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  1. Making a weekend trip to the big apple. Looking forward to it
  2. I don't have the video ready to go, but Tiger at the President's cup with the walk-after-it-mega-club-twirl on the par 5 is top 3 tour sauce OF ALL TIME
  3. Awesome, thanks. Looks like rain this weekend, then I'm headed to Pebble next weekend, but eventually I'll get out there and let you know!
  4. Ricky and Matsuyama both off to hot starts, would love to see another playoff/tight finish between these two. 16 on Sunday when it's close is and AWESOME scene
  5. Not sure how I missed it hahaha Thank you
  6. Being a young millennial TST Member, I am a follower of Barstool Sports. They just started a golf podcast today called "Fore Play" with a couple of their bloggers on the mic. The first Ep was a little choppy and could definitely be improved upon, but overall I like the premise--crack some jokes, rattle off some tour talk, and just shoot the sh*t about golfing with buddies. They also had Ollie Schniederjans on for about 10 mins to talk about his recent play & the Waste Management Phoenix Open. So... Any good golf podcasts that you would recommend? Serious or funny. I saw that the
  7. Very interesting to know. Thanks for that. Always have been curious what my stats like this were, maybe I'll start tracking it each round
  8. Thought this too until my simpleton mind caught the J's in the logo. I kinda like it. Simple enough to throw on a hat like the TW logo
  9. When my playing mates get "down in the dumps" when not playing well. Drags the whole group's energy down and reallllly grinds my gears
  10. There's just something about Ernie Els that makes me love the dude. I'm fairly young so I haven't watched him long but my dad has always been a big easy fan so I guess that just rubbed off on me
  11. Scratch that, he is practicing Saturday . Playing 18 at supposedly ~80% as of right now
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