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  1. The Jimenez-Dufner-Daly British Open Shamble

    First of all, once Jimenez moved his ball and picked up his mark he should have dropped his ball when they told him to replace it because they had told the wrong person to move his ball back. He no longer had a mark there, so really didn't know where the ball was originally. Secondly Dufner should have dropped his before Jimenez played his shot after he replaced the ball. BUT, the most ridiculous faux pas of the whole thing was the explanation by the official as to what happened. He cited Rule 22-2 which is NOT the rule that covers the situation. That rule is for a ball that interferes with another ball in play. It was Rule 18 that covered this situation, a ball at rest moved. I seriously couldn't believe what he was saying and he's a top official for the R & A. Hmmm.