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  1. In terms of the driver he said that you should only teach people to hit down because you have to hit down to create backspin, and backspin causes the ball to fly up. While physics agrees that backspin says the ball will go up, when you swing up you still create backspin, unless the world has suddenly changed. It was hard for me to stand it as well, no need to apologize. I actually had an argument with him about this, since virtually nobody on tour moves their head more than a couple inches, why would that be "incorrect"? About posture; earlier in this thread you told me to work on having a bend in my lower back. This is hard for me, coming from my years of playing hockey where having a 'Tall Chest' is necessary and straightening your back is almost a must, I can't seem to break this habit. In regards to spine angle and my head, as soon as I find a new way to record my swing I will so I can force myself to work on it, but as of right now the best I have is feel, and feel ain't real. I think I'm going to shop around for instructors, but ATM I don't really have the financial means to actually go to an instructor. Starting college in less than 6 months won't help things too much either. Thanks a lot guys, Matt
  2. Am I Being Taught Wrong? I ask this question because my current instructor seems to teach me stuff that is almost opposite of what is written in Lowest Score Wins and from other members here at TST. I will embed 4 of my lessons at the end of this post so bear with me. The first sign that i had of him teaching me stuff that i thought was wonky was when he taught me the backswing he wanted my head and shoulders to move to my right, and in the downswing i would then continue to move my head towards the target, only looking at the ball until the top of my downswing, after which i would look towards the target through my swing. In the same lesson he told me that i need to "Choke the Sh*t out of my club". I tend to have a very soft grip with my clubs, and he didn't really like that. He told me repeatedly that anyone who tells me i need to hit the driver on the upswing is "Stupid, and doesn't understand the golf swing" There are more things than this, but i could only come up with these right now. Here are the lessons i promised to embed, and bear with me. The audio is GARBAGE. They're also in chronological order.
  3. the best part about my swing is that my mishit, while it's technically a slice, is a fade that starts slightly left and will land about 10 yards right of where I'm aiming. typical golfers I play with(my dad) slice the ball anywhere from 25-50 yards right. That's why I refer to it more as a heavy fade than a slice My mishit is very predictable so I know how to play it well. The only problem I have is with my driver and it's just a slight push fade so I counter it by lining up a little more to the left.
  4. I have a swing question. It's kind of complex so bear with me if I don't word it right. I have a habit of dropping my right shoulder when I swing so that my shoulders are almost perpendicular to the ground. (Pic Related: Left side of before lesson, right side is what my instructor calls "half fixed" because he says I still drop my shoulder too much) It's a habit I took from years of playing hockey. My question is, is it bad that my shoulder comes down like this? My ball flight is extremely consistent, I play a small fade and my dispersion is relatively small to where I started, and I like the way I'm playing. I notice that many professional golfers do this, and the example I have is rickie fowler. his shoulders aren't as bad as my first image but they're about the same as my second image(from what I see). Is this shoulder drop a normal thing to have? P.S. Sorry they're screenshots I'm away from home watching the pga event.
  5. Ordered my copy tonight and let me tell you I can't possibly be patient while waiting for it to come.
  6. Big swing change, a lot of face angle stuff, trying to promote draw flight. Worked on keeping my out to in path, but increasing it from 1° to about 3-4° to make it easier to keep the face closed to my path to allow me to draw the ball. Receiving video later tonight. Last round played I shot a +3 38
  7. went to get fitted for a driver today, I'm a standard lie, 9.5 degree loft Titleist 915 D3. Mitsubishi Stiff shaft. Short 1", but I think I will be fine with just 1/2" off. My swing speed was on average 125, with me reaching 139 and the lowest being 119. Attached is an image of the spread of ALL the drivers I hit today, with the straightest and longest being the Titleist.
  8. Here's my unpopular opinion, if it's working for you then why change?
  9. prediction: 6 I work 6 days a week on every event of the golf game I've dropped from 25 to 11 in 3 months but I know single did hits is hardest to improve. hope: 4 or better
  10. Played today after my lesson and scored a 45 on a par 37 My lesson was on chipping, giving me a better angle of attack and a more stable body throughout the swing. Posted the last 6 rounds into my handicap and it dropped to 11. So that's cool. edit: when I submit a 9 hole score it combines the two courses and their respective pars and slopes and calculates it as 18.
  11. I played a 533 yard par 5 yesterday that before I would constantly slice balls into the water hazard that rides the entire right side. I took a 5 wood because there's bunkers at 245 and my 5 wood typically carries 210 with about 20 yards of roll(it's a Steel shafted 23*, yes. steel shafted.) and cranked it 250 or so and it rolled to 270ish and had my second shot from 260ish and decided to play it again. This time I carried it about what I would say was 230 and rolled onto the green and then rolled back down and off. third shot was about a 20 yard so I hit a 56* and bumped to about 8 feet. Misread the birdie putt and sank it for par. It was Amazing feeling me hit the 5 wood 250
  12. If you hit the ball correctly, they'll go the same distance. Loss of distance on fades is usually due to a way too steep angle of attack, or just the fact that most people tend to deloft a club when they hit a draw. (I learned this from a different forum so if this is wrong please educate me)
  13. Worked a lot with my new instructor on keeping my backswing shorter and keeping the head from preventing my shoulder from turning. At first it was very annoying and almost hurt to do but the more tries I had, the better and less strenuous the golf swing felt.
  14. swing change is getting really rough to work on, it's hard to ingrain this feeling. anyway, shot the worst two rounds of my life today and got cut from my high school team.
  15. Had an hour long session with a PGA instructor today. He's rebuilding my swing from the setup all the way to the follow through and it's worked wonders so far. When he sends me the video I'll show you the "Overdone Counter-Balance Drill" as he calls it. He was ingraining moving my right shoulder back to turn fully while keeping spine and hip angle equal to starting angle.
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