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  1. Joining in to hear those responses as well..I have considered buying one but I am currently trying to justify the expense.
  2. TaylorMade M2 irons

    @Vinny Cap Honestly, I have not. The reason being that I have never really went out looking for another set of irons to buy. I have been very happy with my MP32s. The only reason I got onto this Taylormade kick was I threw in 20.00 on a raffle and won the initial set. I'll give the M1s a chance. I only have 20.00 in them and Taylormade is more than happy to resolve the issue so I have no concerns there. I'll probably always hang on to the Mizunos. They are so old now that, in my mind, I wouldn't get enough out of them to justify selling them. If I were to go out and buy a set, I would prefer Mizunos but it would come down to whatever I hit best via a fitting.
  3. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    That was a sweet shot from the green!
  4. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    I think he just has a lot of adrenaline pumping in this tournament. I think that is helping his driver but is hurting the finesse shots.
  5. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    He is hammering that driver!
  6. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Nice!! What a second shot!
  7. TaylorMade M2 irons

    So I have put a few rounds on the replacement 5i that I received and now this one has the same face slot issue. And honestly, during those 5 rounds, I don't even use the 5i that many times...2 times a round. So I call Taylormade and explain the situation again and they had my case on file. After talking with them, they are going to send me a new set of TM M1 irons (which I will probably like better to be honest) and I have been assured that the M1 irons have not had the same issues as the M2 because the face is thicker. We will see. I really do like playing the M2s even though they are GI irons. The distance is just ridiculous and they had a good crisp sound. I'll update the post once I try the M1 irons. Minus the issue with the face slot that one may or may not have, I would recommend these irons as a good GI choice. I have been more than pleased with their performance.
  8. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Tiger wasn't the only one having that issue with the lies yesterday though. I don't think it was a nerves issue as much as the bounce of the club just not getting a chance to work. I thought his drives looked great overall. He had a couple of off line drives but nowhere near as bad as I somewhat expected them to be. I agree...I thought he had a very nice round considering the situation
  9. Anyone play a driving iron?

    My last fitting session, they suggested a driving iron for me instead of hybrids. When I was testing it at the range, it felt great! I hit it long and straight. With that being said, I am used to hitting a MP32 3i, so it was actually much easier for me to hit than my 3i. I am thinking heavily on putting one in the bag. At my course, a lot of the holes are somewhat short off the tee. I would greatly benefit from the accuracy off the tee over my driver and have the distance advantage over my 3i.
  10. Good deal. That was a question I had about the stickers. It almost sounded like the stickers had to be used every time, which would be eaten up during a range session. I'm very interested. I'll check in on it once you are a reseller...
  11. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Understandable on non comp days. It’s hard for me to believe someone had abs showing at 17%, but I guess maybe they had crazy good genetics or something. The guys I’m referring to were using bodpod and hydrostatic. Either way, I’ve taken it a bit off topic..sorry
  12. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Those bodybuilders can't be winning much then. Most bodybuilder shows I have been to and had friends in, you're going to have to be around the 3-5% range to do any good, unless you are in Men's physique. I know several guys that are jacked and walk around daily at 7-8%. You really don't even start seeing abs until around 12%, so just think about all of the guys you see with abs.
  13. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Yeah, but you can't take power lifters as an example though because power lifters could care less about flexibility. Being tight actually helps them lift more weight. I know guys that can squat 500 and their thighs are no where near that big, but they still aren't that flexible. And on the other hand, I know some "built" guys that are very flexible with no range of motion issues. I believe that having a lot of lean muscle mass can greatly benefit a golfer. But being "built" and "big" are not necessarily going to be beneficial.
  14. I have always heard people I play around saying "you have to get good at 100 yards and in to be a good player." I have heard that for years and that's where their main focus has always been. It never dawns on them that getting their long game squared away will increase those up and down percentages. It goes right in line with the Putt for dough statement. It's like those things have been burned into their thought process and there is no changing it. And I also see people get so mad about missing a 20' putt when it runs rights by the hole. I'll just ask them, "what do you think your make percentage should be from that range?" Many of them think they should be making those all of the time. I think it's just big misconceptions on their part. It's just what they have been taught along the way.
  15. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I’ll wait until I play the back tees again.

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