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  1. Not saying the article or whatever study they're referencing is correct, but consider who plays golf vs. who plays rugby, and the relative ages of the people who play them.
  2. jamo

    MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    I quite enjoyed this season.
  3. jamo

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    You can kind of see the bizarre places where the show falls flat though. Like, in second most recent episode ... let's say for spoiler's sake someone in stabbed in the neck inside a house, and one of the main characters starts cleaning the blood-stained carpet, which is insane because a) it's still purge night! and b) it's an area rug!
  4. jamo

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    I've been watching The Purge (the TV show) on USA. It's not bad. Solid background material.
  5. jamo

    WITB Photo Edition!

    For what it's worth, I have a Nike driver, irons, and putter, and I'm pretty happy with them all.
  6. I need a new lob wedge for sure. The treads on mine are pretty bald.
  7. I guess it would have to be Bethpage Black or Torrey South. I wasn't playing the back tees at Bethpage, but I shot a 76 and was playing well at the time. Torrey I didn't break 90 but I hadn't played for about 3 months, so I was finding the thick rough off pretty much every tee. We weren't playing the back tees there either.
  8. Trade them, give them away, add them to my backup set, or stick them in the big staff bag in my garage.
  9. jamo

    Video Game Thread

    I've never paid any attention to speed running, but that was amazing.
  10. jamo

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Try to work through it. I may throttle back if there are opportunities but generally if I'm hitting the driver poorly I'm also hitting my other long clubs poorly.
  11. Really? I just googled “Earl Woods womanizer” and a bunch of non-recent results came up.
  12. jamo

    macOS Mojave

    I upgraded to Mojave on launch day, but your post made me want to look at DVD Player because I couldn't remember the last time I opened it. Has it lived in at ~/System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/DVD Player.app and not the Applications folder for a while, or is that new? Just checked my non-64 bit apps as well. All of the old Pages '09 apps (I keep them installed because I love Pages' full screen mode and Pages also has a surprisingly good screenwriting template, though I'm trying to launch it now and it beachballs), a few games from the Mac App Store (SimCity 4, the more recent SimCity, CoD 4), Audacity, MyHarmony (the application for setting up Logitech universal remotes), SLLauncher for Microsoft Silverlight, InkServer, quicklook32.
  13. jamo

    MLB (Baseball) 2018 Season

    Yeah, that could be true. Manaea, Fiers, Cahill, Montas, and Anderson, and Mengden were all inactive for the game. (Though I would assume at least some of that was because they wanted to load up on relievers.) It's also true that they didn't use the opener strategy much with their top starters (which you could then criticize them for not at least testing out if they thought they might do it in the playoffs). But teams have gotten much more aggressive about using their best pitchers out of the bullpen in recent years (the Dodgers with Kershaw, Giants with Bumgarner, Astros with basically everyone), so it wouldn't have been too outlandish for them to try.

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