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  1. One consistent swing thought seems to work best for me. Not trying to "correct" what I did on the last swing
  2. Do this and do not try to progress too fast. If you had "it" before you'll get "it" again. Good luck
  3. HSip

    The Hammer

    That dude should clear his throat before he starts spewing all that BS
  4. HSip

    What would you do?

    What he said. PLUS you said you putting well with your YES putter, you know if you change after saying that the Golf gods are going to mess with you. Buy the wife the irons (make a point of saying that you wanted a Scotty but helping her enjoy the game more was WAY more important.) P.S. - you'll get the Scotty somewhere down the road as a gift!
  5. HSip

    The Hammer

    One of the testimonials during the infomercial says something to the effect "he hit that ball so far that all I know is that it didn't land on any flat green surface on the course"? WTF kind of positive is that!!! It will really change your score ----- for the worse.
  6. Not with just one club but I will, on occasion, play a round with 3 clubs. For example - 5I, 9I & putter or 3w, 7I & putter (real challenging one is Driver, SW, putter), etc. Really makes for some interesting shots and surprisingly steady scores.
  7. Couple of weeks ago I was playing as a single and I noticed a couple playing ahead of me. The lady was hanging back and watching my shots at the par 3's. Eventually she told me that she had hit a hole in one a few years previous but without a witness and she vowed not to let that happen to someone else if she could help it. Unfortunately I didn't need a witness
  8. You're absolutely right and this is one small way to make a round go a bit faster. If someone putts it close and wants to tap it in that is fine with me. Marking a short putt then waiting for someone else to putt, replacing their ball and then tapping it in (especially if it's a foursome doing it) adds appreciably to the time of the round.
  9. You said it all when you said he wasn't fun to be around. For me, I either want to like my playing partners or not be bothered by my playing partners. When I've gotten paired up with someone who is really volatile - I try my best to ignore them and when the round is finished I do my best to never get paired with them again. Life's too short and golf is too great a game for that. Cheers
  10. You don't mention if your range is grass or mats. I get some pretty squirrely irons off mats (trying to hit down, etc, etc). If that's not it - are you picking a target when practicing on the range? One thing for sure, you are absolutely right that good on course/ bad on range is MUCH better than the opposite. Cheers
  11. For shorter hitters it is almost never (never say never) a sound strategy. If it would take your absolute Sunday best, 1 out of 100, then the reward is not worth the risk. I do agree w/ Erik that being close is most golfers best chance to take advantage of that shorter par 4. But contrary to a lot of the mid to hi HCP's (on this forum) I might average 230 so being close is relative. Cheers
  12. I think we're talking about the same thing. My point is that many people "feel" that they must line up their toes to the target. Using an intermediate target to line up the club face is what most good golfers do.
  13. Call your instructor - he's lonely. Besides the BEST players in the world use swing coaches. Good luck
  14. Got to cruise through Harvey Penick's Little Red Bood every so often. Lots and lots of nuggets. Cheers
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