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  1. Thanks for your insightful, articulate and well-reasoned contribution. We are all much the better for it.
  2. Bomb it like Dustin Putt like Pelz. Flop it like Phil Hit Tiger's stinger the easy way Hit your long irons like Jack
  3. I agree. I have done it twice and both times it ruined the game for me. On the first occasion it was in a match I thought I was going to win so I didn't let it bother me until the match tightened up. I asked him to replace the ball properly and his father (caddying) felt it was time to start WW3. The second time It was so obvious on each of the first two holes I almost fell over. It was the old nudge the ball 2 inches forward as you throw the marker 6 inches forward and then "replace" the ball 2 inches in front of the ball trick. On the third hole I blurted out "Geez, you might want to replace the ball properly!" He did, but the rest of the game was played in a very uncomfortable silence. That's why. Most people prefer to avoid conflict and because golf reveals character, these scumbag cheats don't like being called out because they are deficient in character and won't own their actions. Again - look at Lexi "Is this a joke? Are you kidding me" ( followed by the ubiquitious, redundant and idiotic) "right now?" She didn't own it and looked to blame others.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you are saying here. By "in the face of clear evidence" I was talking about clear evidence, not a sad look on the face of a cheat when called out. I said "in the face of clear evidence" not "on the face of Lexi Thomson". Not an insubstantial difference..... I am saying that even when cheating is obvious, lots of people refuse to acknowledge it. There are many on this site, for example, who refuse to acknowledge LT ad a cheat, claiming it was an accident or impossible to judge definitively.
  5. You stand within 20 feet of where they are. You watch them mark and you watch how they replace their ball. Normal eyesight is sufficient.
  6. But if someone reads the accusation and not the retraction (or whatever else follows), is it fair?
  7. As mentioned before, you see the reaction in the face of clear evidence with Lexi T. That's why they don't do it.
  8. I put the name out there for discussion I defamed him for no reason and with absolutely zero evidence and don't feel bad about it. Libelling people is not "discussion". The person has not been identified and therefore any guesses (most of which include people who no longer use long putters) do nothing constructive. Just throwing out the names of people who have used long putters or repeating rumours from clueless posters on other sites is not a good idea for very obvious reasons.
  9. That's good enough for me. Someone you don't know on another golf site guessed about a player you know nothing about. His name has now been floated on at least two golf sites now. What further proof could you ask for. Case solved.
  10. FFS - you change the topic title AND your post AND the subject? Clearly you are a troll and the mods haven't banned you yet.
  11. They didn't name anyone. If they named him there would be no question.
  12. So what do you think the reaction would have been to an LPGA player who called Lexi Thomson a cheat before her "controversial" penalty a while back? All of the sycophants and enablers would have been outraged at the slur. Because she's young, attractive, a good player with the ability to break the Asian stranglehold on the LPGA Tour and an American. Even the fact the Lexi T. is clearly a cheat is not enough for the majority of fans and commentators, it would seem. That is why the player in question on the PGA Tour has not been identified.
  13. He is not being "trashed" for attending. The discussion is about the relevance of the event (or both events), how people reflect upon its (their) significance, Phil's opportunity (or lack thereof) to fulfil a lifelong goal and a host of other things. Nobody has even come close to criticising him for his desire to attend. It's all about the timing and the unfortunate choice he has been pushed into. BUT....... many will say there was no choice at all or the choice was a simple one. No-one here has stated that their own personal views on the subject should force a change of mind. In any case, it may end up that he plays and gets the brownie points.
  14. I thought you may have seen the emoji.
  15. How do you know that people haven't booked flights or holidays or postponed important meetings or made plans that to them are of equal importance to Mickelson's? Unsurprisingly, Jack Nicklaus thinks the school should change its schedule, but that's what a sense of entitlement does to the brain.