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  1. after being diagnosed with two skin cancers, I use it every time I play and try to use it everyday in general. I found a good website for golfers that talks about this. www.sunsafetee.org
  2. Okay...for something so simple I am making this very complicated. I have tried this and see a lot of potential and most significantly the opportunity for consistency in my swing. What I am having a problem with is the idea of pressing down on the left thumb knuckle. When I do this, I get something of a backward wrist break with the right wrist, but I definitely do not get a cupping of the left hand or a rolling under as described in the book. I continue to see two knuckles on the left hand. Only when I manually force it to roll under do I eliminate one knuckle. Also, it seems to me that I hit the ball better when I "push" the right thumb pad against the side of the left thumb as compared to pressing down on the left thumb knuckle. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions...Thanks
  3. I found this website that specifially talks about golf, sun protection and skin cancer awareness. some good info there. http://sunsafetee.org/
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