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  1. I'm sympathetic to the idea that it would be nice if the people who could less easily afford golf could be given a discounted rate, but you should ask yourself who golf courses generally give discounted rates to, and why. The answer, from what I've experienced, are juniors and seniors. The reason for seniors is obvious: most golf course tee sheets are wider open when people are at work (morning and midday during the week), which is when seniors are more likely to be not working and out and about. The reasons for juniors are partially the same (in the summer, at least), but also because juniors have more of their lives in front of them, and if you can hook them young with low rates they're more likely to keep coming back. Now, ask yourself: do those reasons apply to college students? Definitely not for the first one. College students generally have classes midday during the week. The second is also not applicable because college students are transient. They're only going to be there for four years, and they're probably not going to be there during the summer, when they go home. So there's no real economic reason, from the course's perspective, to give them a discounted rate. I'll add three more points: Check out the club golf team. Mine had a deal with a (surprisingly nice) local course that let us get free range balls and play rounds for next to nothing. You didn't even have to play in the tournaments. And the university subsidized the team, so there were no dues. All of your points do actually show up somewhere in the golf world: cheaper private courses. Most private courses in the $1k-$5k yearly range offer significantly reduced rates for people in their teens, 20s, sometimes up to like 35. The reason, I'm assuming, is because they know people in that age range are less likely to be able to afford the full dues, but they want to keep the age range of their membership somewhat diverse. (Their reasons, thus, aren't really the altruistic ones you're arguing for.) If you're trying to use this as the basis for a thesis or something, that's an incorrect (albeit increasingly common) usage of the phrase "to beg the question." You're really looking for "to raise the question." Begging the question is a whole separate thing.
  2. I have four pairs of golf shoes, all of which have spikes: Nike Lunar Fire Nike Lunar Command 2 Nike Roshe G Tour Adidas Tour360 XT Nike doesn't make the Lunar Fire or Lunar Command 2 anymore, but I really like them. They don't make the Roshe G Tours anymore either, but I was able to get a brand new pair off EBay for pretty cheap a few months ago. Highly recommend them if you can find them - they're very comfortable, they look great, and the sole is nice (not too tall). The Tour version of the Roshes are the ones with leather uppers and spikes. (They make a non-Tour version without spikes and with a cloth upper.) If you can't find those, I also like the Air Zoom Victory Tour models. I don't like the Adidas shoes and have basically stopped wearing them. The sizing was weird (I'm very consistently an 11.5 in all Nike shoes, but I had to go to an 11 wide in those Adidas shoes), and the heel is really, really thick. Bizarrely so. I honestly don't know how their Tour players wear them. I've had Adidas golf shoes before and liked them fine, so I'm not sure why these ones are so different. I would stay away.
  3. I'm very excited, but waiting for the 16" version to come out.
  4. If I'm playing with friends, it's usually them saying they want to play from the tips because they're going to shoot 110 either way and I have to talk them out of it. If it's just me I usually go by yardage unless the course rating is wonky either way. I play my home course from the one-ups (3200/2800, 6000 total, 69.3 course rating) because that's where my league plays from, and I like to practice hitting the same shots. The back nine (the league plays the front) is also just more fun from the one-up tees since 10, 11, and 13 are all close to drivable.
  5. M2 is probably your best bet. Get him fit if you can, particularly helpful if you can get on a launch monitor to measure your swing speed. That will go most of the way towards deciding what flex shaft is best.
  6. I wish I had enough space in my house to do this, otherwise I'd be in.
  7. That was an interesting one to watch - I've never been there but the course didn't really "pop" on camera the way I expected. I'm assuming that was the hazy-ish weather?
  8. That was a cool video - I'd only ever seen the last part.
  9. I’m trying to get a second and third year out of my 11 Pro, so no upgrade for me this year. I did just get a Series 6 watch though. The MagSafe thing is cool. I hope car mounts take advantage of it. I use a magnetic car mount but it requires me to stick magnets to the inside of my case, which only kind of works.
  10. She actually mentions the other thing I forgot - non-S is face balanced, S has a little bit of toe hang.
  11. I've had to cancel all of mine 😕
  12. I just continue to not be able to find the energy to care too much about how far the Tour players hit the ball. So much has been made about Bryson, but he's not that much of an outlier on Tour. Wolff outdrove him in the U.S. Open, McIlroy, DJ, Koepka are all up there. Maybe he's more driven than the rest of them to hit the ball longer, but that doesn't mean they're being held back.
  13. They both have the Stroke Lab shaft - the non-S has a double-bend shaft, the S has a hosel. I think the lighting on those pictures is weird. On both of them, the portion of the shaft closest to the head is steel, but they look black in those pictures (especially the non-S picture). (Source: I have the S.)
  14. 6, 1 (for me, play with a lot of high handicappers), 3, 3. Should also add that I've played a lot of new courses this year, where I'm more likely to accidentally hit into the group in front of me and had to alert them.
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