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  1. Day 4 complete. Man!!! Between the trail elbow angle at the top yesterday and when to do palmar flexion today, my eyes have been opened to what I have been doing. I’ve been going about in-line impact wrong. And now a few things that my teacher has been trying to relay make sense...he has just been explaining it a bit differently. Day 4 and I’ve already had two wow moments (maybe I knew the elbow angle before but just realized my angle was off again). I cannot wait to finish out these sessions.
  2. Day 3 complete. Whew!! That got my obliques sore..haha
  3. No, I did it last night and updated the thread at work today. I'm on schedule. I think the internet connection at my house is following shelter at home protocol because it is nowhere to be seen lately. I just wait and do my posts the next day at work...I have an online class that I am lucky to be able to do each night. Most of the time, I have to do it on my lunch break at work as well. I have loved everything about the videos so far. They don't flood you with information. Simple to follow drills too.
  4. Day 2 complete. Still have to make time to setup my recording stuff. Really needed it yesterday for this one to make sure my angles weren't getting off. If I get my camera setup over the weekend, can I run through a time lapse of each day and load the videos for the first few?
  5. My 2020 ultimate golf goal is to get my handicap to a solid sub 5. The plan to accomplish this will be as follows: -Work with my teacher twice a month, give or take. The number of times will be determined by how well I am demonstrating the things he has me working on. -Lose weight/eat healthy/workout. This will include cleaning up my terrible diet, working out 4 times per week, and increasing my overall health, mobility, and cardio. -Put the work in on my putting and short game. My wedges have become very inconsistent and I never work on my putting. It has always been pretty consistent, but has really been consistently barely missing some needed putts lately. I just need to work on making more putts. -I plan on keeping up with some stats more this year. I kinda feel my way around what needs to be worked on from round to round, but I want some numbers to see what is actually lacking. -Re-read lowest score wins to help with the stats. -And last not but least, to get all of this done, I am going to dedicate more time to golf. I have had so much going on the last few years, that I have allowed my time for golf to slip away from me. Since joining my local club again, I really want to become one of the top players out there. It won't be an easy task but I'd like to be competitive in the club championship. -Once I get some data via numbers for a big part of the year, I'll narrow those goals down to very specific numbers. That may be next year though.
  6. Day 1 complete. I didn't get a chance to film. I've got to get my filming setup back out and try to get some of these filmed. Love it though. Such simple explanation compared to some I have heard. Very much looking forward to this series.Thanks!
  7. I'm for sure in! I am hitting the ball worse than I ever have at the moment..haha
  8. Golf has been slightly changed here. Mainly just the clubhouses being closed. For instance, my club is not open for non members but members can still play. The clubhouse will be closed, but they will bring out any orders that you make to your cart and charges will be added to your account so no money has to change hands. Driving ranges are still open at most courses but you have to get the tokens from inside. These clubhouses are allowing 1 person inside at a time to get tokens in that case.
  9. It's so funny how many differing opinions are coming out of the medical community on this virus. Some are like you describe above. Others say that it would not be nearly as bad if the media and government weren't bringing in panic.
  10. I have not kept up with it the last day, but I had heard 100k. My other question is, how is it possible to look at everyone's returns and cut a check to those qualified within the allotted time the President wants the checks sent out? I foresee checks being sent out regardless of the cutoff if they stick to the dates. I mean, the IRS already has issues getting checks cut within a 2-3 week time frame on just the people that have filed within a given time during a normal tax season. Now they have to look at everyone's at the same time...it just doesn't seem feasible to me.
  11. Me too. I have heard that what surface matters. For example, 3-5 hours on fabric and up to a few days on metal So they were allowing younger people to shop during the designated senior window? That seems like the problem. When I first heard of stores doing this, I thought it was a great idea as long as it was confined to the elderly.
  12. My understanding was there would be a cutoff line based on income. Below the cutoff, you get a check. Above it, you do not. They cannot base if off of returns and get anywhere with it. If I get a check it will just go into savings.
  13. This is what I have always done as well. I find that if I try to use a distant target only, I end up not aiming anywhere near where I think I am aligned.
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