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  1. Switching drivers!!!

    What get me is I hit them well in the store and take them out and different result. I do need to get some lessons, I know I have some bad habits that need fixed as well as a different swing. I use a very strong grip on the driver and it causes havoc at times. Its just too inconsistent for me. I played yesterday in the morning and hit all but 2 fairways and later that evening I couldn't keep them straight. I know alot of it comes from my swing. Thanks folks for all the pointers.
  2. Switching drivers!!!

    I usually average between 270 or 280 on my drives and would gladly give up distance for accuracy. I bought a Callaway XR the other day and haven't got back out to hit it much. Tomorrow will be judgment day for it. I went for a fitting thursday but believe it wasn't as good as it shouldve been.
  3. I recently went out looking for a new driver to replace my RBZ bonded. I've hit several different clubs and can't find anything that fits me. I bought a Taylormade Aeroburner, 915 D2, and tried the R15 with no luck. After doing some research I found the weight of the shaft on the RBZ is 59. With the aeroburner I had too much flex on the shaft and was pushing everything to the right. the 915 I have a bad hook and can't get any height. The shaft of the 915 is 70 gram. Any suggestions would be appreciated.