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  1. Coincidentally, I tried to overstuff the main pocket and snapped the zipped pull the very next day. It doesn't seem like there's any good way to put it back on so I ordered some generic brand ones off Amazon.
  2. I tried to explain recently why I play golf, and the answer came down to that it would feel stupid to just quit something I'm pretty good at. Maybe not the best answer.
  3. Those two on that version or those few versions of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video games were better than when they would do actual golf tournaments. IMO.
  4. I'm bummed in that I enjoyed Fox's coverage, but glad that it's not CBS.
  5. I'm still using mine, and I can't think of a single thing wrong with it yet. I do get asked a lot about what the Newport Cup is, and if I've played Newport Country Club.
  6. My home course, Shennecossett in Groton, Connecticut, is a Ross course. In the 90s the course did a land swap with Pfizer, who has an R&D HQ that borders the course. They removed a few holes from the back nine, lengthened a par-4 into a par-5, snuck a new par-3 in at the turn, and added a few holes down by the Thames River near the end of the routing. I have some things I could nitpick, but I think with that part of the redesign they did a great job. Where I have a bigger issue is what they've let the greens turn into. The current 3rd, 4th, and 14th greens are extremely domed, and since the course likes to let them get to about 11 on the stimpmeter in the summer, those turn out to be borderline unplayable. From what the long-time locals tell me, they used to be much less domed, but in the 90s and 2000s they got a little aggressive with rolling and re-shaping them. The 4th in particular is insane - it's a volcano green with a huge dome to it. If you miss left or right, you've got about a 7-10 foot long patch of green to stop your ball - otherwise it's going off the other side or coming back to your feet. 3 and 14 are similar, but you're coming into them with wedges instead of mid- to long-irons (and the holdable surfaces are larger), so they're slightly easier to hold. I think if the course got a bit smarter and realized that you can't play greens that fast with that much slope, they could actually turn them into something really interesting. Otherwise, the course is great. I do wish the fescue they like to grow up in the summer was a little bit thinner - it slows down play like crazy when you've got two people in your group on every other hole hitting provisionals and then searching for their ball in knee-high, thick fescue. But the bones of the course and most of the conditions are great. George Wright, in Boston, is also a Ross course that's seen smaller-scale renovations. To what I've seen, they've done a really good job with that. They also re-opened the remaining holes at Ponkapoag (another Ross course) just outside Boston recently, and I liked the work they did there.
  7. I think pretty consistently, my bad shots are over-doing it away from the worst spots. Water left, rough right, and I end up in the rough right. Bunker left, long grass right, and I'll be long. I guess that means my answer to the poll is "no," but it's still kind of annoying.
  8. Just wanted to give this video in specific a shoutout. I used to be pretty good at flop shots but I've felt very lost over them (and other high pitches) for a few years now. Took the thoughts from this video out to the range this week (and the course this weekend) and I was hitting them expertly. It wasn't a flip, but I actually chipped in on my first pitch in a men's league match on Thursday. Also gotten a lot out of days 5 and 19, and have a few of the putting videos bookmarked to get more into. There's a moment in the day 5 video where you demonstrate not adequately bending on the backswing, which I've been struggling to do right since, I dunno, 2012 or so? I don't have the videos uploaded but I caught a few swings on tape this week where I made some of the best backswings (in this aspect) that I ever have. 19 has also been helpful - not only the "pump" drill, but the thought of pulling the handle through impact with my left hip.
  9. Pretty sure it was the caption of an Instagram of him mashing drivers, so if I were them I wouldn't get my hopes up haha
  10. I think I saw Rory say he took like 7 weeks off before starting up again a week or so ago.
  11. The pool noodles are the same. The one course I play that’s been using upside-down cups (still below the surface) are tougher, even if it’s mostly mental. (The few obvious ones that hit the center and pop out we’ve been counting.)
  12. I just got an SM8 sand wedge a few weeks ago and haven't had that problem, so that's definitely not how they're supposed to sound.
  13. I'm really looking forward to the alternate shot part of it.
  14. jamo

    Food Thread

    Connecticut is accurate. Hot lobster roll >> cold lobster roll, and anyone who disagrees can fight me. Can also vouch for Delaware. I love a bobbie. Massachusetts gets the fluffernutter, which was invented there and I think is the state sandwich. But it's not like people eat them constantly. Growing up I was always under the assumption that people ate them everywhere, which I guess isn't true? Can't say I really associate the fried clam sandwich with Rhode Island over the other coastal New England states.
  15. I have to think they've reached out. He'd be the white whale.
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