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  1. Played Radisson for the first time today...the course is in great shape. The tree lined fairways make your worried off the tee, but there is more room than you think.
  2. I completely tore a ligament playing basketball about 2 years ago, and the first time I stepped out on the court after rehabbing for 4 months I tore it again within minutes. I rolled it one more time before realizing I needed to take it easy. Sadistically, I'm glad I screwed up my ankle. It's the only reason I picked up golf. As of today, it's 99% healed. I can do everything I could before, but I get some very slight pain after playing ball still. My suggestion is to rehab long and hard, and don't even think about trying to play before you are ready. It might suck for the first few mo
  3. Oh cool, any chance that in the ranking section it has the top 200 most improved players?
  4. Weird question, I know. But is there anyway to find out what articles will be in the May issue of Golf Digest? I've been looking on the website without any luck. Does anyone have tips? Thanks.
  5. 145 for me...didn't even go to the range or anything. I was watching Winged foot and asked my dad to take me out. I had so much fun, even though I sucked.
  6. I always thought they configure the GPS on carts by the pin location schedule?
  7. I don't think they are necessarily lying, I think they actually believe they can hit it 300 yards. They do the math right, but they don't take into account the tees playing up, wind at the back, cutting the corner---and on top of that, there "average" is the one drive they actually got a hold of. Take all those factors into account, and a 240 yard drive can easily turn into a "300 yard bomb".
  8. I guess I should have broken down the handicap choices better...oh well.
  9. I played with a plus two last year, and it was a great learning experience. He could legitimately hit it 300 yards, but I was more impressed with his short game more than anything. It seemed like he would make or have a tap in from anywhere on the green. How about you guys?
  10. Everyone says it, but try to stay in the present. Think one shot at a time. Once you have a bad hole or shot, forget about it.
  11. Just check the guy's IP address. Chances are he is a member and made a joke account for some fun. Can't you ban people for multiple accounts?
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I thought the exact same thing
  13. I also have the same problem. I come across the ball and either pull it or fade/slice it. It becomes worse as I get to my long irons and almost unplayable when I get to my driver. I like the tip above of keeping the left arm close, I'll have to give that a try.
  14. I've always felt like my downswing is too steep and slightly over the top (see pictures). It's almost as if I am hitting at the ball instead of letting the clubhead do the work. Compared to this , it looks as if I am throwing my hands down instead of tucking them and lagging the clubhead. Does anyone have any drills or swing thoughts to combat this? Thanks.
  15. Do you putt them hard to the back of the cup to take out the break or die them in? I lipped out 3 putts from 3-4 feet today on the high side of the hole. I think I might start playing them dead straight unless it's a large break. Which do you do, and how many putts per round are you averaging?
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