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  1. It's the first driver in a long time I've been really excited about pre-release.
  2. jamo

    Food Thread

    The Food Lab's American Omelettes (and Why You Should Salt Your Eggs in Advance) | Serious Eats As with scrambled eggs, there are two major types of omelette: the hearty, big-as-your-face, fluffy diner-style omelette, and its refined French cousin, the tender, pale-yellow variety, gently rolled like the world's most delicious... FWIW, I like my eggs different depending on how I'm feeling, but 90% of the time I prefer over easy. Over easy eggs with hash browns, bacon, and toast is one of my all-time favorite meals (if not exactly the healthiest). Lay the eggs over the potatoes, break the yolk, tear the bacon into tiny strips so you get some in each bite, and then sop up the leftovers with the toast. When I scramble I generally like them softer. The easiest way I've found is adding a pat of butter to a nonstick pan over low heat, dumping in the whisked eggs (usually with salt, black pepper, maybe a splash of milk, and a bit of parm), and keeping them constantly moving with a rubber spatula. Flipping, turning, and breaking them up. Remove just shy of desired doneness. I like to serve it on top of buttered toast so by the time I'm done eating the eggs the toast has absorbed some of the egg and it's gotten all soft. But I also sometimes enjoy the half-scramble, where you scramble the eggs with the spatula in the pan. And there's nothing wrong with a more firm, larger-curd scrambled egg. Also very tasty.
  3. The Coba King F9 for sure. That thing looks awesome.
  4. jamo

    Adam Scott to Skip WGCs?

    I think a lot of players will be deciding between Mexico and an extra week off vs. playing the Honda and going 3 weeks in a row. The other two seem easier to schedule around. Not a ton of top players play Texas as it is, and plenty of top names skip the Wyndham. St. Jude may be a bit hurt initially by the fact that they'll have to take a trans-continental flight after the British and immediately play a new course in TPC Southwind.
  5. jamo

    Why Aren't There More Heated Ranges? (Minnesota)

    All of the heated ranges I've been to have been pretty disappointing. They never get as warm as I'd wish so I'm still wearing a sweater, and the golf balls are frozen solid. I'd much rather go indoors.
  6. jamo

    How Much Alcohol Do You Drink?

    I have a habit of buying a 6-pack of nice craft beer, having one, enjoying it, and letting the rest collect dust in my fridge. Rinse and repeat every so often.
  7. jamo

    Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie

    I watched it for the first time today. My verdict: not a Christmas movie. Christmas is mentioned as the setting briefly at the beginning and at the end, with one mention (in the form of a Christmas song) in the middle. There is no Christmas-focused central theme, and it could have just as easily happened any other time of year, both of which you can't say about the actual best Christmas movie of all time, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (the 1966 animated movie).
  8. Sometimes on woods you’ll see a weight screw that isn’t meant to be user-adjustable that they use to tune the headweight based on the as-built weight of the club. TaylorMade in particular does that a lot. Could be the same idea here. (Probably not, if I had to guess. But maybe.)
  9. jamo

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    I didn’t realize when I posted that it was from before the match so I only scrolled back a few pages checking for other posts about it 🤦‍♂️
  10. jamo

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    Has anyone watched the HBO 24/7 special about The Match?
  11. It's just not worth it to take to a goat track.
  12. Easy solution: Don't take it as one.
  13. Seems like a pretty cool idea. I don't really have an iPad-able driving range, but I can definitely see the usefulness.
  14. I think I probably said years ago in this thread something along the lines of "If my hands aren't otherwise full I'll take my hat and glasses off to shake hands, but if it's a hassle I don't sweat it." Nothing's changed there. Pretty often in my men's league I'm the only one in the group to take my hat off. No big deal. Sometimes people don't seem to want to shake hands, which I'm also totally fine with.
  15. jamo

    Oldest Club in Your Bag

    My putter is about a decade old. My sand wedge is close to that too.

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