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  1. 04brobinson

    2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits Discussion Thread

    That's some up and down from the water by Rory
  2. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Yeah, takes a while to catch up doesn't it. I'm hoping to put a solid round in on Saturday and come down again. I definitely will do, thanks again. Good luck with your golf too, thoroughly enjoying reading your thread.
  3. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    That sounds brilliant. Thanks very much! Let me know if anything comes up. I'm actually in Chester, so bit of a drive for me, but from all the scouting around I've done it's as good a place as there is to really improve your golf (other than this site too of course!). I really want to get to single figures by the end of next season, pretty bold claim I know but that's the target and I'll do what I have to do. First port of call is definitely more lessons.
  4. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Well it was Neil that I spoke to so at the minute I'm thinking it'll be him? May well be that he was just the point of contact though. That would be brilliant if you don't mind!? Your set up looks kinda like my dream! Haha. My lesson is 10am on September 14th, think that's for 2 hours. I'll PM you closer to the time and you can let me know if you're free? Thanks again!
  5. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    You may be right, it's probably actually more like 150 or just over, but definitely no less than that. To be honest, I'm only working off what I see on the range, and when I'm on the course. We have a par 3 at our course that's pretty flat and the card calls it 168, I hit an 8 there and pretty much without fail on a reasonable strike end up pin high. I don't get much of a roll out on greens with my 8 either. I know what I think I'm seeing on the course/range could be wildly different from reality. I could really do with getting on a launch monitor to get some real cold hard facts about what I'm doing, but that's got to wait until next month when I have a lesson at the Hotchkin (I think that's where @Nosevi lly, am I right? Would be awesome if it is), so that should give me a better idea of distances at least!
  6. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Ok so went to the range tonight... @p1d1r REALLY struggled with getting a bit more rotation on my backswing, just for some reason could not get myself to commit to turning more. MORE WORK REQUIRED. I'm hitting an 8 here, the club looked much squarer (to me) throughout my swing, made a lot of effort to keep my takeaway slightly in front of my body rather than pulling it straight around like I usually do. Ball flight was a fair way higher too than I'm used to seeing, and even a couple of little baby fades, that made me happy. The videos aren't great, dad filming them (technology is not his friend), and the range makes it pretty difficult to get a good face on view. I'm carrying my 8I around 160 pretty consistently, I know it's just smacking a ball up a range but I don't really feel like I need to hit the ball particularly further, which again leads me to the question, if it's just for more distance, do I need the longer swing? Just better, more consistent contact would suit me fine. Any thoughts as always would be awesome!
  7. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Awesome thanks again. I'll try to get a couple of decent videos tonight while at the range working on making a longer backswing.
  8. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Thanks for the reply! I've always wanted to try to lengthen my backswing but whenever I try to put some work in on it I just feel totally out of control of the club. Is it something that's going to help with contact/plane etc. in the long run, or is it just to make my swing look "prettier"? Heading to the range again tonight and have been trying to work on getting the club face square at set up and keeping it there. Feels so open to me but it's something I know I NEED to fix. Will hopefully get another video up later!
  9. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Thanks! I had a few lessons when I first started that were very much based around set up. It was brought up then about the club face being closed, it sounds so simple when someone tells you to square it up but I always seem to find a way of going back to closing it! Is there anything I could do to force myself into squaring it up?
  10. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Really sorry guys, PLEASE tell me it's working now? I used to think I was pretty good with computers...
  11. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    Thanks for letting me know @iacas , I sometimes worry about myself... It was a long day yesterday! I think I've updated it to public now.
  12. 04brobinson

    My Swing (04brobinson)

    I've been Playing Golf for: About 5 months My current handicap index or average score is: 19 Handicap My typical ball flight is: Slight Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The DREADED top... Or straight push right! Videos: I'm not sure if the video has actually embedded properly, I've tried a few times! I have been playing a few months, had a couple of lessons but since then just tried to get on the course as much as I can! I've been told I come too far from the inside, so I've been working really hard on getting my takeaway better and in front of my body a bit more. ANY tips or advice would be awesome. Thanks!

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