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  1. jamo

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    Just finished Sharp Objects. Really slow through parts of it, but very worth it at the end. I have a feeling it would jump to an eagle or better (from a birdie) upon rewatching. Looking back, there were plenty of hints.
  2. jamo

    Food Thread

    I'm glad the local fare could provide inspiration! I'm moving in a few weeks to a place that's about a mile from that restaurant too. Could get dangerous.
  3. jamo

    Spieth in Danger of Tour Violation

    It would be bizarre to see them suspend him for [*checks notes*] not playing enough.
  4. jamo

    League Play: Pros and Cons?

    I've been playing in a league for a few years now and really enjoy it.
  5. You can always get a little syringe to apply the paintfill more accurately, that way you won't have to wipe as much off (or at all if you have really steady hands).
  6. jamo

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    I've also been enjoying Jack Ryan. Currently on episode 6, should be finishing it tonight.
  7. jamo

    Common sense and etiquette trashed?

    ...But he turned it off.
  8. I’ll be at the Sunday round and maybe the Monday round as well. First time going to the tournament but I’ve played the front nine of the course before.
  9. I kinda like Gary. He's not as funny as he thinks he is, but whatever. I don't mind him.
  10. jamo

    How Do You Add Up Your Score?

    That’s a good fourth option. The circles and squares make it faster since you don’t have to compare each hole’s score to par, which can take time if you don’t have the course memorized.
  11. jamo

    How Do You Add Up Your Score?

    I should clarify a bit: I do write the actual score, I’m just talking about how I add them up at the end of a round. I find it much faster to mentally add how many strokes above/below 4 my score on each hole is, then add that to 36 or 72 instead of summing the raw numbers.
  12. jamo

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    They really always have. He’s got those scrawny little legs, probably doesn’t want people to know.
  13. Slightly inspired by this thread, but mostly by what I see at the end of men’s league matches: how do you add up your score? I see three main options: Just add the raw numbers. 3+4+5... Add up each hole’s score to par hole-by-hole and then add that to the course’s par at the end. 1+2-1+...+71 Add up each hole’s score to 4 then add that to 72 (or 36). 0+1-1+2+72 I used to do the first (and everyone I see at the end of matches either that or the second one), but my high school golf coach taught us the third method, and that has really stuck. It’s by far the quickest and easiest and involves the least mental math. It tends to be weird to try to explain it to people though.

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