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  1. My Swing (HockeyRob)

    Thank you, @boogielicious . Fat Shots are definitely something I have trouble with and turning my hips rather then swaying them back is something I definitely need to work on. Appreciate the video I'll definitely be working on that as much as possible in the next couple times out on the Range. I appreciate the insight @SavvySwede . Knowing I sometimes push the ball left here and there it makes sense that the swing path would be a bit too extreme in to out. I'm just having a little bit of trouble relating to what the video is trying to teach. I have a pretty big flying elbow, its really comfortable for me on the back swing, it just feels natural. Where in the video the guy that is demonstrating what hes trying to fix has almost the opposite the right elbow for him (for me my left) looks like its just coiled up and tense on that backswing and almost completely hidden behind or trapped behind his body, where as I kind of come up over the top with my elbow but its completely free just kind of guiding the club up through my backswing, my right arm is doing all the work. So is my trail elbow being like that something I need to eliminate? Do I need to bring it down and try to work that out of the swing completely? To be honest I'm not sure how well I'd be able to swing if I did do that, I feel like it would be in the way. @Unforgiven93 This is the first I've ever videod myself and aside from being like "woah I didn't realize I bring the club back that far, or look at how concave my right knee is" what you are talking about at impact is the first thing I picked out when I watched myself swing. It looks like I have a chicken wing at impact, which is so weird because when I'm swinging the club at full speed I feel fully extended but obviously I'm not. This is something I really want to work on and will really have to slow down and just deliberately do over and over again to get it right. I don't really try to take the club back as far as I do I just kind of feel comfortable doing it. I don't feel like my swing has changed very much since I first started and its just the way I've always taken the club back. Since I filmed these I started to notice my clubhead out of my right eye at the top of my backswing which is something I really never saw before but it's kind of helped my timing in a way because when I see it I know to start my down swing. I really appreciate the advice and will see what I can do with it! Thanks @mvmac . Flared out feet is definitely something I'll need to try out it seems. It seems like just by doing that it'll make it so I can't cave my lead knee in as much as I am in these and that will cut down on a lot of that shifting backwards because it will almost force me to turn rather then shift back. As for my grip. I interlock, I feel like I do a relatively good job with that. I'm pretty confident that I'm gripping the club with my fingers due to where I callous. The only odd one, which I included because I have now is on the inside of the ring finger. I got a new glove in the past 2 weeks and that's where I interlock, it tore up my finger in that spot, but that was never something I had before. Thank you again all for all the help. I'll be out a lot this week on the course as well as the range so hopefully I can get some of this stuff at least a little bit fixed. As a quick aside. My Handicap Index. I really have no idea what it should be or how to calculate that... I put 19 because that's what I was given in the golf league I play in at work but I'm not too sure where that comes from or even whether that relates to what an actual Handicap Index is? So any help explaining that would be awesome as well. Although I'm sure as soon as I'm done posting this I will find it on this site somewhere.
  2. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Dispatch for AAA
  3. Hello from Jersey!

    Hey everyone, I'm Rob, I'm 26, (that's weird to say I was 25 last week) from South Jersey. Typically play Pitman as it's around the corner, and have been playing a lot at Rock Manor in Wilmington DE with my company I work for. I've been golfing for a little under 2 years now. I found this site after posting on a hockey forum about my swing and one of the posters there directed me here. I come looking for any help and advice I can get and it seems like there's a whole ton of information here to look through. I'm excited I was looking for something like this since about the Spring of this year as I've really committed to getting better at the game and have been trying to find an online resource to use. I took lessons when I first started but for the most part I feel like I've taught myself most of what I do. Anyway thank you all for taking the time to read and possibly reply, -Rob
  4. My Swing (HockeyRob)

    I've been Playing Golf for: Little under 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: I typically shoot right around 100 My typical ball flight is: Hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I definitely need to reduce my hook, but the shot that frustrates the most is when I push it straight left (left handed) Hi there everyone! I'm pretty new to golf and am looking for any and all advice I can get. I posted a video of my swing on a hockey message board I frequent in an off-topic thread and a poster there directed me here. I've had lessons before when I first started out and am currently taking some again now to try to refine some things and just get better in general. 4 lessons an hour long working on pretty much everything. Currently I'd say my drives are the best part of my game and that anything within 120 yards of the green (chipping putting everything) is totally awful. My iron game is just ok but theres a lot to work on with it. So I hook the ball a ton currently. When I first started I had a wicked push slice that I gradually worked that out of my game at the range and have now started going the complete opposite direction. Most of the time it starts off relatively straight maybe slightly to the left and then comes back a ton to the right, but every once and a while I still get this shot where I just push it straight left and it doesn't move at all left or right. My instructor had me move the ball up in my stance, I had been playing it off the inside of my back foot. This actually helped my hook a lot when I made good contact on the ball it was going a lot straighter but I have had some trouble adjusting to the ball position. I am hitting well behind the ball most of the time and am having trouble making good impact consistently. I've also been working on trying to eliminate that sway over my back foot on my back swing and to turn my hips more instead. And finally head position. I tend to lower my head a lot as I'm in my back swing and pop up through my swing forwards so I've also been trying to focus on that as well which probably is the hardest thing for me to adjust so far. I feel like I really have to focus on keeping it so still throughout the process of the swing its almost the only thing I'm thinking about. Anyway thank you to all that read this and take a peak at the videos below. I appreciate any and all advice and feedback! -Rob Videos: All of these shots were in the past 2 weeks and with an 8-Iron. P.S. some of the videos can be a bit wonky and not play right at first it should correct itself after hitting replay a couple times.