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  1. Just reporting findings. I putted fine with the 7 Wood so will most likely be using this in combination with the 7 Iron and Loft Wedge. I never would have thought of swapping the putter out, so thanks all.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. Alas, without a putter I am no Robert Streb (or Chuck Norris!): http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2015/07/robert-streb-gets-fantastic-wedge-stamp.html I'd prefer to keep the putter as I find holing out tough enough as is, but if I do trade it out for a 8 iron and loft wedge, which should I put with? (I'll also have the Callaway X2 Hot 21 Degree 7 Wood, which is non-negotiable - as its my favourite club for so many situations) I'll be a strange sight this weekend at the club, on the putting green without a putter! If I can't make it work I'll have to go back to attempting higher lofted shots with the PW (would still love some more advice on that)
  3. Hello! Looking for a little advice. I have a three club society event in August. Looking at the course, I believe a 7 Wood, Pitching Wedge and Putter are my best combination. But here's the question; If I run in to trouble, and need to 'flop' the ball over a hazard, how might this be attempted with a pitching wedge? I appreciate that a true flop is not possible, but what's the best I can hope for? I've attempted opening the face as much as possible, which gives me some extra height, but I'm also 'blading' the ball much more often when I do this. Any ideas how I can set-up and play the PW so it 'feels' a little more like a SW/LW? I'm playing PING G25 and my PW is 45 degrees. I have the matching 'Utility Wedge' (i.e. a 50 degree Gap Wedge) but I can only get 100-110 yards out of it, whereas I can get my PW to travel 120-130. The Utility Wedge is easier to chip with, but I'd miss the distance of the PW. Thanks for any advice! °