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  1. My plan was to jump in on this next one....until my wife decided to finish nursing school....dang education...haha. So, I guess I'll wait on 2019.
  2. I have too with the same results
  3. Where did you see the pre-order? They showed in stock yesterday but wouldn't allow you to order.
  4. I checked about 4:10 and amazon said, In stock. So I proceeded to add to the cart but it kept saying cart empty. I did this multiple times with the same result. Now the page won't even load...
  5. Yeah, I'll wait it out.
  6. Sold out everywhere. Let me know if you find some...
  7. I have really been debating on buying a drone lately. I am looking at the racing drones with goggles though. I haven't bit the bullet yet, but it's just a matter of time...haha.
  8. RC Pro AM was awesome! On a side note,I am actually thinking of getting one of the racing drones like on the DRL with the goggles and what not. I talked with a friend about them yesterday. He owns an RC shop. They race them about 5 minutes from my house every weekend.
  9. I've been waiting on this myself!! I still have my old NES but it's got issues. I ordered some parts to fix it, but they did not help
  10. I have been playing the same set for about 10 or 11 years now. I am finally thinking about getting something new. I really like my current irons and will keep them but I am just getting that itch for something new. Long story short...I don't replace regularly. I do it more off feel and just that "want to."
  11. Mine will be a mix of walking (with cart) or riding. Thanks for the reply
  12. Thanks for all of the replies guys. I think I'll just stick with the stand bag as I have for years and not worry about the dividers either. I haven't used them in that past, so it's not that big of a deal. I just thought if they helped that much, then I might try them this time. For sure going with a sun mountain though. I've never had one and only read great things about them.
  13. I am 38 and it's rare that I walk, although I do want to walk more next year because my 14 year old will walk most of the time. And it will be good exercise for me. I still foresee riding more than walking. I've had a Nike bag that was good and my Ogio is the one that I am referring about the legs breaking off of it. The problem was the actual hard rubber mounting point of the legs broke on both sides. I think one broke a while back which put more stress on the other one and caused it to break later on. I have been wanting to try a Sun Mountain bag since reading reviews though. What do you guys think about the 14 way divider versus the non 14? Is it worth the additional weight to have the separation?