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  1. I think the rule is fair. If the ball would have gone in I bet any player would take it.
  2. 40/45 par 71 A personal best. Driving was terrible, 7 fwys or near fw, 2 girs, chipping and putting was good, 2 chip ins, 8 one putts, 8 two putts. Another personal best.
  3. Most confusing round I have ever played and it yeilded my lowest score ever.
  4. Somebody has to do it, they look so lonely. Once a week I wear long pants (we have briars), and add them to the shag bag. Unethical not IMHO.
  5. Driver. I am a recovering sliceaholic. But over the last few weeks since discovering this site and LSW I am on the road to recovery!
  6. Why did they put all these trees in my way?
  7. My driving is killing me, damn it's hot!
  8. Last month I altered my swing and shortening the BS was a big part of it to try to gain more control from the tee. I had fallen into the habit of swinging for the fence and was lucky to have four or five drives in the short grass. I now average 10 fairways hit, (includes first cut), with a 220 yd avg over the last 7 rounds. It is helping me at this point. Now if only I could hit a green!
  9. Hopefully there will be some one that's close to a true conservative to vote for. Progressives from both parties have been in control long enough.
  10. I'm just a curious blue collar guy with a simple question. Anyone ever hear a recommendation on what the perfect climate should be?
  11. I do'nt think DT will win the nomination. But hopefully he keeps talking and gets the other contenders on both sides to start talking about ways to get this country back on the tracks. DT's biggest sin is speaking about problems very specifically instead of the normal vague platitudes we usually hear. I feel we need someone to put America's interests first and not be ashamed of it. Golf will survive just fine no matter what happens. People like us that love and care about the game will always keep it going. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Played a local tract today, Bayou Barriere, in Belle Chasse, LA. Shot 90, couldn't hit a green. Had a personal best though, played 31 holes in just under 4 hrs! Ran out of gas, had to stop.
  13. Kenny Stabler would get my vote. I was a die hard Raider fan in the 70's and early 80's. It was a much different game then compared to now. If any sport's Hall of Fame only contained the highest statiscal leaders they would be very shallow places IMO.
  14. I am a retired Fireman and Genaral Contractor.
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