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  1. I played Richter Park a few weeks ago for the first time. It was nice, though not something I desire to drive two hours for. Playing Links at Union Vale again in a few weeks; that is a course that I don't mind the drive for. We could look at other central CT courses. Wintonbury Hills is really nice. I'm playing Gillette Ridge tomorrow, which is supposed to be similar.
  2. For what it's worth (very little), I used to be a moderate fan of his, but found myself rooting for anyone but him over the weekend because of the whole thing.
  3. I went last summer with three friends. I can't really help you on the non-golf stuff - we stayed in an AirBnB and it not much of the nightlife stuff was open. For golf, we played once on the drive down in Newark, Delaware, then in Ocean City we played the Links at Lighthouse Sound and Eagle's Landing. Links at Lighthouse Sound was really cool. Right on the water, great views, lots of variety. Eagles Landing was also cool, but around the 8th hole it started torrentially downpouring. We didn't have anything better to do so we stuck it out for a few more holes, but by the time we got to the
  4. When walking, I just drape the headcover for the club in use over the top of the other clubs. If I'm in a cart, I'll usually just stick it on my seat, because sometimes you want to get in the cart and go rather than putting it back and then driving away.
  5. 16.3 doesn’t have any “more certain than not” language, it’s just is it in its own pitch mark or not. Without seeing the ball land he can’t know whether it’s in its own pitch mark or not. If he saw the video, he’d be pretty sure it wasn’t. He was told it hadn’t bounced by ... someone, but he didn’t know it for sure.
  6. Could/should he have just played two balls and watched the replay after the round? Since he couldn’t see it land/bounce, if it were me I don’t know if I’d be so sure that it was in its own pitch mark.
  7. You're still going to the office of that person, accepting their adulation, posing for pictures. That's close enough for me. If the person giving you the award is someone you consider so repugnant that you couldn't in good faith display it, frame the pictures, etc., then why bother? Plus, in a pure calculating sense, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is basically just the President awarding you for fame - if fame is your goal, you gain just as much by denying it than accepting it.
  8. Yes to all. Morals mean more than medals.
  9. I don't think I've shown this to anyone, but a year or so ago I got an alignment stick sleeve from @GeauGolf in the shape of a submarine: It's fun, looks cool, and gets a lot of compliments!
  10. The twspot instagram account has been brutal lately. The guy is pimping some big rebrand ploy. Dude, we're here to follow Tiger's rounds and occasionally get a WITB. I don't need a breakdown on what the red, white, and black colors you're using for your new weird logo are called.
  11. I didn't realize until the end that the guy with the long hair is Kyle Berkshire, the current long drive #1. No idea who the scrawny guy is but he sucks.
  12. I'm sympathetic to the idea that it would be nice if the people who could less easily afford golf could be given a discounted rate, but you should ask yourself who golf courses generally give discounted rates to, and why. The answer, from what I've experienced, are juniors and seniors. The reason for seniors is obvious: most golf course tee sheets are wider open when people are at work (morning and midday during the week), which is when seniors are more likely to be not working and out and about. The reasons for juniors are partially the same (in the summer, at least), but also
  13. I have four pairs of golf shoes, all of which have spikes: Nike Lunar Fire Nike Lunar Command 2 Nike Roshe G Tour Adidas Tour360 XT Nike doesn't make the Lunar Fire or Lunar Command 2 anymore, but I really like them. They don't make the Roshe G Tours anymore either, but I was able to get a brand new pair off EBay for pretty cheap a few months ago. Highly recommend them if you can find them - they're very comfortable, they look great, and the sole is nice (not too tall). The Tour version of the Roshes are the ones with leather uppers and spikes. (They make a non-To
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