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  1. TN94z

    Sean Foley on "Living in the Moment"

    I like that idea. It's basically the same idea that Ben Bergeron has been using for years in coaching his athletes as well...only worry about what you can control
  2. Very true. I was just giving him the benefit of the doubt. Me personally, I'm using a cart before I walk, no questions asked. But I already have a cart. The only reason I would walk is to lose weight, and pushing a cart would get me the same results there, so it's a no-brainer for me.
  3. He mentioned not being in a position to buy a new bag so maybe he does not have a cart and cannot justify buying one right now.
  4. The reason I say that is I have knee trouble (from meniscus surgery years ago) and keeping the quads, hamstrings, and calves strong seems to help the knee pain.
  5. It looks like you just need to add more variety to your routine. Not knowing what you're doing with the KBs, it doesn't seem like you are doing much to work the legs. Need to add in some squats, maybe some box jumps or step ups, weighted carry is good as you mention, etc...It just seems like other than actually carrying your bag, you are getting in enough of the right exercising. I find that having good aerobic capacity will help a ton...not just strength itself. Rucking is a great form of exercise for sure. And of course, a good way to get at something is to do it. Yeah, your rounds suck now because you are getting worn out, but if you continue to carry the bag, your body will adapt and it will get easier and easier. Maybe you just aren't giving it enough time but I assume the question is just for off season?
  6. TN94z

    My Swing (TN94z)

    Worked on the 2nd night of the superspeed protocol. It went good. Left handed swing felt a little better. My body just does not want to turn left handed...lol. It doesn't look like the rain is ever going to stop so I will be getting my net out at some point this week and getting some video to show what I am currently experiencing and get some advice on what part I need to make the priority piece. I pretty much know what it will be (hips stalling on the downswing), but want to make sure that's what needs to be my priority. Good news is that Jacob was one of two guys on his high school team that was pulled out of class yesterday and chosen by a local D1 college to attend a seminar they are hosting talking to them about college golf. There were only 12 golfers in our area invited because the college wanted it to be more one on one with each golfer. So we will be going to that in a couple of weeks.
  7. TN94z

    Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    I have heard that. Everyone says it's nonstop action. I have a friend that is constantly selling tickets. He has season tickets but cannot make every game. I may have to take him up on some of them
  8. TN94z

    Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    College football for sure. And unfortunately, UT is my number 1 team. I have been a Michigan fan since I was a kid too, but UT would be #1. I need to get into Hockey. Nashville has a great team and I'm always invited to go but have never really watched it.
  9. TN94z


    I played Mizunos for probably 15 years and never once thought of switching. Through a raffle win and some trading I ended up with a set of Rogue Pros irons. Since I didn't have any money in them, I played a few rounds with them. I love the new irons. I don't care if they are GI or not. They fit my eye, give good feedback, and have better distance. For me, my main goal is to shoot the lowest scores I can possibly shoot. If it takes a GI iron to make that happen, so be it. My thoughts on it are this...I'm positive that not every shot I hit is going to be perfectly centered in the middle of the clubface, so why not have a GI iron to help with the mishits? I still have my Mizunos, so I can switch back at any time, but right now, I'm gaming the GI set. Honestly, I have experienced just as much sting from GI irons as I did my Mizunos.
  10. TN94z

    14-Year-Old Golfer - Hole In One (taped from the green)

    That's GREAT! What an experience to share!
  11. I bought a Rogue sub zero late last year based off fitting results. BY FAR my favorite driver I have ever owned.
  12. TN94z

    Unusual Putting Technique

    This was my first question. I do not see how you could get much distance at all doing this. Not to mention, it seems like it would be very inconsistent in doing so. I would be lying if I said I did not fall into this category. I'm glad no one was around when I was doing it...haha. I also think video is needed here.
  13. TN94z

    My Swing (TN94z)

    Started the super speed training tonight. I got a new baseline after I warmed up and it was 115. Jacob got 116. So we went through the first protocol and brought the radar back out for the last 3 swings. New speed readings were 127 for me and Jacob stayed at 116. It seems like it’s going to be some great training. It was a little more tiring than I thought it would be. I think we had more fun laughing at each other’s weak side swings more than anything...haha. Pretty excited to see the results after a few weeks. Still waiting on the super wet conditions to get out of here so I can hit the range for some videos. I’m really anxious to get started on my swing changes.
  14. TN94z

    Website Hosting and Design

    Very true. He is a good friend and has helped me in the past. He also charged me for the work he did, albeit at a discount...lol. I'll ask for the website fees back and maybe a couple hundred in return.

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