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  1. How do the sizes compare on the ECO knit? I only have the originals, so can I just use the same size as those or the same as my normal tennis shoes??
  2. Welcome to TST! Yes and the group you have found was the best spot to land. So much knowledge here, its crazy!
  3. TN94z

    Join Whoop

    Tough week for my whoop so far ...haha. I ran off and left it yesterday morning when I left for work. And this morning, I ran off and left my charger. We had a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and some other things happened that had my mind in other places. I should have told my wife to wait a few days. Her whoop should be here today.
  4. I believe I am going to get some as well.
  5. Agreed. If one of their end goals was giving an opinion on a good "at home" launch monitor, you would think they would have included all of the ones in that price range. Maybe they couldn't get their hands on one. Isn't Mevo out a few months on availability?
  6. I think the swing speed topic is a good point. My personal experience with a Skytrak (I don't own one but have access to one when I want to use it) did not include the amount of inflated numbers that they saw. My numbers seemed to be right on track with what I would expect. I'd say that goes for my son as well. There were obviously some outliers but I feel like it is a good unit for the home. I'd like to see the Mevo added in as well.
  7. TN94z

    Nexus Hybrid Golf

    Pretty cool concept. I would play that.
  8. Probably so. Most scamming emails I get have bad grammar, incorrect spelling, etc...that's usually the give away for me. This one actually looks legit
  9. Just thought this was funny. I got an email this morning from YouTube that my flop shot video had been flagged for review. YouTube determined that it may not be suitable for all viewers and added an age restriction to it...haha. 0:07 second video and the only words spoken are Jacob saying "go ahead."
  10. TN94z

    Join Whoop

    I actually received the notification as well. I just got busy and forgot to charge my charger. Very good question about the pain sensations. I am curious about that now as well. I am 42, so pain sensations have become a bit normal. Mine are mainly in my knee where I had a torn meniscus. I believe it's arthritis pain.
  11. I cannot stand it..lol. Little sounds like that just feel like they are poking my brain. It happens in vehicles too. My feet are as flat as a 2x4, so I'd have no problem there
  12. Agreed. I take my 5 year old with me almost every time I go and when she is with me, it's all about having fun period. I want to lead by example that when you hit bad shots, no big deal...just move to the next shot and go from there. At her age, she will only hit about 5 shots per round and generally spends her time playing in the sand. But the most important thing right now is that she associates the golf course with having fun. You can still have a blast on the course while taking it serious. As @DaveP043 stated, be serious with the pre shot routine and anything associated with the shot and then go back to having fun. That's the way I try to play.
  13. I recently bought a pair of Footjoy Pro SL and they aren't bad as far as comfort but they squeak and it is driving me nuts...lol. May have to go back to the True Linkswear myself.
  14. TN94z

    Join Whoop

    My battery is going to die today at work. Guess I need to edit my calendar for 1 less day...haha.
  15. I started taking it pretty serious about 6-12 months ago. I had taken some time away from the game. I was playing pretty solid before I quit but had some swing flaws that had been there for years. When I came back to the game, I decided I wanted to clean my swing up to become more consistent. So I pretty much get a lesson every 2-3 weeks. I want to make sure the old habits don't creep back in slowly. My end goal is to get good enough to be competitive in the club championship and maybe even play some state tournaments. Try to qualify for the Mid-Am, etc...my instructor plays a lot of tournaments and has given me the itch to want to compete some. I tend to get OCD about things and just go all in...it's a good and bad trait..haha
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