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  1. The Time Warner merger probably won't happen until the end of 2017, if then.. They are also testing out a new option called Airgig which will utilize the power lines that are already in place. This is supposed to get high speed internet to all the rural areas that don't have access to fiber. I don't know that any "new" Uverse equipment is being installed. It's been halted in our area for quite some time
  2. Yeah, I need to talk to that kid's dad. I know him. I agree and that's actually what I am working on with him now. My plan is to go out to the course and figure out his full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 yardages with his wedges and make a sticky to put on his shafts (straight from the LSW book). Then I am going to teach him to start using these different options depending on what shot he's dealing with. His putting also needs a lot of work. The last few times I have played with him, I consistently counted 6-8 shots he lost just with putting mistakes. Putts he should have made were missed, distance control was terrible on long putts, and sometimes he just plain hit the ball in the wrong direction. He should be in the 30s with some putting work honestly. And then maybe we can get his wedges dialed in during the off season as well. I can't wait until my daughter starts playing (assuming she wants to).
  3. That's what he is focusing on now too. His grades have really improved. I also have a 1.5 year old little girl that is already swinging her plastic clubs around the house. So I may be going through all of this again in the I'll have her playing in TNJPGA a lot sooner though...if that's what she wants to do.
  4. Thanks for the reply. You are not being a debbie downer, just realistic. I am referring more towards lower level schools...schools in our area..that sort of thing. Shooting 60 on 9 holes is where he was when he first started. He now shoots low 40s consistently and I can see areas of very easy improvement that will have him in the upper 30s next season. As far as scholarships go, I am sure you are 100% correct with the level of schools that you mentioned. There is a nice University in our hometown that just awarded a senior from last year a scholarship to play golf. I foresee Jacob being better at that age than the kid that just got that scholarship. So I truly believe the opportunity is out there (maybe not on the level you are referring to), but more locally. With that being said, he is going to play more Jr tournaments outside of high school golf (which I totally agree with you on) to see where he stands and see how he grows. If it doesn't work out, it just doesn't work out. But I am going to continue to do everything I can to make it happen regardless of him being behind the 8 ball. He has been playing since he was 4. Just nothing competitive. That's one of the reasons he dropped from 60s to 40s after a 2 year layoff with minimal practice.
  5. Some of the groups I have started playing with play the next tees up from what I had normally played. I have fun and it doesn't bother me one bit. For me, it's all about having fun and moving to a different tee box just changes the course and mindset up a bit. Great job for trying the new tees!
  6. Other than golf,...lifting weights and racing karts. Racing karts takes up A LOT of time! We are about to sellout of karts though, as my wife wants to finish her RN and I plan on using the kart operation money to pay cash for her school. I am thinking of trying out 3 gun competitions next year though
  7. I don't see the issue. Like mentioned above, it was an open event, it sounds like, so he had every right to play in it.
  8. I started my step son at 4. My daughter is not even 2 yet but I have bought her a set of plastic clubs so she can just beat around the house with them. Like mentioned above, the main thing is to make it fun. Don't worry so much about how they play or anything. They just have fun being out there, playing in the sand, being with dad, etc...And most likely will lose interested and get bored within a few holes, but that's just part of it. I tried my best not to force it on my step son and made sure he just has fun. He dropped it for a bit but now plays for the high school team and is addicted. It's awesome to want to spend time with your kids like that. I see so many that could care less...
  9. I really like the Sun Mountain gear as well. The Elite series looks great. I don't know that I could justify paying that much for rain gear though. Maybe it will make my christmas list. I will be buying a new bag next year and have made my mind up to go with Sun Mountain as well. Not sure which I will choose though
  10. I would think a percentage range of loss might be a better estimate than a yardage range. But I'm thinking that most people will have the club or two in the bag that they just don't make contact with as well as others, so the yardage loss wouldn't be the same across the board.
  11. Until they are hit by the mowers...haha. That's a cool video
  12. I previously had a skycaddie (not the watch, but the handheld) and I decided to go with a range finder this time. Best decision hands down! It's nice, like mentioned above, being able to shoot different targets to get various distances. I also like the fact that I can shoot the poles at the driving ranges to know the distances for practice. They have colored poles and a plaque indicating the distances, but they change so much by moving the teeing area around that I prefer using the range finder. I originally purchased the range finder for my boy to use in his high school matches, but I love the thing. I'm not a big watch guy anyway.
  13. I see this a lot as well. I like playing different tees to change the course up a bit from time to time. I actually found that playing the back tees takes away quite a bit of hazards for me at my course. I usually don't shoot much different score wise. I would have to say that, without knowing the guy, I would have politely turned down the invite as well, if the white tees weren't an option. And I never even pay much attention to what others score unless we are playing for something. I have one friend that I play with who will improve his lie on almost every shot and seems to ALWAYS find his ball when it went 50 yards into the woods. Then he will brag about his 79 that he shot...haha. I don't even call him on that. I just let him enjoy his way of playing, and I'll enjoy mine.
  14. That's awesome!