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  1. Why the hurry?

    A bunch of people have already said this, but: because you don't get to play more golf in a 5-hour round vs. a 4-hour round. You just spend the extra time standing around on a tee box watching the group in front of you.
  2. John Daly and the Hall of Fame

    You're right! My mistake.
  3. John Daly and the Hall of Fame

    I really dislike Daly but I was going to vote yes until I looked it up and saw that he doesn't meet the win requirements. If the requirements weren't stated the way they are, I'd vote yes. I have a higher tolerance than most for inducting players based on influence and uniqueness even if their resume falls a bit short.
  4. I'll echo what everyone has been saying about used clubs. It's particularly easy if you have a big box golf store or a Play it Again Sports nearby.
  5. Dent on driver

    ...I can't even hardly see it.
  6. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    The humanity! It doesn't matter any to me, though I think untucked shirts look really goofy with long slacks. (And that's coming from someone who hates tucking shirts in.)
  7. I've played the following: Massachusetts: TPC Boston New York: Bethpage Black California: Torrey Pines South
  8. TGR Prototype irons and Nike patents

    I'd say there's very little chance of that happening. I'm assuming PING bought technology patents from Nike, not trademarks, so it's not like PING is going to start making clubs with a swoosh on them. All of your examples are brands that were bought by existing OEMs or stores, which I don't think would happen to Nike either. The only way it would happen is if golf somehow became way more popular and Nike felt like they were leaving money on the table by not producing equipment.
  9. I never bothered watching Golf Fix but I don't mind Breed when he does commentary. Curious to see how Foley's show is and if he starts doing more things for GC.
  10. I was going to say just a few hundred bucks, but $240 to play Torrey Pines South blew my budget up a bit.
  11. So is an Apple Watch worth it?

    I got a non-LTE Series 3 few months ago and wear it just about every day. I take it off when I get home from work but put it back on for workouts. I use it mainly for notifications and fitness tracking. I almost never use apps, but it's nice that they're there. I like the way it looks and feels and I'm really glad I got it.
  12. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    I went with 3-4 tournaments and 1 major, because I'm a big homer and I'm trying to project positivity.
  13. NFL 2017-2018

    Every fantasy league I've ever been in ends on week 16.

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