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  1. jamo

    I Quit College Golf

    Keep your options open, but good for you. I’ve been playing less and less competitive golf the last few years because it stopped being fun for me. Even in the men’s league matches I play in (I’m one of the better players in the league by a lot and give up 6ish strokes in most matches), I get very nervous and anxious before the matches. I had a really strong “I should just quit forever” feeling st the end of last year.
  2. jamo

    Golf Paradise?

    I think if I were to move anywhere for the ability to play golf year-round it would be Southern California. When I drove across the country last December, Alabama was my least favorite state, but your milage may vary (and I was only there for a few hours).
  3. jamo

    What are you Reading Right Now?

    I used to be a one-book person, but the last few years I've ended up reading a few books at once. I keep In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and Zodiac Unmasked by Robert Graysmith in my backpack; I have The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum and Hamilton by Ron Chernow next to my bed; I have How We Got to Now by Steven Johnson on my treadmill; and I have Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian next to my couch. Finished the Enron book sometime last year. It's funny that I've been in the process of reading Bourne Identity for like two years now. The book is fine, and I'm halfway through. It just gets lost in the shuffle. It's probably a good beach read that I could crank through in a weekend. And I never did start The Arm. (yet).
  4. jamo

    Watching Caddyshack Tonight Again…

    I cannot stand Caddyshack.
  5. I reviewed the Bio Cell+ for the site a few years ago and loved it: https://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/cobra_bio_cell_driver_review
  6. jamo

    Chicken Wings?

    There's a place near Hartford, Connecticut called J. Timothy's that I saw on a few "best wings in the country" lists. I've been there a few times and can verify that they're the best I've had. I've also been to a place in Greenport, New York, on Long Island called Salamander's that has probably the second best wings I've had. I've never been to Wingstop but my favorite chain restaurant wings are at Wings Over. Their boneless wings are awesome.
  7. jamo

    Rafael Nadal The Best Clay Tennis Player

    He'll probably be dominating on clay until they have to wheel him out onto the court.
  8. I keep mine in my trunk during the season, and take them out for the winter. Never had any issues with the grips coming off or wearing out. If I ever do I'll probably just change the grips and keep leaving my clubs in the trunk. The convenience beats having to lug them in and out of my apartment.
  9. It just dawned on me how the title makes sense!
  10. jamo

    Help For Early-Season Blisters

    It's good for everybody that the baseball thing about peeing on blisters hasn't made its way to the golf world.
  11. jamo

    Lebron James Goaltending in Game 5

    I was going to post this as well, with the caveat that Indiana would/could have played different defense if they were up 2. Not radically different, because 2 points by the Cavs still would have tied it, but they probably would have been more aggressive on the perimeter if they knew the Cavs needed 3 to win.
  12. jamo

    People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    Wouldn't it also then stand to reason that the humans (and our ancestors) who could get all of the benefits of sleep in less time would be selected for, for the only reason that they spent less time vulnerable and paralyzed?
  13. jamo

    Would you watch a Ryder Cup style of NFL vs NBA?

    No thanks. The Pebble Pro-Am is enough non-golfers playing golf for me. (And even that's too much.)
  14. jamo

    Magic Trackpad 1 vs 2

    When I use my MacBook Pro at home I almost exclusively use the built-in trackpad. On my PC at work I have an Evoluent mouse that I really like. They call it a vertical mouse - the buttons are on the right side so your arm sits more naturally.
  15. I wouldn't say you're "wrong." If you can't use it, you can't use it.

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