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  1. You probably think I'm spamming at this point by I swear this is a real improvement lol only took a few different people saying it to me but I think I fixed my takeaway which made it much easier to hit my downward swing plane I love the swing I have here it's not perfect but I know I'm so close.
  2. Fittings aren't crazy expensive at least at the place I want to go I know it would be worth it but the problem is that I live in the middle of nowhere and they're a 2+ hour drive away lol I've accepted that i'm going to be spending an exceptional amount of money on golf so I've actually worked it into my budget, thankfully I've found a way to get a good amount of extra income in my pocket so the plan is to play a ton this year save up for a full fitting next off season and really give it a go see how good I can get. Despite the thread I don't hate my set up but when you think you're a tweak or two away from being better it's hard not to pull the trigger!
  3. Yeah I didn't really know any better when I bought my wedges I was new to the game but I've been using my 60 degree for so long now on basically every shot inside 100 yards I cant imagine playing a round without it lol I love it so much I bet a buddy last year (who is about the same skill level as me) that I could beat him over 9 with just my 60 degree and a putter I shot a 52 which I think is respectable! Never mind the fact that the 9 was about the shortest you'll see at just over 2800 yards and he beat me by 10 strokes but you get the idea ha.
  4. I guess what it boils down to is where should I want my 6 degree gap to be either between my PW and 52 or a 54 and my 60. Also, if bending them is ok or if I should just pony up and just buy new.
  5. I get what you're saying my thinking is being a longer hitter that doesn't play many long courses I don't have much need for another long club but having my shorter yardages gapped out for ease of use could be beneficial. If I could bend those down and get it so I have essentially a 15 yard gap between each club from my (what would be) 54 degree through 4 iron it would make things simpler because right now 125-150 is a range that isn't uncommon to be at and that is currently where I'm between clubs. My 52 with a normal swing carries 125 I can juice it up and get close to 135 but that's a very inconsistent everything I've got overswing, admittedly I haven't worked much on manipulating yardages with my PW but trying to get that down to 130-135 is tough for me I'm much more comfortable right now taking full swings. I have my 3 wedges, 4-pw AP2s, have a Titleist H1 21 degree hybrid that's my most consistent long club, a Taylormade Rocketbalz 3wood which I never hit probably going to replace it with a 19 degree Titleist H1 hybrid and turn it down to 18 degrees is my plan, and my G400 driver. I feel fairly confident in the longer yardage clubs that honestly I rarely have to play, if I'm not hitting driver off the tee it's generally a 6 - 7 iron or my hybrid and outside of a few par 5s in the area unless I'm atrocious off the tee I don't have a need for anything that goes over what I hit my hybrid which is just how my game is going to be when I'm really only playing 5800-6300 yard courses because that's really all there is in the area. I hadn't really thought about it affecting the bounce perhaps I should look at just buying new ones. Thanks for giving me an excuse to indulge in my favorite pastime, spending money on golf equipment lol See I think that set up is ideal as well. I would think with the shorter yardages if I'm trying to say knock a 54 down 20 yards would be easier to do than manipulate a PW down 20 yards simply less room for error and you're going to be more comfortable being closer to the pin. Where my head is at right now at least.
  6. I currently carry 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges but my PW is 46 degrees so I've got a pretty big gap. I have about a 25+ yard difference between my 46 degree PW and my 52 degree and those 25 yards in between tend to leave me feeling less than confident when those yardages pop up. Wondering if I should bother going in and bending down my 52 to a 50 and my 56 to a 54 (love my 60 for short game) to help close that gap or if I should just focus on controlling my PW more and find a swing for each of those troubling yardages?
  7. I have a practice mat in my bedroom that I will move to the garage once it's warm enough but for now I hit balled up pieces of paper wrapped in electrical tape gives you some feedback but wont break anything if you catch a wild ricochet. If you don't have the space then like someone already said it's never a bad idea to just do some golf related workouts or still get a mat and work on chipping and putting. This is my first year doing this but it's been helpful also a good time to record your swing and make tweaks. Get a tripod and download the V1 Golf App it's very addicting and helpful.
  8. Swing progress 2/19/20 had a major revelation after an atrocious range session a few days ago. I never really thought about my grip I just grabbed how I felt comfortable and went with that. Well with my efforts to flatten out my swing plane i had started pushing everything right like waaaaay right and generally with a slice as well. So I did some research and realized i had a fairly weak to neutral grip so I experimented a bit and strengthened my left hand considerably to essentially an (original) Ben Hogan style grip where I've got 3 knuckles visible and the results were pretty instantaneous. It still feels fairly uncomfortable standing over the ball but contact feels a lot more clean and powerful I know with time it will just become the new normal. I feel like my swing is getting close, still have a couple months until I can actually start playing and I plan on continuing to put in the work but I'm happy with the progress I've made in just a few weeks and I feel very confident going into the year. This video is just some down the line shots of a few irons and I posted my first driver swing of the thread. I feel increasingly awkward with the new grip using the driver but I think it will be good for me mentally to force me to not come over the top knowing the miss with my old swing would be either a snap hook or just a massive pull.
  9. I am heading out there tomorrow for the first time with a group of friends, my company gave me a $200 gift card for it so figure I should use it up. Reviews online are mixed I'm just treating it as a reason to drink too much and hit some balls with friends. Just from what I've heard so far kind of disappointed I was really excited when I heard it was being put in.
  10. Lugowskins


  11. Going back to my first point I have done some research and I think I have some realistic numbers to aim for that will be tough but achievable let me know if I'm over shooting on anything. I want to hit >50% of fairways this has never been a strong suit but will be a big emphasis in my preparation for the season and in my strategy going into rounds probably the goal I'm least optimistic about being able to hit lol I want to have >50% GIR I think this is doable I may adjust this goal midway through the year I want my scrambling to be >45% I have always perceived this to be a strong suit but since I've never kept track of my stats I think 45% is an ambitious number I want to have <10% 3 putts and average <33 putts per round not sure how ambitious this is I don't play courses with massive greens and am a decent putter I would like to make it 1 3 putt per round and under 31 putts per round but I think this goal is a good starting point Lastly I want to score more would like to average >1 birdie per 9 holes I play I based most of these numbers off of a few studies I found online about stats by handicap and these would get me into the single digits which is my goal for the year.
  12. Yeah Steve is awesome! My friend Aaron lives right in town we play the country club fairly often in the summer but we've been doing the simulator every Saturday with Steve for the past like 6 weeks. Small world, my mom and sister both work in Lapeer my mom has worked at the Kroger there for like 30 years now lol
  13. Most recent swing video, actually made some changes since recording these swings improved my posture and changed my grip (thanks to the thread I read on here) and I feel it feels much more comfortable and makes it easier to hit my desired swing path but I'll work on it more and save it for the next video.
  14. Here's my most recent swing video for anyone curious enough to check it out. Yes, I'm hitting balled up pieces of paper wrapped in tape in my bedroom. It's Michigan gotta work with whatcha got lol
  15. The iron distances are right on my PW carries 150 9I 165ish 8I 175ish 7I 190ish and so on but from what I've heard from other people that play on simulators there are different settings you can put in so it reads different from irons to woods? But that was in a different thread on here I'd have to go back and find it to see exactly what they said. Thank you I certainly did my research before shelling out 300+ for it lol the dude who was watching had an epic flash actually and had us hit it only one swing but ball speed was low 170s about the same as my good G400 swings but all the reviews seem to say that's the top driver right now. I'm actually putting together a new swing video right now it'll be up within the hour i think you'll be impressed comparing it to my first video just a couple weeks ago lol still struggling with the disconnected takeaway and need to stabilize my head more but my path is much better I think.
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