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  1. The MP-33's were the best irons I've ever owned. I wore out 2 sets and was on my 3rd by the time life caught up with me and I decided to get something less demanding. They're deserving of every Mizuno cliche. If I ever come across a new or like new set, I will probably buy them just for nostalgia sake.
  2. I'm just across the border in BC, but I'd be interested as well. I've played some great courses in WA, including some of the ones mentioned.
  3. Title says it all. Looking to buy a Titleist 905R 9.5* with a Grafalloy Blue shaft. Men's right hand. Stiff flex. Must be willing to ship to Vancouver, BC Canada. V5Z 4B2USPS has some really nice boxes for shipping clubs. Looking to replace a long lost love...
  4. Congrats... looking forward to watching you on the show...
  5. I have a combo set, my usual set consisting of Mizuno MP-52 3-4 irons and MP-33, 5-PW. I have the MP 52 up to the 5 iron, and of course my MP-33 are a full set 2-PW. If you can make sense of that, then you're better than me :) I can switch in and out as conditions and playing dictate. They are all loft/lie and swing weight matched. The feel between the set is very consistent the only thing being the ball flight is a little higher in the long irons, which in my opinion, is never a bad thing :) Even Rory McIlroy used a combo set when he won at Quail Hollow, AP-2 and MB's. As for s
  6. I don't know Sean... you're at 2200 feet give or take... come out here to sea level where IRL a 260 yard drive is as good as 300 and as good as 330 on the internet and I would buy a country club... funds permitting of course, but I would then need the funds to hire Tom Fazio or Rees Jones to make they type of course that I like.
  7. It was free, and it was done by a major club manufacturer, not a store. I was fit by their tour van, at the time, arranged for me by a friend who played on the Nationwide Tour. I wouldn't get it done at a golf store, or trust the accuracy of their equipment. Paying $100 for a proper fitting... totally worth it if it helps or improves your game.
  8. Junkard Dog ...pretty much means I'm all over the place, but can always find a way to get it in the hole
  9. Sorry, but that's not a real driver fitting experience. You just hit a few drivers at the local golfmart, and picked the one the computer said you hit the best. A proper driver fitting entails hitting many drivers, with a launch monitor on a practice range, with different loft and shaft combinations until you find one that gives you the optimal launch conditions for your swing. When I was fit for my driver, they probably had over 200 drivers all made up (from one manufacturer) and it probably only took 30-40 swings to find the right club. I started off by hitting my current driver, and the
  10. All Cleveland wedges currently for sale are also available as conforming, but usually only as special order. (from the tech rep I spoke to last week, and also somewhere buried on their website) Cleveland and Vokey wedges are both great, but there's a big difference in feel between the two. You need find a place where you can hit them from different lies (without tape and not it a store) and decide for yourself. I'm replacing both of my wedges becuase one of them is worn out, and I want to replace in a pair, but both will be Cleveland. Luckily for me, I can still get the same loft/bounce comb
  11. I have the opposite problem, I usually tee off very early in the morning, and it's tough to see my first hole, and sometimes the tee shot on the second. What do I do you ask... I just pull out my yellow Srixon Z-Star and play away... haven't lost one yet. They don't glow in the dark... but they're the next best thing
  12. I don't think they are very accurate at all. I recently went to the one at my local GolfTown and it said I hit the ball 230 with a big fade. It also said I had a swing speed of 101mph (I'm closer to 105) and a launch angle of 18' IRL, I consistantly carry the ball 265-270 with a slight draw, and launch the ball between 12-14' I recently had a fitting at Titleist Fitting Center on a practice range for a driver, and the swing specs for GolfTown were not even close. So I think that taking the results "with a grain of salt" would even be asking too much.
  13. It's a great drill when you're starting to practice your putting. Once I could make 25 in a row, I moved out to 5 feet and tried to make 100 in a row. If I miss, I have to start over. I do this once a week, really helps with the stroke. That's a different drill, and there are many variations of it. You shouldn't work on your stroke on anything but a flat put. You need the proper feedback that you can only get from a flat lie and flat putting path. Don't get me wrong, it's a great drill, and a necessary one... just not for working on your stroke.
  14. 45, walking and carrying... have played some 36 hole tournaments back in the day, those were more tiring becuase of the mental stress... but these days, I'm pretty sure I couldn't do a scond 18 without a cart
  15. IcemanYVR

    Mini Tour Play

    thanks for the updates Ben, good to hear you're making progress my game didn't drastically improve either until I ditched the driving range for the practice area
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