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  1. Probably so because didn't Brandel mention Brooks making him eat his words or something like that?
  2. We will see...lol. I like my picks but Bryson is going to have to step it up..
  3. Started working on forearm rotation and weight transfer stuff last week with left arm not so stiff and WOW! No more fades and borderline slices (when I get these things close to right). I'm going back to what "feels" like a half swing on the back swing (A3.5), that puts me more like right above 3/4 on video and my distance is the same as before. Also, I get a more penetrating ball flight over my high flight from before. And a biggie is now I have ball first contact with a divot afterwards. I still don't have these changes down or anything, but that's what typically goes on when I get the changes pretty close. I feel like I am for sure on the right track here. I figured out another "feel" today for the timing of the weight transfer as well. It's really opening my eyes up to what I have been doing wrong. I am as excited now as I have ever been about working on my swing!
  4. Haha...I've had plenty of practice on this one I have a guy I work with that hit it 2 years in a row as well.
  5. I signed up for rejection for....well, I cannot remember how many years it has been now. I'm going to have to find a different route to the Masters I think
  6. I’m thinking the same. I may go back and see if they get one in I’d like to have and buy it. If not, oh well...I’ll take what they send and replace the shaft or sell.
  7. All I saw on the no purchase form was a choice between M5/M6. How do they handle shaft, loft, hand choice??
  8. Yes sir. I made sure it was tagged with a number before I left
  9. I had to get out just now for work so I ran by my local Dick's. They had very few drivers, none of which I wanted so I asked for a form. He gave me one but had them in a drawer so you could only get one. But I got it...small form
  10. If they don't have the forms, I'll just buy one and hold on to it. No worries.
  11. So what we are saying here is, I would be stupid not to go to Dicks today and either 1) Get a no purchase necessary form or 2) Buy the Taylormade M5/M6 driver of choice and leave it alone until I see the results of the contest? I don't really need a new driver as I just bought one, but I can spare 500 or so for a couple of weeks to take a chance at getting one for free..
  12. Do you use these as your everyday sunglasses as well? Or just when you golf? I had some at one time that were polarized and loved them, but my wife drove off with them on the back of her car one day and I never found them. I've been debating on getting another pair.
  13. We generally go to Florida almost every year. Both me and my son play and the few times that we have taken our clubs, we haven't played. I don't know. We just get there and start doing things as a family and golf never comes up. I never "plan" to play when we are down there.
  14. Most schools will give 1/2 or even 1/4 scholarships for the most part but they will also hand out full. Just because you have 10 on a team doesn't mean that you have to fill all 10 spots with a scholarship every year, My son knows 2 kids that got full scholarships in our area alone.
  15. Still working on my latest pieces. Between a few work situations and mostly crappy weather, I haven't had much change to get to the range. I'm hoping that is changing now. I did get in a session yesterday after work, but didn't have anyone with me to video. I had some new feelings but won't really pay much attention to those feelings until I can see what is happening on video. There were some guys on the range next to me yesterday that were really good ball strikers. It has me pumped to get these changes made this year. We just joined our local country club 2 weeks ago. I decided to go this route instead of the simulator.
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