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  1. Sadly I find it's more often than not :(
  2. I think JD is great and great for squashing some of the stuffy image of golf. As an individual sport I'd like to see more colorful personalities around with good backstories.
  3. Usually a few holes before it finds a new home in canal, pond or forest.
  4. For sure. Just played Doral and it was a fantastic experience.
  5. I keep my handicap on a mobile app so I still post my solo rounds. My only real purpose for it is to track improvement so it would be silly for me not to.
  6. I'd be really careful with that unless you're open to a physical confrontation from someone who really doesn't like it and doesn't backdown. It's a super passive aggressive move.
  7. Matchplay is much more suited to my go for broke style of play.
  8. Psyber


    She needs to decide if she likes golf more than soccer and basketball.
  9. I'm guessing finding your ball isn't much a problem most of the time if you're a +1...
  10. Haha that might be true. Actually I never do it in a crude way or try and take them home. It's more like the kind of flirting you do with the cute bartender where it's friendly and light. If you're not an old weirdo and you flirt respectfully I find they're usually pretty receptive and it's part of the fun. Those are the kind of girls that make great tips both in bev carts and behind the bar. I imagine I only have a few more years left of not being the old guy though :(
  11. Does this still apply if the cart girl is actually in your age range and you have a chance?
  12. Push slice with my driver. Basically blocking it off the heel.
  13. Fair enough. I took it as you didn't play because you didn't perform well in competitive golf. Hopefully you can enjoy the tournaments when you improve more.
  14. I you don't do some donating how will you improve your tournament play? All educations come with a price.
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