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  1. SOS

    Thanks again for the replies. I like the idea of trying to clear my mind during a round and leave the adjustments etc to the range. It just seems I've gone so far in the wrong direction that the road back is so long. I'm going to keep at it tho. Try to be patient and hopefully make some progress and start to enjoy the game again.
  2. SOS

    Thanks for the replies. The instructor uses the trackman tool which is excellent. I can see the faults. I can see the angle of my left wrist at impact and my hands are miles ahead of the ball. I can see that my spine doesn't tilt to the right at all as it should so I have a good picture of what is wrong but I just can't put it right.
  3. SOS

    Hi all, I'm going through a terrible time with my game. I was a steady mid handicapper scoring around the 90 mark regularly with the occasional great round in the mid 80s. I wanted to improve so I booked some lessons with the local pro. All I really wanted was to eliminate the slice with the driver and strike the ball a bit cleaner so as to improve consistency. What's happened since then has just been a nightmare and I'm now one more bad round away from putting my clubs on eBay. The pro has had my focus on dynamic loft and attack angle as my hands are getting too far ahead at Impact which is delofting the club and giving a low ball flight. He's had my try to turn my right shoulder more through impact and finish the shot better so as to decrease that steep attack angle. To cut a long story short it's gone horribly wrong. In my last two rounds I have played one single iron shot well. My driving has gone from long and straight with the occasional slice to low, left, short and generally unplayable. I'm even 3-putting loads more than I used to. I really don't want to give the game up but it has become deeply embarrassing. I feel like I can't get the ball off the ground, can't swing the club the same way twice and everything I try only makes it worse. I have another lesson on Wednesday but I don't even know what to tell him to be honest.