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  1. Ya I searched ebay a bit and I came up with the same conclusion as you - it's a decent deal for me. Thanks! I actually asked him if I could but he didn't have much time thus weekend to do that and he had another buyer so I had to kind of act quickly. I wasn't really planning to get a new set this year but if I can try a stiff shaft in a solid club I'm willing to do that for a good price. I always wanted to get fitted for my next iron set, unfortunately won't be able to do that but maybe I can make minor adjustments to them after the fact if necessary. Worst case scenario is I rese
  2. Initially didn't see your reply to my post. Ok nice. So I'm definitely gonna notice a signification difference, good or bad, with the stiff shafts. I talked him down another $20 so it's now $260CAD, don't think I can pass it up as I feel it'll be a pretty decent upgrade over my Colonials. I love those things.
  3. Hit my driver about 250-255 and my 7 iron about 155-160 To be honest, I don't know my swing speed but my driver is a stiff shaft. I've played baseball my whole life and I think my swing speed warrants a stiff shaft. I've swung a buddy's regular shaft driver and it felt too flimsy.
  4. So I looked at the set and they are a "uniflex". Any idea idea what that correlates on the 1-5 apex scale?
  5. During my quick research (all of 30 minutes), I was under the impression that AP-2 710 irons were the first gen of AP-2s? I feel like I'm certainly mistaken after reading your post.
  6. Thanks man! I'll have to take a peek at the number when I'm back home later tonight. The way I see it, the MCC Golf Pride grips are basically $90-100 alone. I'm not that huge of a gear guy yet, but I'm slowly learning. I guess I just need someone to be like "buy it already if that's what you're looking for" :P
  7. Hey guys, I need a little advice on pricing for these clubs, even though I've searched the PGA resale guide. I have an opportunity to pick up a set locally for $280CAD (approximately $210USD), with brand new MCC Golf Pride grips. It's a 3-PW. I'd say the clubs are in 8/10 condition and look pretty good from the pictures. I know these are almost 6-year old clubs but I think it's a very good deal to begin with. I currently am gaming an older set of Ben Hogan Colonials. I actually love them to death but it's really the only set I've known ever since starting to play seriously over the
  8. I don't know what to say man... your descriptions are the most on point I've ever heard or read anywhere, even without a video example. Kudos, brother. Went to the range again today to implement some of the driver techniques you mentioned. Ecstatic to say that I had the same successes I previously experience with your bucket technique. It seemed like it was an instant fix to hit it straight again. I was definitely coming more over the top with the drier and had to vision it as more around the body and hitting up on the ball. I think what particularly helped me is that the shoulders and hi
  9. Dude. That was SUCH a solid post, I really appreciate it and I read through it 3x to ensure I was comprehending it the way you intended. I just got back from the range using the "water bucket" technique and was hitting my irons the most solid I've hit them in a while with a tiny draw. It felt like a pretty big change but instantly had consistency I've never seen in my iron play. On the other hand, using this technique resulted in my driver slicing more than I used to and not hitting it as square as I used to. I should have got a video but unfortunately I didn't think about it. Anythi
  10. So I took a bit of a hiatus for the winter months here in Canada but have been out a few times on the course and many more times on the range since January (2-3x.week). I have a video of the down the line view of my 3 wood here. I still think I'm chicken-winging my left arm and I think I need to keep it tighter to my body. I know I should post a side view but that's all I have for now. Any advice on the swing (I apologize for my friend's horizontal recording)?
  11. Thanks man I really appreciate it. You're right, conceptualization and implementation are 2 very difficult procedures to pair up. I've finally realized that "feel is not real" and I'm working on really emphasizing what I am actively trying to fix. Some wise words in here and I'll try to insert them into my at-home routine. I went through the motions to try to replicate the top of the backswing you showed above. It really feels like my left hand should be facing the sky more at the top. Before, it was facing more down at my target, which means it was cocked in a position that made me really
  12. I apologize but I'm not sure how to embed youtube videos on the new platform... Anywho, Here's a driver swing from a range session last night. I know i'm still coming over the top and a little bit too much on my front foot at impact. My miss is a fade but usually hit about 6 or 7 out of 10 straight (which is a massive improvement from a few weeks ago). I noticed that slowing down my takeaway and really concentrating on starting my downswing with my hips to be the main contributors. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can get my swing on a better plane from the get-go?
  13. Shot my best score yet of 84 on the weekend and the swing felt the most consistent I've had it feel, ever. Here are a couple updated videos of my swing. My personal analysis (because I like to see if my swing thoughts match up with experts'). I feel that I'm still going a bit too far with my backswing although it's been shortened a little bit. I also think my left elbow is straying away from my body too much, not sure how it is affecting my swing because I'm not really hooking or slicing balls very often. I'd say 8 or 9/10 iron shots on the range are going straight, and a couple of thes
  14. Yah that's one thing I spotted in the video as well, that my backswing was much too far and fully corked. In my head, I guess I think that a longer backswing will give me more power, which it clearly doesnot. So you basically want my backswing to stop where it is on the pic to the right, correct? As well as the left arm tucked in a little more and not "chicken-winging"? At the very least, can you see any improvements in my swing from what I've changed so far? In my opinion, I think i'm trending in the right direction, solely based on the number of pure shots I hit at the range compared
  15. Just got back from the grass tee range, SO much more helpful and satisfying than hitting off mats. I think I had the best range session I've had in a long time. I've changed my swing a good amount and feel very comfortable with the centered hip turn. I'm hitting all clubs much smoother and getting consistent straight shots with added yardage. The shots that I do mishit are still going straight, just not as far (I've read somewhere that a great player makes sure his mishits are still playable - basically minimizing the range of where they go). I still have to work on a consistent hip turn but I
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