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  1. The Diaz brothers are known for scar tissue which leads to looking like that in most of their fights. Conor is like BJ Penn in that he rarely shows damage. It's hard to judge anything by their post fight faces. I like both guys so I was glad just to see it go the distance and that it was a good fight.
  2. I actually had Diaz winning 3 rounds to 2 but could see it going either way as well. At least we will get to see a 3rd fight. Although, it will be a while. With the broken foot and Dana saying that Conor's next fight will be to defend the belt, we won't see the 3rd fight for some time now. I actually believe Conor can win the 155 belt. DIaz is a much better fighter at 170 than 155 and Conor was dominating the first fight and did very well against the bigger fighter in the rematch. As long as Conor can keep his fights on the feet against the BJJ guys, he will be hard to match on the my opinion.
  3. It's been a while. So Jacob has been working with a friend of mine. He teaches the traditional swing, but I had no choice. He's the only teacher close. Jacob has REALLY improved lately. He started out shooting high 60s on 9 to a mid 40 yesterday. He really strikes the ball well now. His main issues at the moment are putting and hitting his hybrids. He doesn't pick up on green speed very quickly and leaves his putts to far from the hole to make the 2nd attempt consistently. He also tops his hybrids more often than not. He's coming along though. If he has a 7, 8, 9, his hands, he hits the green pretty consistently. I was very impressed yesterday. We went to a course that he has never seen (it's where they will be hosting the district tournament) and played 9. He made par on the first 3 out of 4 holes and went on to shoot a 46 which included an 8 on the last par 5 and the fact that he did not have his SW during the round which caused him to hit some shots a good distance too far.
  4. My SW is still hit or miss. I will hit some good, but it never fails that this club costs me several strokes per round. I don't know if the bad shots are mentally making me have no confidence in this club or what. But I am going to make sure and get some video the next time I am at the range so you guys can point out my issues. The rest of my clubs are okay. I have a tendency to pull shots when I don't focus on inside out. I am scoring okay considering the issues going on. I will get some videos and go from there. I've got to get my swing straightened out before my 14 year old starts beating me..HAHA
  5. Yeah, I agree with the video thing. I usually have video and I even have analyzer that I use for my swing, but I didn't have video that day unfortunately. You are correct about it sneaking into rest of the game.
  6. I believe you are correct. I was having the same issue with chips as well. It mainly started with non full shots. That's what got me thinking it was a "turn" issue and started working on that.
  7. I agree, a video would be needed to actually see what was happening at that time. And if it comes back, I will get that video. I'm not experiencing the same problems right now. And I agree (and know) that there really is one swing path. I was really exxaggerating the moves needed to come inside out compared to my previous swing. So, I'm thinking (along the lines of the idea you stated about swing change) that exxaggeration was carried over and I was coming too far inside out...if that's a thing?? I also believe that a lack of chest/hip turn was a probable cause. I really wish I could have gotten it on video, but I didn't. And this was two weeks ago, but I have just been thinking about what the issue could have been. The curiosity was the reason for this post. I knew, from reading all the 5sk stuff, and just everything on here in general, that the different swing path was incorrect. I just poorly chose my descriptive words, I guess. It was just confusing because any other club in my bag posed no problem. I could hit my GW and up just fine.
  8. I know this is old, but is there any rule that says you can't use these labels during tournament play? It would be a good idea for my 14 year old.
  9. I have always battled an over the top move. I have worked hard on coming from the inside out lately. While I was at the range a few weeks ago, I started hitting hosel rockets with my SW only. I figured this was a result of coming too much from the inside out with this club. So I worked on changing my swing path with this club only and started hitting it very well on the range. I also made sure I had plenty of chest turn as well. But this leads me to the question of what is the correct swing path for the SW? Was I correct in thinking that too much inside out with the SW was the cause of my errant shots? I did search for this topic on here a couple of weeks ago but did not find anything...could have been the syntax I was using.
  10. I'm not a teaching pro either, but I have a friend that is. I see him work with guys and then when he leaves, I watch them practice at the range. It seems that some will work on their assigned drills, but if they don't hit the ball good while doing the changes, they seem to go back to their old swing just to see the ball going as normal. I think many give up too quickly because they don't want to spend the time on the drills.They want immediate swing fixes.
  11. The job and the work was great. I really love doing that kind of work. But the management and just the way they did business in general, I did not agree with at all. But my old job, which is what I am doing again now, is the same type of work. The difference is we are dedicated to one specific customer. We only work orders and tickets for that customer. It's great work too. The pay isn't as much but there is no travel and we are pretty much are own boss, to a certain extent. I gave it a shot and it didn't work out. I'm just lucky I had my old job to fall back on.
  12. I guess you would call it a support engineer. Basically installation or migration to new voice over IP phone systems (Cisco).
  13. Me either. It's been mainly polos and shorts. But I did get one nice pullover. In their advertisements, I've been seeing a lot of shoes posted lately. Hopefully that is a sign that some shoes are coming.
  14. I'm not sure either. I just always assumed that when you were salary, you were agreeing to work whenever they needed you. They were supposed to give us "flex time" for the days we spent working on the weekends, for example. But that was at our manager's discretion and seemed to only apply if we were out of town or traveling home. I rarely received the flex time for all the work I did while at home. Either way, it was not working out aside from the time spent working.