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  1. Taller guys have longer arms and therefore can create a larger arc = club head speed. Unfortunately, as a shorty, I have to accept the fact that if I want to put an 80% swing on my 6 iron, it's not going to go 190 yards, it's going to go more like 150...
  2. I'm golfing tomorrow with my wife, so I'll get her to do a head on view of my swing.
  3. Does it look like I'm too far away from the ball with my 7 iron? I agree that it looks like I'm too far away with my driver, but it doesn't feel like I'm reaching for the ball. Question: Do you guys recommend tucking in your back elbow on the backswing? I think that maybe why my driver swing is flat on the backswing and steeper on my downswing (causing an OTT move). Do you agree with this guy on elbow position: http://www.thegolfchannel.com/golf-l...takes-avoid/2/
  4. I was messing around with the swingacademy website and it looks like I have a very flat backswing and a steeper downswing. Any drills to change this?
  5. Slice off the tee - hence the my user name! I also noticed that off the tee, sometimes the ball goes 300 yards.... 150 yards up in the air, 150 yards faded to the left!
  6. Ya, I'm not very tall. Last year, my instructor told me for when I swing my driver, my hands should be below my eyes. I think they're a little too far pushed out.
  7. Does the ball look like it's tee'd up on my 7 iron swing? It's not on a tee. Ball typically goes left.
  8. A swing with a driver and another with a 7 iron. Advice and critiques please
  9. Great job man! Congrats! I think it's even more impressive because the weather here has been crappy...
  10. What?! No big deal, but I think my A4's are nice. They look great at address, with a topline that's not too thick. More importantly, they sure feel nice when I hit it just right.
  11. I have this putter and I love it. No issues with distance here. $50 is a great deal on this putter as I bought mine on sale at Golf Town for double that price. Have you thought about going over to Golf Town or whatever golf store you can get to and see if they had any in stock to test out? I bought mine back in March and they still had quite a few of these Yes! models.
  12. Since I'm filipino, I guess I should be a good caddy? Anyways, my wife plays, and she's pretty good. We took lessons together, and we played together quite a bit last year. She's my best friend so I enjoy the time I get to play with her. Of course, it's fun to play with the buddies too.
  13. I have done the same thing with my driver. From what I understand is that it happens because we hit the ball with a descending blow rather than an ascending one. The descending blow puts a backspin on the ball and robs distance. I've read that if the ball is tee'd up higher, it could flatten out the swing.
  14. Yes, but only with my wedges and short irons. My instructor told us to do this because it's one less thing you have to worry about when trying to square the club face. When I started doing this, it helped me in becoming more consistent when about 120 yards and in.
  15. I average about 360-400 yds off the tee. Of course I yell "POWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" in my follow through, so I think that adds about 150 yds to my drives.
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