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  1. I used to use an Ogio with that divider - the Woode system. I liked it a lot, but I don't think they use it anymore. Currently I use the Ping Hoofer we got at the 2015 Newport Cup, which I like a lot. It has two dividers on the top (one has my driver and putter, the other my fairway wood and hybrid), two middle dividers (3-4-5 and 6-7-8) and one at the bottom (9-PW-SW-LW). That's been working pretty well. At one point I had a bag with a four-way divider. That was useable but got a little annoying.
  2. It was fun while it lasted.
  3. Also, Rory hasn't won a major since 2014.
  4. DJ's putt on 17, Dottie: "They're actually looking for any break in this putt at all." And it breaks a foot.
  5. Assuming Brooks wins this, I almost - ALMOST - wish he won the Masters, just because going for the Brooks Slam with 2 PGAs would have been so funny.
  6. It only took 65 holes to get good!
  7. Isn't Spieth in at -2?
  8. This is getting crazy.
  9. For what it's worth, the TV commentators were saying they didn't want to hit because the crowd around Tiger was too loud - they were't paying attention to Koepka and Molinari, so the crowd didn't know to/wouldn't quiet down until after Tiger hit. Following that group on Thursday gave me a real appreciation for how difficult it can be to play alongside Tiger. There were plenty of times when Tiger wasn't the last one to his his drive or putt out, and the crowd was already moving on. There were definitely a few times where I was wondering how Molinari was able to concentrate when everyone was shuffling around.
  10. I wanted to toss Luke Donald on the list because he had a pretty good run at the beginning of the decade, but his actual career achievements are pretty underwhelming. He actually has more PGA Tour wins than Westwood though. (Westwood smokes Donald on Euro Tour wins.) Westwood has been pretty close on a couple of majors though, which is something.
  11. I had the original Lunar Controls and just recently got a pair of the Lunar Command 2s and like them both a lot.
  12. There's a course a few towns away from where I grew up called Whitinsville Golf Club. Around a decade ago I saw it on a list of best nine-hole courses in the country. I had no idea it even existed.
  13. jamo

    My Swing (jamo)

    I figure if there's ever a time to revive a My Swing thread that's been dormant for nearly four years, it might as well be because you shot a 66. I haven't really been working on my swing much at all this year, or really the last few years. I don't have a great driving range to go to these days, but I play in a mens league so I usually get out once or twice a week. The past few years I've been in a habit of starting off around a 6-8 handicap and getting it down to around 2-4 by the end of the season. I've been swinging the club really well the past few weeks, and my short game has started clicking, so I wasn't surprised I played well but I definitely never expect to make 7 birdies. The course I was playing is called Meadow Brook Golf Course in Rhode Island. It was my first time playing the course. I played from the blue tees. The black tees weren't set up, and it seemed like some of the blue tees were in places they'd normally put the black tees, so it was playing a little longer than the scorecard yardage. I played mostly by myself, and it was pretty wide open until I ran into the group in front of me around the 14th hole. I finished the final hole with the group behind me (they send you off the 2nd hole so my last hole was 1). (My last hole played). Weak cut driver out to the right side, about a foot into the rough. 6-iron to the right side, 25 feet. Pretty simple 2-putt. (E) Split the fairway bunkers a real nice driver right down the middle. Hit a 3-wood a touch thin to 27 feet. Lipped out the eagle, tapped in for birdie. (-1) Hung a driver just slightly out to the right, had a SW from about 105 in kind of a shaky lie. Struck it cleaner than I thought I would be able to. Made the hooking birdie putt from 18 feet. (-2) Hooked the hell out of a hybrid into some deep rough. Chipped over a hump but just didn't get the roll-out I needed. Lipped out the 16-footer for par. (-1) 467-yard par 4, hit a pretty nice driver but still had 215 in. Lasered a 3-iron right at the flag, trickled just past it. Barely missed the 18-footer for birdie. (-1) Played my 7-iron to the center of the green with the flag back-right tucked behind a bunker. Hooked it slightly, had 35 feet. Good lag putt, tapped in for par. (-1) Thought I could maybe challenge the cross bunker with a driver, but decided to lay up short of it with a 3-wood. Had an 8-iron from about 150 into a bit of wind (the holes close to the clubhouse were a bit windier since they're more exposed). Flag was tucked front-right behind a bunker, tried to play it to the center of the green with some cut but it came off straight at the flag, 5 feet short. Tapped in for birdie. (-2) Took on the trees on the right just a little too much, I think it may have clipped one but I managed to cut the corner and it landed in the fairway. Hooked my hybrid a little, 80 yards short of the flag in the left rough. LW to 27 feet, curled in the putt. (-3) Pulled my driver just slightly, between the two fairway bunkers but safely in the fairway. 9-iron up the hill, felt like I thinned it but I got lucky and it finished hole-high, 15 feet right. Just missed the birdie putt. (-3) Hit a cut-off 5-iron from 185, downhill, into a bit of a breeze. I was between 6 and 5, went with the cut-off 5 to keep it low. Landed and stuck at 4 feet. (-4) Hit one of my best drivers of the day, had 9-iron in. Hit a really nice shot to 9 feet, but lipped out. (-4) Another awesome driver, and a slightly thin 3-wood to about 5 yard short of the green. Really mediocre chip to 9 feet. Two putts for par. (-4) Hit a real nice driver well over the center fairway bunker, had pitching wedge in. Hit it to 13 feet, curled in another birdie putt. (-5) Tried to cut a driver but it stayed left, caught a tree but fell straight down. Had a 5-iron from 188, tried to play to the center of the green but I pushed it, again right at the flag to 4 feet. Made the putt for birdie. (-6) Pretty blah pull-cut driver to the center of the fairway but short on a 629-yard par-5. Flared a 3-wood into the right rough. The green was obscured by trees and I tried to slide a 6-iron around them, but it came up a couple yards short-into one of the front bunkers. Chipped to 9 feet, made the par putt. (-6) Flared a driver out to the right rough, had an 8-iron in. Got slightly more of the ball than I thought I could out of the rough, it trickled a few feet into the rough. Lucked out with the lie, chipped to 3 feet, made the par putt. (-6) The hole is listed at 164 but the green is so deep and the pin was back, so I had it at 189 to the flag. Thought I hit a dead-perfect 5-iron, but it rolled about 2 feet off the back, into the rough. Nice chip to 4 feet, made the par. (-6) Perfect driver to the center of the fairway. Really week 9-iron missed short and right. Chipped to 9 feet, rolled in a pretty tough downhill putt for par. (-6)
  14. Everything else aside, I just don't understand what would ever compel someone to say that bolded sentence.
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