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  1. I'll check those out. Thanks I kind of thought that placing well in those type events would actually hold more weight than high school golf from what I have seen this year. The matches mean nothing, in my opinion, because there is no scorer and MANY of the players cheat. It came out in districts and regionals who had cheated during the year though. They had scorers with each group there. Kids that were posting 40s on 9 during normal match play were posting 120s in the 18 hole district tournament and regional tournaments. Location added. Sorry about that. I will check into that as well. I know in Nashville, which isn't far, Brandt Snedeker has a junior tour that I am thinking about getting Jacob playing on next year as well. Well, the main concern is getting into college period. Golf is just going to be a bonus if he can play. Obviously, a scholarship playing golf would help tremendously. The last suggestion you made is my primary plan, but the help of a scholarship could also add more options for an even better education than some local schools. College education is the most important thing with golf being a plus. Having a career to fall back on in anything is the top priority because I'm obviously not counting on a PGA tour career or anything...haha. But scholarships could help with money, which could in turn allow him to go to an even better school and get an even better education. I'm just thinking ahead. I want to be able to give him the best opportunity that he can get at an education and a prosperous career. That is my main concern.
  2. My 14 year old just started playing high school golf this year. At our local school, they don't start until 9th grade. He has been playing off and on for years but never taken it that serious until now. He started off shooting in the 60s on 9, so I had him start working with a friend who is a teacher and he has dropped 20 strokes throughout the season. He worked his way up to #3 on the team. They made it to districts and just played regionals yesterday, but fell just a bit short of moving on. His plan is to work even harder now that season is over with a goal of getting into the 30s by next season. All of this has lead me to start thinking about college and how to get him noticed. What do you guys think are the best ways to get noticed by a collegiate golf team? What scores/accomplishments does it take for each division for example? And what are the things I should be working on, outside of technique, to help get his name out there? We have a really good college in our hometown and their coach keeps up with the local teams, so that won't be an issue. But I am thinking of the bigger names as well. Thanks
  3. Just wanted to throw an update in here. I am going to post up some videos soon as Jacob's swing has changed quite a bit. His major issues now are his driver and his hybrids. He is not getting them in the air long enough to get any distance. The other kids are smoking him on driver distance and his hybrids aren't helping either. So he is still scoring well despite these things as he hits his irons pretty good. His putting has gotten much better. And I have been teaching him different chips and pitches. But he has worked his way to top 5 on the team and was even low scorer the last match where he almost dunked it from about 80 yards out. He's getting there. Now I'm going to have to buckle down on my game before he starts beating me...haha
  4. Welcome to the site! You will really enjoy the vast amounts of knowledge here. Just have fun and stick with it. You will be just fine
  5. I agree here and that's what I did for mine. I took him to get fitted and will adjust as needed. To the OP...In my opinion though, spending the adjustment costs once a year is not that pricey considering how much everything else costs. If it keeps him in a nice set of newer technology, fitted clubs then the expense is well worth it. If your kid takes it serious that is. I know some kids on our golf team play other sports and could care less about golf being a priority.
  6. Have you ever watched Nate Diaz fight? That's how Nate fights. He is always pissed and always throws loosely. Did you watch this fight? So you are saying that Conor's strategy was to literally run around the octagon while constantly staring at the clock and be visibly tired to anyone watching the fight instead of pouncing on Diaz while he was hurt? And then carried this strategy back to his corner while he was sitting on his stool, still visibly tired...And all of this just happened to occur after Nate had made Conor work against the fence which is one of the most grueling aspects of fighting in the cage. Here is McGregor's response: Now with all of this being said, Conor got his 2nd wind and came back from this wonderfully. But at that point in the fight...he was just tired. Nate was probably 25lbs heavier. And when that 25lbs is working you up against the fence, it wears you down.
  7. That's hilarious!
  8. You are right, Conor landed a lot, but so did Diaz and Conor's face didn't look like Nate's...there is a difference. Conor ran, that was very obvious. He did not run the entire fight and it wasn't because he was scared. Conor ran because he was tired and could not engage at that point in the fight. I am a Conor fan, but I will admit to anyone that he was running....almost Kalib Starnes running at one point. But he won and that's the bottom line There was no strategy in what he was doing. You can tell (when watching the fight), Conor was spent and was too exhausted to engage when most of this happened. You can even see in between rounds that he was very tired. No strategy there....he was just tired from Diaz making him work against the cage.
  9. The Diaz brothers are known for scar tissue which leads to looking like that in most of their fights. Conor is like BJ Penn in that he rarely shows damage. It's hard to judge anything by their post fight faces. I like both guys so I was glad just to see it go the distance and that it was a good fight.
  10. I actually had Diaz winning 3 rounds to 2 but could see it going either way as well. At least we will get to see a 3rd fight. Although, it will be a while. With the broken foot and Dana saying that Conor's next fight will be to defend the belt, we won't see the 3rd fight for some time now. I actually believe Conor can win the 155 belt. DIaz is a much better fighter at 170 than 155 and Conor was dominating the first fight and did very well against the bigger fighter in the rematch. As long as Conor can keep his fights on the feet against the BJJ guys, he will be hard to match on the feet...in my opinion.
  11. It's been a while. So Jacob has been working with a friend of mine. He teaches the traditional swing, but I had no choice. He's the only teacher close. Jacob has REALLY improved lately. He started out shooting high 60s on 9 to a mid 40 yesterday. He really strikes the ball well now. His main issues at the moment are putting and hitting his hybrids. He doesn't pick up on green speed very quickly and leaves his putts to far from the hole to make the 2nd attempt consistently. He also tops his hybrids more often than not. He's coming along though. If he has a 7, 8, 9, etc...in his hands, he hits the green pretty consistently. I was very impressed yesterday. We went to a course that he has never seen (it's where they will be hosting the district tournament) and played 9. He made par on the first 3 out of 4 holes and went on to shoot a 46 which included an 8 on the last par 5 and the fact that he did not have his SW during the round which caused him to hit some shots a good distance too far.
  12. My SW is still hit or miss. I will hit some good, but it never fails that this club costs me several strokes per round. I don't know if the bad shots are mentally making me have no confidence in this club or what. But I am going to make sure and get some video the next time I am at the range so you guys can point out my issues. The rest of my clubs are okay. I have a tendency to pull shots when I don't focus on inside out. I am scoring okay considering the issues going on. I will get some videos and go from there. I've got to get my swing straightened out before my 14 year old starts beating me..HAHA
  13. Yeah, I agree with the video thing. I usually have video and I even have analyzer that I use for my swing, but I didn't have video that day unfortunately. You are correct about it sneaking into rest of the game.
  14. I believe you are correct. I was having the same issue with chips as well. It mainly started with non full shots. That's what got me thinking it was a "turn" issue and started working on that.
  15. I agree, a video would be needed to actually see what was happening at that time. And if it comes back, I will get that video. I'm not experiencing the same problems right now. And I agree (and know) that there really is one swing path. I was really exxaggerating the moves needed to come inside out compared to my previous swing. So, I'm thinking (along the lines of the idea you stated about swing change) that exxaggeration was carried over and I was coming too far inside out...if that's a thing?? I also believe that a lack of chest/hip turn was a probable cause. I really wish I could have gotten it on video, but I didn't. And this was two weeks ago, but I have just been thinking about what the issue could have been. The curiosity was the reason for this post. I knew, from reading all the 5sk stuff, and just everything on here in general, that the different swing path was incorrect. I just poorly chose my descriptive words, I guess. It was just confusing because any other club in my bag posed no problem. I could hit my GW and up just fine.