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  1. Several questions: 2000, the adoption of multi-core balls may have been the steepest part of the graph, but distance had already been rising for a decade at a very similar rate. I suppose we attribute that to advances in clubs? Steel heads and graphite shafts? Based on my memory, titanium drivers also started coming out around 2000. Does that deserve any attribution? The graph flattens out around 2008ish. To what do we attribute that? To what to we attribute the rise since 2014? Do we have evidence that the golf ball is still advancing, or just that it advanced once in 2000 and has been relatively steady since?
  2. I'll take the bet. It would be quite a story to tell in prison.
  3. I got pretty turned around, but I think that's correct.
  4. The closeup of Rory taking to a rules official about his ball near a tree earlier was interesting. It kinda seemed like Rory was trying to pull one over on the guy. From "just like DJ on the last hole" to his logic for asking for a drop reeked of lying. I think the official seemed right in not giving him the drop. Maybe it's standard policy but Baker-Finch arguing for Rory to accept second opinion didn't make him seem great either.
  5. I used to be really big into the main Forza series, but after the 4th game or so it all felt really repetitive. I like the Horizon series because they do a great job of varying up the landscapes (which are already more fun to me than the tracks), and I've always preferred more of an arcade style anyway.
  6. I like playing alone. It is what you make of it.
  7. I bought Forza Horizon 3 recently after loving the first two games. The Forza Horizon series is really the only playable racing game series I've found since Burnout Paradise and the Need For Speed Underground/Most Wanted era. Horizon 3 is no exception.
  8. I would have to first be elevated to some sort of national stage. And no, it doesn't exactly sound like fun, but it would probably be the best way to gauge my character, and I'm sure I would discover plenty of blindspots that I could hopefully correct. That's also a pretty big exaggeration compared to what actually happened. Matt Kuchar isn't being "followed around" for "every time he had the chance to do something nice for someone and didn't." Next time I win a PGA Tour event feel free to ask my caddy what I paid them. I never said otherwise.
  9. Faldo kept saying that one went between the trees. It didn't, right? It seemed pretty clear to me on the broadcast that it just barely passed to the left of the leftmost tree.
  10. jamo

    NBA 2018-2019

    I think you're right on Westbrook - the Thunder have done much better since Paul George elevated his own game - but especially while Chris Paul and Clint Capella were out Harden was the only thing keeping them afloat. They weren't going to win a championship with that injured roster whether or not he played like Superman, but he saved them from slipping in the standings in the interim.
  11. Not "since he's wealthy," but yes, we "get to judge" how generous he should be with his money like we "get to judge" ... basically anything. Yes. I don't know if "shame" is the word I'd use, but if Company X brings in profit hand over fist and pays its employees the dead-bare minimum, I have no issue with trying my best to steer clear of them.
  12. Kostis nailed it in that clip when he said his biggest problem with it is that Holmes waited until both of his playing partners putted out before he even began his routine.
  13. All that said, this thread made me really want fries so I went to Five Guys and got probably the best batch of Five Guys fries I’ve ever had.
  14. My feedback: Chick-Fil-A should be much higher on texture and flavor, In-N-Out should be higher on flavor and lower on texture (their burgers, though, are my favorite fast food burgers by a lot), Shake Shack should be tops overall, Wendy's should be lower on texture (and the flavor is actually very good but often wayyy too salty). I'd also like to see White Castle, Whataburger, and Raising Cane's added. The one time I've been to Whataburger I thought their fries were very like McDonalds in every way but like 10% better. White Castle, in my experience, are similar to Shake Shack but 25% worse in every way. Raising Cane's is my favorite fast food restaurant. I also think Five Guys should be docked points for inconsistency. I've had some of the best french fries of my life at Five Guys, but I've also had terribly mushy, overly-salted (or under-salted) grease sticks. Mostly, though, what I dislike about Five Guys is that I think they've popularized their style of "fresh-cut" or "hand-cut" or whatever-cut fries, and everyone and their mother seems to think their fries need to be like that. (Maybe I shouldn't put all the blame on Five Guys because In-N-Out fries are similar in this way). French fries, though, are a rare food where cooking once, freezing, and then cooking again (which is how McDonalds makes their fries) actually improves them. Also, unrelated, but I continue to not understand the love people have for Popeyes chicken. Every Popeyes I've ever been to has a noxious fake-spice smell wafting out of it, and their food is delivered enveloped in it. IMO Popeyes doesn't hold a candle to Raising Cane's.
  15. To me, all it comes down to is this: Kuchar, a pretty darn well-off person, had an opportunity to do something nice for someone less well-off than he is - someone who played a part in him winning a golf tournament, and someone he seemed to have a good time with, despite the language barrier, on the golf course for a week - and he decided not to. He fulfilled their agreed-upon obligation, yes, but he could have taken the opportunity to do more and he declined, despite the near-insignificant impact it would have had his own life. That says something about Kuchar's character far more than does him saying "gosh golly" after a missed putt.
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