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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Malvern You say in one post you are a political operative, whatever that means. In other walks of life when you condescendingly say to someone "I deal with your type all the time" do they normally react positively? Post that little gem I doubt whether I would take much notice of what you said. Yu also mentond you iked the discussion yet when someone disagrees you accuse them of getting personal. FWIW I agreed totally with iacas's post and I am a golf fan who lives thousands of miles from the US. Yes, I was so far off base posting that AFTER this was said to me. Quote: Well that was kind of a dumb thing to say: http://thesandtrap.com/t/46669/the-big-break-indian-wells/54#post_607363 . I didn't even have to leave this forum. Not everyone is as ignorant (or perhaps new to the game?) about Every's history as you. Your right. My bad. I had no right in asking why this had gotten personal. It obviously wasn't going there.
  2. As I said, the AVERAGE golf fan, doesn't know who Matt Every is. The AVERAGE golf fan, isn't watching Big Break. The AVERAGE golf fan, the season begins at the Masters and ends at the FedEx Cup Tour Championship, if not before because of football season. Hell, the AVERAGE fan now thinks Matt Every is a dope head that lucked into leading a golf tournament. So, the world is going to blame ME for saying Matt Every's interview was off base, if he doesn't rebound from it? Um. Ok. Pretty sure that no one (Golf Digest, Golf, Golf World, Golf Channel) is combing the Sand Trap for 30 something Missourians thoughts on Matt Every. At least, no one that matters that is. I posted on Facebook earlier that I wasn't going to stand in line to meet Cardinal great, David Freese. Will I also be responsible for him possibly batting .245 this year in an injury plagued season? C'mon.
  3. That is my argument and reason for discussing this. The timing is crap! I don't fault Kelly and GC for asking the question. I have a problem of WHEN they asked the question. Matt and his family have already dealt with his problems and have probably worked pretty hard to rebuilt his career and confidence. He finally goes out, plays a good round of golf, begins the process of repairing his career and BLAM, it is tossed back into his lap. They totally diminished his round of golf by proceeding on a witch hunt on the guy. WHO CARES?!? Obviously, he has done his time and paid for his mistakes, or he wouldn't be BACK on the PGA Tour and leading a tournament. It's like asking Jordan about the death of his dad after he drained that J over Byron Russell of the Jazz. Or asking Tiger exactly how man woman he had an affair with after he drained the putt to win the Chevron. It's just tasteless. And as a "journalist", yes, you have a set of guidelines you don't cross. Unless you want to talk to yourself. If you want to be Barbara Walters or Dr. Phil, go be one of those guys, on another network. I don't watch golf so we can delve into the faults and problems of the guys currently winning the tournament.
  4. By the way, I am a political operative. I love locking horns and discussing shit like this. It beats arguing politics all the time! Great discussion guys. Even the ones I disagree with!
  5. I realize that he didn't have to conduct the interview, but this isn't freaking 20/20 or Dateline. This isn't the O'Reilly Factor or Roy Firestone. People tune in to watch golf, the highlights of their favorite players round and to hear what the players say about their round afterwards and how they played. Like I said, if Golf Channel wanted to push the story of his arrest and suspension, I can think of about 100 other settings that would have been a touch better suited than the kids first big breakout on the big tour. I mean, my God, he was suspended for 3 months. I am pretty sure he addressed his problems during that time. Why drudge it up after he went out and played a hell of a round to lead this tournament? Golf Channel wasn't talking to Robert Garrigus before he had a decent year on tour last year. Golf Channel wouldn't be talking to Eric Compton 1 on 1 if he hadn't got his tour card for 2012. If Golf Channel wanted to give Every a 1 on 1 situation with Tim Rosaforte, like they did Garrigus and Compton, than that's another thing. Every should expect to be asked about it and I am sure he would know about it since it is a 1 on 1 situation. But to ask then, in that situation? That's bull. At it's best. And Kelly asked. Was it a smooth answer? No. But as a journalist, she should have seen the interview was going NOWHERE with her current direction and switched it up. She failed just as much as Every did. Had Every sat down and said on camera, "have you rebounded from the Tiger/lynching thing" and "why aren't you in the booth calling golf anymore", the blogosphere would have lit up calling the guy a prick for digging up old bones. Truth.
  6. How many people knew or spoke of Matt Every before that interview? My guess is not many outside of his family and circle of friends. I doubt he was picked in very many fantasy golf leagues. I bet you find Jimmy Hoffa before you find a post regarding Matt Every (before this one and the Sony discussion thread). If you aren't a die hard junkie for tour golf, chances are, you didn't even know who Matt Every was. So his introduction to the golf community was Kelly Tilghman roasting him on a mistake he made a year ago? Was Matt Every and his mistake less relevant before he was leading this tournament? You bet. Nobody cared about Matt Every because, who the hell is Matt Every. Now that he is winning a tournament, there is a story there, we should push it! Hey, yeah, I am also leading a full field tour event featuring some of the top players in the game, did you see that? Like I said, I hope he wins the Sony Open, so when Golf Channel decides to interview him again, he can say, "can we talk about my golf ability now, instead of my shortcomings that you decided to grind out of me?"
  7. And that's just it. I could care less if what he did is right or wrong. What nerves me, is Kelly is trying to pass herself off as a "journalist" by conducting these player interviews and totally tosses them into a bear trap like that. I mean, I don't care who you are, you are only going to get away with that for so long before no one is going to talk to you. It is painfully clear that Every had no idea he was going to be asked that question. Golf Channel wasn't exactly knocking down his door when it happened or before the tournament for him to explain, because you know why? No one knew of him and they didn't care because there was no way Matt Every was going to win this tournament. Now that he is leading and stands a good chance to win, let's attack him for his mistake. Stupidity sells stories and makes money. Hell, just look at Fox News.
  8. A buddy and me went to play Cog Hill Dubsdread one day. We were in town for a wedding and decided the day before the wedding, we wanted to play a course that professionals play. It was a week or so after what was then The Western Open. Well, we got paired up with a local member. Nice guy named Tim. Well, he was a ringer, dude was awesome and my buddy and I are hackers at best. Well, we get to the cabin hole (the Par 3 on the back 9, I believe it is 14 maybe) and he asks my buddy and I, "do you mind if I fire up a bowl". My buddy never smoked pot in his life and I, well, I will just say I had my fair share of blazing up. My buddy had no idea what he was talking about. So I was like, yeah man, go ahead, just don't get us kicked off the course. Dude played lights out the last 4 or 5 holes. Probably played in a couple under par. But the worst part was, my buddy and I had to spend the last few holes going, "Tim, don't forget your ball", "Tim, your wedge is laying over there in the grass", "Tim, can you pull the stick please". I think it improves your focus in some areas, but really destroys it in the most basic of instances.
  9. Matt Every owes no one an explanation. If he has made peace with his family, God (or whomever he prays to), and done his time, he doesn't owe Golf Channel, Kelly Tilghman, the fans, anyone, an explanation. Matt Every isn't Tiger Woods with a following of millions of people. Tiger had to appologize and talk about his problems if he ever wanted to sell a pair of shoes, a watch, a car, a ball, a hat, etc, ever again. Matt Every is just trying to live out his dreams and provide for his family. He owes no one anything. Golf Channel took what might be the guys best round of golf on the PGA Tour and overshadowed it by a simple mistake he made in his past. That is unfair to him and his fans that his great round of golf and him leading the Sony Open was overshadowed by his mistake and a mistake he has done the time for. Now if Golf Channel wanted to come to him and say, "you know, if you win this tournament, we would like to do an expose on your troubles and how you worked past them and became successful", that is another thing. I didn't see anyone after Robert Garrigus finished as the highest American in the 2011 U.S. Open, come up after the Open was finished and say, "Great golf, Robert. Now lets talk about your drug and alcohol problems". Yeah, Golf Channel is doing a story on him, but it is also a 1 on 1 story where Garrigus knows, I am going to talk about my problems. As I said, if you wanted to do a story on Every's problems, make it a comfortable enviroment for him. That is what Kelly is. A journalist. If she really wants to get the players to open up and talk to her, which is what journalism is, she would make them feel comfortable. She failed big time. She took a guys great round of golf in a tough tournament and put the spotlight on her and her ridiculous questions. Kelly has a history of running her mouth and getting into trouble (See Tiger "lynching"), which is exactly why she isn't in the booth anymore. Golf Channel should demote her to camera woman.
  10. Yeah, I grabbed Petterson on a hunch. I am kicking myself for not picking Kyle Stanley. Than at least ONE of my B players would have made the cut!
  11. That's why I say, I wonder if he has a social anxiety disorder. It appears to me that he does and as someone that has the same problems, sometimes it isn't as simple as saying, "Yeah, blah blah blah". Whether he should have been prepared or not, it was tasteless of GC and Kelly to turn his good round of golf into an attack on his past. Maybe Matt should have brought up that whole Kelly/Tiger thing and seen how Kelly handled it.
  12. Like I said, I am not dismissing how the guy handled the interview. But I equate how Kelly and GC handled it to, your best man standing up and giving his toast and casually mentioning the pro you hooked up with in Vegas. Or getting handed to college degree and reminded of the all night kegger you got arrested at. I mean, if you want to do a hard hitting Q and A with the guy, get at the least, a comfortable enviroment for him to answer your questions in. Sit him down with Rosie.
  13. On what, the Nationwide Tour? The local paper?
  14. INSERT RANT - My GF and I were sitting down to dinner, watching live coverage of the Sony Open. They flip to the player interview of the guy leading the tournament, a guy I had never heard anything about. Matt Every. As Kelly starts interviewing him, I told my GF that this guy must have a social anxiety disorder or something, because he acted very uncomfortable even talking about the most basic of things (He didn't even know what he shot on the back 9). What followed was simply jaw dropping. Kelly should have noticed that Matt was uncomfortable, so why she saw that as an oppurtunity to drudge up his past, is beyond me. Look, I know we all have to answer for our shortcomings, but really? On national television? When you are leading a world class golf tournament? When no one knows anything about you, other than you are currently leading a golf tournament? When you just want to talk about the fantastic round of golf you just played? Kelly Tilghman and Golf Channel should be ashamed of themselves. I know Matt Every isn't Tiger, Phil, Ernie, Vijay or Rory, but my God, give him a little respect. And that's another thing. Matt Every is a new player on tour, a no name hoping to stick. He obviously doesn't have the communications camp that a Tiger Woods has, so he IS going to have to handle himself better in interviews. But not under those circumstances. That was bush league of Kelly. I took to Twitter to voice my displeasure with Kelly and The Golf Channel team. Not because I condone what Every did or how he handled the interview, but because he shouldn't have been treated that way. What does him getting busted for pot two years ago have to do with him leading a tournament? I didn't get to see any of his shots, putts, anything. Instead I had to watch a poor guy get ambushed for a simple mistake almost everyone in life has made or will make. I don't know Matt Every. Never heard him. But I hope he goes out there and wins this tournament. And then gets to go on Golf Channel and talk about what really matters. His golf game and how he won this tournament!
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