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  1. To form an opinion I'd really have to know what the repercussions of removing the automatic A-3 life member status from PGA Tour members of 20+ years would be, because I think that's what we're really talking about. It seems like he's just an outlier.
  2. Oh god. I'm printing this out and bringing it to my doctor. I must have had a stroke!
  3. Ted's Restaurant. There's one right in Cromwell and then there's the original location down the street in Meriden. They're famous for steamed cheeseburgers, which you wouldn't think are good but are some of the best burgers I've ever had. If you're looking for a little local place, that's the one spot I'd absolutely check out. The Cromwell Diner is also quite good. It's not a tiny little rail cart diner, but it's the best diner in CT that I've been too.
  4. A push cart I can actually understand. A push cart doesn't way much, and you're spreading the weight of the (relatively light) cart and bag over three wheels. I'm not going to push for it to become commonplace (and I don't do it myself), but I certainly wouldn't lose my mind if people started pushing carts across greens. Motorized carts are a whole different story.
  5. 10 pounds more is a hell of a lot of weight for a stand bag. I've always had bags with anywhere from 4- to 6-way dividers, except one 14-way bag I had. Not coincidentally, that one was way, way too heavy to carry comfortably. It's not just the nylon, its the plastic and fabric that has to go on top and on bottom that add weight.
  6. Unless it's been edited and I missed something, I wouldn't say calling him an asshole is political. Hell, the video in the OP shows it pretty clearly.
  7. I thought it was a little odd that Tommy Fleetwood was still using a Nike driver in the U.S. Open, but it looks like a lot of the Nike guys still have a few Nike clubs throughout their bags. Hell, half of my own bag is Nike.
  8. Maybe Tiger wouldn't have - oh wait.
  9. Before my current Ping Hoofer I had an Ogio Grom and really liked it.
  10. I do this as well. Occasionally I'll find a GolfNow deal, but not frequently.
  11. I use the GP MCs in midsize throughout my bag, but a few times I've gotten Lamkin Crosslines installed stock on a few clubs and I was impressed. They were very cord-ish for not having cord. I can't speak to any recent changes they made though. I think I'd go with the MCs, but you'll have to weigh how much the cost means to you.
  12. I say go for the 3 wood if you don't feel the money is prohibitive. It'll improve your gapping, and it'll be one less thing to worry about. The only other option I see is to find a hybrid with a little more loft or a shorter shaft.