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  1. Hey Big Red, I fully agree. I had a set of Haig Ultra's growing up and I love my Wilson FG 53. They made two versions of the this idea. One just has the Term "Gooseneck" on it. The other had the FG 53 and the back of the club is slightly different in that it is a true channel back club. The MOI of the 53 is low in the clubhead and when struck correctly they feel like a million dollars... truly as good as any club I have felt. I don't find them particularly forgiving but when I am swinging well they are pure joy and the distance consistency is amazing. They are a fine forged iron for the player who wants to shape his shots and have good control over his distances... I doubt I will play with cast clubs again just because of the feeling I get 2 or 3 times a round where the ball feels like it is a part of me...