Almost 5.5 months with the Glides 2.0 Stealth in 50 SS, 56 ES and 60 SS - it's a good combo for me. The ES is excellent out of bunkers, rough, tight lies, chipping as is the 60 SS - holed a LW from below the green from the rough just two weeks ago. It just pops up nice and soft. Open, square - it doesn't matter - leadng edge stays low - excellent! Most versatile wedges I've owned, and I've owned a lot of different wedge OEM's. As to the 50, for me, a 50 is a 50 - I could do my iron set 50 and be fine. But my irons are graphite and I prefer heavier steel in the 50 for chipping around green
  16. Nope - not retired, 2 yrs ago at 60, I started my swing change. Take lessons, have a course 5 minutes away with a great range. Overall game has improved and still putting it all together. Don't wait too long because it is a process.
  17. Why not stick to one instructor's advice and spend time at the range with video, training aids or other feedback until your confidence returns? When you play, don't keep score until your swing is ready.
  18. Change shaft, depending on how much you like the head. What's your preferred weight and flex - mid launch/mid spin? I've got several driver shafts sitting around - Tensei Blue 50 R and S, Isawa Red 55 S, VA Slay 55 R But they have Callaway tips - they're easy to replace.
  19. After 6 weeks, this aid has transformed my putting. My forearms are not tight on to my sides, and my stroke is more of left shoulder down, right shoulder up (rocking). It is a freer stroke, and the data shows less arc, which is what I wanted.
  20. If one could actually move the weights without an Act of Congress or with loctite remover, they'd be helpful - asked my clubmaker about it, and he said, "Jerry, that is a PITA." So if you have a permanent swing fault where you always hit on toe, or let's say, the heel, better tell them upfront. When they first came out, I think it was more status -- you'd see guys with PXG entire bags and the PXG bag -- but now, with Gen 1 on sale and the novelty wearing off, I believe it's more "do they fit my game" along with, yes, some sort of status - but that "look at me" stuff has lessened. I'v
  21. I read about the sharpie method last week in a Tom Wishon article - it's great to see it in practice. Yes, if the line is consistently pointing to the heel, then you'd bend towards a higher degree depending on the, I guess, the amount of tilt.
  22. Try swinging more in to out with driver. With the iron swing, your path may be more neutral. With the driver, you may find that a small to moderate in to out path may help
  23. Was it just a bad day at the range? Happens sometimes. Or is this recurrent?
  24. Looks as if you need a bit more more launch along with less spin. Not a big fan of the Ping stock shafts, but you'd best get fit. It's tough to say anything except get fit. That's a lot of spin and may not be all shaft. I'd look at your setup first to check your Angle of Attack and make sure you are setup for less spin and more launch before looking for shafts. A positive angle of attack at address usually means ball position is off your front big toe with your spine angle slightly back.
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