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  1. Do you play golf with people who say "fa****" when they miss a putt? I hope not. And I get that no-one wants to be a "teacher" out of the classroom, but saying you live in a place where homophobia and acceptance of "hate speech" is the norm is a little concerning. I know exactly what the situation is - kids swear all of the time and it's normalised to the point where they don't even think they're swearing. They don't care and wonder why anyone, let alone a teacher would have an issue with it. But that's not what this is about, and I'm curious as to why you're putting swearing into the sa
  2. Then shame on you for being a teacher who chooses not to see a teachable moment. You're essentially condoning it as if he had used a "curse word". The fact that some if your students use it and you apparently shrug your shoulders isn't that great. The only ones that would use it are certain "types" and I'd be surprised if JT fit into that category. Therein lies the problem. I'd like to think that in most schools when that word is used the reaction is "Geez - who says that? 🤥"
  3. I am intrigued. Do tell............. I am struggling to imagine something worse. And by that I am not saying that JT has said the worst thing anyone has ever said on a golf course, but what terms are "worse" ? What do you mean "I am sure he did not intend to insult a person"? The fact that it was an all encompassing generic slur makes it a thousand times worse. It is a slur against millions of people and the fact that he said it indicates that he doesn't "get it". Nor do you, clearly. And I just "dug into your psyche".
  4. My guess would be that Ralph Lauren would prefer that you weren't a customer of theirs. How the hell is it a "knee jerk" reaction? Not to mention the fact that their statement was extremely well crafted and considered. I find it pretty amazing to think that in 2021 there are people who are not horrified at the idea of someone who only a few years ago was a teenager using language and implying an attitude that is out of line with any standard of normalcy and decency. If a golfer had made that comment in 1960 it would have been shocking. You don't get a pass these days for being a homophobe
  5. I have no issue with swearing on the golf course, really, but it is important not to tie JT's latest transgression in wth the poll. "F****t" isn't a "curse word", it's a homophobic slur.
  6. My opinion of him doesn't change. But it makes me admire Sean O'Hair even more.
  7. I have noticed how grumpy and entitled Thomas has become over the last year or two. Less of a fan than I was. One thing that is certain is that it can't possibly be the first time he's used the word and secondly, the cut and paste apology - "It's not who I am (followed by) "as a person" (redundant phrase which is always used), the translation is as follows: "I am pissed that my true character has been revealed." A bit like cheats being caught cheating and saying they aren't cheats. Main "takeaway" though, is that Tour players have to know that shotgun mics and cameras are
  8. You would be correct in instances where there are "a few". But when you are talking in the hundreds of millions worldwide and probably close to 60% of the population in the USA, it makes sound business and moral sense.
  9. The Clicgear is a miracle of industrial design. They are just fantastic. Just mind your fingers and learn how to unfold/fold it properly, using your foot on the front wheel.
  10. Bingo! The majority of American LPGA golfers seem to be more concerned with their image/brand. Golf is secondary. They pretty much come across as vacuous twits who are interested in hair, makeup and selfies. And, to bequite honest, that's part of the issue with the Lincicomb thing. She's a has been/never really was. And Thomson is just horrible. The really interesting players are the international ones. I'd rather see Henderson play than any of the U.S. ones. She has more individuality and style as a player than all of them. Creamer got a reputation as a "girl next door" rather than
  11. Tennis is a game where technology really has changed the way the game is played, though. Many would argue that in terms of talent (whatever that is) McEnroe and Laver were better than almost all if not all of the current players. They should have drawn the line with composite racquets and limited their size 30 years ago. The game would be better for it.
  12. Are we back on post #3 in the thread? I think the discussion is done and dusted.
  13. We had to carve our own tees and tan the hides of our leather bags which we stitched up ourselves....
  14. We do know. She is a cheat. It's that simple. You don't have to think about it much.
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