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  1. Lugowskins

    How did you fix your slice?

    I haven't completely alleviated it but it was reeeeaaallly bad when I first started. My issue was simply coming off the ball if I'm going to use baseball terms my front shoulder was flying open probably due to over swinging I just really focused on staying closed through contact and trying to hit down to the ball instead of picking it off the tee. A slower back swing helped me a lot too but everyone is different so who knows.
  2. Lugowskins

    Best Shot of the Week

    Drove a 325 yard par 4 there's a ridge that if you make it over it kind of feeds down to the hole well I tagged one and put it to about 20ft away pin high 2 putted for bird. Probably the 40th or so time I've played that hole but the first time I've driven it.
  3. Lugowskins

    My short game disappeared this year. Anyone else?

    Yes, this is exactly what I have been trying to do just watching the video I think I may be gripping to tight and trying to force the club head through the ball instead of just letting gravity do the work like the video says. Good link, thanks! No same balls as last year wilsons mostly ultra 500s i bought a wilson AAAA bulk box on ebay and they've been good although I havent dabbled with more expensive balls since I'm still prone to losing one every 5 or 6 holes
  4. Weather and other circumstances led to me getting a late start to the year so I am only 72 holes in but I've noticed a distinct flip in my game. Last season (my first full year golfing) I was solid around the green chipping and putting were the main reason I got down to averaging rounds in the mid 80s despite being wildly inconsistent off the tee. This season so far, despite putting in about 7 hours or so of strict chipping and putting practice in the past 3 weeks, my short game has gone to sh*t meanwhile my drives have increased by at least 20+ yards, there's been a bump in all my irons and have been more accurate than ever before. I started weightlifting over the winter and have become much stronger (I'm 27 about 6' 215lbs) I'm not sure if that is contributing to the short game issues and I just need more practice to adjust to the amount of touch needed now with the extra muscle or if it is more a mechanical issue but I don't feel I am doing anything different from last year just curious if someone else has had this type of issue and how they went about fixing it. I don't want to try to change the way I chip (learned from the Mickelson short game DVD) but if there is a technique to help with touch maybe I could look into?
  5. Lugowskins

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    Its been probably 4 or 5 months since I last checked in here. Golfed a ton early this summer but work and other things got in the way and golfing 5 days a week turned into twice a week which turned into twice in the last 2 months combined. I started out the summer scuffling to break 90 bouncing between 88-95 with my best score being an 86. Well I went out this Saturday thinking it might be one of the last decent days to golf here in Michigan and wanted to take advantage. I was the only person on the course and walking 18 was really peaceful. I honestly hit the ball very poorly didnt get off the tee well at all I think I only hit 4 fairways only had 1 GIR but my short game was pretty ridiculous. Only 1 GIR but I was around the green all day just wasn't hitting them. I chipped in 3! times got up and down for par 8 times only 3 putted once and kept the ball in play only 1 OB which is good for me. I had gone out with the intention of just walking 9 but when I chipped in for birdie on 9 and hit the clubhouse with a 39 I decided to keep going. The back I seemed to strike the ball better and was feeling pretty confident scoring par on the first 3 holes then I had my OB on my second shot of a par 5 and ended up doubling then rattled off 4 straight bogeys before finishing par-par and an overall score of 80! I still cant believe I scored that well and honestly dont expect to again for a long time I think I'll call it a year after that and leave my season on a high note with high(ish) hopes for next year!
  6. Lugowskins

    How good could you get if you....

    Thanks, its a pretty short 9 to be fair though lol
  7. Lugowskins

    How good could you get if you....

    This is a tough question for me as I am pretty close to that much time invested anyway. I play probably 3 nights during the week 2-9 hole rounds and one 18 after work then 18 sometimes more on sat and sunday. I generally spend about a half hour around the practice green before playing and it takes me about an hour and a half to walk 9 so about 7 hours of play during the week and another 7 or so on the weekends. On days I don't play ill generally hit into my net in my back yard for an hour or so, so I'd say I'm already investing 15+ hours a week to the game (some weeks I don't get to play as much obviously but the majority of the time that's how much I play). I just took up the game about the middle of last summer and I finished out the year mostly shooting around 110+ and just being generally awful never broke 100. This year I've put a lot of time in with no instruction aside from a little youtube just watching guys swings I like and the Mickelson short game DVD which actually helped a lot. I've gotten down to shooting high 80s and my best 9 hole score is a 1 over 37 I think with how fast and drastic the improvement has been I could possibly get down to pushing single digits this year. Being in a cold weather state though with a long layoff for the winter my window to improve isn't that great. I'm not in that good of shape I'm a 26 years old former college baseball player and am 6 foot about 210 pounds could stand to get back down to 195 or so would be a good weight for me I think a draw back is that I am not very flexible even when I was 175 and in the best shape of my life I wasn't very flexible so now with some pudge getting in the way its not helping at all lol I love the game and am slightly obsessed right now I know the ability is there just finding the consistency is going to be the journey.
  8. Lugowskins

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    "most of the time" except when there is a group watching and you can feel their eyes burning a hole in you as you top it to the womens tee lol been there a time or two
  9. Lugowskins

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    The only mulligan I take is my first tee shot if I'm hitting driver. I seem to always snap hook it my first shot then my second will be fine. If we had a range to warm up on I wouldn't but first full swing of the day I give myself a pass but if I play an iron then if I hit a shit shot I stick with it. Generally by the second hole I'm up to speed and ill know if its about to turn into a practice round or not lol
  10. Lugowskins

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    Shot an 88 on Saturday I started off on the back which is the tougher 9 and shot a 42 then had some friends meet up with me to play the front. I was 1 over through 4 on the front when it fell apart I had an OB and a fat approach and ended up tripling the par 4 5th then I parred the next hole which is a par 3. Then the disaster hole, I sent my first drive OB then hit my 4 iron on the edge of OB had to punch out, fatted my approach, thinned my chip over the green, duffed my next one to the fringe and 3 putted for a 9 worst hole of the year by far. I scrambled for bogey on the next and finished with a par on the par 5 9th for a 46 it was really frustrating but still my best 18 hole score to date. I think if I put it together and just keep my ball in play probably need to play more irons off the tee I think I can flirt with 80 fairly soon. If I had just bogeyed those 2 holes that's 6 strokes but I have a hard time letting go of bad shots. Good thing is my putting and chipping has been really good as of late the time spent on the practice green is paying off had a lot of up and downs lately the 9 stroke hole and another where I had a 40 footer for bird are the only holes I 3 putted all day I've had 3 chip ins in my last 36 holes played and the 10-12 footers are falling regularly.
  11. Lugowskins

    Best Shot of the Week

    My best shot of the week was a shot that I've hit before just executed it much better this time. We have a 90 degree dogleg left par 4 where there's a good sized tree line hiding the fairway to the green. Its about 220 to carry if you aim to cut it off right at the corner and I've got a spot picked out where I aim my driver about 30-40 yards left which is about a 250 carry to make it over the trees comfortably. On this day we had a decent breeze going from right to left and I figured I could use that to carry my ball closer to the hole as I hit driver with a slight draw anyway. I aimed about as far towards the hole as I felt comfortable and pured it exactly like I wanted a nice high fade that once it hit its apex it really started to turn. I saw where it disappeared over the tree line and I knew it would be good. I used my GPS app to track the shot and I had put it just 30 yards short of the green had actually hit it 5 feet past the fairway into some light rough but for a total of 285 yards about where my drives top out at. I chipped on and 2 putted for par.
  12. Lugowskins

    Bogey Golfers Only (Index 16-22) / Breaking 90 Topic

    So this happened yesterday... Easily the best I've ever played everything really came together for me I only missed 2 fairways my approach shots were good had 4 GIR but my misses weren't bad close enough that I had 3 up and downs for par. My putting was the best its been all year I sank a 20+ footer for birdie on 3 and for the most part my speed was good keeping me to within 3 feet for my 2nd putts. My one bad putting hole was the second its a short par 4 that I drove to within 12 feet of the hole but yipped my eagle putt only half way there and sent my second 3 feet past most disappointing par of my life. I started to feel the nerves on the 7th hit a good drive but thinned my chip just past the back of the green and wasn't able to get up and down then on the 8th hit a just awful tee shot I was nervous and fidgety I should have backed away and reset but I swung and popped my drive straight up and 130 yards my approach was straight but short and I wasn't able to get up and down again. On the 9th I was thinking birdie all the way I desperately wanted to finish even par I smoked my drive 270 but sent it just right of the fairway on a dogleg left par 5. I layed up short of a pond leaving me 130 out I hit my PW it hits the green and rolls off the side onto the fringe. My chipping had been spot on all day and I wanted to hole it but I lipped it out to about 3" away and tapped in for my 37. I went to start the back 9 and after I tee off (hit and rolled off a par 3 green) one of the groundskeepers came and said they had just fertilized the back and were starting the sprinklers so it wouldn't be playable for a few hours I finished out the hole and headed home meaning to go back later in the day and finish but never got to it. This was so close to one of my yearly goals the front 9 of my course is fairly easy and I want to shoot under par before the year is out but I couldn't be more excited with how I played everything felt so easy I was confident in every shot there weren't any fat iron shots or duffed chips I took chances that worked out it was a fun round I don't expect to be able to do this every time out but knowing I have the ability my confidence is sky high right now... of course my next time out ill shoot a 50 and it'll bring me back down to earth lol
  13. Lugowskins

    90 and in struggles

    Just was curious thanks. I tend to forget about the member swing section
  14. Lugowskins

    90 and in struggles

    Impressive! Question: how old were you when you started playing and how long were you playing before you made it to scratch?
  15. Lugowskins

    90 and in struggles

    I carry PW, 52, 56 and a 60. I use my 60 essentially anything under 70 yards my 56 is about 95 yards on a full swing my 52 goes 110 and my PW can go up to 130

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