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  1. I finally put it all together today, I took the day off work and shot my best rounds ever. Before today my personal best was a 78 with a few 79s mixed in. This morning I went out walked 18 and shot a 5 over 76 then met up with a buddy later on played another 18 and shot a 77. This on one of the windier days I have played in. My short game was huge for the 76 I honestly didn't feel like I was hitting the ball that well I didn't have a ton of GIRs but I putted great I think 27 putts is a new low for me as well. The second round was pretty uneventful aside from my second eagle of the year it was just a good job at keeping the mistakes to a minimum. On my eagle the wind was blowing hard and on the 320 yard par 4 7th it was right at my back and the tees were up so it was playing closer to 305. Well the fairway if you hit it far enough slopes down to the green and I hit a perfect 5 wood that got a big bounce and managed to roll up to about 12 feet. My stroke felt great all day and I was able to hole it. My big goal for the year was to get to a single digit handicap I'm currently sitting at a 10.6 I think these 2 rounds should finally get me under I'm feeling pretty accomplished.
  2. Latest swing vid. I noticed I was too far on my toes got my weight more on my heels and seemed to help my balance a bit but that still is an issue. I need to try to swing at like 80% and stay smooth and balanced but it's really hard to not just go after it especially when I'm on the course.
  3. I wasn't fitted for it. My best friend plays the stock 410 both have the Ping tour 75 shaft in them. I've swung it a dozen times or so over the past month and didn't notice much difference. Looks the same ball flight wise and didn't notice any considerable distance changes. Only real difference I noticed were the acoustics were much nicer. I didn't think I would prefer the "deader" sound but I do. Even so I did not notice it on the range, obviously. As i said I had some crappy shots, which isn't out of the ordinary, chalked em up to my swing put it back in the bag and didn't touch it again until the first tee. My friend has a 410 and I like it quite a bit I'm not much of a tinkerer so the sliding weights don't bother me. And hell, if I do get the upgrade and don't like it I could just sell it, buy a new G400 max and pocket the extra cash lol
  4. I love the No Laying Up guys the podcasts are alright but their YouTube series are phenomenal highly recommend Tourist Sauce and Wild World of Golf. I also don't mind the No Putts Given group but they can be a little insufferable at times. I don't know if they qualify as a podcast but I truly enjoy the TXG guys a lot of tech nerd talk where a lot of the time it's over my head but I'm trying to learn and I like Matty and Ian. Without a doubt though the best podcast is Golf.coms Subpar. Former pro golfers interviewing current pro golfers I have loved every episode I've seen. Colt and Drew seem like great, fun dudes and it's cool to see some of the pros personalities. Hopefully they'll start getting some of the younger stars.
  5. So this past Saturday I was playing in a company scramble at a super nice course far out of my price range. They had a beautiful range that I spent a good amount of time on before the round. I hit probably 10-15 shots with my G400 MAX and the last few I hit terribly, just a gross ball flight and very short. I write it off as you just suck and its going to be a long day. We get up to the first tee and I whip it out take about two steps towards the tee box and look down to see the gnarliest crack imaginable. I let out a pretty loud "what the fu**" to the surprise of the two some I had just met. They come take a look and we all were pretty impressed by the damage. Silver lining is that I contacted a retailer and said there shouldn't be any issue having it replaced I just really hope they upgrade me to the G410!
  6. Forgot to bring up I had a rules issue. Not one that I broke but one that was just a massive bummer. I had been hitting my driver like crap all weekend, not just bad but like barely making contact and hitting horrific snap hooks all weekend kind of crap (explains a lot of lost balls, not all but a lot). Anyway I get to the par 5 on the back on day 1 and pipe one, starts up the right side and draws back to the middle. The fairways are like concrete and it must have ran a mile. There was a group probably 330 yards ahead of us at the corner of the long dogleg left par 5 and they didn't seem to react to something rolling up on them. Anyway we pull up and my group plays their balls we all assume I'm another 40+ yards up to the corner get up there and cannot find it. Must have looked for over 10 minutes (it was a very slow play day so we weren't holding anything up) everyone agreed it almost surely didn't come close to rolling left OB it wasn't drawing hard enough for that and it is probably 370ish to go long through the fairway so we were stumped. Eventually the guy in our group who was essentially running it as well said I had to go re-tee since we couldn't establish a point of entry, I was not pleased. So I take the long drive back to the tee box where a group had just pulled up and proceed to hit another snap hookey one that goes 200 yards and barely stays in play left. I hit a good 54 degree up to the corner and another good pitching wedge from 155 to about 12 feet and two putt for a double. Kind of the story of my weekend some good shots that I can't even be excited about after losing a ball.
  7. Welllll turns out your story was the closest to reality lol I went out and sh*t the bed with a 91 came out with an equally sh*tty 85 on day 2. Lost a total of 22 strokes to lost balls in the 2 days, it was almost impressive. The front is the much easier 9 probably the easiest I've ever played and I went 48-47 I had 9 pars on the front alone but a ton of blow up holes I took quad on hole 9 both days and had a bunch of doubles and triples almost entirely due to (sometimes multiple) lost balls. I seemed to settle down on the back both days shot a 41 the first day and on the second when I started drinking and messing around I shot a 38. Sad thing is that my short game was good enough to score relatively low I was chipping well only had 31-30 putts without a three putt all weekend. But alas its time to get back to work only 362 days until next club championship lol
  8. Good call on the rules violation I don't think it will be an issue but certainly wasn't something I was taking into account. Unless it is egregious and I know its someone actually trying to win I couldn't see myself calling anyone out on a violation but I know there are a couple guys out there who don't share that mindset. There is no range or warm up area at the course so I am going to wake up early and work through the bag on my practice set up in my garage but there will be an hour and a half or so between then and actually teeing off so I don't know how beneficial that will actually be. .
  9. This will be my first year playing in the club championship and my first real competitive rounds. I played in a league this year but it was pretty laid back so I'm not sure how I'm going to react once I get out there. Its a two day event lowest gross score wins, my thought process for day one is to play pretty safe just keep the big number off the card and keep myself in play going into day 2. There are really only 3-4 guys capable of shooting decent scores I expect the leader to be +4-5 after day one so I am hoping to just keep it under +8 and stay in striking range for day 2 when I can come out and take some chances. There are 4 holes on the front and 1 on the back that I can drive that I will be opting to lay up on on day one and pull driver on day 2 (provided conditions and score play out like I think it will). Just try to stay calm after bad shots, which isn't a strong suit, and don't take a shot off I think I've got a chance to take it. I've been playing well lately and the competition is far from stiff (we're a small community not a lot of serious golfers). All that being said is my head in the right place going in, should I be approaching things differently?
  10. Well my original post was pretty spot on and while I did chip in on 16 for birdie I still have 4 holes to go. A 165 yard par 3 that I have had a heck of a time consistently sticking yet alone giving myself birdie ops, a 90 degree dogleg right par 4 that is pretty sad I haven't birdied it yet, hole 15 which is a 90 degree dogleg left with the tiniest toughest green I've ever played I'll be shocked if I get this one, and lastly a 195 yard par 3 that I cant seem to hit. I think I will get 2 of those 4 it might take a little luck to actually finish this.
  11. Haven't posted an update in a while this is just a single swing, my computer with my video editing software is having issues. I let my dog outside and went to the garage took about 5 swings and this was the best one. Things have certainly come around for me lately just the past 2 weeks I shot par over 9 holes for the first time (also shot 1 over) and broke 80 for the first time. I made a grip change (strengthened a lot) and all of a sudden my irons have been lights out (by my standards) distance has jumped up considerably and I have been far more consistent with my ball striking. I made the same grip change with my driver and it has been a tougher adjustment. I have been hitting some hard pulls (still coming too far out to in occasionally) but the added distance has been there as well. Easily another 15+ yards, when I hit the right swing plane I've been over 300 yards of carry which is honestly too long for a lot of the holes on my home course. Nobody ever believes distance stories on here but yesterday warming up for our round I hit one well past a 315 yard par 4 and during our round I carried one to the back of the green on a 318 yard par 4 that bounced roughly 20 yards deep. This swing was with a 4 iron i haven't had it in the bag at all this year but I hit it all the time in my garage and I think I should ditch my hybrid for it. My 5 iron has been carrying about 205 if my 4 iron can be a consistent 220 club I might just end up hitting that off the tee majority of the time.
  12. So sorry I'll be sure to be super literal for you next time lol there's a reason golf is seen as the uptight sport if you cant handle a little hyperbole. Besides I never said I birdied it most of the time I said it SHOULD be birdied most of the time as it is hands down the easiest golf hole I've ever played.
  13. The way I was playing it was a guaranteed par and looking through my stats for the year I have birdied that hole 7 of the 17 times I've played it with just one bogie. It is a slight dogleg left that is only about 215 to the front of the green unless you snap hook it or push your tee shot 40 yards right of your line (which at most I'll hit a 5 iron generally will just play a 7 and give myself a short pitch) you're going to have a great look at the green. Just don't miss way right, and hit it over 100 yards you should make par as the green is also one of the easiest on the course. It's safe to say PGA courses that have holes that are 220 away are slightly more challenging than this.
  14. Almost shot par again during our league last night. Our opponents didn't show up so we had to bounce around a bit and ended up finishing on holes 2 & 3. I was even after 7 holes and 2 & 3 are very easy, 3 is a guaranteed par and should be a birdie most of the time so I'm thinking I could go under. Hole 2 has a tree line right of the fairway and the green is protected by water I went to lay up and pushed it into the trees but I finally played it smart and didn't go for the hero shot I just took my medicine and punched out to make bogie. So now I need to birdie 3 to shoot even I hit a good tee shot I'm roughly 30 yards out pin high but in the rough. My pitch doesn't get any spin (which I should have known would happen) and rolls out to the back edge of the green leaving me a 30 footer that I miss about 4 inches left to finish with par and a 37. Before last night the low score in our league was a 2 over 38 so I was still excited to come into the clubhouse and talk some sh*t. Well come to find out someone else had holed out for eagle on hole 4 from 80 out ended up shooting par and stealing my thunder lol
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