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  1. PLaying Today (Weird Sighting)

    I've heard that more people die playing golf than anyother sport of game in the world. Mostly due to old out of shape guys having heart attacks, but heat stroke and dehydration claims a few as well.
  2. Rant about golf course

    There are several course here, that become extremely difficult if you miss the fairway. I'm talking about 4 feet -4 yards of rough and then Iceplant. If you go into the ice plant forget it. you may or may not find your ball, but you have to take a drop because there is no way to hit out of it. I just bring extra balls because there are several holes I really like. BVut like was said before, tell the management, so they know the issues. Complaining here won't do much good except for to blow off some steam. Good luck. I wish I had a course nearby that was not completely packed.
  3. It's just golf. Somewhat Rant-ish

    I'm just jealous you get free range balls.
  4. Tough position...what would u do?

    I was thinking this the whole time I read this thread. Absolutely my answer as well. I let my buddy use my hybrid the other day, and he loved it...went and bought his own. I still hit it better than he does....hehe
  5. Course practice greens

    Thank you for the info. My wife goes to school there. My daughter calls it the circus tent, for the big net that is drapped over the whole thing
  6. Masters Pool Trouble

    First off i want to thank you all for helping with this. I've got to give special props for those that included reasons behind thier picks. This helped alot. I should have asked for it. Anyway Thanks to all. I am going with Threeputt's picks, I am a fan of a few of his picks, or i should say my Granddad is. Anyway, enjoy the match, I may take all picks and track who would have won. That would be fun too. Threeputt, send me your snailer, and I'll get some balls out to you. Would you smoke a cigar If i sent it as well?
  7. Masters Pool Trouble

    This deffinettly a strange pool, but it has to be otherwise everyone would just say Tiger, phil, and the other top seated players, and we would have 25 way tie. I'm just glad i don't have to sift through all the entries to see who won. I think this should be enough to pick from. I'll post up later on, Thanks for all the help guys.....
  8. Rules and Drops

    This was my understanding as well. I guess watching TV can be useful afterall.