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  1. Here are two videos from today. I wanted to post the latest swings to get more advice on what our next step should be.
  2. We joined a new country club and I haven't had much chance to hit the range lately, but we have been playing a few rounds (mostly 9 holes for me after work). I met Jacob out there today and had the BEST 9 hole round I have had in years!!! We played the back 9. I missed 4 birdie putts inside 8 feet (I attribute half of these to the greens being punched and throwing my ball off line). I get to 18 and all I had to do was hit my 2nd shot into the par 5 anywhere around the green or on it (distance-wise, I should have easily been on) and get up and down or 2 putt for a birdie which would have put me at 35. I ended up flying the green (somehow) and getting stuck behind a tree. I hit a very crisp pitch but it got a tad high and hit a limb and dropped. Long story short, I ended up with a bogie to put me at 37. I was SO frustrated with that. So then we made the turn to get in a few more holes. I had a birdie putt one 1 but it was outside 12 feet, so no expectation from me to make it. I hit a perfect 2nd shot on the number 2 par 5 that hit the green, bounced twice, and then was nowhere to be found. But I got up and down for par after dropping. I proceeded to lip out a 3-4ft birdie on 3 and then had par on 4. So I ended up 1 over through 13 holes. It was great. The highlight of the day was getting up and down on a par 3 from the treeline. I pulled my 5 iron pretty bad to the left and hit a perfect pitch that hit and stopped about 6-7ft from the pin. I actually made that put. It was great. It could have been a record breaking round for me had I dropped some putts. Anyway, I said all of this to give some credit to Evolvr. I haven't been working on the changes too long but I feel like there are already improving my ball striking.
  3. I think if you would take the time to vlog your next round and post that up showing just how well you score with this swing and actually showing it during a round, it would add more validity to what you are trying to accomplish. I'm not bashing because to each their own when it comes to what swing you want to play with. I'm just saying that if you add this vlog, it will add so much more substance to the message.
  4. That was the first thing I saw from the video. Even with the camera position, you can see where he's lined up and that it's an obvious pull. I'm still curious about this "right to left" shot that was stated with that swing.
  5. I am thinking of getting into 3 gun next year. Still debating on whether I'll truly have the time to devote to it. I have a glock 34, Mossberg JM Pro, and a DPMS AR but still lack the shot shell holders and what not.
  6. Facebook screenshot
  7. I just watched the video again and I really don't think he drove on the green. He is really close to the mow lines in the fairway and when the camera pans to the right very quickly, it looks to me like the green is further behind him.
  8. My initial thought when I saw this video first, was that I could have sworn that he was not on the green. I haven't had time to watch it closely, but I just seem to remember there being some defining line in the video where the green seemed to have started and his cart was not beyond that line. I'll have to go back when I have time and find what I'm thinking of. In reading this whole topic, I kept thinking, "What if my memory is correct and all of these replies are hammering a guy that actually did nothing wrong?"
  9. I think at the same time most people that see this realize it is Trump and realize they cannot do everything that Trump does. If I'm at my local course and I see the course Pro drive his cart across the green there, I am not going to drive my cart across it just because he did. I just don't think that people are going to see Trump do this and immediately start doing it themselves. I see people all of the time taking huge divots on practice swings and never filling those divots before they leave, but no one I play with has started doing it because they see these people do it.
  10. Not to mention that on a lot of courses, these sprayers are leaking oil, diesel, etc....all over the green as they are spraying.
  11. These things happen pretty often. I can remember MANY times when the owner of a business does things that he requires the employees not do. It's pretty common place.
  12. How many members are on this forum compared to how many people in the world play golf? Many casual golfers do not care to seek out a forum like this that is geared towards really improving your game and getting better. A huge percentage of golfers just like to play golf, period and don't care "as much" about getting to a certain level of play. This forum is a place where the smaller percentage of golfers that have goals of getting to a certain level come and learn and get tips. I have directed many friends to the site but they do not sign up because they just love playing no matter what they shoot. To them, it's not as important to break 80. So saying you have found "golf nirvana here" is not really an accurate statement to make in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Exactly. I cannot count how many times I have seen golfers get mad at missing a putt and spin their feet on the green only to tear it up. I would rather see the push carts and even golf carts on the greens than some of the things I have seen happen to the greens from stupidity
  14. Out of curiosity, what part of TN are you from JoeB?