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  1. Thanks Pete, that's a good insight. Key is simplest and lowest risk shot. Also for someone like me it's what I am comfortable with and confident of executing. Eg. Bump and run is my strength for short game vs pitch shots.
  2. Great stuff Pete!! All the best in year 2. Would you mind sharing some info on your discussion with Sam about short game.
  3. Microsoft Band 2.0 with taylormades myroundpro.com should be deadly combination. Band will act like a GPS watch and round pro will provide complete statistics...can't wait for it.
  4. Okay mate, let me try what you have said by taking the video. I feel my swing is inside out. I will post a video later for your feedback.
  5. Hey Pete, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. I am in a similar situation where I have pretty much eliminated my slice but often pull or hook.i think my grip is probably strong. What specific drills you suggest can help cure it to hit it more straight. All the best in achieving your goals.
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