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  1. TN94z

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Let me straighten this out...maybe I shouldn't have used the term "maintenance" in the 6000 calories example. I will admit that this was most likely in the muscle building phase. But my point is, just because you get leaner, it doesn't mean that you necessarily need less calories to maintain. And these guys' maintenance level did increase after leaning out. That was my bad by saying "maintenance." And I was also just stating that the example was not taking into consideration many factors. It's not that cut and dry
  2. TN94z

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Not body builders, no. They strength train. Got with the trainer because they were over weight. Worked with him for a couple of years, got lean, and now they have to eat more calories to maintain. The thing with strength training and working out for 3 hours a day versus actually working out for 3 hours is two totally different things. When an average body builder or strength athlete goes in the gym and spends 3 hours in there, they aren't working out physically for 3 hours.for your average guys that is, not your high level athletes. 7-8 is very lean...probably about the max that I've heard of people being able to walk around at and be healthy. The body building shows physique is not healthy at all. These particular guys I know will lose weight without maintaining their current caloric intake. Most of these guys are in and out of the gym in 2 hours or so from memory. I know when I worked with the same trainer on the same type program, I could finish in 45 minutes -1 hour but I wasn't eating that much. I agree with that. This guy is the opposite. He is the first to tell you about this misinformation. I know his process once a person gets lean is to very slowly add calories back until he reaches the point to where his client is maintaining, so I would have to say no, he doesn't "think" they need that much, He has actually worked with them for years and taken the time to figure out what they need. They don't workout excessively. I agree with you that excessive exercise cardio will require more calories for sure. But you can take a guy that has been training for years but didn't care about his diet. He is very used to working out, but his metabolism is still crushed because he eats like crap. So it's more than just getting used to working out. I'm not saying that more muscle is the only reason you need more calories. I'm just stating that adding lean muscle does increase metabolism which does require your body to need more calories for maintenance. I would be willing to bet that the increase in metabolism from getting lean will more than make up for the 100 calorie deficit that your example stated earlier...that's basically all I am saying. You can't just go by that math. Otherwise, my buddy who is less active than me, same weight as me, same age as me, but much leaner than me, shouldn't be eating as much as me. But if he tries to eat what I eat in a day, he would be starving to death. I disagree. I have seen it for years. I'm not saying they eat that every single day, but maybe 3-4 days a week they have 6000 calorie cheat days. That keeps them maintaining. The other days they are eating 4000 or so. These guys are less than 200lbs. They are strength athletes but do not work out any more excessively than most that go to the gym. I am not a nutritionist and I am not a trainer. And I am certainly not saying that anyone should eat 6000 calories per day. But that is steering the conversation down a road that I didn't mean for it to go down. I just used that as an example to make the point that the math used in that example doesn't mean that the person would need less calories to maintain. There is too much to factor in.
  3. TN94z

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Not saying that is incorrect because I am no scientist, but I have a trainer friend that has many, many clients that have lost body fat, gained muscle mass, and now require many more calories to maintain. He has guys walking around at 7-8% and eating 6-7000 calories a day most days of the week just to maintain. Your math adds up but it's not that cut and dry. You aren't factoring in metabolism in these individuals. As you lose more body fat and gain more lean muscle, your metabolism increases requiring you to have more calories to maintain. You have to factor in age when talking about metabolism, you have to factor in what diet was used to drop that weight, etc... There is too much left out in your 250lb person example. I agree with your last statement and I'm not arguing that at all. And I know it's not necessarily essential for weight loss
  4. TN94z

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Unless they are adding lean muscle mass which will increase calorie burn at rest
  5. TN94z

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Says the guy posting on the internet....haha. Sorry, I had to. But seriously, I agree with you on keto.
  6. Let me preface this by saying I am not a low handicap player any longer. My iron for the last 12+ years has been the Mizuno MP32. I love these irons. There was just nothing like hitting that crisp shot that felt like butter with them. That is why i never went searching for new irons. I felt no need. Fast forward to now...not too long ago, I won a set of Taylormade M2s in a raffle.I didn't like the looks because they were bigger than I was accustomed to, but I gave them a try. Had nothing but problems. Taylormade ended up sending a set of M1s. These were better, but still didn't fit my eye. I ended up trading them for a set of Callaway Rogue Pro irons. Until I took these out for a few rounds, I was convinced that I would be getting back in a set of Mizuno player's irons. I have been very impressed by the Rogue Pro so far. Even though they are GI, the feel is actually pretty good, they are really accurate, have a good sound (although not like the MP32), and the distance does nothing but help. I am not at the point where I care to work the ball like the better players, but I have had no problems hitting fades or draws on demand with them. I hit the ball high anyway, but didn't notice these adding much more, if any. What I am getting to is I have changed my mindset from "GI irons are not for the better players" to "I'll probably stick with the GI irons no matter how low my handicap gets." It's all about what piece of equipment helps me get the lowest score now..
  7. TN94z

    Range Time, Practice or Wait?

    This. The fact that you're getting a new driver shouldn't change your normal routine. Personally, I like the range. It's a lot cheaper to work on my swing and a lot less frustrating.
  8. TN94z

    Home exercise equipment

    I have a C2 rower at home as well. Very good piece of equipment. Just did a 2k row test yesterday. OP, don't overlook the power of bands either. You can do SO many exercises with bands and they are much cheaper than DBs or KBs.
  9. I agree with that. She swings her current clubs every which way to make contact. I was hoping you would say that about the right handed clubs. That is what I would prefer to get her and sometimes wish I had done that with Jacob as well. US Kids Golf was Jacob's first set and that's what I had planned on starting her with too. I want to make sure I send her down the absolute best path I can in regards to golf or any other sport she picks up. Right now she just goes out there and has fun. She probably doesn't hit 10 shots total, but I don't pressure her into trying. I want her to associate going to the golf course as being a fun trip so she will want to go back.
  10. So when jacob was younger, I bought his first set of clubs when he was 4. I didn't put a ton of thought in it, I just went by the sizing chart and got him something to swing and have fun. It was obvious he was a lefty. Now Emma has come along (now 3) and I wanted to ask when is the best time to actually buy that first set of clubs? Currently, she has a plastic set that she brings to the course to play with (although she spends most of her time building sand castles that I have to rake down...on EVERY hole with a bunker...haha), but they are right handed clubs and I'm thinking she will be a lefty as well. She writes "mostly" with her left hand. Do I worry about a dominate eye and use that to determine whether she should be taught righty or lefty? I just want to make sure I put a little more thought into it this time around, if it warrants this much thought this early.
  11. TN94z

    A wedge spending decision

    You can sometimes find the older model wedges, new for good prices too
  12. TN94z


    It's a matter of just setting that boundary while at home. When I work from home, I go to my office and my wife knows not to bother me unless it's an emergency. It's very easy to get caught up in personal time while working from home. You just have to treat it like you're at your desk. I can do it, no problems. I have some friends that seem to be less productive because it's too tempting for them to watch tv, workout, etc...because it "feels" like free time to them. I actually get more distracted at work than at home. When at the house, I concentrate on what I'm trying to accomplish. At work, my co-worker and myself will start talking about everything under the sun and get less work done. The distractions can easily go both ways
  13. TN94z

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Rejection here as well..
  14. TN94z

    How to get a Lean Body?

    I agree 100% and that's what I have always gone by. When I counted calories and macros, I didn't care what time of day I ate them, as long as I hit those numbers that day. I have never used "meal timing" as a standard.
  15. TN94z

    How to get a Lean Body?

    I know quite a few people your age that are doing crossfit 3-5 times a week, every week and some are getting in great shape.

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