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  1. Worst Shot of the Week

    Mine is more along the lines of "Scariest shot of the week". I was about 8 ft off the green in the rough, and the pin was downhill so I planned to hit a little flop shot, which I've been hitting incredibly well as of late. high percentage, with the main miss being short. I picked a hell of a time to mess it up bad. one of my other playing partners was on the other side of the green, about 30ft away (small greens here!), and i ended up skulling the ball, it came out of the rough at least 70mph, and flew about 1ft above his head. The entire thing happened so quickly, he didn't actually know what had happened, but me and my two playing partners did. I don't think I've ever experienced a scarier moment in golf. I was pretty rattled the rest of the day.
  2. I shot my personal best, 86. The next day I started a round and was cruising along nicely (was looking to be my 2nd round in the 80's with 4 holes to go) but I had to cut it short due to a tee time I had made with some people, so I headed back to the 1st tee. Parred the 1st two holes, than absolutely fell apart. Ended up with a 107 AFTER esc. I had 6 holes with 8+ strokes. Think I got tired. It was pretty disheartening
  3. Funny game

    Whoops!!! Thanks for pointing that out!
  4. Funny game

    No Chance I could only do 9 holes. Especially since the Front 9 is actually the easier of the two, so there is always the hope of putting together a great round. I am pretty addicted, lol, it's actually bad now. Even 36 holes for me isn't really enough. I typically play alone which is why I can get through the rounds so quickly, although more recently I've been asking my club to pair me with people, so I end up playing less holes, but I've found it helps me focus a bit more, since it slows me down. I have a very hard time pacing myself when I play alone,
  5. Funny game

    On Saturday, I shot my personal best, 86. On Sunday, I had a 4some scheduled for 9:30, but got to the course early to try and sneak in a round, first one on the course teeing for at 7am, but I ended up pairing up with another guy for company. Because of the pair, that round took longer, and I ended up having to stop after the 14th hole. I was playing really well, and avoided ANY blowup holes until that point, which was a first. I was at 69 through 14 holes. The final 4 holes were all par 4's, and easily bogeyable the way i was playing. Fast forward to 9:30am round. I par the first two holes. How great, Continuing my hot streak.... Then at the 4th hole the wheels came undone. 2 in the woods off the tee... I ended up with a 107 (in reality this was higher this was just my ESC) when all was said and done. with ESC I got 8's on 6 holes (most on the back 9) I had a 47 on the front. . On most of the other holes that I didn't butcher I ended up mostly with some pars and bogeys. I think I ended up getting hungry for lunch and it caused me to fatigue, because I typically don't play in 4somes so the round took longer than expected. Plus once I knew Funny though big of change youc an have between two rounds within the same day!!!
  6. I think I'm addicted...

    I normally tee off at 7am or a little before.walking at that time the first round takes a little over two hours. Second round is a bit slower since more people have teed off, but overall course isn't terribly crowded so pace of play allows the quantity. I'll normally walk two rounds than switch to the cart depending on how my feet feel. In terms of back and legs though no real issues with fatigue
  7. I think I'm addicted...

    18 holes never quite seemed like enough for me (especially as I tend to play better as the day progresses). A few summers ago, I would play 36 holes pretty regularly, but this summer, I found myself completing 36 holes by 12pm. Assuming I have nothing else planned for the day, I started playing 54 after lunch. I also think I play better after lunch since it is a bigger meal, breakfast doesn't quite hold me over. This past weekend Golf was ALL I had planned and I ended up playing 3.5 rounds on Saturday and almost made it through a full 4th round on Sunday before a Thunderstorm forced them to blow the horn Am I alone here in my compulsion to basically play until I can't play anymore? How many holes do you typically play in a day?
  8. What's the lowest score you have ever shot?

    A 90 (my second time shooting it) this past weekend. I started out the first two holes with double bogeys. Then I managed to settle in, and finished with a 41 on the Front 9 - My lowest ever. On 10 & 11, I got birdie, Par - Immediately thinking I'm going to finally get my first round in the 80's. It was not to be. I played in a scramble tournament earlier in the day, and hadn't eaten lunch before starting the new round. I think fatigue started to set in and I proceeded to get triples on 12 & 13. Mostly just bogeyed the rest of the holes from there on out.
  9. Improving Quicker than Handicap Reflects?

    I can definitely relate regarding playing with better golfers. My dad really really struggles to hit the ball consistently. Espeically towards the end of the round he ends up topping a lot of balls or just hitting low burners, and gets frustrated. I tend to play really poorly when I play with him. I think its a mixture of rhythm, having to wait for him to hit multiple shots before hitting one, and also his frustration. His favorite thing to say is "you always tell me these stories about how well you play, but whenever we play together I don't see it". Funny how that works.
  10. Improving Quicker than Handicap Reflects?

    Thanks Rick. Ya I'm definitely glad this first tournament is a 4 person scramble. I also was able to play with the team I got put with (I joined as a solo looking for a team) last weekend when I had my best round, so I feel comfortable around them. I always get a little jittery when I play with people for the first time. The real test will be Aug 9th where I signed up for an individual Net tournament. The course is a bit harder, 127 and I won't have ever played there before, which will make things difficult. The typical greens fees are $145 for non-members, so needless to say, I will not be playing a practice round, Ha.
  11. Improving Quicker than Handicap Reflects?

    Thanks Dave. You have alleviated my concern and I feel more in line. I was less concerned with my overall score and mostly worried that since I can go out and shoot +1 through 4 or so holes, than proceed to put two in the woods people might think it was intentional. My tournament this weekend is a scramble tournament so shouldn't be any worries with that one! I was surprised a few weeks ago I got paired at a new course with 3 other guys, and I told them up front "i'm a 25" the guy said he was a 17, and when he addressed the ball on the first tee I was wary of that. His face was so closed it looked to be pointed at the ground, he proceed to hook it into the woods. Then took many liberties with improving lies, or dropping when ball was lost but not counting the score. At the end of the round I asked if they had a computer to input score for handicap, and he looked at my blankly. Wonder how he came up with that 17!
  12. Improving Quicker than Handicap Reflects?

    Hi Dormie, Since I can only play on the weekends, I do play 2-3 rounds per day when I can!
  13. Improving Quicker than Handicap Reflects?

    Thanks for the feedback! Makes sense, I was initially surprised earlier in the season where one of my higher scores was used for a revision despite being 108, but it was because the course rating/slope was much higher. I probably won't be able to get to other courses much this season as I was able to get a really cheap membership and trying to keep costs down after the club purchases. Hopefully next year I can start playing some more difficult courses. For now, since I can have days where I go out and have an absolute hard time keeping the ball in play, I do like playing the same course over and over as until I can really feel like I'm striking the ball consistently I don't want to pay an arm and a leg on greens fees, only to have a miserable round.
  14. Hi all- This is my first post here. This season I have made it my goal to improve significantly. I've been playing for about 5 years, but only had one year where I was able to play consistently. I got a new set of Cobra Fly-Z's this season and have been playing multiple rounds every weekend since. This is the first year I've properly kept score (and obviously a handicap). I've dropped my handicap to a 24.5 having started at a 27.2 I've mostly been hovering in the 90's now that my swing is becoming more repeatable, but have days where I'll really struggle keeping the ball on line, resulting in many many lost balls. Even when I'm shooting in the 90's I'll usually have a 2-3 blow-up holes where I max my allowable score based on ESC. I'm playing in tournaments for this first time this season, and my main concern is that because I have committed to improving I think I'm improving quicker than my handicap is reflecting, and I don't want to be seen as a sandbagger. Over the weekend, I shot my lowest score yet (90), but hit 6 GIR, and parred 3 of the last 4 holes. The previous day I started my round with 3 straight pars, finishing with a 42 on the Front 9. The back 9 I had two blow-up holes (I Hate those two par 5's!). Below are most most recently posted scores. Based on my ability to go out and put up multiple pars within a matter of holes, along with having a decent number of birdie opportunities, how do you think my handicap reflects? My Home Course handicap is a 26, which I feel like is pretty high, essentially like having shot a 64 with my 90? Thoughts? Thanks in advance for the input! ,