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  1. My USGA handicap is 2.9 right now, which is about right. I had a 2-3 week period around late August/early September (none of which are included in the calculation anyway), but otherwise I've been playing at about that level before and after. I've played pretty stinky in some CSGA tournament rounds this year but I had a great year in my men's league.
  2. I've always thought that angle looked cool. It's not the most flattering one, though.
  3. They still play it. Adam Long won the Desert Classic this year at -26. And that was in 4 rounds (it was 5 until 2012). Wikipedia also says it's not nationally televised (I think they mean it's on cable - Golf Channel - vs. a broadcast network). But yeah. One of my least favorite events of the year. In part because of the celebrity aspect, but also because the scoring is ridu... oh look Adam Long made another birdie.
  4. I think it makes sense. Easier courses tend to flatten the field.
  5. League play is 9 holes, and I play a decent amount of 9-hole twilight rounds. When I play with friends we almost always play 18 though.
  6. This is about what I was thinking.
  7. I plan on upgrading to an iPhone 11 Pro from my X. I would like to upgrade from a Series 3 to a 5, but I think I'll hold off until next year.
  8. In high school, Norton (MA) High School was in our league, so we'd play them home and away once a year. Their home course was TPC Boston. My senior year, I was playing in the #2 spot, so most of both teams were still bunched near the tee. I'm teeing off with a hybrid, and chunk-pop it so badly that my ball barely trickles past the tee box, into some thick rough. After everyone else tees off, I do the exact same thing with my second shot, so I'm sitting two a grand total of 10 yards off the tee. I ended up hitting a good third shot into the fairway and a nice SW to 10 feet, and made the bogey putt, so it could have been worse. But that was very embarrassing.
  9. It's basically a big GameBoy that can play the regular Switch games. And for Nintendo, if it doesn't work they can cancel it without many repercussions because it just operates in the Switch ecosystem.
  10. I saw that the Switch Lite has gotten pretty good reviews. It probably won't happen but for my own uses I wish they'd come out with a Switch Heavy that I could just leave plugged into my TV. I don't really have any desire to play on the go.
  11. No, the 2014 one at Valhalla. (Though I did just now watch some highlights from the 2012 PGA at Kiawah.)
  12. I was watching a replay of the 2014 PGA Championship earlier today, and then watched the final round. I think I took him for granted earlier in his career. He's so damn fun to watch when he's on.
  13. Crazy good break there for Rory. Just as Koepka and Xander dropped shots, he almost dunked one.
  14. The obvious answer is McIlroy - he's had a great year and may win the FedExCup. The only thing that gives me slight pause is that Spieth has won the Masters and played well there in losing, and that's the next one coming up.
  15. It's wild to see how far he's fallen just barely more than 2 years after that Open Championship win.
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