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  1. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    I voted 6i. It just seems like I get a more consistent strike with good distance while keeping it lower. I used to go with an 8i quite often but noticed that I was trying too hard to deloft it, so I decided to go with the 6i.
  2. I voted for pre-shot routine. To me, it gets me in the moment and really narrows down the focus for each and every shot. It takes into consideration what shot shape you were hitting when warming up, where to hit it, where to miss, the specific plan for that particular hole, etc... The only thing I could think of as far as post shot routine would be the mental aspect from either hitting a good shot or bad and what frame of mind that puts you in for the next shot or even the rest of the round. I guess it would also carry forward what shot shape you are continually hitting as to better help the next pre-shot routine..But it just doesn't carry as much weight as the pre-shot, in my opinion, based on my game.
  3. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    I was just explaining this to Jacob last weekend. Very timely post! You can tell by looking at our greens that the majority of players do not know how to do this properly. I try and fix as many as I can while standing around waiting.
  4. TaylorMade M2 irons

    I would try the Taylormade P790s. I hit one the other day at Dicks and it felt great....better than the APs, in my opinion. That's most likely what I will go with once I have played a few rounds with these M2s.
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    So I went out after work yesterday to play 9 holes with Jacob for Regional tournament practice and I hit the ball better than I have in quite some time. I hit 6/7 fairways and 7/9 GIR. I had 4 birdie putts that could have been made that were inside 10 feet. I made a birdie from about 12 feet. So I am -1 going into number 9 (only playing 9) and this hole is a dogleg left par 4 with a pond in the dogleg. I NEVER hit it in the water here. I can smooth stroke a 3w and clear the water with no issues. Well, with that in mind, I guess I took a lot off of my swing or something and I hit my 3w fat. I'm talking FAT!! And in the water it went. I went to the drop zone which ended up being about 215 out. I missed the green to the right and ended up hitting my pitch too hard and ran past the hole about 25 feet. I two putted for a double. I end up shooting a 37. I was so frustrated! And to think back on what could have been had my putting (which is usually a strong part of my game) been as good as usual...
  6. Matsuyama's got nothing on this guy

    Are you at work or at home? At work, instagram and all that is blocked so I can't watch these either. At home or on my phone, they work just fine.
  7. TaylorMade M2 irons

    I edited that post because I called them right back and talked with a different guy. Read my update. It may change your mind about them. His gesture alone has really gained my respect for Taylormade. Although, I hit one of the Taylormade P790s this weekend and liked it much better than the M2.
  8. TaylorMade M2 irons

    I talked with Taylormade and the first guy said no, there is nothing we can do. He was no help. So I hung up frustrated. After thinking about this for a few minutes,I decided to call back. I talked with a different guy this time and explained what happened and he was MORE than willing to help. They are sending me a replacement for the defective iron and he told me if any of the others had the same issue to just call back and they would handle that as well. The first guy I talked with was obviously a prick and didn't want to deal with the problem. The second guy I talked with was so much better.
  9. TaylorMade M2 irons

    Played my first round with the M2s today. It was different. It seemed like they would really get caught in the rough more than my MP32s. That could have been me but it happened a lot more than usual. The other issue was the insert on the face of the 5i kept popping out. I had to knock it back in with my golf ball every time I hit it. I didn't notice it on the other clubs but it worries me that it will happen on those sooner or later. I'm going to talk with a Taylormade about that issue though. These irons for sure leave me with a big gap in my wedge setup. I go from the M2 pw to my 52*. It was pretty noticeable today. I'll keep the topic updated. I haven't give up on them yet but I'm curious to see what TM has to say about the inserts.
  10. TaylorMade M2 irons

    So you went from AP1s to M2? I was just looking at your signature. My plan was to try the AP2 irons but lucked out on these so I figured I would give them a try.
  11. TaylorMade M2 irons

    Very good point I think you are correct because many of the shots with my MP32 8i looked to go about the same distance as the M2 8i. Gave 20.00 for the set...I don't care if the head falls off after 5 rounds. Not to mention that from a previous thread, Taylormade was very good at fixing the issue if anything were to happen to them.
  12. TaylorMade M2 irons

    So I finally took these to the range yesterday. They were obviously longer than my MP32s but I didn't have my range finder so I couldn't accurately say how much. They were much easier to hit, as expected. The thing I liked about them was my mishits still go really well. I was pretty happy with them honestly. The sound they have, in my opinion, just sounded like a very well struck and compressed golf ball. They did have quite a different sound that my Mizunos. I plan on at least playing my next few rounds with them to figure out the distances and then give them a thorough review. The question I have is this...Will I have any negative effects by gaming these instead of the MP32s as a lower handicapper? I am currently working out some flaws in my swing and my thinking is that these irons will allow me to still play very well while hitting the bad shots associated with swing changes. With that being said, I don't want to get a false sense of security on my swing changes by these clubs helping with those bad shots. Does that make any sense at all...haha?
  13. 303 Yd Par 3 at the Walker Cup

    I love it. They should go from one extreme to the other to make it more interesting.
  14. TaylorMade M2 irons

    Haha! I hear you. I don't consider it dishonest when they post the lofts where everyone can see and it's not like they are breaking any rules. I'll hit them and see how they feel. They are supposed to be here today.
  15. TaylorMade M2 irons

    Absolutely the plan. I'm going to give them quite a few rounds before I determine whether I want to keep them or not. If not, I'll sell and buy something else. I'll try many sets though. I'm really liking the Titleist APs but haven't hit anything recently.