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  2. The reason he is higher in the Race to Dubai is that the list is based on earnings for the season whereas the Fed-Ex cup is a points based system. He earned a significant amount of money for winning the wgc, more than for winning most other tournaments but the Fed-Ex cup points might not have been much more than a normal tournamant win
  3. Just put it in the bag yesterday.....ping rep took nearly 2 weeks getting it to me!! 9.5 stiff with the axiv core....best driver i have ever owned! and its the first non Titleist driver i have had in 6 years! yet it puts all of them to shame
  4. I have just stopped scoring well in all competition rounds i play! This year has just been horrid for me on the golf course whenever i have had a card in the pocket. I beat my handicap probably about 80% of the time im playing bounce games but cant get anywhere near it in medal rounds. Last year my worst medal score was 75 (Par 69) and i played in about 15...this year ive played in about 10 and my best score has been 77 I didn't play any golf from August last year until April this year due to Uni work and a shoulder injury but surely that hasnt made me lose my competitive edge complete
  5. i dislocated my shoulder 9 weeks ago at the range! first time it had happened and was pretty damn sore! started playing again last week and seems to be ok so far! touch wood
  6. i have had similar problems for a while now, but it started from playing football...well soccer to you guys...it has never got to the point where i cant walk or play golf and it has never given me enough trouble to go and get it checked out! if your worried about it though then you should get it checked out...its quite a common problem for footballers over here and can have them out for a few months! speaking of injuries though, ive just blown my shoulder hitting balls at the range! 2nd last ball as well...just hit it and something happened to my left shoulder...doc reckons it came slightl
  7. I totally agree! looks really cheap compared to the 909's. It would certainly put me off buying it!
  8. to which part? i mean obviously it depends on your angle of attack into the ball, but the majority if players will create much more spin with a lower lofted club i also worded the last bit not to great, it only imparts more side spin if you come accross the ball, not if you hit it square on.....thats why most players use higher lofted clubs im not sure on the science behind it, but that is what i was told by both the titleist, callaway and t/made fitting staff for your average player a 10.5 loft with a low launch shaft is easier to hit than an 8.5 with a high launching shaft im just basing i
  9. the shaft is what determines your ball flight and launch angle, the loft on the head is to control the amount of spin you put on the ball. the lower the loft, the more spin...also with less loft, you impart more side spin on the ball which for your bad shots - slices, hooks etc, makes them worse! but no one should be buying an OTR driver anymore when you can so easily be fitted for one by a qualified fitter! so they will know best what head, loft, shaft etc you should be using
  10. the new taylormade irons are crazy long! i demoed them before they came out when the t/made tour truck came to my work. He was saying that they have made the face as thin as possible in order to maximise the trampoline effect, which we all know is limited in drivers. im not sure if there are limits for irons or not. the loft is also stronger on these irons compared to t/mades standard loft Anyway, when i was hitting the burners, i hit the 6 iron as far as i hit my own 4 iron!! howver you get no feel from them at all and i couldnt shape them at all. but for any mid-high handicapper these i
  11. When i was playing the old course at st andrews a couple of years ago. i was on the 17th tee and thought id give it a real go and cut a bit of the corner with the driver. I hit a massive slice right into the hotel and heard it crash of the roof. So thought to myself lost ball. I then proceeded to reload and hit the exact same shot and again hear it crash of the roof! I didnt want to embarrass myself further by doing it again so we just walked on up the hole and there right in the middle of the fairway were both of my golf balls, lying no more than 5 yards apart! couldnt believe my eyes....i
  12. You cant change your handicap based on what you believe to be the SSS. Your playing handicap has been worked out to be 13.4 from a SS of 73. They must have a reason for working the handicaps out to a SS of 73 instead of 70. Were these competitions that you played in? if so then the CSS could have been 73 based on other scores handed in. Very rarely in competition play does the CSS remain the same as the SSS
  13. they make the best irons by a country mile. wedges and putters are up with the best too, however they are still playing catch up when it comes to woods imo! I work in a golf shop and get to hit pretty much every new iron that comes out and nothing i have hit have come close to the feel and workability of my 67's. I cant ever see myself getting a set of irons from now on that arent Mizuno! your playing off 1.3, so you would be looking probably at the new mp-68's and they look sweet!
  14. it shouldnt mess with performance at all. if you cut an inch off the tip of the shaft then it would play a lot stiffer, but cutting it off the butt is only going to affect the length, not how the shafts play im pretty sure anyway!
  15. i had my mp-67s all bent 2* stronger and i only noticed a difference in the distance i was hitting them, it really didnt do much for lowering the ball flight for me. in terms of performance, they felt exactly the same, played the same, just went a ittle bit further All it does is basically make you hit a 5 iron like a 4.5 iron in terms of distance. you dont really think about it before hand, but do you actually hit your 4 iron much lower than your 5? you will most probably notice very little drop in ball flight
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