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  1. What would take care of Langer and McCarron would be enforcement of the rules. They know where the cameras are and lets's just say that this helps determine how they putt. Sometimes they don't even care and anchor anyway. McCarron is the worst. He's a disgrace. Golf fans on Twitter believe Scott McCarron is CHEATING on the greens! Is Scott McCarron still anchoring his putter? Former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost believes so...
  2. The wires have to "bed in". This takes a few weeks. Around 2 to 3 months seems to be the recommendation until a full swing. Arnold Palmer had a pacemaker - and even had it located slightly higher than normal so it wouldn't interfere with his golf swing.
  3. I know - next thing they'll be making you putt out from 4 feet and make you count balls that go in the water. Ridiculous how big brother even makes the "rules" about a game. Nothing more insane than having a game where "rules" define how you play. Makes a mockery of the terms "sport" and 'game". I just stay at home and write 68 on a piece of paper three times a week.
  4. Well that would imply that there's more to winning than shots gained tee to green. How many other players "should have" won the Masters "easily"? 15? 20?
  5. One of the things I have noticed about really good Youtube channels - let alone excellent films, is exactly this. There might be a time lapse that would take hours to video, but it is on screen for perhaps less than two seconds. But it gives the presentation quality. Look at films with incredible special effects and costumes/props - Lord of the Rings, for example. Years and years go into making things like a belt that a camera may never even focus on, or be a hundred metres a way, but the film wouldn't work without them.The total is greater than the sum of its parts. The flip si
  6. Maybe I'm strange, but if a swing instructor who knows his stuff as well as anyone is giving me FREE advice I think I'd give him a chance to help me rather than shutting him down.
  7. Shorty

    2021 Masters

    I know her! Her name is Karen. 😄
  8. Shorty

    2021 Masters

    Gary Player has spent the last 40 years (at least) trying to convince everyone (including himself) that he is part of a holy trinity of golf" Player, Palmer, Nicklaus. He is a complete liar, f***wit and cheat. Even his exercise regime was lampooned by Nicklaus as a lie.
  9. Shorty

    2021 Masters

    What a piece of sh*t. Hands up if you give a crap what type of golf ball Gary Player uses. I wish I'd started a thread where I said I thought it would be "cool" to know what ball Player uses and did anyone know. Seriously, contrast that with that beautiful moment with Matsuyama's caddy. “The only thought from that point was that it would be cool for fans to know what ball my dad was teeing off with. That’s where it ends. If I’ve hurt people’s feelings then I’m truly sorry and hope they will forgive me.”
  10. But not as sweet as the sound of Matt Kuchar saying "Goll-eeey Matty" as he hits one OB.
  11. Absolutely, unless you see the ball going into the water. "Virtual certainty" implies that the ball couldn't possibly be anywhere else. I see lots of trees and rough in your photos.
  12. That's better than playing three off the tee which is really what should be happening. The club is being generous by letting people drop from a drop zone. They probably started doing that to get around what some would think is a grey area in the rule and its interpretation. The question that should be asked every time is. "How do you know it didn't bounce off one of the trees somewhere else in the rough and are you sure it isn't under a leaf somewhere?"
  13. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for evidence of this ever having happened. In other words, it doesn't. Bag chatter tends to affect the backs of irons, not the faces simply by the nature of how clubs behave in the bag. Faces are naturally protected.
  14. Be aware that this player had no idea that his ball was in the hole so he had no clue where it was. He was searching for it on the green. For this reason he was mistaken in assuming it was in the water. You can only assume that the ball was in the penalty area or (water hazard) if you are virtually certain it is. Pretty much meaning you saw it going in. In the description of events, the player was not at all certain, he just took a guess. Not the same thing. The important thing here is that the ball was holed. Finding the ball in the hole is not the same as finding it 20 yards furthe
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