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  1. Depends if I want to try and hit it high and land it close with no roll or if I want to hit it low and let it roll up to the pin. 58 degree for a high shot that stops instantly and maybe an 8-9 if I want to play low spin and let it roll up the green.
  2. I like the ones with the blue band (forget the exact height) which I think are a bit over 3". I can tee them my standard height for higher launch or I can just push them a little further in to tee it lower to bring my launch down on windy days.
  3. Lot of factors here. Spin, decent angle, and how hard/soft the surface is the ball lands on.
  4. Hipsters have invaded golf now?! I'd try it though.
  5. I like the Tour Tempo app. Find your tempo and practice with that and groove a good swing tempo. You could just use a cheaper metronome app but I find this one helpful.
  6. I try and drink a little before I get to the first tee. I'm always worried about where the ball will be going that day. If it's really early and I don't want to drink I'll try and build some confidence hitting some driver shots at the range.
  7. Wether you stay with golf or not I'd highly suggest improving your upper body strength if you feel it's a weak point. Chances are if you think your upper body is weak than your lower body probably is as well. If you can find three hours a week to work out a simple 5x5 routine might help your distance. Get your strength up and improve your technique and there is no reason you can't hit it further. You're only 32 so hit the gym three days a week and get in plenty of good clean calories and you'll get your weight up to 160 in no time with significant increases in strength.
  8. A lot of that is probably time. My head is very clear and calm when I lift weights and motions happen automatically. I've also been doing it for 12 years. Until you've performed the same motion over and over for many years on end it's going to be tough to make it just happen automatically. I also have a lot of confidence in how my squat is going to go, My swing gives me plenty of anxiety as I have no idea if the ball is going to where I aim it or not. Most amateurs are probably not very confident in where the ball is going.
  9. Tomorrow will be interesting in S FL. I'm expecting 90ish with an assload of humidity. Riding a cart of course. I don't think walking golf is even a thing around here.
  10. A nice smooth 50 degree wedge for me
  11. I think there is a pretty strong link between aggressiveness and competitiveness. I don't think it necessarily makes you a better golfer but skill being equal the more competitive person may do better in competition through sheer willpower and self belief.
  12. I think every shot I am going to hit is about to be the most awesome shot I've ever hit.
  13. My brother doesn't play golf and drink. He actually happens to be playing golf while he's drinking.
  14. Hey while you're at it if you like that shaft you can have the flex 2.0 adapter put on so you can drop in a newer Nike head if you ever desire.