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  1. TN94z

    3W Off the Deck?

    How far do you hit your driving iron? I have a driving iron and I used it off the deck occasionally. I have a 3w as well that I love to hit. For me, I'm no less comfortable with either club. I feel I can make just as good of contact with my 3w as I can my hybrid. If anything, I feel that I might turn the ball over too much with my hybrid more than anything. Like already mentioned, I would just take into consideration where you play and whether you really "need" to feel that gap.
  2. Agreed, They start much earlier than 16-17. And another tip is that they don't really pay attention to one day tournaments either. They are looking at the two day tournaments. I just finished going through this process with my son. We were late to the game with all of this information. We went to several college days hosted by the TGA here and they basically told us, start contacting colleges as early as possible, high school tournaments are not even looked at, and play two day tournaments that get you on the junior golf scoreboard. We were told that as soon as a kid contacts them, they immediately look at the junior golf scoreboard to see where they rank and how their tournament play has been.
  3. All clear. Yeah, time under tension has been around for a very, very long time.
  4. This sounds a lot like working negative reps (eccentric phase training) which was around a lot earlier than 1985. I have incorporated negatives into my training no matter what I'm doing. I feel it adds another dimension to the training. We even use them in Crossfit. Editing this to say that I am not trying to call you out on anything, I'm just wondering if that's what you're talking about when you say "slow movement bench pressing."
  5. That was pretty much the point I was making. You can't narrow it down to "you should or shouldn't lift" because i think every person and their recovery times are different. I was using Brooks as an example
  6. He states that it is just part of his daily workouts and that he pushes just as hard then as he does in his normal workouts. So, it's not just warming up the muscles. https://www.golf.com/travel/2018/08/12/brooks-koepka-pga-championship-lifting-workout/
  7. I think Brooks lifts right before he plays. I know one tournament he said something about benching 225 that morning.
  8. Haha! His buddy was so mad because he shot a 72 to lead scoring for the tournament but everyone was talking about the hole in one instead...😀. It was amazing to me how quickly the news got around the course. By the time Jacob got to 18 and hit his tee shot, there were coaches from other teams driving over to congratulate him.
  9. So my step son has been playing golf for a quite a while now and is in his senior year of high school. The team has been undefeated this season and has pretty much covered second place by 20 strokes on average. He played in his last district tournament last Friday. He teed up on number 17 which was a 182 yard par 3. As soon as he hit his tee shot, I told my wife "that is pure right there!" It hit the green, took one bounce, rolled about 5 feet, and dropped. Between the people following our group, the people in the group that just left the green and the people in the group right behind us, there were probably 25-30 people that witnessed it. Everyone went nuts. He was so amped up and excited that he couldn't even hit his tee shot on the next hole.He had a stretch, including the hole in one, of -4 through 3 holes. Did I mention this was the exact same course and hole that I got my first hole in one!?! It was a very special moment for me....almost brought me to tears...haha. Pay no attention to my shirt. I wore the loosest shirt in my closet because it was crazy hot...lol
  10. The fast is just what he used as a reset to get started. He didn't look as lean right after the fast as he does now. He's lost a good bit since that fast. Of course, it is much easier to do when you have someone preparing all of your meals and a trainer that you see every day..haha
  11. Nice! That sounded like a fun 9 holes. I made a putter swap this year and it made a world of difference for me. Almost makes me think I should go get a putter fitting...
  12. Here is a quick Face on from today. For some reason the DTL video was messed up. This early extension and flipping crap is about to drive me CRAZY!! I thought for sure it was gone but now it's back. And what kills me is the shots I'm hitting on the range are solid, ball first contact shots, with a tolerable dispersion. My distance has dropped a tad with the latest swing changes, but I'm not chasing distance. I still carry my 9i right at 145. Thoughts? I did just start implementing the latest changes, so maybe the early extension and flip has gotten a little better. I need to compare the two on analyzer and see. One thing I notice in this video is that my hip turn on the back swing is not nearly as much as I have been working on. I think I was so focused on the new drill that I wasn't thinking about turning my hips as much as normal.
  13. Still plugging away and I know I need some video. I am still having some issue with early extension. In my last lesson, my instructor had me start drilling a move to get my right shoulder to stop dropping so much on the downswing and have the feeling that I swing with a more level shoulder plane (not level, just the feeling). It "feels" like I am coming over the top and trapping the ball, but on video the swing looks better. What this seems to do is get me to stop the shoulder stalling at impact and get the shoulders open. Another thing he did (and this is really my main question here) is that he weakened my left hand. Now this feels crazy awkward on the back swing, BUT what I have noticed is MUCH more crisp contact, lower ball flight, and less conscious club face manipulation. I really feel like this will be a good change once the weaker grip feels normal (I come from a pretty strong grip that has me cupped at address). Will the weaker grip cause any issues down the road?
  14. I cannot argue that versus a gym cost for sure. The difference being each class is led by an instructor that they have to pay. I honestly feel like it has helped my game more so than traditional lifting did.
  15. I feel better since starting Crossfit versus the normal bodybuilding or power lifting work
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