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  1. I have several shotguns, handguns, and rifles. I used to be into long range but got tired of spending 100.00 every time I went to shoot. I sold that one. I used to shoot a lot but not since the ammunition craze has taken off. I now just try to find ammo at a decent price in case it continues to go up.
  2. TN94z

    Food Thread

    I am actually about to start trying to trim up too. I had good success last time with just counting calories. I have tried almost all diets and have had success with all of them. Counting calories works better with my lifestyle than most other diets. I liked Keto as well.
  3. Waiting on my pool quote to come in this week, but I foresee it killing my golf trip budget.
  4. I agree here. I think that Bryson going through a cut is just the natural process that happens when you put on size. In my opinion, if he leans down, he will "look" bigger than he is now. I believe he sees his window to be the best and he is doing everything to make that happen "now." Going through a cut and shedding some of the fat may even allow him to reach greater swing speeds. Bryson is a smart guy. I think he tones it down when it's time to tone it down.
  5. I just read that he had a rod put in his tibia and had screws and pins in his ankle. It was a short update like that so I don't know the details (this is probably the link that @iacasshared but I cannot read anything Twitter related at work, so I apologize if this is a repost). They were also saying in the press conference last night that there was very little damage to the interior of the vehicle and that the jaws of life weren't used. They just had to use a pry bar to get him out. Hopefully he recovers like others have said so that he can play golf with his kids. I think that and the fa
  6. That is a SERIOUS consideration. If it wasn't for Emma, that would be the plan for sure. It's not completely off the table yet. I could build me a sim room in that spot...haha.
  7. I know, I know. This pool is going to cost me about 18k to repair though.
  8. I am going to have to bow out as well. The estimates I am getting to repair my pool aren't looking good and I will need every dime I can gather. Replacing all of the concrete is not going to be cheap....sorry guys.
  9. Cases are actually dropping in my area. So much so that they had a Covid floor changed back to normal patient care last week. That's a significant improvement. Edit: Maybe not total positive cases but in house patient numbers have dropped. I'll word it that way
  10. Welcome to The Sand Trap from a fellow West TN golfer. You picked a great site to learn and work towards getting the handicap even lower.
  11. That's how I have been trying to get rid of them..lol Funny story on the mole hunting. My daughter and I were walking through the yard one day moving the water hose. Emma says "look daddy, there is a mole tunnel." It was a hole in my sod by the pool, which frustrated me. In a fit of rage, I jammed the water hose into the tunnel and said "how about a nice cool drink, varments" as I was playing out my Caddyshack role. I let it run for a few seconds and started to walk off. Them Emma says, "Daddy, there he is!" I said, "no, that's just the dirt from the hole that was dug." She said, "No, it
  12. Getting my lawn under control has been on my to-do list every year. I always tell myself that I am going to get on a schedule for pre-emergent, fertilizer, etc..., but I never do. Last year I built a shop that tore up my side yard. It is still torn up because I have to rip up all of my old concrete around my pool and replace it. I didn't want to fix the side yard until that was done. The last 2 years, moles have destroyed it. I have got to get rid of those guys..
  13. TN94z

    2021 Masters

    I was curious about the lottery with a limited crowd. I'll just continue with the rejection as well.
  14. Wow! That looks exhausting! Can you imagine how many shoes they go through as well! 😂
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