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  1. Has anyone had experience with these 2 ball brands? I'm looking for something with bite on the greens and control? Thanks,
  2. Is there something as the best tees or it really don't matter? Something that's more durable then others and if so can someone give me some names etc. I have a Walmart and dicks sporting goods by me. I'm using a SLDR 460 DRIVER.
  3. What about srixon golf balls? My friend bought me some. Are they any good for spin etc? It's the green box they say Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls.
  4. What name brands would be considered 3 pc golf balls that are good?
  5. Which is the best weight settings for the SLDR 460 Driver? Just picked one up.
  6. Well I'm just a weekend warrior. Shot a 95. Still in training ?
  7. Which would be a good golf ball to use for a beginner to intermediate player? Right now I been using the Nike Mojos.
  8. Nothing more they can do as far as surgeries etc. Golf is not a problem they want me to get exercise. I also get spinal shots every 6 mos to help with my nerve issue. I also refuse lay in bed all day everyday and be medicated. I'm like 1/2 to 3/4 swings. Someone told me about punching the golf shot?
  9. Had back surgery in 1990 L4, L5 discs shaved. Problems ever since with nerve pain in low back. Get sharp jolts in low back at times. Clubs I use are new taylormade rocket blades with SLDR 460 driver. All have been fitted.
  10. Can someone give me some pointers for someone like me that has back problems and can't take full swings with clubs?
  11. Is there a big difference between a 10.5 or 9.5? I know my loft on my 9.5 can be adjusted up to 11.0 but wanted to know if a degree makes a difference?
  12. My wife bought me a set of Tour Edge clubs. And when I was out with my friends they said the clubs look to short for me. They are men's clubs I assume standard length. Also have my father in laws clubs which are the taylormades. When I put the 2 different clubs together the taylormades are about a 1" longer in the shafts. Which club is better? And how do I know if the Tour Edges are to short for me?
  13. Sorry what do you mean by fitting?
  14. Hi everyone, I had a question about the clubs I have now and ones I may purchase. Right now I have TaylorMade clubs they RAC'S with a a R7 driver. Don't know if I should keep the irons and upgrade my Driver and putter or purchase a whole new set of Tour Edge HP20'S with everything including the bag. I guess I'm asking which clubs are better.
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