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  1. Mostly balance and strike consistency. I still find myself rolling over my back foot which I hate. I spend a lot of time putting tape on my club face and trying to find the middle (generally 3-5 swings then switch clubs). My misses have become fats and thins not so much toe or heel strikes. Staying connected in my takeaway and not opening the club face up. I have a tendency of getting my hands ahead of my body and coming back way under plane while opening up my club face. Just getting reps and taking video a lot where this is my focus. The longer the club the more I struggle with this.
  2. Bought a new phone and it has super slow motion and this may be a game changer it allows me to see so much more in my swing. That said I think this looks pretty damn good aside from the fact I cannot stop playing the ball too far back in my stance.
  3. So about 6 months ago I started paying distinct attention to my foot angles in my setup and have been flaring both out about 20 degrees. I just finished reading Ben Hogans 5 lessons though and in it he says you should only flare out your front foot and the back plant foot should be perpendicular to the target line. I have been experimenting with it the last 2 nights and it felt slightly uncomfortable as I have gotten used to flaring my right foot out. That being said the explanation in the book makes sense and I looked up a few pros (Tiger, Thomas, McIlroy) and they go with that setup as well.
  4. I voted yes on this because before today I have had no feelings toward Patrick Reed whatsoever and now, if anything, I feel sorry for him (abused or not). I have been hearing the Reed hate forever but never really understood it. I saw the cheating in the bunker video which was super scummy and just heard he was kind of unanimously disliked by his peers (I've only really been following pro golf for about a year). Seeing this thread though I decided to go and learn more and read about 12 articles about him and even though there is a lot to unpack it still seems like the amount of vitriol to
  5. Been working hard last couple months (a lot because I love doing it a little because there is literally just nothing else to do). I have been working on my balance no more rolling over my back foot, my swing plane which had become too under plane believe it or not, I got a launch monitor and have been working on dialing in wedge distance which I had never done before and the confidence it's instilled on approach shots is incredible, still trying to find my wood setup I think I am close but man do I still struggle feeling comfortable over the ball with a wood in my hand, the yips are real. If I
  6. This randomly popped up on my YT feed and I had read through this thread before so I checked it out (but lets be honest I just watch any and all golf content). I was surprised their offseason doesn't include any actual swinging of clubs aside from doing the superspeed training. They aren't out of shape guys so while it cant hurt to work out it seems odd how the goal of getting better at golf could involve not hitting a ball for months.
  7. Seems a lot of you don't know he was a D1 golfer who only quit when his coach saw him cut the corner on a dogleg that was a 320 yard carry with a 3 iron and told him he should look into long drive. The dude is a player and is very driven. His most recent video is him playing Torrey Pines from what will be the US open tees. 7800 yards and he shot 5 over first time playing the course since he competed there as a junior. You all should seriously go watch his course vlogs his short game and putting is pretty solid actually and his accuracy and shot shaping ability with the driver is incredibl
  8. Was just going through their website looks like a nice course have to make a trip up next summer.
  9. I like Verona and love Ubly Heights! Never heard of Bird Creek though I'll have to look it up. This trip is as much get the hell out of the thumb for a while as it is about golf lol. What's bringing you up to Port Austin?
  10. All good, your comment may stand if you had played it was just checking lol its been a much neglected course but theyre improving it and its good people out there,
  11. I thought last time we talked you hadn't heard of it did you play it last year? My friends parents own it and its the only course in my hometown I'm a member there lol. I think my game will be in a good place I want to try to take it on from the tips or at least one up I'm very excited. Meh I think I'll be alright I take far more swings than the average golfer lol still suck but I put in practice time like someone trying to make the tour ha
  12. So I have planned out a 5 day golf trip for this summer around memorial day (only have to use 2 vacation days so I can hopefully do another later on in the year). I live in the thumb of Michigan and plan to head down to the Jackson area and work a little west. There were a couple courses I was intrigued in playing (Sugarbush in Davison and the Grande in Jackson) where I kind of based the trip around. Those are more expensive courses and I filled in the 5 day trip with cheaper courses that I tried to gather as much information, read reviews, look at pictures/videos, and check prices on for the
  13. After a lot of deliberation I have narrowed my search down to 5 iron sets i think that's a good number. I am looking to set the date for February 5th the day after my birthday it's a Friday and I already put in for the day off work couldn't be more excited. Srixon ZX7 and ZX5 combo set (the leader in the clubhouse just based on looks and will be released by then) If they still have the 785s available I'll look at those since last I saw they were on sale for almost half the price of the new irons. Little worried about gapping with a combo set I don't want to all of a sudden have a 25-30 ya
  14. Wasn't necessarily speaking about your experience more fittings in general. Just ranting lol Now that you've essentially gained a club did you add a wedge to fill the gap that I'm assuming it created at the bottom of your bag?
  15. My thought is that you'll have your own set there so you can still only hit their 7 irons from each potential set but compare the numbers to the equivalent yardage in your current set. That seems like a much better way to distinguish actual improvement in my opinion. So say you hit your 7 and you're carrying it 170 go to try out a set with a weaker loft and you hit it 160 why not hit a few with your 8 iron and compare those numbers instead.
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