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  1. Shorty

    Bernhard Langer

    Many think that your misprint actually represents the facts. Unless you're trying to be funny. And it is quite funny. Apart from the fact that the "look" of long putters is one of the things that makes golf look like an old person's game - irrespective of whether his current stroke is suspect or not. That's not funny. I think the rule makers thought the long putters would disappear after the rule change. They probably didn't think that guys like Langer would essentially ignore the rule for practice strokes and then have to debate whether they were anchoring or not when they make their actual stroke. He looks very suspect a lot of the time.
  2. Do your visualising as you approach your ball. I'm not talking about Jason Day type visualising. You don't need to stand behind your ball for 10 seconds to work out what you're about to attempt.
  3. Shorty

    Match Play Strategy

    The problem with your scenario is that in attempting to ease pressure, you create it. You essentially think that one of you only has to 2 putt for a likely win. Instead, the second guy thinks he has to hit his first putt really close because his partner hit a poor first putt. That's when the mental side of match play steps in. It's not about strategy, it's about playing normal golf and recognising the importance of one of two players getting their first putt close (especially with the same line) and avoiding both guys three putting. The second guy should have had a better feel for the speed.
  4. This = slow play. 10 seconds to "visualise" the shot is a long time. And you haven't had a practice swing or lined up yet? Sheesh...
  5. Shorty

    2018 RBC Heritage

    They were together in the 2017 U.S. Open. DL3 caddied for DL4.
  6. You wouldn't because your previous even par scores wouldn't get you within a mile of playing in a US Open. And if all you were doing was shooting 72 every round you would aren't shooting 77 in U.S. Open conditions.
  7. Incorrect. If you have the wrong shafts in your woods - say you have a slowish swing speed and are using UST Proforce V2 shaft on your woods it'll cost you almost every shot you play. You can get around with any clubs to a point, but there's a definite downside to using the wrong clubs. I know a guy who is very short and not at all strong. He was using standard mens clubs and when he changed to ladies clubs with fat, broad soles that didn't dig into the turf his handicap dropped dramatically and his play improved beyond belief. You have to get the ball in the air and the right clubs help you do it
  8. Shorty

    Paying for handicap scam

    Surely your work as an English teacher would provide enough income to cover the $40.
  9. Shorty

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Since we're talking about tradition, how about we call a tee a tee. It is not a "tee box" and it is certainly not a "t-box". Other than that.... I totally agree. They think it is about them.
  10. Shorty

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    More than likely and why would we assume otherwise? Sean O'Hair is praised for overcoming the horrendous grip of his repulsive and abusive father. He is not criticised for estranging his father. My guess is that Reed made a difficult wise choice and I am sure that this really is a case where speculation and rumour are not helpful in understanding the situation. The other "issues" and controversies are perhaps a by-product of what he wanted to extricate himself from. But I shouldn't speculate and nor should anyone else. This is an issue more serious than most that are discussed here.
  11. Shorty

    Yips Tips

    You must be an amazing teacher. And modest with it. Tell us - what would you tell your protege if he asked you for "advise" (advice) about the yips? And... for the record, the owner of the site will attest to this, I have spent very little time here in the last couple of years. One of things that keeps me away is people who think they know a lot, are boastful and arrogant, and then ask for help when their questions indicate a lack of personal insight and desire for self-improvement. You are not the first person who lately has quoted age as a way of authenticating a flawed belief. I can promise you, a good putter does not a low handicapper make.
  12. It will be obvious. You'll be winning tournaments and people will be telling you you're good. You won't be asking.
  13. Shorty

    Yips Tips

    You take credit for that, but believe that anyone can be a low marker if they can putt. The picture is becoming very clear. You can "train a 12 year old to be +1 in 3 years" - maybe he had something to do with it. But you want "advise"(sic) about the yips? Seriously?

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