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  1. So I started tracking my stats this year and it appears I was a little over ambitious with my goals lol Goal was 50% fairways I am currently at 39.6% I'm more than long enough I should be keeping the driver in the bag outside of a handful of holes per round instead of using it on virtually every moderately straight par 4 no matter the danger I could inevitably put myself in. Goal was 50% GIRs I am currently at an abysmal 31% but I've noticed my GIR when i hit a fairway is 52.5% while when I miss it is just 21.3% so I need to be ok with losing some yardage in order to find the fairway more often which should make a lot of things fall into place. I have also been battling my irons all year if I cant go driver wedge I've been pretty useless. Goal was for scrambling to be over 45% I am currently at 22% which is probably my most surprising statistic I thought I would be holing more clutch putts. I set my putt goal for 33 and that is right where i am now at 33.3 putts per round. I have not been 3 putting much at all I am currently on a 73 hole 3 putt free streak I have been good at lag putting but I'm not holing as many 8-12 footers as I think I should be. The amount of 2 putt bogies I have is incredible. My ultimate goal is to get to single digits this year I am currently at a 12.2 (down from what I'm guessing was 18-20+ last year) I need to keep putting in the work. Knowing my stats has helped me realize what changes I need to make strategy wise and where i need to improve my ball striking the most.
  2. So this was actually a week ago but wanted to show my first time shooting par for 9 holes! It took a 50 yard pitch in for eagle and a quality birdie on 9 to do it but I was pretty ecstatic. I wasn't terrible on the back outside of about a 15-20 minute stretch on holes 13-14 where I forgot how to play golf for some reason and that stopped me from breaking 80 for the first time but not a bad day especially on these parking lots they're trying to pass off as greens out here lol.
  3. Nearly the same dogleg angle if you simply move the pin for the landing zone further up the fairway, distance isn't exactly precise if you look at where the pin is for the tee box its actually about 20 yards closer IRL so that is about the same, the trees long of the fairway on my hole are in identical spots as the bunkers on the one in the post. my hole may be slightly more lenient on a long ball but on either if you miss right or short you're in trouble. I'd say it's pretty comparable.
  4. We have a similar hole at a course I play a lot. I always hit driver, generally choke up a couple inches and swing smooth but with a stiff head wind I would just aim left edge of the green and take a full swing. If I hit it straight I'll be in the rough behind the green if I have the right miss I might end up in the shit but I'm more confident I'll stick a green with a driver from 270+ than I am to hit my hybrid 220 and straight lol.
  5. Figured I'd give an update on how things are going so far this season. I have been very up and down with different areas of my game it has been frustrating. The website I'm using TheGrint has me at an 11.2 handicap I am unsure how the system even works but if that is accurate I'm pretty surprised since I don't feel like I've been playing very well and my goal for the year was to get to single digits. I started out the year not putting well a lot of it was probably to do with conditions but I am back to stroking it well, by my standards. My statistics are not as good as I had thought it would be I've been having about 32-36 putts per 18 which is frustrating. I know I have the skill to get that down to about 30 but I've been leaving myself a lot of long ones. Plus I seem to have a mental lapse on a 3 footer once every 18 holes or so and I'm not making enough 8-12 footers. My wedges have been vastly improved over years past I'm hitting a lot more greens but still far from where I want to be. I need to spend more time from like 50 and in I'm getting them up just fine but right now I'm happy if I'm inside of 10' I've lost a lot of birdie opportunities not being able to put one moderately close. My irons have been a disaster. Started out the year better than ever but have progressively got to the point I am having trouble even finding the club face the amount of shanks I have hit could make anyone want to put their clubs in the garage never to be seen again lol. I went out and recorded my swing after a few weeks of not doing it and found it had become too flat, the opposite of where I started 4 months ago. I worked on it for a few hours yesterday and will do it for a few more hours tonight. I had it fixed yesterday hoping another good day today and I'll be back on track and I need to make sure to stay up on the recording to keep it where I want it the rest of the year. The biggest and best surprise has been the driver. I started out the year longer than ever but very erratic. The past 2-3 weeks though I have dialed in my swing and club loft and it has been an incredible weapon. I am routinely driving 300+ yard greens and have been more accurate than ever. The fairway accuracy stats wont show that but I have gotten rid of the big right miss and the topped balls, my bad drives have been pushes that still fly straight just wind up 30ish yards offline, usually when it's when there is OB left and I think I am subconsciously protecting against that. Because I know that is my miss and I have been consistent with my distance I haven't gone OB with my driver in long enough that I cant even remember the last time I did. My longest drive I've recorded so far was 342 yards tracked by my buddies gps watch and double checked with the gps on the 18birdies app, it was pretty absurd. Playing in league for the first time and playing with a lot of guys I've never played with before it's been cool to see the reactions I get after the first drive they see. Regarding league my home course Greenbrier has been in just terrible shape it is very hard to score on so I feel my scores there (the vast majority of my scores) are much higher than they would be if I was playing somewhere nicer. My league scores are the 9 hole scores with the trophy to the right and by shooting 42-44-40 I am the low scorer among all 32 players by 10 strokes. My friends and I joined the "fun league" not a lot of talent out there apparently Monday nights is more competitive I will probably shoot to get in there next year.
  6. I'd edit it but it's not letting me lol
  7. Had simultaneously the best round of my life and the most demoralizing round of my life. My 3rd week of league play I was even through 7 holes and honestly should have been 2 under I missed a couple birdie putts short by a combined maybe 3 inches. I was driving the ball incredibly well and my wedge game was on point, for the most part, I almost holed out 3 different times and left myself plenty of make able putts. This was my first time ever birdieing hole 5 which was awesome to bounce back after a fat approach shot led to a bogie on 4. Hole 8 was the same thing I pushed my drive far right hit my approach too fat and ended up with my second bogie making me 1 over heading to the par 5 9th and this is where I absolutely fall apart. The 9th is a shorter dogleg left par 5 where you can take a chance to cut the corner if you're a bigger hitter but if you come up short you can go OB or leave yourself behind plenty of trees. I hit (for the circumstances) one of the best drives of my life I cut the corner and was just a few yards short of the fairway 145 yards out. Roughs were really long I clubbed up to an 8 iron was hoping to just swing easy and get it on the green thoughts of going under par are swirling in my head. Well I'm behind a short tree that isn't really in play and I'm just 30 yards or so from a small pond the pressure must have set in because I hit a horrific hossle shank that shoots right on a 45 degree angle and skims off the pond thankfully staying in play and still in good position. I'm just 95 yards out now I've had that distance a few times already and was confident I was going to put it close, boom another hossle shank. I'm now about 40 yards right pin high I'm like just "put it on the green ensure yourself a bogie at worst", boom a 3RD STRAIGHT HOSSLE SHANK. I'm cursing my life at this point I'm 20 yards behind the green I finally chip up to the fringe close enough to putt I hit a decent one lagged up to about 2 feet I have that to save a 39 and of course I lip it out to triple bogie and finish with a 40. I kind of wanted to cry lol but if you had told me before the round I was going to shoot a 40 I would have taken it. Through 3 weeks I am the low scorer in our league of 32 guys my first year playing (admittedly mostly hackers) but this damn 9th hole performance is going to haunt me for a while. .
  8. So restrictions got lifted and I was able to go play a couple 9s this weekend. I felt like I played terribly but I shot a 40 yesterday in what can only be described as gale force winds. My short game has been horrendous though and that's what killed me. That has always been the strong suit of my game so that's frustrating hoping it's just because I haven't put any dedicated practice into it and It'll come around quickly. I also had 2! hossle shanks that added at least 3 strokes to my round I don't know why these keep creeping up it's pretty demoralizing. Good takeaways though is that the driver numbers I saw on the simulator this winter seem to be correct I hit one well past a 285 yard par 4, I carried one pin high on a 320 yard par 4 (wind aided), I had one that I thought I hit awfully off the toe but came up about 10 yards short of a 310 yard par 4, and I hit probably the drive of my life on this steep uphill dogleg right par 4 no idea what the carry was but had to get it over a wooded area it wound up middle of the fairway right about where I put the yellow dot here. Then I chunked the chip short of the fringe and got up and down for par, of course. I'm going to put a ton of work in on my short game these next few weeks if I keep driving like I have been (and for the love of god stop hitting hossle shanks) I should be able to put up some pretty good scores.
  9. It was finally ruled in Michigan that members can play golf as long as you walk and take some other precautions so I was able to play a couple 9s over the weekend. Yesterday I had my first eagle of the year it's a super short slight dogleg left par 4 probably should be a long par 3 but I'll take it. Wind has been incredibly strong last couple days and I had a stiff wind at my back. Normally I choke up a bit and I hit my 17 degree hybrid but with the wind I hit a 5 iron. I flushed it and got it up in the air with a little draw the wind caught it and it was heading right for the middle of the green (not allowed to put flags in so just aim for the middle anyway) I knew it was fairly close but as I walked up I was just about 5 feet just past the hole, hit the knee knocker in for eagle went towards my best 9 hole score of the year so far a 4 over 40. 7 and 8 were also down wind I carried it pin high right on 7, and 8 I thought I hit it terribly it was off the toe a bit but I was about 10 yards short left of the green, short game is terrible right now though so walked away with pars but the drives were notable.
  10. Well you knew it was just a matter of time before a certain group of people would try to make this a race issue...
  11. Drives me crazy since there are plenty of ways to pay without going in with todays technology, I've never had my clubs handled by someone else at a course (honestly wouldn't want them to even in normal conditions), and I think dedicating an employee to taking a couple minutes to sanitize carts post round is an easy solution. These aren't very good excuses to keep courses shut down. I get her thinking as well but her logic is deeply flawed. As long as there is no cap on how many people can be in a store at a time, or mandatory wearing of gloves and masks then I think i should be able to go walk on a 200 acre golf course. It's great for public health as well in my opinion it's the safest outdoor athletic activity. We've still got AT LEAST 3 more weeks of this, I may go insane. I go to work where we're short handed and as busy as we've been in years, go home run the dog, grab a few beers and head to the garage where I practice for between 2-3 hours depending on the day, go inside cook dinner, shower, then drink more while playing video games... not a healthy lifestyle lol I understand not doing it though, it would just encourage people from infected counties to travel to the rural areas to golf. Even if they didn't spread it due to precautions at the course they'd be stopping at gas stations or party stores and would spread it there. So while living in a rural area with only a handful of cases in a 30 mile radius of where I live I think it's BS but at the same time I don't want them dirty city folk coming up here crowding our courses and infecting us lol
  12. Michigans governor and several other of our politicians made a point to call out golfers directly, more specifically the "white folks complaining about golf". It's a super fun time right now. I don't think they realize the state is bigger than just Wayne county the majority of the state is rural farm land and I believe we should have gone the route of making it a county decision rather than a blanket state wide ordinance. But hey what do I know, aside from a bunch of people who make their living through golf.
  13. Very nice thank you! I'll have to write these down for when we can play in 2 months lol
  14. I have not, haven't played anything south of Lapeer or West of Saginaw lol. Looks pretty amazing! Although right now I'd play if they cut a hole in the middle of a bean field! I'll have to talk my group into making the drive down there
  15. Few things I've been working on, I noticed in my other videos my back foot wouldn't stay planted on the back swing it would tilt because I assume I'm shifting my weight too far and swaying in my swing. Can see in a few swings here that it looks better but I don't know how much I should really be worrying about it. I'm also working on a little stinger that I would like to be able to use on days when the woods aren't agreeing with me or it's overly windy. I haven't toyed around with it too much just watched a few videos and have probably taken 30ish swings trying it out I can think of a ton of holes where it would be applicable if I can become consistent with it. Lastly I've spent a ton of time working on my driver I realized I was starting unbalanced I had probably 75-80% of my weight on my back foot at address which caused me to fall back off shots and constantly top them. I am focusing on being more balanced in my set up and just like what was the issue with my irons I need to stay connected in my back swing and keep my right elbow tight to my body on the down swing as long as I do those 2 things I can swing pretty hard and find the club face fairly consistently. I really wish I could get out and play it's been beautiful for days it's torture to not be able to get on the course.
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