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  1. I once shot 36-50, and another time 53-37. And those are my ESC scores. If I was counting every shot on my blowup holes, the gap would have been more. Yikes!
  2. I recently played a course where there were houses along the right side of a par four, with a fence separating the houses from the course. Clearly, the houses are OB. Inside the fence, there is a ditch, and the ditch is marked with red stakes. Along the ditch, there are shrubs, trees, undergrowth, etc. The problem is that there's no real way to be sure whether a ball hit over there went into the hazard or went OB. Clearly, you'd prefer to take it as a lateral, but if you don't find the ball, it could be hiding in the undergrowth in the hazard, or could have gone over the fence into OB territory. So what is the ruling?
  3. I just logged on to ask the same question, and found this thread so am posting here instead... I too am looking for an Apple Watch app. I've been using Hole 19, and it's ok, but I've had issues with it: * On two different rounds, it locked up so that I couldn't enter scores. I could move between holes, but the plus/minus buttons to enter hole scores didn't work, either on the watch or on the iPhone. * I prefer to use just the watch to enter info. Maybe I haven't discovered how yet (is there a manual that covers the watch interface? I can't find one), but I don't see how to move to the next hole after finishing a hole. The only way I can see to do it is to swipe from the left to view all the holes, and then click on the next hole. This is tedious. * Is there a way on the phone to tell it before you hit a shot, and when you arrive at your ball? It would be nice to use the app to track distances for different clubs. * There doesn't seem to be much in the way of stats. For example, for my home course, I'd like to track GIR per hole, puts per hole, etc - to help me strategize how to play different holes. Or do things like tracking average score when I use a driver vs a 3 wood off the tee, etc. * It would be nice if it could automatically upload my scores to GHIN. Is there any app that does that? So some of these issues are with the app in general, but my main goal is to find the app with the easiest to use and most powerful watch interface. I don't want to be messing with my phone during a round, but wouldn't mind doing it on my watch.