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  1. Makes you wonder how much he fluffs his lie in thick grass. Unrelated (but also, related):
  2. I'd pay it to play Pebble. But if I were doing that, I'd set aside like $3k-$4k so I could fly out and play a bunch of northern/middle California courses at once. Pebble, Spyglass, Poppy, Spanish Bay, Pacific Grove, Pasatiempo, TPC Harding Park ... definitely missing some. I wouldn't just fly in, play Pebble, and go home.
  3. Waiting to see what the Tour's decision is, but unless I'm missing something, it was one of the most blatant lie improvements I've ever seen. He opened up a nice little lane for his club.
  4. The upside is that they always have polos on sale, and they're basically identical to the stuff that isn't on sale.
  5. I like Linksoul a lot, ever since the 2015 NC, but I stick to their sale items. Every thing else is a bit pricy for me.
  6. He's cooking on a pretty good round right now. T3
  7. Ask yourself why Saudi Arabia would want to host a golf tournament despite not having a strong golfing population: it's for PR. By accepting their money and playing in the event, Phil (and everyone in the field, but particularly those getting the big attendance fees) is performing PR on their behalf.
  8. jamo

    NFL 2019-2020

    FWIW, Football Outsiders had them at 5th in DVOA before the Buffalo game. 2019 NFL TEAM EFFICIENCY RATINGS | Football Outsiders Regular season totals, through Week 12 Revised as of 11/26/2019 These are the Football Outsiders...
  9. jamo

    Best Shot in Golf

    I also voted pureed long- or mid-iron. Nothing feels better, and it's tougher to luck into that than most of the others, I think.
  10. It reminds me of this tweet:
  11. It's kind of blasphemy, but possibly the best place in Charleston outside of Rodney Scott's is Lewis Barbecue. He was the right hand man at Franklin Barbecue in Austin for a while, so their bread and butter is Central Texas-style brisket.
  12. I drove from CT to Naples, Florida, in February. I hit a ton of traffic on Virginia and near Jacksonville, but I think they were both freak stoppages (not sure what happened in Jacksonville but there was a fatal crash on I-95 in Virginia a few cars ahead of me, so we were at a dead stop for over an hour). I stayed over in Charleston, which is a little more out of the way than Savannah but has much better barbecue.
  13. Yeah I'm very glad to have avoided the current keyboards. The better speakers sound great too - I watch plenty of TV on my laptop. For me, I think the $2,700 configuration is a no-brainer. You get the i9, better graphics card, the 1TB hard drive. Getting that config out of the previous generation started you over $3k. For that money now I could even get 32gb of RAM if I wanted.
  14. Really enjoying my iPhone 11 Pro. It's almost too fast in some aspects - when I tap "View" on an email on the lock screen, I used to have enough time before it loaded to hit "Mark as Read." Now it's almost instantaneous. I figured this didn't really need its own thread, but the new 16in MacBook Pro came out today. As long as everything goes to plan, I'm going to get one in about a year as a little graduate school graduation gift to myself. My 2015 one isn't showing many signs of its age, but it'll be 5 years old at that point, which is a pretty good life. Looking through the product page and tech specs on Apple's website, it has (almost) everything I was hoping they'd add (SD card slot would have been nice, and I'll miss MagSafe a bit, though I've never been satisfied with MagSafe 2). For the specs you get, the price looks incredible. Particularly compared against the outgoing generation.
  15. Thanks for linking to that, I'd never seen it before. It also gave me the thought: Tiger has 3 U.S. Juniors, 3 U.S. Ams, and 3 U.S. Opens. What are the chances he plays enough post-50 to win 3 U.S. Senior Opens to complete the 4x3?
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