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  1. Used Callaway FT Fusion Cart Bag in excellent condition. Minimal wear and tear from normal usage. Clean, lightweight, and suitable for anyone! Shipping included.
  2. Walked 18 holes for a school golf tournament down here in South Florida a couple years ago. It was 98 degrees with 100% humidity. The heat index (what it felt like) was around 116. Tough day. Only one person broke 80. On a team that usually shoots under par.
  3. I'm on! I just turned 18 and I would love a new driver (after using a Diablo for 3 years) before I head off to college!
  4. That's actually a fantastic idea. I might want to look into that. I had no formal calligraphy practice but I used a little for scoreboards for golf tournaments. I might need that in a few months when I head off to college :)
  5. I type an average of 90 words per minute on a regular basis, with the fastest so far being 112. I believe you don't worry ;-) I agree wholeheartedly that technology definitely has the largest impact on diminishing penmanship
  6. I found, it seems, that the general trend is mostly everyone has aesthetically poor, or illegible handwriting. I'm not sure if this is because there just isn't a chance to practice it anymore, or is it because of the habits that developed at an early age?
  7. It sounds like I have different views than most on the topic of 'handwriting.' And yes, I get told I write like a girl all the time. I honestly don't care if they say I write like a girl or not. I take it as a compliment. People whom I don't know will rip the paper away from me and stare at it. I figure it's happened too much to be normal. I hate bragging, and I'm trying to be as far from it as possible. I'm just posting for research purposes.
  8. Thank you for your 'compliment' :) haha I suppose I do have a fairly liberal view of 'handwriting' as anything that is written by hand (in one's most commonly used format). Which, is exactly what that was in the link I provided. That handwriting is beautiful to the eye, and very elegant. I do not prefer to write that way in everyday terms, as it isn't highly practical (takes a while to read for most people). I do write in a self-made, somewhat print/calligraphic hybrid for the scoreboards I have been hired to make for the local chapter of the U.S. Kid's Golf Tournaments.
  9. I would love to see your 'handwriting' my good sir. Since I know your background as an established web developer and golf instructor, I'm curious as to how your handwriting would look (since I'm assuming you don't need it much). I'm going to school as a Landscape Architect; Not too hard to imagine after seeing my handwriting I guess haha
  10. I'd like to start off by saying hello again to all; It's been awhile since I've last posted on this website. Recently, more than ever, I've been getting compliments on my handwriting. I am currently in the process of making my own font, since I have some friends willing to buy it (for like $2.50). I am also writing a paper for English on graphology and handwriting. I'm curious as to how everyone's handwriting looks; bad handwriting can sometimes mean the difference between a '3' and an '8' on a hole :) Here is a sample of my handwriting from some government notes for my high sch
  11. Depends on what your definition of 'tired' is
  12. It's a great bag. I had it for about 2 years until the strap broke haha. It's very durable; the only reason why the strap broke is because the ring was rusty from all the rain we get down here in Florida. It's got plenty of space for everything you need, and the clubs are easy to get in and out. Another plus; You'll be surprised at how light it is when you put it on. Pick it up by the handle, and then put it on, and it feels like it lost about 5 lbs in the transition. Helps a lot when you walk a lot. Have fun buddy!
  13. If a hole is under 380 yards (on a par 4, with the exception of driveable greens) I'll use a 3 iron off the tee. If it's 380-420 I'll use my 2 hybrid, and if it's any longer than that I'll use my driver. The name of the game for me is to try and have ~150 yards in to the green.
  14. Awesome! Love the pictures! Plus, my physical therapist was Tom Coyne's physical trainer in the book. Nice guy. Hated his guts though.... he made me work so hard...
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