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  1. After the second one went out I would strongly suggest just hitting your favorite iron. Tough break.
  2. I'm going with my 4 iron to 10' on a par 3. Didn't make the putt :(
  3. Course looks great. Next time I'm in NY I should really go since I have a connection there to sign me in for a tee time.
  4. I take the same risks off the tee either way so I lose about the same amount of balls either way haha
  5. Lol that dude shouldn't even being calling out the worst player on his local community college golf team yet alone a tour pro.
  6. I don't really see that being possible without radar of some sort.
  7. Strap that bad boy to the back of my cart.
  8. He was pretty good las year regardless of his odd swing quirks for sure. Seems this year he's really struggling with a two way miss. Looks like he's really fallen down in approach to the green because of it but his short game has him 5th on the money list.
  9. You can get away with that when you have his short game and putting.
  10. Here is a more recent video I was able to get someone to take for me. Hopefully the angle is better. I've been pushing a lot less and I believe I've improved my posture a bit but my contact is horribly inconsistent with a ton of fat and thin shots. Hitting my driver better than ever but can't seem to feel like my weight i getting forward with irons. This is a 5 iron DTL.
  11. They were looking for a cool shot and got the one in a 1000 hit. You could give her ten large buckets and she'd be lucky to do that again.
  12. Great set of clubs but elbow issues have forced me to go with some graphite in my irons. Sad to let them go but I don't foresee myself playing steel again for at least a year. Clubs are standard L/L/L and the grips are practically new. 6-3 iron have very little use since I used them as a combo set with some MP-H4s (also for sale). Some bag chatter and small dings here and there as you'd expect from a soft forged iron. Asking $500 shipped.
  13. Even if Tiger had to play 60s or 70s gear I'd think he'd still wipe the floor with them. Remember he plays blades and started out with persimmon woods so it's not like this stuff is foreign to him.
  14. Depends if I want to try and hit it high and land it close with no roll or if I want to hit it low and let it roll up to the pin. 58 degree for a high shot that stops instantly and maybe an 8-9 if I want to play low spin and let it roll up the green.