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  1. Donald Trump for president?

    Wow, I don't know where to start with this and I really don't have time to explain to you just how out of touch with reality these statements are.
  2. Donald Trump for president?

    I don't agree with the argument about how his great business mind will make him a great president. Would Bloomberg be a good president? He is a good businessman. The country is not a business, there is much more at stake than the financial well being of the American people. He has divided the party like no other candidate ever has, and he would divide the country even more than Obama has. No legislation will get passed. That might be the only good thing to come out of it. I prefer a gov't that doesn't pass any new laws. We have enough already. This is all going to be a moot discussion anyway. He won't get elected. He has so many skeletons in his closet the Democratic machine will chew him up. They would love to run against him. You haven't seen anything yet in terms of attacks on Trump. Everything will come out and people will flock to Hillary, just for the simple fact that she is a known quantity. Trump is a wildcard.
  3. Donald Trump for president?

    What? Middle men, who? When you say "less qualified government agent", who are you referring to? Secret service? FBI? Please explain, because I know quite a bit about this subject and I think you are talking about things completely over your head. Most of the private security he might have the chance to hire are most likely retired federal/state law enforcement and are past their prime.
  4. Donald Trump for president?

    Ok, I can agree that the gov't wastes a lot of our money. What I don't agree with is your opinion that Trump would be any better at spending. Most of the projects you referenced are directly due to "pork" being added to bills passed by congress. Those things are added as direct result of big money in politics. Trump has (self admitted) been one of those guys pumping money into politics for personal gain. If you agree with him, he hasn't donated money based on principle, but to benefit his businesses. So, that flies in the face of you argument that he would help fix the problem he has helped create. Even if he did care about spending our money more responsibly, he won't have that much power to do so. Congress has the power of the purse. Your congressmen and senators are the ones with more influence over how your money is spent. Let's say you are right, and Trump will spend his own money on vacations (if he takes any). I seriously doubt that. He has a well documented history of screwing over the little guy if they don't side with him. His MO, goes something like this. Contract a guy to do a lot of work on your building, short him $100,000 on the bill, and threaten to take him to court and tie up the money in a mountain of legal fees before you see any of it. Most just cut their losses because its not worth it. Now, if he really did want to save us some money, why is he using the secret service to protect him on the campaign trail? Can't he afford to hire his own security detail? Answer, yes he can afford it, but no, he would rather get something for free if he can.
  5. Donald Trump for president?

    You made my point. Your response sounds more emotional than a sound defense of his strong policy positions. Of which, I think he has none.
  6. Donald Trump for president?

    Might be waiting a long time if you want any clarity from Trump. Only thing that is clear to me is that Trump is very flexible on his positions, and will change anything he has to depending on his audience. I hope it is becoming clear to many that he is a fraud, and just playing on everyone's emotions/frustration with the establishment.
  7. Donald Trump for president?

    Its not exactly made up, it was in reference to the actual last name of an ancestor who changed if from Drumpf to Trump. John Oliver had a segment on his show about it, would suggest you check it out, actually pretty well done. just google John Oliver Donald Drumpf.
  8. To be honest, it wasn't a real fitting. They didn't have a demo in that model, so he just had me hit one off the rack that still had all the plastic wrap around the head. He didn't offer to take it off to make any adjustments. I didn't have very high expectations going in, and there wasn't any charge for the fitting, so I can't complain too much. I was just happy I could find a place with a real launch monitor.
  9. Donald Trump for president?

    Trump is a con man and fraudster. If you can't see that, you are the mark.
  10. Besides from the different drivers, just the weight of the shaft. the 60g x-flex worked out great. Not sure how much of an actual fitting it was. He didn't do much but have me hit some with my driver, then he started to hand me options he thought I should try. Honestly I didn't pay much attention to the different shafts that were in each club. I didn't want anything to bias my swing. Just focused on making consistent swings and let the data inform me. I think it went well. Thanks, but I should give a little more details on those results. The first round I hit 11/14 fairways the weather was 40 degrees and windy. My good drives were only going about 260, so that might've helped them stay in the fairway. The second round I hit 9/13, and the weather was a bit better, 60 but still windy. Only hit 300 a couple times when the wind wasn't hurting.
  11. Agree, and with a driver that I can hit 70% of fairways with instead of 50%, I'll hit it a lot more, and be in better position than if I hit 3w.
  12. Update: I went to a local store, the only place I could find that has a real launch monitor (GC2), and hit a good amount of drivers. I started off with my old driver to get a baseline, then moved to the new ones. I was at the mercy of what ever they had in stock with an extra stiff shaft, which is where he said I should be. My club head speed was 108-110. I hit the Callaway XR, Cobra Fly Z+, TM AeroBurner, Nike Vapor Flex, and Ping G30. Actually, I'm not sure they were all X-stiff, but anyway, here is what I discovered. I hit at least 5 shots with each club and narrowed them down based on the dispersion, feel/forgiveness, and sound. I hit the Ping very well and it felt good, but just couldn't get over the sound of it. Being inside, it actually hurt my ears. I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad on the course, but it was too much to handle. I came down to the Nike Vapor Flex and the Cobra Fly Z+. Hit a few more with each and saw that the spin rates and dispersion with the Nike was much more consistent. I was hitting all of them within 10yds of the center line, and the misses were with my normal draw. The Cobra was nice, but just a little more inconsistent. As compared with my old driver (Callaway Razr Hawk), the spin rates were about 200 rpm higher than the Nike (2000 avg). Plus the Nike just felt pure off the face. The shaft was a 60g Diamana x-Flex, so I think that had a lot to do with it. My old shaft was 85g. With all that and the adjustability options it has, that was what I went with. It was more than I went in wanting to spend, but I'm happy with it. So, after that I took it to the course over the weekend and had some great results. First, on the range I made some adjustments and ended up with it on 11.5 degrees and the weights towards the back. I didn't see a lot of difference between the loft change, from 9.5 to 11.5, but I left it there. On the course, it was spectacular. I hit 20 of 27 fairways, which I am extremely happy about. Of the misses, a couple were on me, some really bad swings. The others weren't horrible, only missed the fairway by 2-5 yards. Bottom line: If you are like me and want to hit more fairways, get a driver fitting. Don't just settle for something off the rack. Also, I'm not brand loyal at all. I went in completely open to whatever was handed to me. That's reflected in my bag too. I now have 4 different brands represented. Nike Driver, Titleist fairway metals and wedges, Mizuno irons, and a Ping putter. -Brian p.s. I hate the grip that came with the Nike (GP tour wrap), had to change it out to a midsize velvet.
  13. Unusual set make up

    Well, I did something like that when I got my new set of MP-15s last year. I don't carry a 3 iron, so I had the 4 bent from 24 to 22 and the 5 from 27 to 26. Now all of my irons have a 4 degree separation, and it closed down the distance gap from my 5w to my 4i. I'm happy with it. I like your idea and think you could get away with it. Clubs are basically just lofted pieces of steel. It shouldn't matter what the number on the head says as long as you know how to play it.
  14. I didn't do too much research on TST before writing this, so if there is another thread that discusses this please let me know. I'd like to hear what people have to say. So, I'm looking to get a new driver. I'm currently using a Callaway RAZR Hawk, with an Aldila NV 85 X shaft. The reason I'm looking started because I wanted to hit more fairways. I'm not looking for more distance, but if I get a few more yards that would be nice. At least that's what I told myself. Really, I think I'm just bored of it and want to see what else is out there. Probably just going to get a 2015 model, since I'm not the type who likes to drop $300+ on one club. After looking around a bit and reading/watching reviews my thoughts started to change about how much a new driver will actually do for me vs. just putting some more range time in. I realized that I was probably fooling myself, and that anything new wouldn't really do much. So I started to look around for some reviews on old vs new drivers to see if anyone has done a comparison. I'd like to see how much the numbers (spin rate, distance, dispersion, etc) changed from year to year with all the "innovations". I couldn't really find anything, so I'm going to take my current driver with me when I hit the new ones and see how different the numbers are, if any. I know it won't be exactly apples to apples, but I'd still like to see what my current driver is doing. I never had it on a launch monitor before, and never had it fitted, which really is probably my biggest issue. I've also seen some videos suggesting that shafts don't really make much difference in performance, but rather more with feel. Would like to see if my extra stiff shaft really makes much of a difference, or is it just my perception that is effected. I have a feeling anyone who really put a driver from 2012 and 2015 from the same manufacturer head to head, the results wouldn't be very welcome by the manufacturer. Just my opinion, but I'm sure most of the new "innovations" are just marketing. I know I'm not alone with that thought. I'll try to get out to some shops this weekend to hit a few and will report back. Maybe with a new driver, and maybe not.
  15. MP 15 or 54

    Update, in case anyone is interested. have 5 rounds in with my new MP-15s and am loving them. Am scoring good and now trending at a 2.9 going to be my lowest index yet. Shot my course best 74 last weekend and gearing up for the club championship in a couple weeks. Hope to do well. Thought the fitting system Mizuno has is great. As well as all the shaft options. If not for that, I'd probably still be playing a lighter, more flexible shaft than I am now. Although I can't be sure the shafts are the reason I'm hitting better or just the confidence I have over the ball now. Either way, i'm enjoying the new sticks.