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  1. Hi Ken, this forum is very focused on Northern Michigan and I can tell you it is amazing up there and they are certainly worth the effort. But if travel is something you're concerned with you should look into the Gull Lake View golf courses in Augusta, MI. I am living in California now and have played some of the top courses out here (pasatiempo, harding park, bayonet) as well as FL (too many to name) and the east coast (bethpage) and I promise you they will stand up to just about anything. All 5 courses are Golf Digest 4 stars or better with the South course and Bedford Valley each being 4.5 stars. Bedford has hosted the NCAA Div 3 national championship and the Michigan Open and other PGA events. All 5 courses will test your game. They have great villas at the the East and West courses which are less than 5 miles (5 minutes) from the North and South courses, with Bedford being about a 15-20 minute drive. I worked at these courses growing up and we always had guys coming from all over the Midwest saying it was the best golf for the money. They literally couldn't believe how we weren't charging twice the rates. At these prices, I think you will be hard pressed to find better golf anywhere. This is the link to their packages, http://www.gulllakeview.com/packages.htm also at the top you'll be able to find all the courses and info you need. Basically in September it's $379 for 4 nights/5days and unlimited golf but you have to pay cart fees of $15/18 holes so add $150 total (36 holes per day 5 days). So you're looking at $530 for 4 nights lodging and golf. I'm sure they could work something out for a longer stay but that is what they have listed on their site. Also about 20 minutes away is Yarrow which was a top 10 new course in 2005 or so, great track but it's not a part of the resort so you'd have to add that to the price. There are other nice courses in the area too, just ask the shop guys and they can direct you. Angels Crossing (on the top 20 list) is about 40 minutes away but most I have heard is that it's not any better than the South or Bedford. Across the street from the courses is a very nice lake (that I grew up on) that has great fishing if you're interested in anything other than golf for a day, also about 20 minutes from the villas is one of the best classic car museums in the country, the Gilmore Car Museum. I know my buds wouldn't want to do any of that on a golf trip but it's nice to know it's there in a pinch. From the Detroit airport they are no more than 2 hours (vs 4+hours north) and 95% of it is on I94 which is the highway the airport is actually on so it's a very simple drive, you could also fly into Grand Rapids and you would be about 30-45 minutes away. Because it's not in the 'mecca' of the Midwest (northern Mich) there will be times you have the entire course to yourself and the villas will be a big community of golfers grilling and partying in the evenings, also there is a rowdy bar that overlooks the bay of the lake directly across the street if you're looking to chase something. When I worked there we had 10-20 groups of 16+golfers coming back every single year. From a guy that has planned plenty of golf trips and played around the country I would say give GLV a strong look. I hope this helps!
  2. I also play the r7 425 and I hit the r9 on the course because my buddy bought one. I ripped it and it felt good. I didn't think it felt all that different than the r7. They were both neutral settings. The ball felt a little heavier off the face of the r9 but all in all I thought it was very similar. Why are you looking to buy a new driver? Do you not like the 425 anymore? I love it and have no intention of switching. I've hit one of the new callaway drivers, the d2 and d3, and the r9 and nothing has moved me enough to even consider a change.
  3. I mean you can come on here and debate every person that posts to this thread but there is no way you are convincing me a 7 iron with above normal stiffness flexes that much and goes under 100 yards. If it was normal I doubt you would have posted it. I don't doubt any of your facts. I just think it's optical and cameras can't remedy it.
  4. I agree. I think there are a lot of guys on tour playing very well right now and Tiger has shown just enough inconsistency that will allow for a tighter leaderboard. He could still very much win, but I don't think we're going to see a Tiger show just yet. I bet at some point this year he goes 66 68 or something like that over the weekend and that's what turns him back on. Even though Bay Hill was dramatic, he shot 71-67 (par 70) on the weekend and finished the event at -5 so it wasn't dominant. I enjoy seeing other golfers succeed, maybe it will push TV coverage their way too instead of just watching Tiger and Phil.
  5. There is no doubt shafts flex that much. But there has to be something goofy with the picture if it's just a half or 3/4 swing. Shaft flex is a byproduct of torque and speed and for a stiff shaft to bend like that on an abbreviated swing isn't right. Assuming you hit it clean I have to believe to generate that type of flex the ball would go much much further than 85 yards. I'm sure everything you say is real, I just think it's a wacky picture. I don't think the driver sequence is applicable though, that's a 45" (probably longer if it's a long drive competitor) shaft swinging probably 130mph or more. Pretty damn cool though.
  6. I grew up in Gull Lake and worked at Stonehedge. The Gull Lake View resort system has villas right on the courses at Gull Lake View which has the East and West courses, 3 miles down the road are the Stonehedge North and South courses. And Gull Lake, the lake, is literally across the street where you can rent boats. The courses are great, the entire 5 course facility is 4.5 stars Golf Digest. The 5th course is a 20 minute drive away but it's hosted the Michigan Open, among other very big events. Gull Lake View is truly a hidden gem. 2.5 hours away from Chicago. It's like $55 with cart on weekends, a complete steal for this level of golf. The South course is my favorite. Give it a look, it's worth the trip.
  7. I've seen a 65, and a number of 67's and up. 65 is pretty special, but even 70 and higher a lot of times guys don't do anything jaw dropping, they just get up and down from all over the map and make a lot of putts. But the 65 was unreal. Long putts dropping, two eagles, one from the fairway. It was the head pro at my country club that played in a few TOUR events. I have a few friends I played HS golf with that eventually played events on tour. They would consistently shoot below par, I saw one of them shoot 29 on the front, but he blew up to a 41 or something like that on the back. One very impressive round was when we were playing a new course in Michigan. First time we'd ever seen the place, my buddy shot even par 72. Wicked fast greens he wasn't used to but he hit so many greens, got up and down constantly and made 18 pars. No mistakes. Player. Oh one more interesting round, I was in the group behind him in an tourney but I guy I knew made 18 4's for a 72. Birdied all par 5's bogeyed all par 3's.
  8. Re preparing for a tournament. Dial it in. Know your distances cold. Know your weaknesses. Know your misses! IMO this is key for this game. Work on your feel. I wouldn't be concerned with too many technical thoughts for at least a week before the tourney. You need confidence, and confidence comes from committing to a shot. If your feel and touch is sharp you will be able to commit. If you aren't 100% comfortable with a new technical move you are making you will not be able to dial it in. And if you're only hitting 9 greens, I say work on your short game(Even though it sounds like a strength). Quickest way to save a stroke or three.
  9. that is beyond impressive. I hit around 7-9 out of 14 fairways but I only hit driver about half the time. If it's under 410 and/or tight I'll go with 3 iron which I put in the fairway 75% of the time. Regardless of fairway or not I hit around 10-12 greens on average but this number has been increasing as I get more playing time this year. My 100 yard game has come around slowly so I'm hitting the green about 50% of the time from there, it's the clear weakness in my game right now which is sad because I am frequently in that range on my approach shots (because I actually do hit my driver around 300). Generally if I've got a 7 iron (175ish) or shorter in my hands I feel comfortable and will hit the green 50-60% of the time. But I need to get the 100 yard game to be inside 20 feet 80% of the time or more if I want to get back down to scratch. Yesterday I had a totally unacceptable run of 3 straight bogeys ALL from the fairway inside 100 yards missing the green all three times. That stretch was the difference between my goal of 75 and a middling score of 79.
  10. 79 at Harding Park GC from the blues. It was a perfect day weather wise. I was ball striking very well but my putter was acting up. Two 3 putt greens and I missed 2 birdie putts inside 10 feet. Make'em next time.
  11. all depends on the trouble for me but all things equal I go for it. If I can't get it there then I'll start thinking about comfortable yardages but the odd time I get it close makes up for the other times I can't get it up and down for the birdie. If there is OB or water then I'll start thinking comfortable distances, if not it's fire away.
  12. ahhhh hahah, oh boy, that was a good one about the flames... and the sharks, oh the sharks, they shit the bed every year, never fails. It's time for a serious shakeup in the bay. from here in its a bit of a crap shoot for my wings but I like our chances. Nucks Hawks will be a lot of fun to watch though. I think we can all agree the NBA sucks.
  13. Driver - 280-320 3 wood - 270 5 iron - 210-220 6 iron - 195-205 7 iron - 175-185 8 iron - 160-170 9 iron - 150-155 P wedge - 140 G wedge - 130 S wedge - 120 L wedge - 105 I tend to play more by feel than keeping my irons within yardage ranges. I will take the extra club and choke down before trying to juice it and get an extra 7 yards.
  14. Cervik - Hey Wang! I hear this place is restricted. So don't tell them you're Jewish! Judge - You'll get nothing and like it!!!!! Carl - Your place got a pool? Webb - Pool and a pond. Pond be good for you. I can't think of the line but there is a line Carl says in his 'home' when Webb is there about the grass he has engineered. And of course. Just be the ball. All-time classic movie.
  15. really? that was a good series. A sweep sure but every one of those games was a tough contest and at times could've gone either way. The wings dismantled and demolished the blue jackets in 3 of the 4 games. you should definitely feel comfortable against the wings and flames. Canucks are very strong but don't let the sweep go to your head, it wasn't a dominating performance.
  16. I agree. The wings look very good. The Canucks do too but Osgood is in playoff form like he is every spring and the Wings are too balanced; if the Canucks can match the Wings first two lines then their 3rd line will step up and outplay the Canucks 3rd line. They are so deep. Sharks/Ducks and Flames/Hawks are going to be physical and long matchups so I don't see anybody coming out of those four rested and strong enough to face either the Wings or Canucks. Watch out for the Rangers out east, Lundkvist can be scary.
  17. You're the man Chi Chi, thanks for the quick response it was very helpful.
  18. How about instead of arguing and wasting space on a page each of you just say the county you believe has the best golfers and say 'I picked other' or whatever. Let's stay on topic here. I think everybody is down for a heated debate but lets make it about the topic, not about how the topic is categorized.
  19. I prefer Vokey wedges and want to replace my 52 as it is very old. Are spin milled wedges being outlawed? I play in USGA recognized events and want to be sure to conform to the new rule. Has anybody come across a definitive answer to the rule and which models it applies to? I did some looking online but couldn't find anything too straight forward. Any help is greatly appreciated. Dox
  20. Nice move asking everybody here. Too many guys depend on women for advice about their clothing. The problem is most women only know how to dress women. Definitely wear the all blacks, but as said earlier wear black ankle socks.
  21. When winning the Presidents Trophy the Wings have only been bounced by an 8 seed once. It was Edmonton and they ended up in the Stanley Cup Finals. The media went nuts every time the Wings lost before the Conference Finals so it seemed that we lost more than we did. 2000-2001 was the last time the team that beat us in the playoffs didn't advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. So even when we were getting beat it was the conference's hottest team beating us. And even though the Joe may not be selling out as regularly as it used to, that place still rocks with 80% capacity. It very much is a hockey town and Michigan is a hockey state. The northern half of the US follows hockey. If you go to bars when there is a good game on it will be playing instead of some crummy basketball game. Not true in the south, they'd watch a 1-0 baseball game in May before watching playoff hockey. That said though, nothing compares to Canada. When two Canadian teams match up in the playoffs it's insane. Blow horns every where, fights, literally insanity.
  22. This has to be between AUS, ENG, and RSA. I picked Aussies. Ogilvy, Scott, Appleby, Allenby, Baddeley and a total of 10 in the top 100. Eng would be a close second, they have 8 players in the top 100. But they have a lot of guys ranked in the top 50 RSA has 9 in the top 100 but I put them third but a bit back from AUS and ENG. RSA also has a concentration of guys in the top 50 but none in the top 15. Sweden is ok, but only two superstars right now and karlsson is fading fast. I doubt Karlsson will be in the top 15 a month from now. And unlike any of the other three I mention they have never had major championship winners. But U S and A with 37 of the top 100, go U S and A!!!!!!
  23. When san jose played detroit this year it was 2-2 and both teams defended home ice but if you look at what happened in SJ they were very tight games, in Detroit they were blowouts. To say SJ will beat the shit out of Detroit is just ignoranus. Detroit can win in SJ, not sure SJ can win in Detroit, or a number of other rinks for that matter. The pressure is on the Sharks to get out of the first and second rounds first. Watch out for the Devils in the east.
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