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  1. I'm just messing with you. I'll redeem myself with a better one. I feel bad about posting that one now. I just see a flop as a flop. No matter how high. I can't catch a chip or pitch, so..
  2. I will be making one with more height once I can get to the course. Can you catch it?
  3. The 6 I have for work fits pretty easy in my pocket with a life proof on it. So I assume the 7 would be the same. The SE was still available a few months ago because my coworker got one.
  4. Got it. Thanks for the reply. I will most likely go with the 7 as it is the same size as the 6 which I am okay with.
  5. Did they regret it because of size or functionality? I have been doing that as well, but it's on its last leg... I would probably continue using it until it completely let go, but my wife wants the ipad. I'm also trying to decided if that deal is worth it as well. It's 9.75", 99.00 plus 10.00 a month service.
  6. Hope this counts. I've been sick and couldn't make it to the course..so we did it in my front yard. I tried to keep it short so I didn't have to run far...haha
  7. It seems like a huge thing for professional athletes is being able to make the decision to retire themselves and not have an injury or performance rating make that decision for them. I could never pretend to understand the stress levels that come with always having to be at the top of your game constantly just to have a chance to be at the top. Even though it is a game, it is their job and there is more to life than work. Money is not an issue, so I do not blame him at all.
  8. I was in there today and picked one up to look at while my buddy was buying his son one. It's pretty big. The 7 is more along the lines of my current phone with an Otterbox on it, so I could handle that. I just wonder if it's something that I would get used to?? I guess that's more of a personal opinion. The battery life would be a major concern for me as I use it a lot while at work. The camera....it would be nice to have the portrait option for taking nice pictures of my daughter....just thinking out loud as ideas come to me... I actually have an Iphone 6 that I use everyday for work and it's not that bad, as far as size.
  9. So I have been carrying around the Iphone 5s simply because I like the size even with the lifeproof on it. But the speaker quit working and I have been talking to people via the speakerphone or text. Well, now the speakerphone has quit working. I have replaced parts on it before, but I just think it's time. That and there is a deal now where you can upgrade to a 7 and get an ipad for 99.00 and my wife would like an ipad for school. I really plan on staying with the iphone but my question is....should I go with the 7 or the larger 7 plus? I've read some good things about the plus over the 7 including the camera, 1080p, and battery life. Is the 7plus really that much better than the 7 in regards to justifying its larger footprint? I'm not happy about having such a large phone, but if the benefits outweigh the size, then I can deal with it.
  10. Well said. I look forward to following your progress!
  11. We actually used to do this as part of our little "big break" competitions we used to have after our rounds were over. I don't have my 60* that I used. I may have to borrow one to get the video...
  12. I can for sure see other ways to have better spent that money which would net him better results, in my opinion.
  13. I was actually planning on doing this at home. I was going to practice the movements with no ball and get video just to see if I can even get the correct movement down when not trying to hit the ball. I can obviously get it with slow motion swings. If I can get it with no ball, then I'll add the ball back with some 1/4 swings, 1/2 swings, etc.....
  14. Credit is only good if you use credit to obtain more debt.. I agree 100% with what you said.
  15. I didn't mean that I believed them..haha. I was just saying that is a line I have been given before...I do not like credit cards. I got in trouble with one when I was a young one and learned my lesson early.