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  1. Very nice! I was fitted a month or so ago and Srixon were the clubs I ended up hitting the best as well. I was very surprised as Srixon never crossed my mind as a contender for my next set until I hit them. The look, the feel, etc...everything really felt great. And the price was much better as well. They have my setup information on file, but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  2. He said pre fab so I'm assuming manufactured. It's an under the seat box where the seats flip up. The amp is actually mounted where the box in this pic is mounted. It just so happens that the original guy called before lunch today telling me he was headed to the house with the box we have been waiting months on, so at least I didn't have to go buy the more expensive box. I will post a pic of it once I get home.
  3. I will once I get it. I can ask at the shop where I am buying it. I'm buying it locally. It's a prefab box for 235
  4. It's even easier than that. The head unit and door speakers have been installed. The guy couldn't finish because he brought the wrong box. Now he is avoiding us and I'm tired of it. So all that is left is installing the box in the truck and wiring the subs. I just don't know the protocol for securing the box to the truck. The subs seem like an easy install. They are only like 3 feet from the amp that is already installed as well. And thanks so much for the response.
  5. Jacob has gotten some stereo equipment installed in "my" truck because that's what he will be driving when he starts. The guy that installed most of the stuff has quit responding to us and has yet to get us the box. So, I'm tired of waiting on him and I'm going to buy my own box and finish the install. All that is left is securing the box, adding his subs to it, and connecting to the amp. Is it as simple as it seems? The box will go under the rear seat of my crew cab silverado. Anyway, just checking to see if anyone in here knew about that stuff.
  6. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks so much!! Another year better...haha Thanks!
  7. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    I used to be bad about watching tv and staring at my phone while I was lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I started having a lot of issues with actually falling asleep once we turned everything off...sometimes taking hours for me to actually go to sleep. Recently, I started plugging my phone up before I rock my daughter and not touching it anymore. That alone has helped TREMENDOUSLY! We do still watch a little tv but that doesn't seem to bother me like the phone did.
  8. Maybe I will be able to by then.
  9. I think I am going to have to pass for now. These TaylorMade irons aren't working out and I'm thinking I'm going to sell these and buy a new set. I don't think I could swing the Mevo and new irons with the wife...haha!
  10. My Swing (TN94z)

    So I ended up not having nearly as much time to work on my swing last year as I had hoped. Too many things came up and my wife's school really took up a lot of time that I was counting on for my swing. My goal this year is to get my swing to a more consistent level. It has really fallen apart the last couple of years from a lack of play and lack of practice. In doing so, I plan on firing this thread back up and staying accountable. Once the weather breaks here and it's comfortable to get out, I'll get some video of what I'm starting with and start working on my issues. Having worked a little with evolvr and worked with a local 5sk teacher here, I already know where I need to start.
  11. Apple HomePod

    I want to get some airpods as well. I just never seem to have time to do any shopping for "me." We have a cheapo sound bar and I have speakers throughout my house in the ceiling, but my garage would be ideal for the HomePod. I could then migrate it into the shop that I plan on building in the next couple of years. I'll do more research and comparisons before jumping in. It just sounded like a pretty good deal from what I quickly read.
  12. Apple HomePod

    I think we would actually use one quite often. We workout in the garage and have been using a small JBL Go speaker and I was complaining about it last night. I may have to jump on the HomePod. It really sounds like a very good deal at 349 considering what you're getting.
  13. I've been wanting to try these out. With this deal, I may have to make that happen
  14. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    Can I use the PDF to send to my home course?
  15. Joining in to hear those responses as well..I have considered buying one but I am currently trying to justify the expense.

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