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  1. I suck, but I won $30 off my buddies so successful day I guess. I struck the ball really well all day but I had trouble finding fairways (5/14 just 1/7 on the front) this led to a ton of tree trouble that I didn't do a good job of managing. Had 10 GIR but only 2 birdies should have had more I had probably 6 looks under 8' and a few more under 15' but had some yippy strokes and didn't make much of anything all day. I was 0/7! on par saving putts my short game was pretty awful.
  2. I'm going to preface this by saying I don't think any putting styles should be banned but if you are going to ban other anchoring styles it seems logical that this shouldn't be allowed as well. I don't see why they don't just make the rule that only your hands can make contact with the club when swinging and call it a day.
  3. I'm going to throw a ticker tape parade when I finally break par over 9 lol can't believe how close I've been and haven't been able to do it. This is probably the closest I've came with great birdie looks on 6-9 and hit good putts just couldn't get one to fall.
  4. I'm pretty notorious for pulling my 50 degree instead of my 60. It's always neat to be 70 yards out and end up flying the green by 30 yards lol I recently upgraded though and made sure to get all different finishes on my wedges this time!
  5. Haven't posted in a while this is not really a swing video but I will be posting one soon with a wedge swing, short iron, long iron, hybrid, and driver video that I hope will get a lot of feedback. This is being put up because I thought it was interesting I have been playing my Ping G410 LST with their stock 75 gram x stiff shaft with mixed results I bought a HZRDUS black rdx x stiff 60 gram shaft and my ball speed jumped up 8-10 MPH. I had always been struggling to hit 170 ball speed but I put this in and was hitting 170 incredibly easy and this swing topped out at 177 MPH which beat my prior
  6. Had my best day ever today. Back stillll is not open so me and a buddy played the front 3 times. Par 36 I shot 36, 37, 37 through 27 holes I had 6 birdies and 8 bogies had a few chances to blow up but short game was great and I scrambled my a$$ off. Still am yet to shoot under par, the first time through I was actually 1 under going into the easy par 5 9th and had a meltdown ended with bogie but I know it's coming soon enough. It wasn't even a great ball striking day either. I had a great day with the driver and wedges were pretty solid, I had multiple tap in birdies, and I even made a few dec
  7. Hot damn I can't make a putt right now. It's frustrating because I'm hitting more greens than ever I hit 7/9 but I'm not hitting it particularly close. On 1 I was only 30 yards out and pitched it to a foot but the rest of the greens I hit I had between 12-30+ feet so while I'm frustrated I couldn't get one to fall I need to realize the pros only make the 12 footers 30% of the time and under 10% on the long ones so any one of those made is a gift. Now the two 5 footers I missed for par on 2 & 4 were pretty bad they were long lag putts but I should have put them much closer. Need to start a
  8. Put a ton of wedge work in over the winter and worked on the driver just trying to make decent contact each time and keep it on the planet. So far I've got my GIR from 32.6% in 2020 up to 56.7% through 5 rounds in 2021. Driver has been much more consistent but still far from good. Making a lot more birdies and easy pars so things are looking up.
  9. This was technically Saturday but I needed a couple days to decompress after it lol It was one of the more frustrating days I've had simply due to conditions. Felt like the wind was blowing about 176 mph and any hole into the wind absolutely kicked my a$$. I started on the back 9 with 10, 11, 13, 14, and 16 all playing into the wind and you can see how well I fared there. I was tempted to call it quits after 9 it was that bad. The front only 3, 7, and 8 were directly into the wind but it had died down a tad by the time I hit 7 and 8. I realize with my offseason goal of trying to get more
  10. This could be a good exercise if anything. Very short course just 5827 yards Par 71 slope 114 rating 70. Main thing to know that I will not bring up hole to hole is that this courses greens are like parking lots, in firmness not size lol Hole 1: 324 yard drivable par 4 (this will be a theme on the front) tree trouble at 250 yards a large tree on the left that overhangs the fairway and a group of trees on the right. Tall pines guard the right side of the green which has a false front as well as the entire left edge of the green that falls off dramatically. Hole 2: 285 yard par 4
  11. Back 9 still isn't open but went around the front again today with a buddy. Shot 40 the first time around and 38 the second didn't even feel like I hit it particularly well only had 2 birdies both on the par 5 9th. It was insanely windy again today and going in a direction where the only holes it wasn't directly in your face or giving you a brutal side wind were 2 and 9 so it was actually pretty tough. I did not make a single putt outside of 5 feet today it was pretty impressive honestly. Greens are in terrible shape but going back through it I think I had 8 birdie putts between 8-15 feet
  12. Well that was an absolute roller coaster of a 9. Might have been the windiest day I've ever played golf in but it turned into my second straight time out playing 9 that I've had 3 holes under par, coming into this year my personal best was 3 holes under par in an 18 hole round. Back 9 still isn't open up at my home course so cant do a full 18 yet which is annoying. Also 2 three putts is pretty disgusting but they were in really tough spots and followed it up with a chip in so the luck evened out.
  13. I get that, it made me a little nervous thinking about it just because of how much I spent and how long I waited but honestly I am in such a remote area and have good neighbors the chances of something getting snatched are pretty low.
  14. Bag appeal! This finally completes my bag I want to do a driver fitting next year but other than that this will be it for a long time. Ping G410 LST, Cobra F9 Tour 5 wood, Titleist 816 H1 21 degree hybrid, Mizuno MP20 MMC 4 and 5 iron, Mizuno JPX 921 Tour 6 through PW, Mizuno S18 wedges in 50 54 and 60 degree, and finally my EVNROLL ER2 putter which is my baby lol. Oh and you might notice there's an extra club in there its an old Wilson gooseneck 2 iron I cleaned up and re gripped that I mess around with from time to time. I want to make a whole other bag with just clubs from the late 80
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