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  1. I’m here to help the guy with an issue and avoid the same path i went on not play tennis against a wall with you. If he understands what I’m saying and has a follow up q then i’ll try to help, i dont care if you get stuck on a misinterpretation.
  2. I never said they didnt get left. I said they get there thru proper rotation which is in the back swing and the downswing. Look at hogans hips. Hes rotated not sliding. An ott’er usually gets too trail side and never gets back. Hogans right butt cheek at the top of his backswing is most certainly already ‘left’ and travels a very long way around with no need to consciously slide. The left is simply the result.
  3. Sorry. To clarify: my 100% excludes ott’ers which are not golfers haha 😆 . In order: get left, turn. Imo those who try to consciously get their weight right then left end up bringing the path too far inside and then suffer from blocks and hooks. You may be on that path as you need to fix ott first. Ultimately you’ll realize that weight swivels around like hogan and not back and forth. The sooner you get there the better. You’re pro is not wrong per se. it’s a journey imo
  4. Yes. This whole post is for the .001% who stay back and spin out. 99% people sway too much and fight blocks hooks flippy as they bring the path too much from inside when they should just turn after getting the lead foot grounded
  5. I for one would like to see the solution to cartierbresson's video. It's thoughtful and covers a lot of what is in my mind i think some of his versions may generate power vs accuracy with pros and cons to go with it. I would like if we could get consensus on that as opposed to just leaving with whatever just feels best must be best.
  6. Mvmac, can you expand on this for two or three more frames, because I think that is where the answer lies. How do you go from that pos'n and keep going without stalling the hips to achieve left hip high, left shoulder high, weight left heel and balanced?
  7. Hi. A little counter theory here. The action of planting your left foot with your back to the target effectively gets you all the forward move you need unconsciously. ANY additional intentional slide can be too much and you run the risk of getting stuck and hooking, pushing... the root of all issues, possibly
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