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  1. Power of the Pause

    I got nothing to contribute, just wanted to say “thanks” for another eye-opening topic.
  2. How to properly undergo a swing overhaul

    @RandallT That was a great post (at least for where I’m at now). Thanks.
  3. Tipping Hotel Staff

    I usually leave about $2/day (maybe more if it’s a suite, rather than just a “studio” room), but never thought of tipping each day.
  4. Agreed about “new” public libraries, not only lending books (and DVD’s, Blu-ray, music CD’s, etc.), as well as ebooks, and serving community functions, etc., but these changes are designed to keep libraries “up to date” for today’s users. So, getting back to the original question, isn’t that even more reason to suspect it’s a troll?
  5. Where do you Put the Cheese on a Cheeseburger?

    I have cooked hamburgers/cheeseburgers using whatever items I had on hand, using pan, broiler, grill or whatever means I had available. Also, I've ordered burgers at Five Guys, McDonald's, and dozens of other places. That said, I've never met a burger that I didn't eat, and enjoy while eating, regardless of how it was prepared. I guess that makes me a "food ****," so I salute you gourmets!
  6. Where do you Put the Cheese on a Cheeseburger?

    Couldn’t agree more! [and great tribute to the late, great Warren Zevon]
  7. Swedish Death Cleaning

    Oh, yeah, I’m definitely thinking a lot about this lately. My mother recently passed, and despite months of cleaning beforehand by me and my sibs, I still have dozens of photos, albums, etc. As well, we have “important papers” (mostly bills and bank statements) for the last 15+ years from my MIL (who recently moved into assisted living). And since I’m now retired and thinking about selling our house, I’m more and more aware of how much junk I’ve accumulated myself (which, of course, my kids have made it very clear they have no interest in ).
  8. He’s a troll. If not, he’s unable to express his thoughts clearly, because he stillseems to be unable to distinguish between “books,” (“led to a respectable book shelf”) and e-books (reddit, Amazon). Even so, he’s unable to understand that libraries don’t charge “rent” for e-books either. All things considered, too many misconceptions here to be credible, so I vote “troll.”
  9. I feel like seat belt usage has been mandatory for 40+ years; if that’s right, then wouldn’t most of these 28% have to be 60+ years old? That seems a little implausible that that large a group learned to drive 40+ years ago, so they had the option of “getting in the habit.”
  10. Natural Born Putter?

    Well, I guess I can see how you could think that; what I was trying to say was that moving a putter a few feet is a simple mechanical action, but "putting," which would include reading the speed and line correctly, is a skill. And despite watching videos and reading articles, with many hours of practice, a skill that I still haven't come close to mastering. Regardless, thanks for your input.
  11. Natural Born Putter?

    Okay, thanks, I guess, for the encouragement, although I’m not sure that I buy putting being an easy skill to learn. So if the basic takeaway is that I just need to listen more and put in some work, are there any specific lessons or videos, either here on TST or elsewhere online, that you can recommend? Thanks.
  12. I’m going to try to express this in a more positive way than I think it. Do you believe (as I’m beginning to suspect) that some people are just naturbetter putters than others? I don’t mean that they don’t practice, but they just seem to “get” putting. If it’s not already obvious, I guess what I’m saying is that putting seems like a fairly simple action from a me Sorry... seems like a fairly simple action from a mechanical standpoint, but things like reading the line and controlling the speed are pretty hard for many of us. Anyone have similar thoughts, suggestions, etc.?
  13. Groucho's Healing Lounge

    Serious question, or is there a punchline coming?
  14. Thanks @iacas that helps a lot.
  15. This might not be the right forum for the question, but I’ll start here and see if anyone can answer. What do all the references to “A1,” “A2,” and other positions mean? I tried doing a “search,” but found nothing. Is there a thread or sticky with an explanation?

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