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  1. No. The lower body being in this position stops my trail leg from locking out, my lead leg from sliding towards my trail leg, and my arm swing from being too long which gets to a point that the lead arm collapses. It also limits the amount of hip turn I can have. I was trying too hard to get a lot of hip turn at the expense of swing path. I have always tried to shorten my swing by "thinking" about a shorter swing but it just never worked consistently. My shoulders may have been a little greater than 90. My teacher told me that I was exaggerating the hip turn in my back swing too much. I never really realized how far I was trying to turn my hips until we put the alignment rod in my belt loops. The arms are moving the same as before. My full swing point is just much earlier than it was before. For me, this has led to less manipulation and having a huge "timing" factor in my swing. I feel in much more control of the swing now. I may not be explaining this the best.. I feel like I am working more into my trail knee than around it. Kinda like it is now using the ground for power instead of me trying to " arm swing" faster for power...if that makes any sense.
  2. It was basically feeling like I was driving my right leg (right handed) into the ground on my back swing and keeping some flex instead of extending it to almost lockout like I was previously doing. This physically limits me to a shorter back swing. I am just not flexible enough to have this move and swing any further. But "for me" this is perfect because it allows my shaft/club face/arm positioning to get in a much better position. The other feel that I do not think about, but it happens naturally, is that it almost feels like my legs move apart rather than my lead knee moving towards the trail leg in my back swing. My first fear was that the shorter back swing would hurt my distance but the better contact that I am making now easily matches the distance with a much better ball flight. This lower body change also makes hitting the correct swing path easier to achieve with less manipulation so it will make the other changes that need to happen in my swing much easier to reach. Obviously, this is what has been working for me and the problem I was having in my swing. I am a big feel player so it is hard for me to make a swing change if I cannot find a specific feeling that I can recognize that puts me into the right position.
  3. It is funny that this post came up during this time. In my last lesson, we worked on shortening my swing. We had tired this prior to last week because I felt as though it was too long and the way I was getting there is what brought my troubles into the picture. We finally figured out a feel that shortens it quite a bit and gets me in much better positions without having to "think" shorten your swing.. The results were, better positions, MUCH better contact, MUCH more control, and the same (if not longer) distance with a more penetrating ball flight. One of the best changes that has happened in my swing.
  4. Titleist wedge...50*. Wanted the blacked out version but price changed my mind.
  5. In-swing thoughts for the most part. If I am playing and it starts to go bad, I typically revert back to a swing thought that had me hitting okay, which is where we started working from. But lately, even that thought cannot get me off the tee box. I think, even though I try to narrow it down to the thought I can play with, i still try and do the new things at the same time and they work against each other
  6. Nope. He was very close. It works great and really cheap, comparatively speaking.
  7. This is actually a text message I sent him this morning prior to making the post here. So I have that part covered. I don't mind putting the work in for sure. Working on drills is actually what I call "my time" where no one is bothering me and it's peaceful. I really think it is having too many things to work on. Not necessarily in one lesson, but not having "mastered" one before moving to the other has added up, so I think you hit the nail on the head there. And I have been around here for a while, so that is something that I know but I guess getting caught up in the changes, I seem to overlook. I understand priority pieces and know the process, but it is kind of a weird feeling. It is like a, this has hit me all at once and I didn't see it coming, kind of feeling....if that makes sense. And now that it has hit me, it's a bit overwhelming.
  8. So, I have been consistently working on my swing with my instructor and I SWEAR I am going to get some videos. Most of my range sessions are at lunch during work and I just don't feel like I have time to get the camera setup and be able to work on my drills with the limited time. But I am going to change my practice sessions to after work to incorporate that so I will have videos not only to post here for critique but also for me to see what I am actually doing. Here is a little back story. We have made several changes over the course of my lessons and we have tried several different feels along the way to try and get in the correct positions. Normally, within the allotted lesson time, I do very well making the changes and hit the ball very well. Then I wouldn't see my teacher for another 3-4 weeks and by then I seem to have fallen back (not to mention I have not had much time lately to actually get on the course and play). It seems like a vicious circle. So what I am about to do is change to weekly lessons to make sure I don't fall backwards. All of that leads to my current problem. I am in my head WAY too much! I feel like I have so many swing thoughts going through my head right now that I cannot swing freely and I am all out of sync. But I cannot seem to clear my mind. I have talked with my teacher about this and we are going to talk about everything at my next lesson, but it is killing my game. I played a member guest yesterday at a local country club and it was terrible. Embarrassing actually, compared to where I know I can play. My partner said "it looks like you are just trying too hard to hit positions instead of swinging and playing golf. It's like you are in your head too much." I told him that I 100% agree but I don't know how to stop that at this point. I have never had this issue and I don't know if it's because we have made so many feel changes or what but I am clueless on how to get out of my head. Any advice on that issue @iacas @boogielicious @DaveP043 @saevel25 @mvmac It feels like it is completely wrecking my game..
  9. I made my own and it works great. I love it along with foam rolling
  10. Nope. But does the amount of people that can hear it really make it any better? But I get what you are saying.
  11. I voted no. I would be hypocritical if I voted yes.
  12. I can agree with that. I just feel like it is more forced with Bryson. Finau looks more relaxed and in control. I just brought up the numbers because Bryson getting over 200 was all the talk not long ago.
  13. I think I remember reading when Finau went with a full swing, his ball speed was 206. Bryson is around 203 maybe??
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