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  1. Very true. I could get the college discount as well with my wife in school. I haven't checked into that portion but do you have to buy from Apple to get the student discount? The plan is to pick one up during our tax free weekend at the end of this month.
  2. I had the absolute best day of driving that I have had in many years last week! I was literally hitting a baby draw exactly where I was aimed all day. Hopefully, these changes I am working on are going to stick around. My wedges were off this same day or I would have shot around 75. I ended up with an 82. I could not hit a green from anywhere inside 120. Feeling good and ready to see how much further along I'll be in a few more months. I'll try my best to get some video up just to see how that picture is looking.
  3. Thanks. I think I am going to invest in some for me and my son
  4. Yeah, I live in TN and there is for sure a difference. I've actually been talking to a guy about these. He wears them religiously and I just assumed it was to keep the sun off. Do they actually sell them as "cooling" sleeves and if so, what brands do you suggest?
  5. The club is where I posted the thread
  6. With my wife starting back to school, me starting back to school in the fall, and I am starting a new side job, I will be in need of a new laptop. I obviously want another Macbook, but wanted to know where to draw the line on the Air and step into a Pro. I have had a Pro in the past and really liked it but they are pricey. I like the price of the Air and the size/weight. But I also like the touch bar and the doubled storage of the Pro. Battery life looks to be a bit better on the Air versus the Pro with touch bar. What pushes you to the Pro over the Air? Photo/video editing? Resolution??
  7. Add me to the list of rejection.
  8. Yeah, that was a great finish!
  9. Me too and I have a coworker that has been selected multiple times...
  10. Making some good progress. And I am glad to finally say that my early extension happens way less than it did. I think I am finally close to getting it out of my swing. I am also hitting much more consistent drives. My driver has really been giving me fits the last year. I think a few more weeks of working on the latest drills and I will have that much more consistent. The good thing about the driver work is that the swing feels like 50% effort compared to what I was "feeling." But I get it much more on the center of the club face and the ball still goes as far if not further. The ball just seems to carry forever. I am really excited about what I am seeing. i still have a ways to go to have these changes down, but they are already helping tremendously on the course. I played 9 yesterday and after the first 4-5 holes, I really had expectations of being under par on the front...it didn't end up that way, but it's the first time in years I have felt like it was really going to happen.
  11. I found a pair of Oakley Flak 2.0 on clearance during Vacation for 130.00. I bought my son a pair of oakley's because he has been wanting some forever, and that got me an additional 50% off mine, which made them 65.00. I bought them with the normal polarized lenses but they had another deal going on where I got 30% off lenses so I bought the golf prizm lenses as well. I went this route because I needed regular sunglasses more than anything and the prizm lenses were not nearly as good as the normal lenses for driving and what not. I highly recommend the Oakley Prizm lenses for golfing. They are just as advertised.
  12. I have made some good progress on my impact position. Here are some still photos of before and after on my impact positions. I am feeling crazy excited about changing my impact position picture and getting rid of that horrible flip and early extension
  13. Probably so because didn't Brandel mention Brooks making him eat his words or something like that?
  14. We will see...lol. I like my picks but Bryson is going to have to step it up..
  15. Started working on forearm rotation and weight transfer stuff last week with left arm not so stiff and WOW! No more fades and borderline slices (when I get these things close to right). I'm going back to what "feels" like a half swing on the back swing (A3.5), that puts me more like right above 3/4 on video and my distance is the same as before. Also, I get a more penetrating ball flight over my high flight from before. And a biggie is now I have ball first contact with a divot afterwards. I still don't have these changes down or anything, but that's what typically goes on when I get the changes pretty close. I feel like I am for sure on the right track here. I figured out another "feel" today for the timing of the weight transfer as well. It's really opening my eyes up to what I have been doing wrong. I am as excited now as I have ever been about working on my swing!
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