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  1. Very nice thank you! I'll have to write these down for when we can play in 2 months lol
  2. I have not, haven't played anything south of Lapeer or West of Saginaw lol. Looks pretty amazing! Although right now I'd play if they cut a hole in the middle of a bean field! I'll have to talk my group into making the drive down there
  3. Few things I've been working on, I noticed in my other videos my back foot wouldn't stay planted on the back swing it would tilt because I assume I'm shifting my weight too far and swaying in my swing. Can see in a few swings here that it looks better but I don't know how much I should really be worrying about it. I'm also working on a little stinger that I would like to be able to use on days when the woods aren't agreeing with me or it's overly windy. I haven't toyed around with it too much just watched a few videos and have probably taken 30ish swings trying it out I can think of a ton of holes where it would be applicable if I can become consistent with it. Lastly I've spent a ton of time working on my driver I realized I was starting unbalanced I had probably 75-80% of my weight on my back foot at address which caused me to fall back off shots and constantly top them. I am focusing on being more balanced in my set up and just like what was the issue with my irons I need to stay connected in my back swing and keep my right elbow tight to my body on the down swing as long as I do those 2 things I can swing pretty hard and find the club face fairly consistently. I really wish I could get out and play it's been beautiful for days it's torture to not be able to get on the course.
  4. I would if I wasn't salary and my company said I would still get paid if we were forced to shut down lol. Obviously get your point though.
  5. Washakie is my favorite in the thumb and it's only 10 minutes from where i work so it's convenient plus it's the only course I've ever broken 80 on so it has sentimental value lol. We play both those courses fairly often Vassar can be nice too but it certainly holds water and is rough when wet imo. I think Greenbrier is about 40 min from Davison I drive 45 to get out to Lapeer CC all the time you can do it! Any recommendations for best course South West of Lapeer?
  6. Greenbrier in Mayville! They have done a ton of work to the course and the clubhouse (unfortunately that's on hold for the most part right now). Doubt you've been out there it's a short course the front 9 is maybe the easiest 9 in the area but the back can be pretty challenging. The old owners had wanted out for some time and the place had become depressing but now it's going to be a great place to play I think.
  7. Putting in all this work and not being able to step foot on a course feels incredibly cruel. Months of countless swings, video review, working on yardages is all for naught when the government tells you you cant go walk on a 150 acre course where the closest people are 200 yards away. I'm sure this isn't going to be over any time soon either (what is "over" anyway) so I'm sure we'll lose around half of the already short golf season here in Michigan. Hopefully Whitmer wises up and lets courses open like the rest of the damn country.
  8. It's incredibly painful to have spent the last few months taking thousands of swings, working every single day videoing and working on my swing, spent hours on the range and on the simulator working on my yardages, got a membership at a course my friends dad just bought, joined their Wednesday night league and when spring finally arrives the weather is beautiful and it's fairly dry theeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn the government tells me I can't golf. Still have to go work 40+ hours a week I can see people out at parks every day but don't you dare step foot on a golf course.
  9. Certainly feels different lol still feels a little forced I'm sure another week or so of working on it it will feel smooth and natural.
  10. Thank you! Only took a couple thousand swings lol
  11. Loving the way my iron swing looks I think the hybrids are close and the only good thing about not being able to golf for a couple weeks is I can work extensively on my driver. Went back and looked at my initial couple videos and they are disgusting lol pretty proud of my progress but if I plan on actually posting some real low scores this year I need to figure out my driver swing and just focus on contact over swing speed. With the shut down I'll probably be posting about it a lot.
  12. Despite the terrible score I came away optimistic. My buddy hit me up late yesterday and wanted to play we were short on time so we only played 9 showed up and went right to the first tee box which is something I never do. It was a course I have only played a couple times and it had been a few years it was very wet, not in great shape and about 35 degrees. I hit a lot of clubs I shouldn't have just not knowing the course and goddamn did I putt horribly. I felt like I couldn't have hit the ball any worse I topped 3 drives, fatted a 5 iron off the tee on 1 plus it was fairly windy and I don't have a rangefinder yet so my distance control on my wedges was atrocious. That being said a 45 was a fairly common score for me last year in good conditions I really don't think I could have played any worse so I hope this was my floor I was honestly a little surprised when I tallied it up at the end I thought I had to be much worse. I'm just dying for course conditions to improve and, ya know, this global pandemic to be taken care of so I can actually enjoy a real round of golf. Instead of that happening though the governor just shut down the state (apparently my job is essential so I still have to work) and we got 2 inches of snow last night soooo fml.
  13. Had some time on the course and things went really well ball striking was drastically improved and I hit 5/9 gir which is sadly probably the best I've ever done in some pretty awful course conditions. There are some changes I am trying to make. Being more upright, I noticed the lie angle was way off when I was hunched so far over led to a lot of bad strikes. Something @deenicpointed out my torso was stagnant in the takeaway so I'm trying to be more connected and slower/deliberate in my takeaway I feel that has helped. I need to really flatten out the club more at the top of my backswing the slo-mo iron swing you see here I think is where I should be. I have a couple swings with my hybrid here that I'm too steep with but I cant seem to make good contact when I swing them like I do my irons not sure what that is all about. My driver swing still feels like a disaster, results have been acceptable on the course but I have 0 confidence when I'm standing over the ball and no 2 swings seem to ever feel the same it's frustrating.
  14. Finally was able to get out with my golf group for the first time this year. We only played 9 on our home course which isn't even open yet so the greens were atrocious and the course was still pretty soggy. The work I put in in the off season has definitely payed off though ball striking was great aside from 4 shots that I remember. Had 5 GIR which is better than probably any 9 hole round I had last year and it felt easy like I knew I would hit the green when I had a wedge in my hand, definitely not a feeling I'm used to. That being said I left myself some long putts on a few holes and with the greens in the condition they were in just couldn't get down in 2 on the first 2. Other than that what killed me was I hit a really fat approach shot on the dogleg left par 4 5th that led to a bogey and went OB on 7, which is driveable, but OB left is about 5 yards off the fairway and I went about 20 yards left of it on my first shot lol I think I need to reassess my strategy on that hole and just play an iron off the tee. I finished pretty strong but again couldn't roll in a straight forward 7 foot birdie putt on 8. I had 3 make able birdie putts on 4,6 and 8 that I think come mid season I'd knock down at least 1 of them. Do that, knock off the 3 putts (never really been an issue) and play more conservative on 7 I think with how short and easy this 9 is I can hit my goal of shooting under par on it this year.
  15. The one I found recently is The Grint I haven't been able to get on the course yet due to weather but just exploring the site and the app it looks pretty phenomenal. I think it's like 40 bucks a year has tons of great stat tracking and gives you a USGA compliant handicap card among some other pretty cool features.
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