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  1. Hopefully the Open keeps coming back to Northern Ireland. Portrush looked awesome, and Royal County Downs seems great too.
  2. Probably not the first swing Lowry was looking for but it's in bounds.
  3. I’m finding myself rooting for ... Lee Westwood? He was pretty good there for a while. Feels wrong for him to never get a major. Wouldn’t mind Fowler or Xander winning either.
  4. The leaderboard has him making a 13. Maybe Faldo double counted a penalty or two? Or the people running the leaderboard miscounted.
  5. I'll vote no. It's also just tricky to be dominant in the British Open year to year. One day of bad weather during your round can wipe you out if half the field lucks into better conditions. And even the Brits and Irishmen who grew up playing links golf to an extent haven't exactly dominated in recent years.
  6. The course looks incredible from this video:
  7. It was, yeah. He was a good 10 (honestly probably even more) yards back though. I don't think it even crossed his mind.
  8. This happened during a round I played on Saturday. I was playing with my dad and a random guy we were paired up with (Evan). Evan is about 160 yards from the hole, but thins an iron pretty bad. We're standing about even with the 150 stake, 20 yards left or so, and we hear a loud BANG as his ball splinters the stake. It hit just above the ground, shattering the PVC pipe. The shrapnel blast radius was about 10 yards. The bottom of the top couple feet was sharp, so I stuck it back in the ground so groups behind us still had some of a stake (that's what you see in the picture above). I've seen people hit tee markets, but never a yardage stake.
  9. I have much less experience going to tournaments than you, but I had a similar reaction, mostly because I've heard forever about how much elevation change there was. Another thing I'd heard about but noticed on my own too. I can't say I was looking for bugs, but I too didn't see a single squirrel. The best part of this was that I was there on a particularly warm day, so it was nice to just be able to swing by a concession stand and grab another "sports drink" or "diet cola" and only be out a buck or two. I honestly thing I had 10-12 cups worth, because why not? If I tried that at the PGA or U.S. Open I'd go bankrupt in a day or two. They even had the nicest security contractors I've ever met. We struck up a conversation with one guy in the grandstands behind the first green for a bit during a gap in practice round groups teeing off. I definitely had a few moments where one would have been nice to have (and totally agree that it's crazy for people working there to not be able to have them), but at the other tournaments I've been constantly shocked how cavalier people are about using their phones to make calls. The Masters is also the only tournament (among itself, the PGA, the U.S. Open, and the Dell Technologies Championship) that I've been to the past two years that has allowed me to bring in a drawstring bag. It was a practice round, yes, but as far as I can tell there's nothing that makes them against the rules for regular rounds. That was great - not only did it fit my camera bag, but the big thing was I could bring in sunscreen. I had to buy some at the U.S. Open, and to fit it comfortably in my pocket at the PGA I brought a bottle so small I ran out mid-day. (I'm very white.) I followed him during his practice round (with Justin Rose and Thorbjorn Olesen) at the PGA, and I kept missing getting a picture of that. Here's the closest I got: Weirdly, his putting stroke isn't far off:
  10. Nice @billchao, those look awesome. I've been mulling over pulling the trigger on an Edel 60* lately.
  11. I have a Studio Select that I got in, I think, 2008 that I don't use. I always really liked the Circa '62 No. 3. And all of the models for which the Studio Select is basically a successor (or spiritual successor to) - Studio Style, Studio Stainless, Pro Platinum, Mil Spec. Mainly I just like Anser-style putters. The putter I use is just the late-2000s Nike version of that:
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