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  1. I'm debating on just going to Dick's to pick up the sets instead. Jacob is out of school this week and it would be a great time to get some rounds in during the holidays. We don't have prime anymore, so ordering from Amazon says it would be the 30th before receiving them.
  2. I am going to buy myself and Jacob one of the starter sets. I took Emma to the park over the weekend and saw some guys playing. I think it would be fun as alternative to paying to play at the course. And the whole family can go to the park and the wife and Emma can play on the playground while me and Jacob play disc golf. Kinda hard to pass up seeing that the starter sets are so cheap
  3. I just backed it as well. The package I wanted went from 5 available to 0 by the time I clicked on it. So I opted for the next one. Very interesting idea. I'm curious to see how it works myself. My thinking was, I have spent 88.00 on much worse. If it works, Great! If not, it's not a big loss for taking a chance at better dental care.
  4. TN94z

    "Prove Me Wrong!" - Increasing Swing Speed

    Nope. I have worked out for years, since I was 16...now 40. I worked with powerlifting trainers 10 years ago. They were elite level in the nation guys. I put up some descent bench, squat, and deadlift numbers while working with them. Now, 10 years later, I am squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, etc...more than I ever have. I just don't see how one ever knows their peak at anything. The only way to figure that out is to continue doing what you're doing (golf, weightlifting, etc..) for your whole life (aside from injuries) and then look back and compare numbers. For me, in this conversation, the whole "you would have been better with your new found better technique had you been using it at your physical peak" is just an out and putting something out there that can't really be argued. It's like a "well, no s***" kind of debate.
  5. TN94z

    "Prove Me Wrong!" - Increasing Swing Speed

    So what is the average age range of one's physical peak? I ask because I am 40 and know my physical peak was some time ago and I now swing the club faster than I did previously. During my physical peak, I got fitted and my swing speed was in the range to warrant regular shafts and I was playing to a 2.8 and played pretty much 6 rounds per week. I recently got fitted and now my swing speed is a good bit higher and I had to dump the regular shafts for stiff shafts. I now play to about a 12 because I only get to play about once or twice a month. So I would like to assume that I am past my physical peak, have slowed WAY down on the number of rounds that I play, take no performance enhancing drugs, and my swing speed is much faster. And I also fully expect my swing to even speed up a little more once I get a few swing flaws figured out (same swing flaws I had when I was at my physical peak and playing to a 2.8). In my thinking, very, VERY few people EVER reach their true physical peak or maximum swing speed so they have a great chance at increasing their swing speed in their later years. There is obviously a certain point where one's body will start to breakdown and maybe have joint issues and mobility issues that will hurt the ability to swing fast and I don't think anyone is arguing that. But to hands down say that you can't increase swing speed once you are past your physical peak, just isn't accurate from my experience. And it just seems too easy to say "well if you are swinging faster now than you did when you were at your physical peak, it just because you had more swing speed/golf potential when you were at your physical peak, you just didn't reach it at that time." I think that is a complete no brainer. If everyone could reach their potential in golf at the exact same time they reached their peak physical condition, then we would have a lot more elite level players running around. And that is for all sports as well. I feel like you are arguing a completely different topic than everyone else here....
  6. I feel as though I can turn through the ball better with a more narrow stance. It seems too easy to get stuck with a wide stance. The problem comes in with each individual's opinion of a "narrow stance."
  7. TN94z

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Right. 20.00 compared to the new UFC PPV prices is cheap. We will watch it. It's all Jacob has been talking about
  8. TN94z

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Very nice! Congrats!
  9. TN94z

    Anyone here play disc golf?

    They just built a disc golf course at our local city park. Me and Jacob may try it out soon
  10. I agree about the world class sprinter, but I would almost guarantee that if you went and trained with the best track coaches in the world, you would get faster just from them cleaning up technique. I have seen these kinds of examples far too many times in various sports. The part about potential is just too vague because there is no way to measure how much potential in any one thing you have. You can look at someone and say they have potential but that's just an opinion. You can't compare a good increase in swing speed from cleaning up technique to reaching elite level swing speed though. There are factors that come into play from the more athletic person to the less athletic person and there are always the "gifted" players in any sport. But to use that to say that one will not get a good increase in swing speed from better mechanics is just not valid, in my opinion. So then why, when I was getting my fitting, did I swing at my normal effort (which has swing flaws at full speed) and hit X swing speed, but when I dropped to a 3/4 swing (which allows me to get in better positions and a more efficient swing) did my swing speed increase on Trackman? I disagree with getting faster as they get older to a certain extent as well. I am 40 years old and just got bumped into stiff shafts because my swing speed has increased since my last fitting a few years ago..
  11. Just my opinion here, only an opinion, but I do not see how one's swing speed would NOT increase as they get better, to be honest. When your swing gets more technically sound and in all of the right positions, it is much more efficient. This efficiency is going to make the swing more free flowing with less effort spent on club manipulation that will in turn free up more swing speed. I actually had this conversation with my club fitter a few weeks ago.
  12. Most of my experiences from guys that aren't real good golfers but hit it a long way is that they played baseball in the past. Even though their swing may not hit all the right positions, they know how to generate swing speed. I played with a few ex-baseball players that I would beat every round, but those guys could absolutely smoke the ball. It wasn't anything that was very consistent and the dispersion was not ideal, but as far as carry distance, it was ridiculous.
  13. TN94z

    New Guy Here

  14. TN94z

    Beginner Golfer here

    Welcome! Finding this site was one of the best choices you could have made. I wish I had this site when I first started playing.

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