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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and I have an odd question. I used to be a collegiate baseball player, I'm 6'3" around 190lbs and could generate around 87 mph bat swing. I recently got into the game of golf and I'm slicing off the drive like crazy. My father in law thinks it's because due to baseball I have an outside-in swing like I'm trying to keep my hands inside the ball. I've never been fitted for clubs and I'm currently using a hand me down Callaway Big Bertha Diablo 10-degree loft with an Aldila DVS R-flex 65 gram graphite shaft. Now after a few rounds and 80 hours on the driving range, I'm still slicing and so I got frustrated one time and Happy Gilmore'd the ball and amazing no slice. Tee'd it up again and again no slice. I hit a large bucket of balls, around 80, and not one sliced. I've searched the forums about the Gilmore swing and know that it's legal but I more concerned with what I'm doing in that swing versus my normal that prevents the slice. My normal swing is pretty much based on Johnny Miller's fundamentals video with my own natural feel. The Happy Gilmore swing I stand around 10-feet behind the ball and 12-feet to the left. I take two steps leading with my right and then a crow hop, planting my right foot about 4-feet behind the ball. My left foot lands with the ball just outside my foot. On impact theres about 3 feet between my hips and the plane of the ball. My initial thoughts are that the swing forces me to reach for the ball thereby correcting the outside-in swing but when I increasethe distance between me and the ball in my normal swing that doesn't seem to have any effect. I've also tried to move the ball further outside my left foot when I address it but that too has no effect. Without access to some highspeed filmography, I'm afraid I'm at a loss. I was hoping that someone with many years of experience in this game might have some insight to what I'm doing in my Happy Gilmore swing that allows me to hit the ball straight. Thanks!! Edit: I don't feel anything different in my wrists between the two swings. No additional hitching between one swing versus the other or at least I think based on feel. Edit 2: If I get some time after work, I'll have my wife video me executing both swings for ya'lls review.