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  1. Weekly Lessons?

    If you have time to practice, i think lessons every two weeks works best. Even if you don't have enough practice time between lessons every two weeks, i still think it's preferable to monthly lessons, which allow too much time to forget the lesson and not practice and learn.
  2. Golf fail?

    Thanks, Erik. It looks like your original post on filming was in 2010; would you say that iPhones are now capable of decent quality video?
  3. Golf fail?

    Thanks for the responses. RJN, I wish I could be as "zen" as your father, but honestly, no, I'm not getting much enjoyment. ? Lihu, thanks, but not getting many laughs, still want to improve, so I'll try to use the site to improve. Chilepepper, thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm not hitting balls mindlessly, but working on my lessons (maybe not). To answer your question, I'm probably hitting 3 wood on most second shots, because I'm only hitting (good) drive 180-190, so still have 160+ to green. dennyjones, thanks, I'll see if I can figure out how to post my swing.
  4. I answered yes to #2 because I'm an optimist. But I got a lot of stuff that needs improving, and "how" I don't know
  5. Golf fail?

    Here's the story: I began playing golf in my teens; played couple times a week during summers, never got good enough to break 100 more than a couple times. Started playing less frequently into my 20's and 30's; not surprisingly, got worse, so pretty much gave up. Now 65, started playing once or twice weekly about 3 years ago. I've probably taken about a dozen private lessons (from 3 different pros) and attended a 3-day golf school. This summer, I've probably practiced my "lesson tips" 3-4 times a week. Nevertheless, I don't see any significant improvement. My index is north of 30. I guess what I'm asking is whether anyone has suggestions, or should I just conclude that I can't improve and give up. Thanks in advance for suggestions (or recommendations to quit).
  6. What Are You Working On?

    Excuse my ignorance, but what do the alphanumerics in your post mean? Do they refer to Stack and Tilt (which I obviously know nothing about)? Thanks.