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  1. This is to do with scanning rates of cameras. It's the same thing that makes helicopter blades look bent when shot on video.
  2. So if she won a tournament the fact that she cheats makes the cheating irrelevant? You are suggesting that the better a player is relative to their opponents the more they are allowed to cheat. Strange logic.
  3. Given that our current subject would appear to have say, a 15 handicap (6 over for 9 holes on a short course) and his prospective competiors would be five years younger and playing off +3 I would say it's fair to say that I have mellowed. Thanks for noticing.
  4. A few questions to ask yourself: 1)What are your golf goals leading up to becoming a PGA Tour professional? State Championships? U.S. Amateur - Club Championships? PGA Tour at this stage doesn't seem logical. 2)Are you one of the best amateur players within 100 miles of where you live? 3)Were you one of the best players ever in your school district? My suggestion is that you take one step at a time. You are better of sticking with your developing love of the game rather than setting yourself a goal that is so lofty.
  5. I went to a funeral the other day. I wore denim cutoffs, a baseball cap, sandals and a T-shirt. For some reason, people gave me funny looks. I really respected and loved the person whose funeral it was. What the way I dress has got to do with anything except me expressing my personal freedoms is beyond me. When a guy in a suit said I was disrespectful and should have worn a jacket and long pants I really gave it to him. He couldn't tell me WHY I should dress in a way that suited HIM. The church was full of sheeple wearing fancy clothes - suits, ties, floral dresses. I was really proud of my ability to express myself individually. I mean - I'll bet I make twice as much money as the "best dressed" person there, so that's proof that I can do what I like. PLUS - I was in the army, so screw them!!
  6. It's amazing how computers can calculate your 18 hole score after you've played 6 holes. Next time I'm doing well after 8 holes I'll call it a day.
  7. Then why are you even considering a new driver? If an amateur golfer averages 260-280 and is pretty straight, he is not looking for a new driver, I promise you.
  8. LOL - The chokes of golfers at the highest level - think of Speith at the Masters in 2016 and Norman a dozen times, Garcia several times, Watson at The Open not so many years back are exactly like the pressures volleyball players are under when it is played "at a high level". What happens when nerves take over at volleyball? Do nervous cyclists fall off their bikes at The Tour? Golf exposes how pressure is handled like no other sport.
  9. I might add that we have crows that take balls. Problem is, unless you actually see it take the ball, it's stroke and distance - even when it's a hole they patrol and you have a blind shot.
  10. This happens to me a couple of times a year. In fact in happened to me three weeks ago in a medal round. I'm not sure what you think the dilemma is. When a ball is lost in these circumstances it is stroke and distance. Drives you nuts, but that's golf. You don't just make a decision because you feel it is unfair. It happens a lot when there are leaves around or when it is plugged but you didn't see it.
  11. A bit more margin for error in volleyball. Golf is an individual game where the slightest error is magnified and very obvious. Your argument is like the one where people say they hit the ball a long way "because I used to play baseball."
  12. An enlightening post from a good player that people need to take notice of. It shows what people don't get. On hard courses, the average player cannot reach par 4s in two. Even playing well with regulation bogeys means that you are doing well to hit par 4s in 3 and 2 putt for bogey without making errors. "Average" players are not hitting close to ANY greens in regulation on these courses unless they fluke a 3 wood onto the one par three that is reachable for them.
  13. Find a wife that has interests beyond pedicures and massages would be my response. But...you may find that the women are more than capable of organising themselves for a few days. One would hope so.
  14. The average HH player in the U.S. (from what I understand) chooses the tees he plays from, which means he thinks that par 4s are reachable in 2 and par 5s are reachable in 2 or 3. What he doesn't realise is that a lot of par 4s on tough courses from the back tees are longer and tougher than the average par 5s he plays.
  15. On these courses, many players who think they are a 20 index would struggle to reach most par fours in three shots even if their first two are the best they can do. They would also find that if the greens have serious contours and are fast, there are many 10 footers where the aim is to avoid three putts and the challenge for a downhill 3 footer is to have a shorter putt coming back if you miss. The average player has no idea at all. It's not so much theat they'd be racking up 12s and 14s on every second hole, which they probably wouldn't, but more the fact that it would be 7s and 8s on a lot of par 4s and 9s on par 5s where they can't even see how it happened - 300 yards from the green on a par 4 where they thought their 280 average drive (in actual fact 195) and then 5 to get down when they're 50 yards away when a shot that is their "drop and stop" on soft greens scuttles over the come back back and the chip they thought was going to end up next to the holes goes 20 feet past. And that's not even thinking about carries over gorse from trees and runs of holes with dams and creeks which affect each shot for 4 or five straight holes. They reason they think they could break 120 is because they think they can break 90 when in fact they can't. They think that every par 5 you play is reachable in two and they think every course has reachable par 4s. They don't realise that on a lot of courses they would hit driver on perhaps three of the par 3s and end up in bunkers and walk off with 8 before they've even blinked. Try telling them, though. I mean.....there are guys on this site who think their "average" shot ends up 10 feet from the hole from 120 yards. (eye-roll emoji)