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  1. The Clicgear is a miracle of industrial design. They are just fantastic. Just mind your fingers and learn how to unfold/fold it properly, using your foot on the front wheel.
  2. Shorty

    Paula Creamer

    Bingo! The majority of American LPGA golfers seem to be more concerned with their image/brand. Golf is secondary. They pretty much come across as vacuous twits who are interested in hair, makeup and selfies. And, to bequite honest, that's part of the issue with the Lincicomb thing. She's a has been/never really was. And Thomson is just horrible. The really interesting players are the international ones. I'd rather see Henderson play than any of the U.S. ones. She has more individuality and style as a player than all of them. Creamer got a reputation as a "girl next door" rather than a great player and she's just a surly and sour whinger. As for Pressel.......😏
  3. Tennis is a game where technology really has changed the way the game is played, though. Many would argue that in terms of talent (whatever that is) McEnroe and Laver were better than almost all if not all of the current players. They should have drawn the line with composite racquets and limited their size 30 years ago. The game would be better for it.
  4. Are we back on post #3 in the thread? I think the discussion is done and dusted.
  5. We had to carve our own tees and tan the hides of our leather bags which we stitched up ourselves....
  6. We do know. She is a cheat. It's that simple. You don't have to think about it much.
  7. There are no comments to the contary in this thread. No one thinks it's a really bad thing and everyone acknowledges that the sponsors can do whatever they like. The debate is purely based around someone who thinks she "earned" her spot because she's a nice person.
  8. Serious question then - if you had the original AP2s (710, if I remember correctly) do you think there has been any noticeable difference between them and the 3 or 4 generations since? Really?
  9. Thing is, you're not upgrading. You are merely changing clubs. There are no appreciable differences in clubs that are modified every 2 years - especially when the buyer thinks he has old technology because it is 2018 and the iron set is xx16 or xx14.
  10. What has that got to do with anything? The new models are new designs. Same name. AP2 xx What do you mean by "no consistency". Or if it even exists, whatever it is. Do you mean that Model xtc2 is different from EZGlide 4 or whatever random names the makers choose? And what has "winning PGA tournaments" got to do with anything? All major manufactuers' clubs win/have won tournaments. Please give a SINGLE example of where "no consistency" is a bad thing in golf clubs from the same manufacturer from year to year?
  11. Oh for heaven's sake - what complete and utter nonsense. Why do people just invent stuff? Look at the guys who couldn't hold their cards for more than a couple of years. She's be eaten alive by any of them. And she'd admit it. You may as well say that Michelle Wie could have made it because she was a long hitter at 16 years of age. She did NOT! The sponsors want her there. Fine. Noone has a problem with that. But it has nothing to do with her golf game - obviously she was chosen because she plays golf. Being a "good person" - that applies to 98% of the world's population. It's a commercial decision - not a reward for being a lovely person and someone who regularly finishes between 20 and 50th in LPGA tournaments.
  12. Off topic: The title of the thread say "look at me" not "look at my wife"
  13. She's an awesome person, so she's a winner no matter what happens. Her sponsors said she's a wonderful person. She qualified because she's awesome and that's a very high bar. 😎
  14. Try hitting a persimmon or laminated driver an inch and a half off the centre and compare how far it goes compared to hitting a 460cc driver an inch and a half off centre. You're talking about 100 metres. I've hit 200m drives off the toe of a 460cc driver that would have been airswings with my Cobra laminated driver in the 1970s.
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