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  1. Nice! Some good picks there.
  2. Got some feedback from my latest video uploads and I am EXCITED about the things I'm working on this time!! I ran through them in my office today and I can tell already that the feel I am going to get from these drills will be picture changing. I don't know if what Stephan said just clicked in my head or what, but I am excited. One of the issues I knew in the back of my mind was going on...I just didn't know the proper way to stop it. Now I am going to run through these drills for a week or two and then I'll post some video here as well, because I have no doubts that there will be a picture change
  3. I agree. Everyone can take these tips to heart. Jacob will be reading these momentarily! Especially the tournament play piece
  4. Finally had a dry day to hit some balls on the range yesterday. Small bucket because it was crazy windy. Overall, not impressed at all. The only good thing is that I was only concentrating on my first two pieces from the instructor. Takeaway and a more rounded back. Other than that, it was straight pulls or pull fades in which the wind helped the fades REALLY fade! Distance was terrible, which the wind had some to do with that. Contact wasn't good. Had more mud slap me in the face from fat shots than anything. The best news is...I know it's a work in progress and will get better.
  5. TN94z

    2019 Newport Cup

    If I don't start getting my swing in order, I fear I may not qualify. It is in shambles right now...
  6. I swear, we cannot catch a break on this weather. It hasn't been dry enough for the range in months, it seems. The one day that it was actually open, I have to work. I'm hoping this rain goes away for a bit so I can get some work done. I mean, I am making practice swings in my living room when I can but I need to see some ball flight and have a ball sitting down there to hit to see if the picture changes when hitting balls. I think I am going to invest in a simulator for these situations...
  7. What a great swing! She is such a good player
  8. Yeah,my best day personally was hitting my one and only hole in one. It's hard to beat that, but watching my son play well in his tournaments comes in a very close 2nd. I really enjoy seeing the looks on his face when he plays well.
  9. My first thoughts were that it was much faster loading and I agree with @Club Rat, something does look different about the site...from my pc anyway.
  10. If I were a single man, I'd take the bet. But having a family that depends on me...I'll pass. 5 million would be life changing for sure but so would 5 years in prison when I am living comfortably as is.
  11. Every bit of it! WOW!! That is a super nice setup.
  12. Being a bore may not necessarily be a bad thing for a Captain. I think he will do well. I like Stricker but agree he is not as exciting to watch as others.
  13. That's actually why I like using them. Very little swing (putting swing) and it can get good distance. Obviously, I have practiced and have a good idea on distances, but that's the main reason I like the shot. I do use my wedge as well but not as confident with it.
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