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  1. A nice smooth 50 degree wedge for me
  2. I think there is a pretty strong link between aggressiveness and competitiveness. I don't think it necessarily makes you a better golfer but skill being equal the more competitive person may do better in competition through sheer willpower and self belief.
  3. I think every shot I am going to hit is about to be the most awesome shot I've ever hit.
  4. My brother doesn't play golf and drink. He actually happens to be playing golf while he's drinking.
  5. Hey while you're at it if you like that shaft you can have the flex 2.0 adapter put on so you can drop in a newer Nike head if you ever desire.
  6. I definitely agree it isn't exactly a necessary meal. However, I'd have a really tough time hitting all my macros if I skipped breakfast even though it is my least favorite meal of the day. I hate eating when I wake up but without it I'd really have to crank up the other four meals.
  7. Not a bad life.
  8. I know I play much better with a beer or two because I am prone to getting a bit of anxiety playing around strangers. When I play with my uncle I don't drink anything and my nerves feel no different than when I am sitting on my couch. Definitely helps tension.
  9. Went through the posture thread last night and decided to go play an executive today with my uncle so mostly par 3s. Noticed a big improvement in my ball striking after working through some stuff the first three holes. Hit more GIR than I ever have. Next weekend I will go out again and have him take some better video.
  10. Not sure if these help at all but these are some Trackman numbers from my driver fitting
  11. Started playing last summer and I've made a lot of progress but unfortunately within a few months of playing developed a bad case of tennis elbow. I have taken the last month off (only a slight improvement) and decided today to go i the backyard and hit a few pitching wedge shots over the pond. Don't want to swing much more than a wedge so I figured I'd post a video and start improving my swing from the short clubs on up while my elbow heals. I've been Playing Golf for: 10 Months My current handicap index or average score is: Low 100s My typical ball flight is: Push or Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push Videos:
  12. That's pretty funny haha
  13. Would it bother you if an amateur you were in a money game with was using PEDs?
  14. Eh, it would be low on my list of concerns. I watch string beans blow it past juice heads at the range all the time. It doesn't give you the same advantage as it does in a contact sport. Now at the pro level where the skill is about even and then you add PEDs that is a different story. In the amateur ranks I couldn't care less.