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  1. ben619

    losing your game?

    I have also been in one of those slumps, and I just got out on the course more and I was so much better.=
  2. ben619

    Best Shot of the Week

    Last Saturday, Par 4 5th hole. Really short par 4 should almost be a par 3. Put my drive into the centre of the fairway. 2nd shot, 5 iron punched, really windy day, put it to about 8 feet, then sunk the putt for a nice birdie.
  3. ben619

    Got my first cameron!

    Gorgeous Cammy, I'm thinking of getting one sometime this year.
  4. ben619

    Best dressed player on the tour?

    Sergio is one of the best. Tiger can be great dressed, but sometimes it's just too plain.
  5. ben619

    Newb here from Hamilton, ON

    Welcome, I'm sure you will have a great time here.
  6. ben619

    Following the line.

    Yeah, just like on the follow through, just going straight, then coming round. Im not very good at explaining. Hopefully you know what I mean.
  7. I voted Luke Donald, I just love his play. I wouldn't wanna be Tiger, because sometimes the media would be too much. I'd love his tournament wins, but the media would be too much. I'd like to be a guy who wins a few tournaments and isn't always in the papers for it.
  8. ben619

    Best game console for golf games?

    Recently I got a demo of TW07 for 360. It's fantastic, one of the best and most realistic games i've ever played. This now wins, the circle thing as the aimer makes it very hard, and when you are just starting as your created guy, the circle starts huge so it's alot harder. So it will be hard to break 90.
  9. I've recently sorted out my swing. And the guy told me to follow the line on the follow through, but sometimes I try too hard to follow the line and mess up the shot. Is there any tips I can use to just follow the line naturally?
  10. ben619

    How far do you hit your irons?

    pw-100 9i-130 8i-140 7i-150 6i-160 Not particually long. Bare in mind I'm only 13. :P
  11. ben619

    Need Help, New Irons

    Can I ask, how far do pro's hit them clubs?
  12. ben619

    Tiger Woods 07 Preview (XBox 360)

    I've gotta wait till christmas.
  13. ben619

    Tiger Woods 07 Preview (XBox 360)

    I'm looking most forward to the new circle aiming target instead on the dot, much harder and more realistic hopefully. :D
  14. ben619

    Play better alone than in company?

    I play alot better in a twosome, it's just chilled out, have a chat and a laugh whilst walking down the fairway, then be quiet and respectful to each other when taking shots, then just continue. I've got no pressure when I'm playing with John (my playing partner) because I know that even if I'm playing bad, it wont matter much, so most the time I don't play bad with him. On my own, I lose focus easier, and theres no-one to calm me down if I play a bad shot.

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