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  1. I am in need of a 2 hybrid to bridge the gap between my 3 iron and my 3 wood. I hit some different hybrids into a monitor yesterday and I liked the Adams V3 and the idea black super hybrid the best. Before I pulled the trigger, I wanted to know what people liked/disliked about these two hybrids (sorry for being so specific). The super hybrid seemed to be longer shafted almost more like a FW metal but it was bullet. The V3 set up more like a true hybrid and I it felt great, but....it is $100 more. Also, is 17* the right replacement for a 2 iron, my 3 iron is 21*. Please let me know any oppinions you may have about these hybrids. Thanks!
  2. I am fairly flexible. I played baseball in college for 4 years and graduated a year ago, so i would say more flexible than most.
  3. I have been hearing that body type makes a big difference in the type of swing you have. So I wanted to know if my build is better for a swing type. I am about 5' 10" and a stocky build. Does this benifit more from a 1 plane or 2 plane or steep or shallow. If anyone know I would love to know. Thanks
  4. I have a quick question, when people say you want about 2 knuckles showing on your left hand at address, where are they supposed to be showing? Are they supposed to be visable to my eyesight looking down, or a mirror head on. This may be a dumb question but i really have no clue. Thanks
  5. I know these are tough questions to answer, but I'm going to ask it anyways. I can get the new Pro v's for pretty cheap right now but can't decide which to get. I swing around 115 with driver and like last years regular pro v, but i have heard nothing but great things about the new pro v1x. My question is, are the new pro v's better than the old ones from your experience? And with a 115 ss, is the X the way to go for me? Thanks in advance
  6. This may not be too much help, but I have the SUMO 5000 and absolutely love it. Unless the Dyno is a beast, or unless you want to be able mess around with the set up, the SUMO is great and half the price
  7. just a general questions, but what makes them x-out balls?
  8. Saw the thread, needed to post on it. I have the nike Sumo 5000 driver and I love it. I see nothing so different than other drivers I have purchased. I guess some people can't get over the fact that Nike has started making good equipment, 5 years ago you may have had an argument, but stop living in the past.
  9. I really think I need to reshaft my driver. I have around 115 SS and when I bought my driver last winter, the guy at the shop said Stiff is the way to go becuase no one should truly fit into X stiff. I hit my driver well, around 275, but my ball flight is way too high. I want something to lower the flight and I think a stiffer shaft will help dispersion. I have heard nothing but good things about the Harrison Saga Shaft and i can get it for cheap. Has anyone had good/bad experiences with it. I would love to hear some feedback, Thanks!
  10. +1 on that, you should try and make every put, good lag putters miss by a small margin on long putts, thats really all it means
  11. haha nice work. I was coming in here to say exactly that.
  12. I have a recurring problem of coming over the top and I think its because I take the club too far to the inside on my backswing. First of all, how can I tell if that is the case. And secondly, are there any drills to work on correcting this. THanks!
  13. I have been hearing some really good things about the new B330 tour ball. And have been getting a mixed bag about the B330 S. I wanted to hear some feedback on the 2 and which one you prefer. Thanks in advance. Also if you could add some comparisons to last years model as well would be perfect!
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