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  1. Hicks and Azinger are going to get you for copyright infringement if you say that too loudly.
  2. I love the tree on top of the second green. Any time a tree blocks part of a green I'm fully on board.
  3. Tiger Woods switches to soft spikes to help with ankle issues | Golf World | Golf Digest Tiger Woods switches to soft spikes to help with ankle issues Looks like my timing was off.
  4. Don't quote me on this but I feel like I remember hearing he went away from them for a bit in the 2000s/2010s and then went back to the metal.
  5. Every year I've liked the staggered start Tour Championship more. I think it strikes a nice balance between valuing the regular season, playoffs, and play in the event itself. Really the only thing you could talk me into is some sort of 5-day event where you play two stroke play rounds, then play match play between the top 8. But that's probably more effort than it's worth, and kind of hokey to mix formats like that.
  6. The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater remaster is awesome.
  7. On the plus side, this year's Zozo is being relocated to Sherwood Country Club, where Tiger used to host the World Challenge, and where he has won a bunch of times (over super tiny fields, admittedly). They also moved the CJ Cup to Shadow Creek, where the original Match was held. He probably won't play both of those, since they're in back to back weeks, but they're really the only events I could see him playing between the U.S. Open in September and the Masters in November.
  8. I think I probably got too excited after the Zozo and the Presidents Cup, feeling that since he was on such a tear after his knee surgery, that was the only thing holding him back last summer, post-Masters, and that as long as he was healthy he'd be back to consistently competing. Realistically, he's never going to be healthy at 44, spine or otherwise, so it's tough to expect too much week to week. Kind of a frustrating few weeks though. It's been a lot of that 2010s Tiger where he'll have a good 6-9 hole stretch and then look pretty listless for the rest of the round. It would probably be easier to accept that if he a) hadn't already been doing that for a solid decade and b) didn't have three wins in the last few years, in each of which where he looked like he was in pretty good command of his game.
  9. Will only add a few things things: "Unwritten rules are a scam that players run on each other to trick their opponents into acting against their own self-interests." Unwritten rules are codified by the loser. Many/most unwritten rules are new. People love to say that baseball has been played this way forever when really it's been played this way since, like, 2005. They're not always as universally held to as people think. A whole bunch of current and former players have come to Tatis' defense. People love to be outraged by people breaking unwritten rules. People also love to be outraged by people being outraged by people breaking unwritten rules.
  10. Was pretty bummed when I saw how flat Tiger was yesterday. Looks like it's the same story today.
  11. If they bring it to Xbox I'll definitely buy it. The 2014 Mac Mini I have running Windows 10 in Bootcamp doesn't even come close to meeting the required specs for PCs, though.
  12. HATE that he's one of those people who's like "I eat and eat and eat and I just can't gain any weight!"
  13. I thought Instagram didn't allow porn?
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