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  1. That's how I have been trying to get rid of them..lol Funny story on the mole hunting. My daughter and I were walking through the yard one day moving the water hose. Emma says "look daddy, there is a mole tunnel." It was a hole in my sod by the pool, which frustrated me. In a fit of rage, I jammed the water hose into the tunnel and said "how about a nice cool drink, varments" as I was playing out my Caddyshack role. I let it run for a few seconds and started to walk off. Them Emma says, "Daddy, there he is!" I said, "no, that's just the dirt from the hole that was dug." She said, "No, it
  2. Getting my lawn under control has been on my to-do list every year. I always tell myself that I am going to get on a schedule for pre-emergent, fertilizer, etc..., but I never do. Last year I built a shop that tore up my side yard. It is still torn up because I have to rip up all of my old concrete around my pool and replace it. I didn't want to fix the side yard until that was done. The last 2 years, moles have destroyed it. I have got to get rid of those guys..
  3. TN94z

    2021 Masters

    I was curious about the lottery with a limited crowd. I'll just continue with the rejection as well.
  4. Wow! That looks exhausting! Can you imagine how many shoes they go through as well! 😂
  5. I have not seen it or read the book. I need to try and catch it though.
  6. I have never really been bothered by him. Maybe it was because he put on such a good show with Rory. But I did vote yes. He does have an attitude problem, but taking into account the child abuse, I can see why. I agree with @iacas, that stuff can really mess a kid up for life. Not just a kid. Abuse can scar adults for life as well.
  7. I assume you are referring to daily trading? I agree with that. I posed the question because I was reading some of the posts to my co-worker. His first question was "how would a beginner get started in investing" and I thought that was a good question that many may ask themselves when they read this thread. Personally, I could care less about day trading as I would drive myself nuts. That and my IRA and 401k is the extent of my knowledge as well. We have an acquaintance here that invests. After posting my question above, I decided to ask him the same question to see what his resp
  8. 🙄 Obviously.... Kinda like answering a new golfer's question of how do I stop hitting a slice with "learn." No reference to any help of any kind.
  9. I know nothing about investing. How would a beginner play around with investing on his own??
  10. TN94z

    3D Printing

    I actually told my wife last night that I was thinking of getting a 3d printer to play around with. I have done no research on them to date though. I would be totally new to it.
  11. No Bluetooth problems here either. My only issue lately is that I did not wear it much during my 2 weeks off...lol. It started off that I forgot to put it on one day as I was rushing out of the house. Then it spiraled out of control. My work schedule is back to normal now so my "routine" should be back to normal.
  12. That's what I thought. Agreed. I failed on getting the number in time. I'll look back at some numbers to get the baseline. Thanks
  13. Late to the party...knee issues. I am going to try my best to start the protocol tonight. For the initial driver speed, can we use the blue stick for that number or do you want real driver while hitting balls? I read the note, but it said at the end of the session use your driver or blue stick to measure, so I wanted to see if the blue stick was fine for the original measurement as well.
  14. They will still take care of it. They replaced a whole set of irons for me one time that I bought used.
  15. That is not being nit picky at all. That is a huge mistake that I really cannot believe TM would make. I would contact TM. They have great customer service and will make it right. Especially with such a silly mistake
  16. The question is in your garage...I have a huge shop...🤣. So with unlimited funds, the garage would be whatever SUV my wife wanted and I'd take a brand new Crew cab Ford truck. I'd save the toys for the shop...😀. Is that cheating the question?
  17. Every ventilator at the hospital I work at is in use. That's a scary situation..
  18. I'm at 95% recovery and HRV of 85! Both of which are higher than normal. I did run last night after doing nothing last week
  19. Welcome! I agree. You could not have landed at a better forum.
  20. My high strain days are the days I hit Crossfit. But even then, the recovery can be hit or miss even with about the same sleep numbers. I'm going to really pay attention to what happens while I'm off work. I have started, somewhat, using the journal entries in whoop. I may take that a step further and log my activities and any diet related changes or whatever. The plan was to do more reading on HRV and recovery last week, but I got swamped at work
  21. Welcome! My wife would love to make the trip to Australia! As far as beer goes, I am pretty boring. When I drink, it's nothing like you guys mention.
  22. Interested to read what you learned about HRV. My wife changed nothing about her schedule this weekend and woke up either Saturday or Sunday (I forget which day) with 100% recovery. I had a crazy busy week at work with a few late nights. I also had a busy weekend. To be honest, I have not even sat down and looked at my whoop from last week. I didn't even have time to check the forum. It was an expected busy week, but doesn't make it any easier...haha. Hopefully, I will be back to normal this week and then I'm off until after the 1st.
  23. That wind was ridiculous!
  24. Yeah, I remember reading that you can’t compare HRV amongst others because it is specific to the person. Not something that can be measured as far as saying “in your age group, you should have an HRV value of 80.”
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