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  1. I don't really worry about not hitting the gallon. If I don't get it in, I just don't. My main thing is to cutout the other junk I was drinking. I think I'm going to get me a 32oz bottle and try that. I have thought about that as well..
  2. It helps tremendously in my opinion. I do a lot of cardio and crossfit so the water need is there. Even when I just lifted for strength and BB, I still drank a gallon a day but back then it was brewed green tea that i drank cold. That made it a lot easier. I'm trying to make myself drink just plain water, but for some reason, I'm finding it more difficult now. I'm thinking the bottle will do the trick. I am using an 8oz glass while at work and filling it from a gallon container. I don't have ice though. It's just cold from the container in the fridge. If I had ice, I could drink the crap out of it. But for me to get ice, I would have to walk down the hall every time the ice melted. All good ideas guys! Absolutely! I don't know how that would make me feel going into my crossfit class though..haha! The ice water would for sure make it easier for me too. I just don't have ice handy where I work. I guess I could bring my water in a big cooler jug with ice in it...
  3. I think drinking coffee is what takes up time. I'll make Yeti cup full to take to work and I usually drink on it until 9 or so. It's almost lunch before I start drinking the water. Maybe I should just get a 320z bottle like @poser does and drink it that way. I have just started back working out and in the past have never had issues drinking this much. I'm sure I will get back in the habit. I have never really counted the water in protein shakes or coffee. I was always told to drink at least a gallon aside from that stuff. I'll try the bottle and see if that helps rather than using my gallon jug and a cup
  4. I am trying to lose some weight and I know that drinking around a gallon of water a day plays a big role in that process. I have trouble getting a gallon down in a day and was wondering what you guys do? I was thinking maybe a flavored mix or something to help. I normally buy the gallon jugs of drinking water and just carry it around with me. I thought about the Crystal lite mix but do not really care much for the aspartame in it. Any tips or mixes that you guys use?
  5. 2017 U.S. Amateur

    Agreed. That's about all I watched all weekend. That final match was great! Ghim was very solid and Redman was a grinder!
  6. My Swing (NatalieB)

    Agreed. But there is a school or two in the area that also have 10....that's why I worded it that way. Sorry for the off topic
  7. My Swing (NatalieB)

    The boys have 10 players. The girls team has 5-7 (I'm unsure about the girls). What happens is with home matches, all 10 players play but only top 5 scores count because some schools only have 5 players. When they have away matches, only the top 5 get to go. It's actually good this way because the top 5 players know they can't slack off or their spot may be taken by one of the non-top 5 players.
  8. My Swing (NatalieB)

    They have 10 on the team here and the top 5 count.
  9. Shot a great round today

    Wow!! That was a GREAT round! Congrats
  10. Agreed. I am trying to drive this point home with Jacob. His friends are hitting the ball a little further and I just tell him "all that matters is the number on the scorecard" and not to get caught up in the distance game. I feel the same way as well. When someone plays with us (that doesn't normally play with us) and starts talking about how far they hit it, I immediately get the impression that they don't score very well.
  11. bogey stroke from Nashville

    Welcome to the site! I am just south of Jackson, TN. We were actually in Murfreesboro this past Saturday for golf lessons.
  12. LLWS

    We never miss the LLWS. It's the purest form of sports, in my opinion.
  13. Stubbornness on Short Game vs Long Game

    It's funny how everyone is so different. For me, if I had bad contact on my tee shots (whether I had to drop, or they were just not a good swing but ended up in the fairway), I remember that more than anything else about my round. I can go out and manage to score pretty well during my round, but always have that "what if" lingering when I think about my bad shots from the tee. Recovery shots are good and do leave me with a good feeling, but I undoubtedly think "I shouldn't have had to attempt that recovery shot in the first place"...haha.
  14. I agree. That was just the easiest way to explain to the OP what I meant by the address feeling different. That's why I didn't necessarily specify the length of the putt. I understand. Every golfer is different. It's good that you figured out a system for you to be more consistent
  15. So, for a straight putt, I aim the ball straight at the hole (which would be the target in that situation) and hit it on that line. My stroke isn't a push or pull. It's hitting the ball straight on the target line that will "ideally" have the putt go in the hole, whether that's straight, right to left, or left to right. Most of the time, even when I stand over the ball, it still looks to be aimed at the target. But sometimes, it will make me feel like it is not going to have enough break. I don't trust that, which is why I use the line on the ball from behind and start my reading process over. Before I putt, the address looks the same as it did from behind for me. It seems you are bringing in too many variables and making it much more difficult. The way I worded that is very misleading. For that I apologize. When I say it looks wrong, it is still aimed toward my target and will have a good chance of going in regardless. I'm talking wrong by a feeling. 9 times out of 10 it's because i feel the break differently in my feet when I address the ball. When this happens, I will step back, read the green again, make my adjustments, and then it looks good at address. You are referring to compensating for a mismatch which would be wrong, in my opinion. I am extremely confident in my putting. It's the best part of my game. I'm not disagreeing that it works for you. That's great that you figured it out. I'm just saying that it seems it would be more difficult to have that compensation