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  1. Seems like fairway bunker GIR would be a key stat, no? I watched the flyover and there seems to be a million of them hugging the narrow fairways.
  2. What are the keys to winning here? Its been stated that there are narrow fairways so driving accuracy and carry would be big so you dont have a big number in out of thick rough. Greens aren't fast? Well that combo bodes terribly for Tiger. I read somewhere the greens are quite large - could be similar to Chambers? What kind of rough is it? Are you dead if you miss the fairway like at Merion? Gotta accumulate as much pre pick knowledge as possible and you guys are the experts! Appreciate the help.
  3. So to change the topic from British Open vs The Open, the forecast looks like STRONG 40 mph friday afternoon winds, to the point where I'm changing many of my picks to Thursday Afternoon guys. Phil, Stenson, Casey, Kuchar, Fowler, Furyk, Grace seem to have a huge advantage making it to the weekend? Any thoughts on this?
  4. Any past knowledge of how Kevin Kisner plays on links courses? Most underrated golfer of the year in my opinion. Makes almost every cut, lost in 3 playoffs, 2nd at the Players, 12th at the links like Chambers Bay. Seems like a great sleeper pick for this week if only I knew a thing or two about his golf in windy links conditions.
  5. With the salary cap i cant take Oostie and Grace and keep the rest of the guys. Possible replacements for holmes would be Horschel, Dubuisson, and F Molinari. Replacement for Palmer could be Kisner. Thoughts?
  6. In a salary cap pick 6 league, would you guys change any of these picks? D. Johnson, Fowler, Holmes, Palmer, T. Fleetwood, J. Luiten. Got 4 guys who crush the golf ball, different combo of 4 guys who played very well in the Scottish open. Key is for all 6 guys to make the cut. From there DJ and Fowler would be the guys I count on to win. What are your thoughts?
  7. Thanks. I could sub Molinari for Holmes - same price.. Now that I know the effects of the forecasted wind it would seem like a smarter pick.
  8. I dont know enough about St. Andrews hole by hole to know how a westerly wind affects certain players. But my preliminary 6 picks in a salary cap competition are Casey, Sergio, Keegan, F Molinari, Schwartzel, and Matsuyama. All consistently make the cut at the Open and playing fairly solid golf this year. Any constructive criticism on these picks?
  9. So you'd say the miss is left at St. Andrews? And avoiding pot bunkers is key (obviously). F Molinari might be a good pick then..atrocious putting stats but somehow played well at Chambers, driving accuracy is best on tour, and his miss is left. Thoughts?
  10. What would you guys say are the most important stats for winning at St. Andrews? Distance makes it a lot easier by carrying all the trouble - hope to see DJ come back strong here. I'm also thinking 3-putt avoidance and scrambling would be pretty crucial too with those huge greens, and depending on the weather and wind balls could be running through the greens. What are you thoughts?