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  1. TN94z

    TaylorMade M2 irons

    Well, I ended up not liking the M1s. I think a big part of it was just not having confidence in the face slot any longer. I know TaylorMade had told me they hadn't had any complaints out of the M1s, but the slot is still there and it still bothered me. So I posted them for sale on Facebook, just to see if any friends wanted them first. I ended up having a guy contact me from Alabama with a brand new set of Callaway Rogue Pro Irons. He stated that he did not like Callaway and had won the irons at his club. He wanted my M1s and wanted to trade straight up. So he sent me the Rogues and I received them, checked them out, and shipped him the M1s. I never would have tried the Rogues most likely, but I knew I didn't want the M1s and this was a pretty good deal. The Rogue's were still in sealed bags and they were 5-AW. I haven't had the chance to hit these yet, but the reviews looked pretty good and the trade was a bit in my favor, so I feel like these will be better. Whether or not they will work for me, that is yet to be seen.
  2. TN94z

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    I've played in a state am qualifier before where all tees were still on the course. I think the better thing to do would be to place a specific marker on the correct tee box. It's like the Sned's tour we play in, all the markers are out at every course we go to, but Sneds has their own markers on the correct tee boxes. Easily pulled up, easily identifiable, and doesn't cause problems with public play. I am of the mindset that a high school player being told to play the blue markers, should know to look for the blue markers. If you don't see the blue marker, ask a tournament worker.
  3. TN94z

    12 HS players DQ’d from Tournament

    Our high school tournaments always have multiple sets of tees out. Most courses ( around here anyway) aren't going to pick up all of the tee markers just for the high school tournaments because they still have members or paying customers that are going to be playing immediately afterwards. The players know what tees they are supposed to play from so it shouldn't matter whether there are other markers out there or not.
  4. TN94z

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Me too. Just making sure I wasn't the only one...
  5. TN94z

    2019 Masters Lottery

    What do you guys register for as far as days and tickets? I normally put something on every day
  6. TN94z

    Anyone Else Golf with a Junior?

    My son is 16 now and plays for the high school team. He has been playing golf with me since he was probably 7 or 8. The summer programs are fun and then progress to a good teacher will get him the best chance. It kind of depends on the kid though. I've seen some kids along our way that seem to be forced into getting lessons from their parents and don't really enjoy being there. I would not go that route. For me, it was all about making it fun for him at first and then he just gradually fell in love with getting better. He has been getting lessons off and on for a while. I love the fact that we always have each other to golf with. He has his friends that he plays with and I have some buddies I play with, but most of the time, it's me and him. It's really cool to have something like to make memories with. As @DaveP043 said, it looks like you are on the right track. I hope your son reaches his goal of playing on the high school team! Jacob has a blast playing for his school!
  7. I watched it last night and it was barely entertaining at all. For the show to be called shotmakers, I didn't see that many "shots" made. I mean, Maurice was terrible with those hooks. There was only one or two guys that were actually hitting descent shots. The one girl was hitting a good driver. I probably won't watch any more. Not enough appeal. But I did enjoy going to TopGolf and playing the games with my son. It's pretty fun if you take it for what it is.
  8. TN94z

    Taylor Made P790 Irons

    Very interesting article. This is why I went with the clubs I have today...but it was from personal experience.
  9. TN94z

    My Swing (saevel25)

    I went to the range yesterday for the first time in months with the same intentions of just making some good swings and seeing where my hips were. My goodness....I don't think I have ever hit such horrible shots. Very frustrating even though I know it will get better. I didn't even hit my driver because the irons were so terrible. Very rusty for me as well
  10. That's okay. Since this happened, I have had to buy a new car and I still would rather have a new set of irons if I can fit them in. So I'm out on the Mevo for now.
  11. Very nice! I was fitted a month or so ago and Srixon were the clubs I ended up hitting the best as well. I was very surprised as Srixon never crossed my mind as a contender for my next set until I hit them. The look, the feel, etc...everything really felt great. And the price was much better as well. They have my setup information on file, but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  12. He said pre fab so I'm assuming manufactured. It's an under the seat box where the seats flip up. The amp is actually mounted where the box in this pic is mounted. It just so happens that the original guy called before lunch today telling me he was headed to the house with the box we have been waiting months on, so at least I didn't have to go buy the more expensive box. I will post a pic of it once I get home.
  13. I will once I get it. I can ask at the shop where I am buying it. I'm buying it locally. It's a prefab box for 235
  14. It's even easier than that. The head unit and door speakers have been installed. The guy couldn't finish because he brought the wrong box. Now he is avoiding us and I'm tired of it. So all that is left is installing the box in the truck and wiring the subs. I just don't know the protocol for securing the box to the truck. The subs seem like an easy install. They are only like 3 feet from the amp that is already installed as well. And thanks so much for the response.
  15. Jacob has gotten some stereo equipment installed in "my" truck because that's what he will be driving when he starts. The guy that installed most of the stuff has quit responding to us and has yet to get us the box. So, I'm tired of waiting on him and I'm going to buy my own box and finish the install. All that is left is securing the box, adding his subs to it, and connecting to the amp. Is it as simple as it seems? The box will go under the rear seat of my crew cab silverado. Anyway, just checking to see if anyone in here knew about that stuff.

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