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  1. I've not played golf since i was a teenager and am looking to ease myself back into it... I don't have a garden but have a fairly large decked patio area (guessing about 5m x 6m) and am looking for a driving net to get my swing back into shape. Basically my criteria is as follows: Large enough in both hight and width so i can use with irons and drivers whilst allowing for the odd shank thats likely to happen after not playing for almost a decade. Easy to put up and dismantle and doesn't require pegging into the ground (Wooden decking) and would fit nicely in a cupboard once dismantled. i'm also looking for a range style matt to use with rubber tee's and off the ground (a longer rough section would be a bonus) Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideally i'd like to spend between £100- £200 ($150-$300) max Thanks for your help!